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Cass and Howard-George A. Gordon;
Clinton and TiptonCornelius J. Miller and Stephen Sims;
DeKalb, Noble, and Steuben-Robert Work ;
DeKalb and Stcuben-Edward R. May;
Dubois, Gibson, and Pike-Smith Miller;
Elkhart and Lagrange-Joseph H. Mather;
Fayette and Union-Daniel Trembly;
Grant and Delaware-Walter March;
Hancock and Madison—Thomas D. Walpole ;
Huntington, Kosciusko, and WhitleyElias Murray;
Huntington and Whitley Jacob Wunderlich;
Jackson and Scott John F. Carr;
Luke, Laporle, and Porter-Samuel J. Anthony;
Lake and Porter-Daniel Crumbacker;
Marshall, Fulton, and St. JosephHugh Miller;
Marshall, Fulton, and Stark-Amzi L. Wheeler;
Miami and Wabash-Harrison Kendall;
Monroc und Broun--Daniel Read;
Ohio and Switzerland--Abel C. Pepper and Daniel Kelso;
Orange and Crawford—William F. Sherrod;
Owen and Greene--David M. Dobson ;
Parke and Vermillion-Oliver P. Davis;
Perry, Spencer, and Warrick-John P. Dunn;
Posey and Vanderburg--James Lockhart;
Sullivan, Clay, and Vigo-William R. Haddon;
Wurren, Benton, Jasper, and WhiteRobert C. Kendall;
Adams and Wells--Frastus K. Bascom;


Allen--Allen Hamilton;
Bartholomeu-Zachariah Tannehill;
Boone-Mark A. Duzan and William McLean;
Brown-Shadrach Chandler;
Carroll-Robert H. Milroy;

Clark-James G. Read, Thomas W. Gibson, and Jacob Fisher;
Clay-Francis B. Yocum;
Crawford_Samuel Pepper ;
Daviess—Elias S. Terry;

Dearborn-William S. Holman, Johnson Watts, and John D. JohnBon ;

Decatur–James B. Foley and Joseph Robinson ;
Delware—David Kilgore;
Dubois - Benjamin R. Edmonston;'
Elkhart-Walter E. Beach;
Fayette-Ross Smiley and William W. Thomas;
Floyd- Phineas M. Kent and Henry P. Thornton;
Fountain-Joseph Coats and Joseph Ristine;
Franklin-George Berry, Spencer Wiley, and George G. Shoup;
Gibson-Samuel Hall;
Orant-Benoni C. Hogin ;,
Green-Thomas Burler;
Hamilton-Albert Cole and Haymond W. Clark;
Hancock-George Tague;
Harrison-John Zenor and John Mathes;
Hendricks---Henry G. Todd and Christian C. Nave:
Henry—Isaac Kinley, Daniel Mowrer, and Geo. H. Ballingall;
Jackson Sarnuel P. Mooney ;
Jefferson-Milton Gregg, Michael G. Bright, and William M.


JenningJohn L. Spann;
Johnson--Franklin Hardin ;
Knor James Dick and Willis W. Hitt;
Kosciusko James Garvin ;
Lagrange-John B. Howe;
Laporle John B. Niles ;
Lawrence George W. Carr and Melchert Helmer;
Madison John Davis;

Marion-Alexander F. Morrison, David Wallace, Douglass Mcguire, and Jacob P. Chapman;

Martin--Thomas Gootee;
Miami-John A. Graham;
Monroe-William C. Foster;

Montgomery-Henry F. Snook, David A. Shannon, and Horace E. Carter;

Morgan-James Crawford ;
NobleThompson P. Bicknell ;
Orange-William Holliday;
Owen-George W. Moore;
Parke-William R. Nofsinger and Samuel Davis;
Perry-Samuel Frisbie;
Pike-Charles Alexander;
Posey-Robert Dale Owen;

Putnam-Alexander C. Stevenson, Alexander S. Farrow, and Oliver P. Badger;

Randolph-Beattie McClelland;
RipleyThomas Smith and Henry J. Bowers;
Rush-Jesse Morgan, Jefferson Helm, and William Bracken;
Scott-Hezekiah S. Smith;
Shelby Thomas A. Hendricks and James Vanbenthusen;
Spencer--Wilson Huff;
Sullivan,Benjamin Wolfe ;
Tippecunoe—Joel B. McFarland, John Pettit, and Othniel L. Clark;
Union Benjamin F. Brookbank;
Vermillion-Thomas Chenowith;

Vigo-Cromwell W. Barbour, Grafton F. Cookerly, and Thomas I. Bourne;

Wabash-William Steele;
Warren-James R. M. Bryant;
Warrick-Christopher C. Graham;

Washington—John I. Morrison, Ezekiel D. Logan, and Rodolphus Schoonover;

WayneJohn S. Newman, James Rariden, Othniel Beeson, and John Beard.

