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Cap. 4. An Act to effect an Exchange of Estates in the County of

Hereford between William Preece Esquire and the Dean and Canons of Windsor.

[30th July 1831.]

Cap. 5. An Act to empower the Judges of the Court of Session in Scot

land to sell such Part of the entailed Lands and Barony of West Nisbet in the County of Berwick now belonging to Charles Carre Lord Sinclair as shall be sufficient for Payment of the Provisions, Debts, and Incumbrances affecting the same.

[30th July 1831.]

Cap. 6. An Act for inclosing Lands in the Hamlet of Langley in the Parish

of Claverdon in the County of Warwick. [30th July 1831.) [Allotments to be made for Materials for Roads, $29.; and to the

Lords of Manors for Rights of Soil, $ 32.]

Cap. 7. An Act for inclosing Lands in the several Parishes of Hatton, Haseley, and Wroxhall, in the County of Warwick.

[30th July 1831.] [Allotments to be made to Lords of Manors in Compensation for

Pools and Right of Soil, \ 33. Allotment to be made to the Lord of the Manor of Wrochaí in lieu of a Freebord upon Shrewley Common, s 34. Allotments to be made for Quit Rents, 42.]

Cap. 8. An Act for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Rothbury in the County of Northumberland.

[30th July 1831.] [Allotments to be made to the Lord of the Manor for Right of Soil

and to the Duke of Northumberland or other Owners of certain Commonable Lands, fc. § 26.

Such Allotments to be on the North Side of River Coquet. Allotment to be made to hold Fairs upon, $ 27. Lord of Manor to pay Damages occasioned in working Mines, &c. § 69.]

Cap. 9. An Act for inclosing Lands within the Townships or Divisions of

Hugill, Applethwaite, and Troutbeck, in the Parishes of Kirkbyin-Kendal and Windermere, in the County of Westmorland.

[30th July 1831.] [Allotments to be made for Watering Places, and Gravel, &c. for

Repair of Roads, 26. Allotment of One Sixteenth Parí to be made to the Lords of the Manors of Hugill and Applethwaite for Right of Soil, 27. Curate of Hugili may lease his Allotment, with Consent of Bishop and Patron, for Twenty-one Years, to commence within Twelve Calendar Months after passing of Act, s 35. Satisfaction to be made by the Lords of the Manors for working Mines, s 53.]

Cap. 10.
An Act for enabling the Trustee under the Will of Henry Brown

deceased to sell certain Shares in the Leeds and Liverpool
Canal Navigation, and a Share in the Liverpool Theatre, and
certain Bonds from the Liverpool Dock Trustees, and of a
certain Sum due on Bond from the Corporation of Liverpool,
and to apply the Money arising therefrom in repairing, pulling
down, and rebuilding certain Houses in Paradise Street in the
Town of Liverpool aforesaid ; and for other the Purposes in
this Act mentioned.

[2d August 1831.]

Cap. 11.
An Act for enabling the Mayor, Bailiffs, and Commonalty of the

City of Exeter to sell Two Houses in the Parish of Saint
Stephen's, Exeter, vested in them, and to purchase other Estates
for the Performance of the charitable Purposes of the Will of
Joan Tuckfield.

[2d August 1831.]

Cap. 12.
An Act for vesting the undivided Moieties of certain Estates of

Nathaniel Cameron Esquire and Lætitia Pryce his Wife, in the
County of Glamorgan, in Trustees, in Trust to sell, under the
Directions of the High Court of Chancery, and to apply the
Money to arise from such Sales in the Manner therein

[23d August 1831.]

Cap. 13.
An Act to exonerate the Trustees of Richard Oswald of Auchin-

cruive, Esquire, for Advances of Money made by them to Richard
Alexander Oswald Esquire, now of Auchincruive, and

applied in executing Improvements, as well upon the Entailed Estates left by the said Richard Oswald as the Fee Simple Estates acquired by the said Trustees, and partly entailed by them; and to enable the said Trustees to discharge a Part of the Debts incurred by the said Richard Alexander Oswald in improving the said Estates.

[23d August 1831.]

Cap. 14.
An Act for vesting the Entailed Estates of Abercairney, and others,

in the County of Perth, belonging to James Moray of Abercairney,
Esquire, in Trustees, to sell the same or so much thereof as
may be necessary, and to apply the Price arising therefrom in
the Payment of the Debts affecting or that may be made to
affect the said Lands and Estates.

[23d August 1831.]

Cap. 15. An Act for exchanging

Part of the Freehold Estates devised by the Will of Beilby Thompson Esquire for Freehold Lands devised by the Will of Mrs. Dorothy Wilson to Trustees for charitable Purposes; and for amending an Act passed in the Third Year of His late Majesty King George the Fourth, intituled An Act for empowering Trustees to sell and convey Part 3 G. 4. c. xxiv.


of the Freehold and Copyhold Estates in the County of York devised by the Will of Beilby Thompson Esquire, deceased, and Part of the Freehold Estates in the same County devised by the Will of Richard Thompson Esquire, deceased; and for laying out the Money arising from such Sales respectively, under the Direction of the High Court of Chancery, in the Purchase of other Estates, to be settled to the same Uses. [230 August 1831.]

