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Grant, J. A., African trav. ; extract, ii. 789 HAMPDEN, Dr R. D., theologian, ii... 665 Highways and Byways, ii....

GRANT, James, novelist, ii... 547 Hampden, John, Memoirs of, ii....... 342 Hill, AARON, minor poet, i. 505; as
GRANT, MARIA M., novelist, ii. 567 Handlyng Synne, i...

dramatist, i.

.. 540
GRANT, MRS ANNE, poet ; extracts, li. 32
Hannah, by Miss Mulock; extract, ii.. 555 Hills o' Gallowa', the, ii.

GRANT, ROBERT, astronomer, ii...... 742 HANNAY, JAMES, novelist; extracts, ii. 498 HIND, JOHN Russell, astronomer, ii.. 741
Grasmere, by Gray, i.. ..

637 Hannibal, Character of, by Dr Arnold, ii. 574 Hind and Panther, i. 299 : extract, i.. 302
Grasshopper and the Cricket, ii.. 155 HARDWICK, CHARLES, theologian, ii.. 673 HINDS, DR SAMUEL, theologian, ii.... 665
Grateful Servant, the, by Shirley, i... 181 Hardy, THOMAS, novelist, ii... 560 Hindu Widow, Sacrifice of a, ii. 771
GRATTAN, THOMAS COLLEY, novelist, ii. 310 Hardyknute, by Lady E. Wardlaw, i.. 520 Hindustan, History of, by Orme, i.... 765
Grave, the, by Robert Blair; extracts, i. 616 HARE, AUGUSTUS C., ii..

668 HISLOP, JAMES, song-writer, ii...
Grave of Anna, by Gifford, ii..

HARE, AUGUSTUS W., theologian, ii... 668 History, Outlines of, by 'T. Keightley, ii. 609
Graves of a Household, ii.
166 HARE, Julius C., theologian, ii. 668 History, Universal, the, i..

Graves of the English Seamen in the Hare with Many Friends, the, by Gay, i. 514 HITCHCOCK, Dr EDWARD, geologist, ii, 754
Polar Regions, by Osborn, ii... 787 HARLAN, J., historian, ii.

618 HOADLY, DR, dramatist, i..
Gray, David, poet; specimens, îi..... 446 HARRINGTON, JAMES, prose writer, i.. 337 HOADLY, Dr B., theologian, i.
GRAY, THOMAS, poet; extracts, i... 635 HARRINGTON, John, poet,

75 HOBBES, THOMAS, philosopher; ex-
Great Britain, History of, by Sir R. HARRINGTON, SIR JOHN, poet, i. 92 tracts, i...

Cotton, i. 206 ; by Speed, i. 206; by Harris, James, philologist, i. 815 Hobhouse, John Cam, traveller, ii... 400
Dr Robert Henry, i. 764; by. Mac- Harris, MAJOR W. C., traveller, ii.... 784 Hogg, James, poet; extracts, ii...... 204
pherson, i, 765 ; by Belsham, i. 799 ; HARRIS, WILLIAM, biographer, 1...... 815 Hoggarty Diamond, the, ii..

by Malcolm Laing, ii..
328 HARRISON, William, chronicler, i.. 208

Hohenlinden, by Thomas Campbell, ii. 109
Great Ice Age, by J. Geikie, ii

. 768 Harre, Francis Brer, as poet, ii. HOLCROFT, THOMAS, as dramatist, ii.
Greater Britain, by Sir C. W. Dilke, 479 ; as novelist ; extracts, ii..

226; as novelist, ii....

ii. 653; extracts, i....
784 Hartleian Theory, the, i....
783 Holinshed's Chronicles,

Greece, Ancient Literature and Lan- HARTLEY, Dr David, psychologist, i. 383 HOLLAND, Dr, traveller, ii.

guage of, by W. Mure, ii. 605 ; by Harvest, by R. Bloomfield, ii.

38 HOLLAND, LORD, biographer, ii. 337
. Müller and Dr Donaldson, ií. 606 Hassan, the Camel-driver, by Collins, i. 618 HOLLAND, SIR RICHARD, poet, i.. 42
Greece, History of, by W. Mitford, ii. Hastings, Battle of, by Palgrave, ii.... 577 Holland-tíde, by Gerald Griffin, ii. 314
320; by Gillies, ii. 322; by Thirlwall, Havelok the Dane; extract, i.

8 Holly Tree, the, by Southey, ii. 85
ii. 602; by Grote, ii. 602; by Finlay, HAWKINS, DR EDWARD, theologian, ii. 665 HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL, poet and
ii. 604 ; by Schmitz, ii..
606 HAWTHORNE, N., novelist; extracts, ii. 542 essayist, ii..