The Secretary having announced that a quorum of members was present,

Mr. Owen of Posey, submitted the following resolution, to-wit:

Resolved, That this Convention now proceed to elect a President by viva voce vote;

Which resolution was adopted, after discussion upon proposed amendments subsequently withdrawn.

Mr. Borden of Allen, put in nomination for President, Hon. George W. Carr, one of the Delegates from the county of Lawrence.

And the roll being called, the following gentlemen voted for Mr. Carr, to-wit:

Messrs. Alexander, Anthony, Aller, Badger, Ballingall, Barbour, Bascom, Beach, Beard, Beeson, Berry, Bicknell, Biddle, Borden, Bourne, Bowers, Bracken, Bright, Brookbank, Bryant, Butler, Carr of Jackson, Carter, Chandler, Chapman, Chenowith, Clark of Tippecanoe, Coats, Cookerly, Crawford, Davis of Madison, Davis of Parke, Davis of Parke and Vermillion, Dick, Dobson, Dunn of Jefferson, Dunn of Perry, &c., Duzan, Edmonston, Farrow, Fisher, Foley, Foster, Frisbie, Garvin, Gibson, Gootee, Gordon, Graham of Miami, Graham of Warrick, Haddon, Hall, Holliday, Hamilton, Harbolt, Hardin, Helmer, Hendricks, Hitt, Hogin, Holman, Huff, Johnson, Kelso, Kent, Kendall of Miami, Kendall of White, Kilgore, Kinley, Lockhart, Logan, Maguire, March, Mather, Mathes, May, McClelland, McFarland, McLean,Miller of Clinton, Miller of Gibson, Miller of Fulton, Milligan, Milroy, Mooney, Moore, Morgan, Morrison of Marion, Morrison of Washington, Mowrer, Murray, Nave, Newman, Niles, Nofsinger, Owen, Pepper of Ohio, Pepper of Crawford, Pettit, Prather, Rariden, Read of Clark, Read of Monroe, Ristine, Robinson, Schoonover, Sherrod, Shoup, Sims, Smiley, Snook, Smith of Ripley, Smith of Scott, Spann, Steele, Stevenson, Tague, Tannebill, Terry, Thomas, Thornton, Trembly, Venbenthusen, Wallace, Walpole, Watts, Wheeler, Wiley, Wolfe, Work, Wunderlich, Yocum, and Zenor—132.

The following gentlemen, voted blanks :

Messrs. Clark of Hamilton, Cole, Hawkins, Helm, Howe, and Todd 6.

Whereupon George W. Carr, a Delegate from the county of Lawrence, was declared duly elected President of the Convention, and was conducted to the chair by Messrs. Borden of Allen and Smith of Ripley

Mr. Pettit moved that the Convention now adjourn until to-morrow morning at 9 o'clock.

Mr. Kilgore moved to amend by striking out “to-morrow morning at 9 o'clock,” and inserting " this afternoon at two o'clock."

Pending which,

The President decided that debate upon the question of adjournment was out of order;

From which decision Mr. Foster took an appeal.
The question being,

“Shall the decision of the Chair stand as the judgment of the Convention?"

It was decided in the affirmative.

So the decision of the Chair stands as the judgment of the Convention.

The amendment moved by Mr. Kilgore was then adopted and The Convention adjourned,

Two o'clock, P. M.

The Convention met.

Mr. Borden offered the following resolution, which was adopted :

Resolved, That a committee be appointed by the Chair to preparo and report rules of order for the Government of the prooeedings of this Convention; and until said committee report, and it be other wise ordered, the rules of the House of Representatives of this State be adopted by this Convention, as regulations to govern its proceedings and deliberations, so far as the same are applicable.

The following delegates appeared, produced their credentials, and, being duly sworn by the Hon. Horace P. Biddle, took their Beats, to-wit:

James Ritchey of Johnson county;
Schuyler Colfax of St. Joseph;
Alvin P. Hovey of Posey; and
James E. Blythe of Vanderburgh.
Mr. Kilgore offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That we now proceed to elect, viva voce, three Secretaries for this body, and that when elected the President ansign to each his respective duties.

Mr. Pettit moved that the Convention now adjourn.

And the ayes and noes being demanded by Medørs. Kilgore and Kelso

Those who voted in the affirmative were,

Messrs. Anthony, Beard, Berry, Bright, Carr of Jackson, Carter, Chandler, Chapman, Davis of Parke, and Vermillion, Diok, Dann

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