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Tue sharp quadruplications of dable avenue to Dove's Nest, shaving Colonsay's incomparable hoofs tool- a jaunting-car - full of parasolled ing along the crown of the road, people—on their way down to the clattered from the cliffs among the low

country-and then quiet on the echoes of the pattareroe, while the flat before that domicile as an expiShuffler, studious of the turf, pitched red whirlwind. There he stood out in high style, noiseless as a deer smelling the turf, but not grazingon the heather-and thus neck and licking the moist herbage with his neck at the rate of sixteen miles an foot-long tongue! Our presence of hour, we wheeled round Lowood mind and decision of character had Bay, leaving behind us the Regatta even in those days become proverlike a dream. Yet fragments of the bial, and we ordered a wondering vision seemed to float on along with lad, who came to the barn-door with us, lustrous at intervals through his strawy hair on end, instantly to openings among the trees, and with bring a pail of meal and water. We our pride of horsemanship was sympathized with our noble steedblended a sense of beauty in the for we knew by experience how infleet ng groves. Fields with pastu. tolerable is extreme thirst. Up to ring and ruminating, cattle seemed his eyes in the pail, what power of swimming away southward, and idle suction he displayed! The mealy horses neighed to us over hedges, surface of the delicious draught deand in an instant were gone. We scended in rapid ebb; and then upsaw Sammy by our side as if we setting the tub-for it was a tubsaw him not; for our eyes-with playfully with his snorting nose-he our whole heart, soul, and mind put about quick as the Liverpoolian concentrated in the dilated orbs- herself on the liquid element-and were now fixed between those long down that almost perpendicular apears, laid back like those of a hare proach-or rather reproach to the before greyhounds up a hill, and we vanished House - he re-flew as became a Trot. Oh! that the uni. if the devil had been chasing him verse could have beheld us! Such - which perhaps he was - and was the vainglorious wish of one we heard and felt by the crashing then imagining himself more than that we were now driving our way immortal-when, without one pre- through a wood. Facilis descenparatory motion indicative of his sus Averni ! we inly breathed. For purpose, off at right angles flew Co- missing that sharpest of all turns, he Ionsay, in ultra-gallop up the formi- had forsaken the avenue, and, de


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mented, was taking a short cut to the teous expression of their eyes. “I high-road. But though a short cut, fear thou art feverish, Christopher, it was a severe one; for we knew and thou hadst better take thy place the ground well, having traversed it in our vehicle,” said Isaac; but our often in the season of woodcocks, recovery had been almost as rapid as and to effect a footing on the surn

our decline and fall-we were conpike, it was necessary to leap over scious of the return of the roses to an old lime-kilo, from the level our cheeks Colonsay was again thereof, somewhere about twenty firm on his feet-and we promised feet high! Colonsay knew nothing to join our friends at some refreshof the danger, till he was within a ment in the inn at Grassmere. Our few yards of the brink, and had his hat had been left on some tree in the heart failed him, we sbould have wood, and the cloudless sun, now been mummies. But with a suppress- advanced in heaven, smote our ached shriek he took it-while a Quaker ing temples. The family pitied our with his wife and family from Ken. plight, and Isaac, the good Samaridal, in a one-horse gig, beheld over. tan, without saying a word, put his head in the air a Flying Dragon. Oh! beaver on our head ; and at that mothe stun! The soles of our feet felt ment, Colonsay, fresh as a two-yeardriven up into the crown of our old, shot forwards, casting up a not head, while we saw nothing but re- unamused eye on his master, metapeated flashes of lightning--and then morphosed into a Broadbrim, and wbat mortal sickness! Staggering presenting the appearance of an at and shivering like a new.dropt foal once venerable and dashing Quaker. was poor Colonsay now-hardly able No symptom of Shuffler—but gato sustain our weight--and our be. thering the shore, lo, the Barge! We lief is that both of us must have were now racing the Nil Timeoswooned. On recovering some of “ with all her crew complete.” How our senses, sorely perplexed were beautifully regular to time the level we to make out the meaning of that flashes of the magnificent Ten oarenormous brim that measureless ed! Billy-star of steersmen-lying breadth of beaver that seemed to in the stern-sbeets—and at every long canopy us like a dingy sky. Slowly pull, strong pull, and pull altogether, it grew into the hat-head-and bending forwards, and retracting his face of the most benevolent of body-to give « Old Nell” an imbrethren-for Isaac Braithwaite was pulse; but the Green Girl of Winderfanning us with his George Fox, and mere heeded it not, and beautifully his two lovely daughters, calm in bore along with her all her shadowy their compassion-demure even in pomp, burnishing the bays, and their despair-were