Greece, History of the War of Inde- HAYDON, B. R., Autobiography of, ii.. 495 Holy and Profane States, by Fuller, i.. 377
pendence in, by Keightley, ii..... 609 HAYLEY, William, as poet, ii. 14; as Holy Grail, by Tennyson, ii..

Greece, Mythology of, by Keightley, ii. 609 biographer, ii..

337 Home, by Montgomery, ii.
Green, John R., historian; extracts, ii. 624 HAYWARD, ABRAHAM, essayist, ii... 727

Home, John, dramatist, i..

Green, MATTHEW, poet; extracts, i.. 598 HAYWARD, Sir John, prose writer, i.. 207 Home among the Mountains, by Wilson,
GREENE, ROBERT, dramatist, i.. 133 | Hazlitt, William, critic, ii.


Greenland, by Montgomery; extracts, ii. 147 HAZLITT, W. CAREw, editor, ii.

799 Homely Similes, by Burke, i.

Greenland Missionaries, by Cowper, ii. 6 Head, Sir George and Sir FRANCIS Homer, translations of, by Hobbes, i.
GREG, W. RATHBONE; extracts, ii.... 733

Bond, travellers; extracts, ii.....

335; by Chapman, i. 167; by Pope,
Grenville Papers, the, ii.

629 Heads of the People, by Jerrold, ii. ....491 1. 495; by Tíckell, i. 515; by Clarke,
GRESWELL, Rev. EDWARD; extract, ii. 665 Heart of Midlothian ; extract, ii..

i. 555; by Sotheby, ii. 96; by W.
GREVILLE, CHARLES C. F. ; extracts, ii. 654 Heat as a Mode of Motion, by Tyndall, ii. 767 Cullen Bryant, ii. 438; by J. Stuart
GRIFFIN, GERALD, novelist, ii......... 314 Heber, Dr Reginald, poet, ii....... 140 Blackie, ii.
Grimoald, Nicholas, poet, i...... 36 Hebrew Bible, by Dr Kennicot, i.....

.... 774

Homeric Poems, Unity of, by W. Mure,
Groat's Worth of Wit, by Greene, i.... 134
Hebrew Race, the, by B. Disraeli, ii.. 513


Grongar Hill, by John Dyer; extract, i. 601 HEDDERWICK, J., poet; extracts, ii. ... 427 Homes of England, by Mrs Hemans, ii. 166
GROSART, REV. ALEXANDER, editor, ii. 799 Hedge-schoolmaster, by Lady Morgan, Hondreth Good Points of Husbandrie,
Grose, FRANCIS, antiquary, ii.. 372



by Thomas Tusser, i.
GROTE, George, historian; extracts, ii. 602 Heir of Redclyffe, by C. M. Yonge, ii. 541 HONE, WILLIAM, ii.

Grote, George, Memoir of, ii.. 604 Helen, by Maria Edgeworth, ii. 271 Honest Whore, the, by Dekker, i...

Grub Street Journal, i....

816 Helen of Kirkconnel, by J. Mayne, ii. 199 Honeymoon, by J. Tobin ; extract, ii.. 236
Gryll Grange, by Peacock; extract, 319 Helga, by Herbert; extract, ii. 179 Hoov, THOMAS, poet ; extracts, ii. ... 418
Guardian, the, commenced,
541 Helps, Śir A., essayist; extracts, ii.. 729 HOOK, DR JAMES, novelist, ii..

Guesses at Truth, ii...

668 HEMANS, MRs, poet; extracts, ii..... 165 Hook,THEODORE EDWARD, novelist, ii. 308
Guinea, Adventures of a, i.


Henrietta Temple, by B. Disraeli, ii... 510 Hook, Theodore Edward, Life and
Gull's Hornbook, by Dekker, i.
215 Henry II., Reign of, by Lyttelton, i.. 764 Remains of, ii.

Gulliver's Travels ; extracts, i.. 574 Henry VIÍI., Reign of, by Herbert, i.. 351 Hooke, NATH., Roman historian, i.... 754
GURWOOD, LIEUT.-Col., historian, ii.. 336 Henry VIII., Markets and Wages in Hooker, John, chronicler, i.

Gustavus Vasa, by Brooke, i..

717 the reign of, by Froude, ii.. 614 HOOKER, Richard, prose writer, i..... 193
GUTHRIE, Rev. Thomas, theologian ; Henry VIII., Portrait of, by Froude, ii. 615 | Hope, THOMAS, novelist, ii..

extracts, ii..

688 Henry, DR ROBERT, historian, i... 764 Horace, Imitations of, by Pope, i...... 496
Guthrie, William, historian, i...... 764 HENRY, MATTHEW, commentator, i... Horace in London, Parodies by James
Gutzlaff's China, ii...

