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Cornwall, enabling His Majesty to Exchequer Bills, for carrying on Pub-

make Leases, &c. of Offices, lic Works, amending several
Lands, &c. Parcel of the Duchy Acts for authorizing the Issue
Cap. 5

Cap. 24
Cotton Factories and Mills, repealing Excise, abolishing certain Oaths and

the Laws relating to Appren- Affirmations made in, and sub-
tices, &c. employed in 39 stituting Declarations in lieu
Wool, altering, &c. Duties on thereof


Duties and Drawbacks
Courts of Common Law, explaining

Candles repealed

and amending Act for regu-

Duties on Hops, for regu-
lating the Receipt and future lating the Payment of
Appropriation of Fees receiv-
able by the Officers of - 35 Fees receivable by superior Officers
of Law enabled to give Relief

of Common Law Courts, ex-
against adverse Claims made plaining, &c. Act for regu-
upon Persons having no Inte- lating the Receipt and Appro-
rest in the Subject of such

priation of



taken by Officers of Customs,
Crown Land, Churchwardens enabled repealing so much of an Act
to inclose, for the Benefit of

as allows

poor Persons residing in the Fresh Wharf, in the City of London,
Parish where such Land is Commissioners of Treasury

59 enabled to make a Conveyance
Curacies, small, amending Act of


29 Car. II. for the Augmenta-
tion of

45 Galway Town, repealing so much of
Customs, abolishing certain Oaths and Irish Act of 4 Geo. I. as limits

Affirmations in, and substi- the Franchise thereby created
tuting Declarations in lieu to Protestants only

4 Game, amending the Laws relating
discontinuing or altering, upon

Coals, Slates, Cotton Wool, Grants, expired, for reviving, and in-
Barilla, and Wax


demnifying certain Persons in
equalizing the Duty of, on relation thereto

* 2

30 Grosvenor Place, repealing so much
repealing so much of an Act of Act of 7 Geo. IV. for paving,
as allows the taking of certain &c. of, as relates to the Assess-
Fees by the Officers of 40

ment of the Garden Wall of
Buckingham House

Dean Forest, ascertaining the Boun-
daries of


Hackney Carriages, amending the
Deputy Lieutenants, indemnifying

Laws relating to, in the Metro-
Persons who have acted as,

polis, and placing the Collec-
without due Qualification

tion of the Duties thereon,

Distillation of Spirits, illicit, consoli-

and on Hawkers and Pedlars,
dating and amending Acts for

under the Commissioners of
the Prevention of

* 55

Drays used in the Metropolis

, amend- | Hops, regulating the Payment of the
ing Laws relating to 22

Hospitals, Public, amending Act of

5 Geo. III. for establishing
Exchequer Bills, raising £13,616,400

14 | House of Commons, repealing so

* 49


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Duties on

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much of certain Acts as re- | LONDON, Commissioners of Treasury
quires certain Oaths to be enabled to make a Convey-
taken by Members of, before ance of Fresh Wharf in the
the Lord Steward or his De-

City of


Cap. 9

Malt, consolidating and amending
Inspectors of Taxes, transferring the Acts for suppressing the illicit
Duties of Receivers General making of

of Land and Assessed Taxes Military Accounts, repealing Act of


57 Geo. III. for the speedy
Ireland, providing for the better Order Examination of

and Government of, by Lieute- Militia, suspending the balloting and
nants for the several Counties Enrolment of, till the End of

the next Session of Parliament

Justice, Administration of, in Quebec, annual Act for defraying the

amending Act of 14 Geo. III. Charge of the Pay, Clothing,
for defraying the Charges of &c. of, and for making Allow-


ances to Subaltern Officers
improving the Administration

of, in Ireland

- *31 Mint, reducing the Salary of the

Master and Worker of 10
King and Royal Family.—Enabling

His Majesty to make Leases, Oaths, abolishing certain, made in the
&c. of Offices, Lands, &c., Customs and Excise, and sub-
Parcel of the Duchy of Corn- stituting Declarations in lieu


making Provision for the repealing so much of certain
Queen in case She shall sur-

Acts as requires certain, to be
vive His Majesty


taken by Members of House
enabling His Majesty to grant of Commons before the Lord
an annual Sum for providing Steward or his Deputy 9
for Her Royal Highness the Overseers enabled to inclose Crown
Duchess of Kent, and for pro-

Land for the Benefit of poor
viding for the Support and Persons residing in the Parish
Education of Her Royal High-

where such Land is situated
ness the Princess Alexandrina

Victoria of Kent

• 20

Patents, expired, for reviving, and
Land Tax, transferring the Duties of indemnifying certain Persons
Receivers General of, to the in relation thereto

Inspectors of Taxes 18 Peace, amending Laws relating to the
explaining and amending Acts better Preservation of 41
of 34 and 38 Geo. III. relating Poor, amending Act of 59 Geo. III.

to Double Assessments of 21 for the Relief and Employ-
LONDON, Westminster, and the En-

ment of

virons. - Empowering the Crown Lands permitted to be
Commissioners appointed by inclosed for the Benefit of,
7 Geo. IV. to make a new

who reside in Parishes where
Street from the Strand to such Lands are situated 59
Charles Street, Covent Gar- Public Works, amending several Acts
den, and to widen the North for authorizing the issuing of
End of Bow Street into Long Exchequer Bills for carrying


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Cap. *33

نه ، نه


Public Works, for the Extension and | Tumultuous Risings, amending Irish
Promotion of

Act of 15 & 16 Geo. III. for

preventing and punishing
Quebec, amending Act of 14 Geo. III.

Cap. *44
for establishing a Fund for Turnpike Roads, continuing to 30th
defraying the Charges of the June 1832 several Act: 6
Administration of Justice, &c. amending Acts for regulating,

Learn fåelander Charmann

so far as they relate to certain

Exemptions from Toll 25
Tulceivers General of the Assessed amending, &c. the Laws re-
and Land Taxes, transferring lating to

the Duties of, to the Inspectors
of Taxes

18 Valuation of Lands, &c., making Pro-
Rivers, empowering Landed Proprie- vision for the uniform, for

tors to sink, embank, and re- the more equal levying of
move Obstructions in *57



Vestries, for the better Regulation of,
Slates, discontinuing or altering Duties in certain Parishes

16 Vicarages, small, extending Act of
Special Constables, amending Laws re- 29 Car. 11. for the Augmenta-

lating to the Appointment of 41 tion of
Spirits, consolidating and amending Vincent's (St.), Island of, allowing the

the Laws for suppressing the Importation of Lumber, Pro-
illicit Distillation of *55

visions, &c. Duty-free into
Supplies, Appropriation of 28. 54

Taxes, Assessed, continuing Composi- Wages, repealing Acts prohibiting the

tions for, to 5th April 18337 Payment of, in Goods 36
transferring the Duties of Re- prohibiting the Payment of,
ceivers General of, to Inspec- in Goods, or otherwise than in
tors of Taxes


the current Coin of the Realm
Tobacco, repealing Act of 19 Geo. III.

relating to, and permitting the Waggons used in the Metropolis,
Importation of Irish-grown To- amending Laws relating to
bacco into Great Britain 13

Treasury, the Commissioners of, en Wax, discontinuing or altering Duties
abled to make a Conveyance

of Fresh Wharf in the City of Wine, equalizing the Duties on · 30



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