Cap. 16. An Act for vesting an undivided Moiety of a Freehold Estate

in Liverpool in the County Palatine of Lancaster, late the Property of William Orford' Esquire, deceased, in Trustees, for Sale, and for investing the Proceeds of such Sale for the Benefit of his infant Son and Heir at Law. [23d August 1831.]

Cap. 17. An Act to enable the Governors of the Possessions, Revenues,

Goods of the Free Gra imar School of King Edward the Sixth, in Birmingham in the County of Warwick, to erect a School House, Masters Houses, and other suitable Accommodations for the said School, and to extend the Objects of the Charity; and for other Purposes. [23d August 1831.]

Cap. 18. An Act for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Woolvercot in the

County of Oxford, and for commuting the Tithes of the said Parish.

[23d August 1831.] [Allotments to be made to Lords of the Manor of Woolvercot for

Rights of Soil, ø 30. Allotments to be made to the Rectors and Curate for Tithes, $ 31.; and in respect of Moduses and Compositions Real, $ 32. Allotments for T'ithes and Moduses, &c. to be apportioned, g 33. Proprietors of old Inclosures, &c. not having sufficient Open Field Lands, to make Compensation in Money for their Tithes, 36. Allotments to the Impropriators and Curate to be fenced at the general Expence, 39. Curate, with Consent of Bishop and Patron, may lease his Allotment for Twenty-one Years, to commence within Twelve Calendar Months after passing of Act, $ 40. The Tithes arising on Estates which have been purchased by the respective Proprietors to be extinguished, 9 45.]

Cap. 19. An Act for vesting certain detached Portions of the Lands and Estates entailed by the deceased John Buchanan Esquire, of Carbeth in the County of Stirling, in Trustees to sell the same, and to apply the Price arising therefrom in the Purchase of other Lands near to the Mansion House of Carbeth and the Remainder of the said Entailed Lands. [23d August 1831.]

Cap. 20. An Act to effect a Partition of certain Freehold, Copyhold or

Customary, and Leasehold Estates in the County of Lincoln, late the Property of the Right Honourable Sir Joseph Banks Baronet, deceased.

[6th September 1831.]

Cap. 21.
An Act for vesting in Trustees a legal Estate, which on the

Death of Joseph Crewe escheated to His Majesty and the Lord
Bishop of Bangor, in an undivided Third Part of certain Here-
ditaments in the County of Denbigh, in order to effect a Partition
directed by the Court of Chancery. [22d September 1831.]


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Cap. 22.
An Act for effectuating a Partition of Estates belonging to the

Most Honorable John Crichton Stuart Marquess of Bute and
Earl of Dumfries and the Most Honorable Maria Marchioness
of Bute and Countess of Dumfries, and their Trustees, and
to the Right Honorable Lady Susan North, and to the Right
Honorable Lady Georgina North; and for other Purposes.

[5th October 1831.]




* Signifies that the Act relates exclusively to Ireland.


ties on

* 51


CCOUNTS, Public, amending portation of Lumber, Provi

52 Geo. III. respecting the sions,&c. Duty-free into Cap.46 Audit of, and appointing the Barilla, discontinuing or altering DuNumber of Commissioners

16 competent to grant Quietus to Baronies, amending Act of 7 Geo. IV. Public Accountants * Cap. 26 for the uniform Valuation of

Military, repealing Act of Lands in, for the more equal
57 Geo. III. 'for the speedy levying of Rates
Examination of

*52 Briavel's (St.) Hundred, inquiring into Auditors of, for the Appoint- the Rights and Privileges

ment of, in certain Parishes 60 claimed by the Free Miners Affirmations, abolishing certain, in the of

12 Customs and Excise, and sub- Buckingham House, repealing, so stituting Declarations in lieu much of Act of 7 Geo. IV. as thereof


relates to the Assessment of Appointments, expired, for reviving, the Boundary Fence or Wall and indemnifying certain Per- belonging to

• 1 sons in relation thereto * 2 Apprentices in Cotton Factories and Candles, Excise Duties and Draw

Cotton Mills, repealing the backs on, repealed
Laws concerning, and making Carts used in the Metropolis, amend-
further Provisions in lieu ing Laws relating to 22

39 Charities, appointing for Two Years Appropriation Acts

28. 54

Commissioners to continue InArms, reviving for One Year Three quiries concerning

34 Acts of 47 and 50 Geo. III. Churches, amending Act of 7 & 8 and 10 Geo. IV. for preventing Geo. IV. for building addiimproper Persons from having tional, in populous Parishes 38

* 47 Clare County, Treasurer of, enabled Assessed Taxes, Compositions for, to issue Warrants for levying

continued to 5th April 1833 7 certain Presentments transferring the Duties of Re- Coals, discontinuing or altering Duties ceivers General of, to Inspec

16 tors of Taxes

18 Commissions, expired, for reviving, Augmentation of small Vicarages and and indemnifying certain Per

Curacies, extending Provisions sons in relation thereto *2 of 29 Car. II. for confirming Compositions for Assessed Taxes, and perpetuating - 45

continuing to 5th April 1833 7

Constables (Special), amending Laws Bankruptcy Court, for establishing 56 relating to the Appointment Barbadoes Island, allowing the Im



** 27

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