.... 772

HERAUD, JOHN ABRAHAM, poet, ii.... 415 and Horace Smith ; specimens, ii.... 158
Guy of Warwick, i..

8 HERBERT, GEORGE, poet ; extract, i... 230 Horæ Hellenicæ, by Blackie; extract,ii. 482

HERBERT, Hon. William, poet, ii. ... 179 Hora Paulinæ, by Paley, ii. 343; ex-
HABINGTON, W., poet; extracts, I..... 239 Herbert, Lord EDWARD, historian, i: 357

tract, ii.

Habits and Instincts of Animals, by HERBERT, Sır Thomas, misc. writer,


Hora Subsecivæ, by Dr John Brown, ii. 732
Kirby, ü.....

686 Herd's collection of Scottish Songs, i.. 707 HORNE, DR GEorge, theologian, i...: 774
Hafiz, a Song of, by Sir W. Jones, ii.. 3

Hermes, Harris's ; extract, i..., 815 Horne, DR THOMAS H., theologian, ii. 348
Haidee, from Byron, ii...
127 Hermit, the, by Beattie, i..


Horne, RICHARD HENRY, poet, ii. ..., 450
Hailes, LORD, historian, i.
765 Hermit, the, by Parnell, i..


Hajji Baba, by J. Morier ; extract, ii.. 306 Hero and Leander, by Marlowe, i..... 104 Hours of Idleness, by Lord Byron, ii., 122
HAKLUYT, RICHARD ; Collection of HERRICK, ROBERT, poet; extracts, i., 253 House of Fame, by Chaucer, i..

Voyages, i.
209 Herschel, Caroline, Memoir of, ii....


House of Sleep, from the Faery Queen, i. 83
HALE, SIR MATTHEW : extracts, i.,... 435 HerscHEL, SIR JOHN, astronomer; ex-

House of the Seven Gables, ii......... 542
Hales, JOHN, divine, i..

tracts, ii....

Household of a Christian, ii...

HALIBURTON, Thos. C., misc. writer, ii. 697 Hervey, LORD, historian, i..


Household Words, edited by Dickens, ii. 521
HALIFAX, MARQUIS OF, politician, i.. 348 Hervey, Rev. JAMES, i....

Houses and Furniture in the Middle
Hall, CAPTAIN Basil, traveller, ii... 408 HERVEY, THOMAS KIBBLE, poet, ii.... 424 Ages, from Hallam's Europe, ii.... 331
HALL, EDWARD, chronicler, i...... 56 Hesiod, translated by Chapman, i. 167; HOWARD, H., EARL OF SURREY, poet, i. 33
HALL, JOSEPH, Bishop ; specimens of by Cooke, i.

505 Howard, John, Life of, ii..

his satires, i. 99 ; of his prose, i...... 217 Hester Kirton, by Mrs Macquoid, i.. 567 Howe, John, theologian, i..

HALL, MRS S. C., novelist, ii. 502 Hetty Sorrel, from Adam Bede, ii. 550 HOWELL, Jas., misc. writer; extracts, i. 427
HALL, Rev. Robert, theologian, ii.... 348 Heylin, Peter, historian ; extracts, i. 436 Howitt, W. and Mary; extracts, ii.. 712
HALLAM, HENRY, historian, ii.
330 HEYWOOD, JOHN, i...
125 Howson, DEAN, ii..

435 HeYWOOD, THOMAS, dramatist, i..... 179 Huc, M., traveller; extract, ii.

Halleck, Life and Letters of, ii........ 435 Hidden Life, by George MacDonald ; Hudibras; extracts, i..

Hallo, My Fancy; extract, i..
313 extract, ii...

549 Hugh Trevor, by T. Holcroft, ii. 248
HALYBURTON, THOMAS, theologian, i.. 418 Hierarchy of Angels, by Heywood, i.. 180 HUGHES, JOHN, essayist, i..

Hame, Hame, Hame, ii...

208 Hieronimo, by Thomas Kyd, i.... 131 HUGHES, THOMAS, novelist, ii..... 535
HAMILTON, ELIZABETH, novelist, ii. 276 High Life below Stairs, by Townley, i. 723 Hulsean Lectures, ii..

HAMILTON, Sir W., metaphysician, ii. 742 High Street of Edinburgh, the, by Sir Human Life, by S. Rogers, ii. 53; ex.
Hamilton, Sir W., Memoirs of, ii... 743 A Boswell, ii..

tract, ii..

HAMILTON, THOMAS, novelist, ii... 302 Highland Girl, to a, by Wordsworth, ii. 66 Human Understanding, by Hume, i... 780
HAMILTON, WILLIAM, poet; extract, i. 707 Highland Host, the, by Cleland, i.... 313 Humanity of the Age, by Trollope, ii.. 559
Hamlet, Character of, by Hazlitt, ii... 376 Highlander, the, by Mrs Grant: ex- Humble Pleasures, by R. Bloomfield, ü, 36
HAMMOND, JAMES, poet, i. ........... 705 tract, ii,....