standing beside kindling up with her far-felt beauty him-while Agatha, sweetest sister all the broad bosom of the lake. There of charity, was upholding in her lily sat the Stewartsons, and the Robinhand a horn-cup of cordial, wbich, sons, and the Dixons, and the Longs, soon as it touched our lips, diffused a strong and skilful brotherhood, that through our being a restoration that would have pulled victoriously reached the very core of our heart. against any admiral's gig in the sar“Friend Christopher, thou art pale! vice-had the race been even three how feelest thou?" said a sweet low leagues out and in, with a stormy voice. “ Not paler than thy hand, But now all was calm as bright thou ministering angel." No smile --and soon subsided the troubled met our reply-and verily it was beauty in her wake-leaving no via vain one for her ear was un- sible pathway on the diamond deep. acquainted with compliments, and From her stern towered a living familiar at all times with the lan- Thistle--for Westmoreland in those guage and the tones of truth. No days was part of Scotland -and questions were asked whence we NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSET came, though to them it must have the sentiment peacefully breathed been a mystery, nor why in such from every prickly flower resplenfashion; but on our faintly murmur- dent on a Plant, that in its stateliness ing that we were engaged in a trot- deserved to be called a Tree. ting match, the family looked at one But what crowd of cattle is this? another, and we understood the pi- A drove of kyloes! If you try to




a calf.

count them, it must be not by scores, And close your eyes with holy dread; but hundreds. Their lowing an- For he on honey-dew bath fed, nounces their country-and even And drank the milk of Paradise." from such lips how pleasant to our Meanwhile the plot began to ears the Scottish accept! They are thicken, for our friends in the gig all Highlanders_every mother's son came up, and likewise two postof them—and are rowting Gaelic. shays with lakers from Bowness. Black the ground of the living mass, Multitudes of people, of all ages and spotted and interlaced with brown- sexes, were, of course, fast congreand what a forest of horns! We gating ; and on the other side of Wathought for a moment of a thousand terhead turnpike gate, there were red-deer once seen by us suddenly various arrivals of equipages-foat sunrise rousing themselves among reign and domestic-all at a standthe shadows of Ben-y-gloe! A ma- still. Some dispute having arisen, jority of the kyloes were standing-- the tollman had shut the gate, so albut a more than respectable-a for- most every imaginable kind of immidable minority were lying on the pediment was placed in the way of road-and from their imperturbable the match. After an exchange of countenances it was manifest that mulls and spleuchans, we communithe farthest idea in this world from cated to our countrymen the situatheir minds was that of rising up- tion of affairs, and gave them a many chewing the cud. Like Wel- slight sketch of the character lington in the centre of a solid square of Colonsay, including his birth and at Waterloo-though that coming parentage-on which they offered to event had not then cast its shadow back us against “ the Merry-Andrew before-sat Sammy Sitwell on Shuf- in the middle" a score of kyloes to fler. It was impossible that he could

Angus whispering into our have wedged himself into the posi- ear to follow him, and Donald and tion he now occupied—and we saw Hamish taking their stations like that he had been gradually surround- henchmen, one at each side of Coloned-till he now shone conspicuous say, they all three began belabouring as the Generalissimo of the Drove. with their rungs the hurdies of the

“ Got pless your honour-Got kyloes, till they opened out a lane pless your Grace,” ejaculated three for us to advance, as at an ovation. stalwart Celts, brown on the face as Sam's situation became more dangipsies, but with bold blue eyes, gerous and desperate than ever from suddenly illumined with the poetry the pressure of the bestial--and a and the patriotism of the heather couple of the most diminutive habills; and who were they but Angus ving got below Shuffler’s belly, of Glen-Etive and his twins! Last hoisted her up, so that she must time we shook hands with them, have appeared to the spectators in 'twas on the bridge-a single tree- the galleries to be attempting to a pine-across that chasm, up whose scramble her way over the heads of cataract the salmon, like a bent bow, the population in the pit. But the essays to leap in vain, though fresh gate, you will remember, was shut, from Connal's roaring eddies, and and the old soldier was inexorable. strong with the spirit of the sea. A nondescript vehicle, drawn by "A ponny loch, your honour—a four asses, had resisted tollage, and ponny loch—but what's it tae the Wooden-leg swore they might reYetive, your bonour - and what's main there till sunset." Seeing all thae hillocks tae the Black Mount, argument was lost upon a man with your honour ? But you'll no refuse a single idea, we gave a hint to Ned tastin' a drap o' the unchristened cretur Hurd, who made a pair of clean -sma' still-oh, but yon's a prime heels to and from Mr Jackson's of worm!And unbuckling a secret Waterhead, bringing with bim a blind belt round his waist, he handed it up sieve of oats. Cautioning Ned to to us, nor were we slow to apply the keep at a safe distance, we directed mouth of the serpent to that of the the attention of Colonsay to the dragon.