34 HUME, ALEXANDER, poet, i......




.. 775






757: ü...

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poet, ü.



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Hume, DAVID, philosopher ; extracts, i. 780 Intimations of Immortality, by Words- JOHNSTON, DR ARTHUR, Latin poet, i. 124
Hume, David, Life of, by Burton, i. worth, ü,.

63 JOHNSTONE, CHARLES, novelist, i..... 750
627 Invocation to Birds, by Procter, ii. 168 JOHNSTONE, MRs, ii....

HUME, David, or GODSCROFT, his- Ion, by Tallourd; scenes from, ii. 487 Jolly Beggars, the, by Burns,
torian, ii..

629 Iona, Reflections on Landing at, from JONES, Rev. R., political economist, ii. 363
HumE, MARY C., poet, ii.
480 Johnson, i.

791 JONES, SIR WILLIAM, scholar and
Humming-bird, the, by Audubon, ii.. 377 Ireland, History of, by Dr Warner, i.
Humphry Clinker, by Smollett, i.. 742 765 : by Dr Leland, i.

765 JONSON, Ben, poems, i. 199; plays, i
HUNNIS, WILLIAM, poet, i..
36 Ireland, Past and Present, by J. W. 152; extracts. i. 154 ; masks,

HUNT, J. Leigh, poet and essayist, ii.. 152 Croker; extract, ii...

706 JORTIN, DR JOHN, theologian, i... 774
HUNTER, Mrs, poet; specimens, ii. 32 Ireland, Sketches of, by the Rev. Joseph Andrews, by Fielding, i. 737
Hunting on a Great Scale, by Living- Cæsar Otway, ii..

314 Journey to the Western Isles, by Dr
stone, ii.
793 Ireland, Tour through, by Inglis, ii.... 409

Johnson, i. 667; extract, i..

HUNTINGDON, HENRY OF, historian, i. 6 IRELAND, SAMUEL, bookseller, ii. 366 JOWETT, Rev. B., theologian, ii. 686
HURD, Dr Richard, theologian, i... 774 IRELAND, WILLIAM HENRY (Shak- Judge and the Victim, the, from Mrs
HUTCHESON, Francis, philosopher, i.. 780 spearean forger), ii. ...

366 Inchbald's Nature and Art, ü...... 255
Hutchinson, Col., Memoirs of, ii..... 342 Irene, by Johnson ; extract, i.. 717 Judith, Anglo-Saxon poem, i....
HUTCHINSON, Lucy-her Memoirs, i.. 470 Irish Landlord and Scotch Agent, by Julia de Roubigné, by H. Mackenzie, i. 751
HUTTON, R. H., journalist, ii.
735 M. Edgeworth, ii...

272 Julian, tragedy, by Miss Mitford, ü... 317
Huxley, THOMAS H., naturalist; ex- Irish Postilion, by M. Edgeworth, ii... 273 Jumping Frog, the, by Mark Twain, ii 731
tracts, ii.

765 | Irish Sketch-book, by Michael Angelo Junius and Sir Philip Francis ; ex-
Hydriotaphia, by Sir Thos. Browne, i.. 431 Titmarsh (Thackeray); extract, ii... 522

tracts from Junius, i....

Hymn of the Hebrew Maid, from Ivan- Irish Songs, by Thomas Moore ; speci- Jupiter, is it inhabited ? by Brewster, ii. 747
hoe, ii..

mens, 11...

Hymn on Chamouni, by Coleridge, ii.. 77

Irish Village, picture, by Carleton, ii.. 316 Kaleidoscope invented by Brewster, ii. 748
Hymn on the Nativity, by Milton, i... 275 Iron, its History and Manufacture, by KAMES, LORD, philosopher, i... 785
Hymn to Pan, from Endymion, ii...... 138

Sir W. Fairbairn, ii..

751 Kate Kearney, song by Lady Morgan, ï. 378
Hymns for Infant Minds, by J. and A. Irving, Rev. Ed., theologian, Life of, KAVANAGH, JULIA, novelist, ü. 537
Taylor, ü..

174 ii. 637; Sketch of, by Gilfillan, ü. 717 KAYE, SIR JOHN W., historian, ü..... 613
Hyperion, by Keats; extract, ü...... 137 IRVING, 'WASHINGTON, historian and Keats, JOHN, poet, ii,

Hyperion, by Longfellow, ii.
441 novelist, ii..
378 Keats, Life and Remains of, ü.

Hyppolitus and his Age, by Bunsen, ü. 577 Irving's Lives of the Scottish Poets, ii.. 343 Keble, Rev. John, as poet, il 182; as

Irvingites, sect of, ii.
638 theologian, ii.

I'd be a Butterfly, by Bayly, ii........ 182 Isabella, by Southerne; scenes from, i. 526 KEIGHTLEY, THOMAS, historian, ü....
Idler, the, by Dr S. Johnson, i.. 727 Isle of Palms, by Professor Wilson, ii. . 162 Kelly, HUGH, dramatist, i...

Idylls of the King, by Tennyson ; ex- Italian, the, by Mrs Radcliffe ; ex. KEN, THOMAS, Bishop, hymn-writer, i. 403
tract, ü..

tract, ii....

258 Kennedy, R. H., historian, ü. 618
Iliad, translations of, by Chapman, i. Italian Evening, from Childe Harold, ii. 126 KENNEDY, Walter, poet, i..

167 ; by Hobbes, i. 335; by Pope, i Italian Song, by Samuel Rogers, ii.... 56 Kennedy's, w., Voyage of the Prince
495 ; by Tickell, i. 515; by Clarke, Italy, Beckford's; extract, ii. .

· Albert, ii.

i. 555; by. Macpherson, i. 652; by Italy, by Dickens ; extract, ii..

KENNICOT, DR-his Hebrew Bible, i.. 774
Sotheby, ii. 96; by W. Cullen Italy, by Lady Morgan, ii.

279, 401
KENT, CHARLES, poet, ii..

Bryant, ii. 438; by J. S. Blackie, ii... 482 Italy, by Samuel Rogers; extracts, ií.. 53 KEPPEL, Hon. G., traveller, ü.. 406
Iliad and Odyssey, Controversy, re- Italy, by Sotheby, ii...

96 Ker, Rev. John, theol. ; extracts, ü.. 694
garding the Unity of the Author- Italy, Recollections of, by Macfarlane, Keswick, Description of the Vale of,
ship, ii...
..602, 605 ii....

614 by Dr Brown, 1..
Ilka Blade o' Grass, by Ballantine, ii...485 Itinerarium Curiosum, by Stukeley, i., 815 Khubla Khan, by Coleridge; extract, ï. 72
Illustrations of Political Economy, by Itinerary, the, by John Leland, i.. 64 Kickleburys, the, on the Rhine, ü.... 523
H. Martineau, ii.

Ivanhoe ; extracts, ii..

KIDD, DR JOHN, ïi...

Illustrations of the Literature of the Ivry, song by T. 'B. Macaulay, ü..... 431 Kilmeny, by Hogg; extracts, ii. 205
Eighteenth Century, by Nichols, ii.. 392

King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid, i. Si
Image-breaking of Antwerp, by Mot- Jack Cade's Insurrection, by Fabian, i. 56 KING, Dr HENRY, poet ; extracts, i... 234
ley, iż..

580 Jack Sheppard, by W. H. Ainsworth, i. 509 KING, EDWARD, antiquary, i. 815
Imaginary Conversations, by W. S. Jago, REV. RICHARD, poet, i. 704 KING, EDWARD, historian, ii.

Landor, extracts, ii.

88 JAMES I., king of England (VI. of Scot- King's Own, the, by Martyat; extract,
Imitations of Living Writers, by I. H. land); as poet, i. 120; as prose


Browne; specimens, i...
599 writer, i.

226 King's Quhair, the, by James I., i...
Immortality of the Soul, Opinion of James I., Memoirs of the Court of, by KINGLAKE, ALEXANDER W., historian;
the Ancient Philosophers concerning, Lucy Aikin, ii.

extracts, ü.

from Gibbon, i..

768 JAMES I. of Scotland, as poet. i.. 38 Kingsley, Rev. CHARLES ; extracts, ü. 523
In Memoriam, by Tennyson; extr. ii.. 455 James II., History of the Reign of, by KIRBY, Rev. W., theologian, ü.. 686
In the Downhill of Life, ii.
143 Charles J. Fox, ii...
323 Kitten, the, by Jo. Baillie; extract, ü..

Inca, the, his Visit to Pizarro, by JAMES, G. P. R., novelist,


KITTO, DR JOHN, theologian, ii. 660
Prescott, ii.

571 JAMESON, Mrs, misc. writer ; extracts,ii. 699 Knife-grinder, by Canning, ii...
INCHBALD, MRS ELIZABETH, as dram- Jane Eyre, by Ch. Brontë; extracts, ii. 531

KNIGHT, CHARLES, publisher, ii. 727
atist, ii. 226; as novelist; extracts, ii. 255 Jane Shore, by Rowe, scene from, i.... 528 KNIGHT, HENRY GALLY, poet, ii... 152
Inchbald, Mrs, particulars of her Jealous Wife, the, by Colman, i... 720 Knight's Cyclopædia of Biography, ii.. 343

life, from C. Kegan Paul's Life of Jeanie Deans and Queen Caroline, ii.. 290 Knight's Quarterly Magazine, ii 727
Godwin, ii...