feed; and then, backing him to the

rough edge of kyloes, we nodged “ And all did say, Beware! Beware! him

with our knee, and slacking rein, His flashing eyes, his floating hair ! charged the Pike. He cleared it Weave a circle round him thrice, as clean as if he had been in shafts !

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The discharge of a whole park of ar- temples a pink silk handkerchief, tillery would have been a pig's- half day and half night cap, with the whisper to the human roar that then fringe nattily coming to a point berent the sky.

tween our shoulders and looked We are at all times loath to indulge so said Ned Hurd-prepared for in self-laudation; yet we feel that mischief. Though much drops out we shall be pardoned for saying that between the cup and the lip, it was there are few men who, had they not so now with Colonsay. The been in our situation, would not have meal and water at Dove's Nest, in trotted onwards without wasting a quenching his thirst had excited his thought on Sam. But we were of a hunger—and Ned, taking the bit out nobler nature. Inextricably en- of his mouth, presented him the sieve tangled among the kyloes he had full of seed-oats, beautiful as eggs in not now a chance. It was clear to an ant-bill. Not to seem singular, the most prejudiced observer that we too lunched; for we never leave we had the race in our own hand. home without a newspaper of ham But with a magnanimity deserving sandwiches, and the mountainthis record, we turned about on the dew" had “wauken'd that sleeping saddle and made a speech. Its main dowg,” our dormant appetite. purport was a proposal to allow Seldom have we enjoyed ten mi. him ten minutes for extrication from nutes of more delightful repose. his present entanglement--and we « The innocent brightness of the concluded with an offer, that thence- new-born Day” was growing into forth the parties were to make their splendid Forenoonhood--with arichway at their own pleasure to Grass- er array both of lights and shadows. mere—without regard to any gene. The eye did not miss the dewdrops, ral or particular road-80 that we 80 bright had they left the green kept to the trot. Nay, we proposed earth on their evanishing to heaven. that on all occasions when either or “ Our heart rejoiced in Nature's both of us might chance to be going joy”-and as for Windermere, she in a direction unequivocally devious would not have changed places with from the turnpike-road, either or the sky. Nor had she any need to both might gallop. Sam said it was do so; for she and the sky now all fair-and so it was—for though seemed one-and the two, blended the Shuffler was the faster gallopper together, forgot their own identity in of the two-having been a plate a common world of clouds. Not mare-Colonsay knew the country clouds of vapour, but clouds of light! better--and we had never known Alike celestial the purity of the rahim in his wildest vagaries get him- diant whiteness and of the lucid self into a cul-de-sac.

azure, attempered to perfect harAll this while we had utterly for- mony as by an angel's breath! gotten what was on our head. Nor And did Imagination so prevail should we have remembered it now, over the senses, that we saw nothing had not a bright lady flung a kiss to else there among air and water, us from her palm out of a carriage trees and clouds, but the imagery of window, when with a bow, uncover- her own creations ? Now and then ing our grey discrowned head," a visionary minute was indeed wholwe beheld in our right hand the ex. ly a dream. But gleamings came traordinary concern to which at the between of fair realities before our moment we were unable to give a outward eyes, for Windermere now name, and had but a dim apprehen- bore on her bosom a hundred sail. sion of its nature and office. The It seemed as if a Flight of Swans had truth, however, soon dawned upon dropped upon the lake, and after us, and we delivered it to Angus, their aërial voyage were wantoning who did not venture to form any in the still purer element, that wooed conjecture respecting its material their now folded and their now.ex. or functions, with a request that panded wings. Nor when they were he would transmit it to the le- seen to be what they were not gitimate owner in the gig-which he swans, but barks-were they in that did with the assistance of the Twins, disenchantment less beautiful; for and to the astonishment of the whole they still seemed instinct with spidrove. We then bound round ous rit-to obey no will but their own

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