800 Jeanie Morrison, by W. Motherwell, ii. 210 KNOLLES, RICHARD, historian, i.. 204
Indestructibility of Mind, by Davy, ii. 736 JEFFREY, Francis, critic; extracts, ii.. 385 KNOWLES, Herbert, poet, ii.'.

India, Diary in, by Russell, ii. 622 Jellelabad, Defence of, by Sale, ii..... 618 KNOWLES, JAMES SHERIDAN, drama-
India, Five Years in, by H. G. Fane, ii. 618 JENKINS, EDWARD, novelist, ii.. ...... 567

tist, ii.

India and Afghanistan, Memoirs of, by Jenny dang. the Weaver, by Sir A. Knox, JOHN, divine, i..
J. Harlan, ii.
618 Boswell, ii....

203 Knox, John, Life and Works of, edited
Indicator, the, üi..

253 Jenny's Bawbee, by Sir A. Boswell, ii. 203 by David Laing, i. 220; Life of, by
Indifference of the World, by Thack- JERROLD, Douglas, dramatist, ii...... 491 Dr M Crie, i. 220 ; ii..

... 340
526 Jerrold, Douglas, Life of, ü..

KNOX, WILLIAM, poet, ü..

Induction, the, by Lord Buckhurst, i.. 73 Jerusalem before the Siege, by Milman, Koran, translated by George Sale, i.... 764
Inductive Sciences, History of, by



Kotzebue's plays, translated, ii.
Whewell, ii....

740 Jew, the play by Cumberland, i. 247 Kruitzner, or the German's Tale, by
INGELOW, JEAN, poet; specimen, ü... 480 Jew of Malta, the, by Marlowe, i. 138 H. Lee, ii.

INGLIS, H. D., traveller, ii.

409 Jewish and Christian Churches, by Kuzzilbash, the, a Tale of Khorasan,
Ingoldsby Legends, the, ii..
497 Newman, üi..

657 by J. B. Fraser ; extracts, ü...

... 307
INGULPH, historian, i....
5 Jews, History of, by Milman, ii.....170, 610 KYD, THOMAS, dramatist, i...........

Inheritance, the, by S. E. Ferrier, ii.. 305 JEWSBURY, GERALDINE, novelist, ii.... 541
INNES, Cosmo, historian, ii.

627 Joan of Arc, by Southey; extract, ii. 81 | Lady Anne Bothwell's Lament, i...... 313
Innocents Abroad, by Mark Twain, ii. 731 Joan of Arc, by Thomas De Quincey, ii. 705 Lady Audley's Secret, by Miss Brad-
Inquiry, Freedom of, by Tyndall, ii. 767 JOCELYN, LORD, traveller, ii...

773 don, ii.

Inquiry into the Human Mind, by Dr Jockey's Intelligencer, the, i... 474 Lady Bell, by Sarah Tytler, ii..

Thomas Reid, i......

785 John Bull, History of, by Arbuthnot; Lady of the Lake, by Scott; extract, ii, 119
Inquiry into the Relation of Cause and

extracts, i...

585 Lady's Chamber in the 13th Century,
Effect, by Dr T. Brown, ii.
359 John Gilpin, by Cowper, ii.

by Maturin, ü..

Inspiration of Scripture, by Hinds, ii.. 665 John Halifax, by Miss Mulock; ex- Lafayette, Life of, by G. Ticknor, ü... 579
Instauration of the Sciences, i.

tract, ii.

554 Laidlaw, WILLIAM, song-writer, ii..
Intellectual Development of Europe, ii. 769 JOHNSON, Dr SAMUEL, as poet, i. 666; LAING, MALCOLM, historian, ü. 328
Intellectual Powers, by Reid, i. 785 as essayist, i. 725 ; as misc. writer, i.. 790 LAING, SAMUEL, traveller; extracts, i 177
Interpretation of Scripture, the, by Johnson, Samuel, LL.D., Lise of, by Laing's Remains of Ancient Popular
Jowett, ii....

J. Boswell, ü....

336 Poetry of Scotland, ........




eray, ii..




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tracts, ii..


Laird o Cockpen, by Lady Nairne, i.. 200 LILLO, WILLIAM, dramatist, i...... 529 Lusiad, Camoens's; extract, i.

Lake Regions of Central Africa, by Lily, the, by Mrs Tighe, ii..

35 Lute, Ode to a, by Sir Thomas Wyatt, i. 35
Captain Burton, ii......

788 | Limits of Government Interference, by Luther, Martin, from Robertson's
Lalla Rookh, by Moore ; extracts, ii... 100 J. S. Mill, ii. .

745 History of Charles V., i..

LAMB, CHARLES, poet and essayist, ii.. 90 LINDSAY, LORD, traveller, ii... 770 Luther's Satan, by Prof. Masson, ii... 645
Lamb, Charles, Memoir of, by Mr Lindsays, Lives of the, üi...

629 LUTTRELL, HENRY, poet; extracts, ii.. 151
Proctor, ii. 92. 167; Final Memorials Lines written in a lonely. Burying Luxuries of the Spanish Caliphs, by
of, by T. N. Talsourd, ii...
90 Ground, by John Wilson, ii.
164 Draper, ii.

LAMB, LADY CAROLINE, novelist, ii. . 310 LINGARD, DR JOHN, historian, ü.. 326 Luxury, Effects of, by David Hume, i. 981
Lamb, the, by W. Blake, ü..
58 Linne, the Heir of, i.

51 Lycidas, by Milton; extract, i..... 273, 280
Lame Lover, the, scenes from, i.. 724 LINTON, MRS ELIZA LYNN, novelist, ii. 545 Lyckpenny, the London, i.....

Land o' the Leal, by Lady Nairne, ü.. 200 Lister, Thomas Henry, novelist, ii.. 310 LydGATE, John, poet, i...

LANDER, RICHARD, traveller, ii. 397 Literary Advertisement, by Moore, ii... 99 LYELL, Sir CHARLES, geologist, ü...

LANDON, Letitia ELIZABETH (L. E. Literature, Curiosities of, by Isaac Lying Valet, the, by Garrick, i.. 723
L.), poet : extracts, ii...
173 D'Israeli, ii...

390 Lyly, JOHN, as dramatist, i. 128; as
LANDOR, Walter SAVAGE, poet, ii. ... 86 Literature of Europe, by H. Hallam, ii. 330 prose writer, i...

Lane, E. W., oriental scholar, ü. 727 LITHGOW, WILLIAM, traveller, i....... 212 Lyndhurst, Life of, by Campbell, ii.... 639
LANGHORNE, DR JOHN, poet, i. 686 LITTLE, THOMAS (Thomas Moore), ii. 98 LYNDSAY, Sir David, poet, i.. 48

Lives of Eminent Painters, Sculptors, Lyndsay, Life of Sir David, ii... 323
Language, by Whitney: extract, ii..

and Architects, by A. Cunningham, i. 208 Lyndsay, Sir David, editions of his
Language, Essay on the Origin and Lives of the Poets, by Dr S. Johnson, i. 668 Works by George Chalmers; by
Progress of, by Lord Monboddo, i... 814 LIVINGSTONE, David, traveller; ex- David Laing, i....

Language, Science of, by F. M. Müller; tracts, ii....

792 Lyon, CAPTAIN, traveller, ii.

extract, ii....

766 Livingstone, Last Journals of, ii. 796 Lyrical Ballads, by Wordsworth, ii. . 59
Language the Barrier between Brute Livingstone and Stanley, the Meeting LÝTE, Rev. Henry Francis, poct;
and Man, by F. M. Müller, ii.

of, at Ujiji, ii..
794 specimens, ii.

Langue d'Oil, i.

5 Livy, translated by John Bellenden, i.. 21 LYTTELTON, GEORGE, LORD, poet; ex-
519 LLOYD, Robert, poet, i..
663 tracts, i.

Laodamia, by Wordsworth, ii.. 67 Loch, CAPTAIN G. G., traveller, ü.. 773 Lyttelton Fabrication, the, by William
LARDNER, Dr D., scientific writer, i.. 762 Lochaber No More, by Allan Ramsay,i. 524 Combe ; specimen of, ii.

LARDNER, DR NATHANIEL, theol., i.. 980 Lochiel's Warning, by Campbell, ii..... 106 Lyttelton, Lord, Memoir and Corre-
Lardner's Cyclopædia, ii.

343, 411 Lochleven, poem, by Michael Bruce, i. 688 spondence of, by R. Phillimore, i.... 633
Last Days of Herculaneum, ii. 89 Lochnagar and Byron, by Gilfillan, ii.. 716 LYTTON, LORD E. R. (nom-de-plume,
Last Man, by Campbell; extract, ii.... 110 Locke, John, philosopher, i. 418; ex- Owen Meredith), poet, ii...

LATIMER, Hugh, theologian; extracts, i. 62 tracts..

Latin Language, spread of the, by F. Locker, FREDERICK, lyric writer, ii... 482 MACARTNEY, LORD, traveller, i..

... 394
M. Müller, ii..

766 LOCKHART, JOHN Gibson, as novelist, MACAULAY, Mrs CATHERINE, i....... 807
Latterday Pamphlets, by Carlyle, ii.... 596 ii. 298; as biographer, ii..

Laud, Character of, by Masson, ii... 644 | LOCKHART, LAWRENCE W. M., novel. poet, ii. 427; as historian; extracts, 586
LAUDER, Sır Thomas Dick, novelist

ist, ii.
567 Macaulay, T. B., Life of, ii..


cellaneous writer, ii......... 302 Locksley Hall, by Tennyson, ïi.. 452 M'CARTHY, D. F., translator, ii....... 483
LAURENCE, DR, satirist, ii..
19 LOCKYER, J. NORMAN, astronomer, ii..

742 M'CLURE, CAPTAIN R., Discovery of
Law, Bishop, theologian, i...
774 | Locomotive, on the, by Stephenson, ii. 751 the North-west Passage, ii.

Law, Rev. W., theologian, i.

774 Lodge, Thomas, as poet, i. 102 ; as M'CRIE, DR THOMAS, ii.
Lawrie Todd, or the Settlers, by Galt, ii. 293 dramatist, i..

136 M'CULLOCH, J. RAMSAY, economist, ii.. 363
Lay of the Last Minstrel ; extracts, ii.. 117 Logan, John, poet, i..

689 MacDONALD, GEORGE, novelist; ex-
6 Logan Braes, by John Mayne, ii. 198

LAYARD, AUSTEN HENRY, traveller, ii. 732 Logic, A System of, by J. S. Mill, ii .. 744 MACFARLANE, CHARLES, historian, ii. 614
Lays of Ancient Rome; extracts, ii. ... 427 Logic, by Professor Bain, ii..


Mac-Flecknoe, by Dryden; ext., i. 298, 302
Lays of the Scot. Cavaliers ; extracts, ii. 431 Logic, Elements of, by Dr Whately, ii. 363 MACKAY, Alexander, traveller, ii... 780
LE BAs, Rev. C. WEBB, theologian, ii. 348 London and Mont Blanc, from Dr MACKAY, DR CHARLES, as poet, ii. 448;
Leader, the, newspaper, ii.
635 Arnold's Letters, ii.

631 as traveller, ii.
Leaders of the Reformation, by Tul- London Encyclopædia, ii..

411 MACKENZIE, HENRY, novelist, i..

·loch, ii...
692 | London Gazette, i..

473 MACKENZIE, Sir George, philosopher ;
LECKY, WILLIAM E. H., philosopher, ii. 617 London in Autumn, by H. Luttrell, ii. 151 extracts, i..
Lee, HOLME (Harriet Parr), novelist, ii. 545 LONDONDERRY, MARQUIS OF, trav., ii.. 776 MACKINTOSH, SIR JAMES, as historian;
LEE, NATHANIEL, dramatist, i. 324 LONGFELLOW, H. W.,poet; specimens,ii. 449 extracts, ii. 324; as theologian, ii. 360
249 Lord Gregory, ballad, ii...

28 MACKLIN, CHARLES, dramatist, i..... 723
LEIGHTON, ROBERT, ARCHBISHOP, i... 387 Lorenzo de' Medici, by Roscoe, ii...... 327 MACLAGAN, ALEXANDER, poet, ii. . 485
Leighton, Archbishop, character of, i.. 363 Lorna Doone, by Blackmore, ii. 567 MACLAREN, CHARLES, journalist and
Leland, JOHN, antiquary, i.. 64 Lot of Thousands, by Mrs Hunter, ii.. 33 geologist, ii..
LELAND, JOHN, theologian,

780 Lotos-eaters, the, by Tennyson, pas- M'LENNAN, MALCOLM, novelist, ii. ... 733
Leland's, Dr, History of Ireland, i.... 765

sage from, ii...

454 MACLEOD, REV. NORMAN; extracts, ii. 689
LEMON, Mark, dramatist and cditor, ii. 494 Lousiad, the, by Dr John Wolcot, ii... 25 MACNEILL, HECTOR, poet, ii.

LENNOX, Mrs CH., misc. writer, i.... 807 Love, by Coleridge, ii.


MACPHERSON, D., M.D., Traveller, ii. 773
Leo X., Life of, by W. Roscoe, ii..... 327 Love, from Pollok's Course of Time, MACPHERSON, JAMEs, poet and trans-
Leonidas, by Glover; extract, i.. 682 ii...

lator, i.

LESLIE, CHARLES, theologian, i. 557 Love, from Southey's Thalaba, i.... 83 MACQUOID, Mrs C. S., novelist, ii....
Leslie, JOHN, Bishop, historian, i. 225 Love, Hope, and Patience in Education, Madden, Dr R. R., traveller, ii..
Leslie, Sir John, scientific writer, ii.. 735 by Coleridge, ii..

78 Madonna, Pictures of, by Mrs
L'ESTRANGE, Sir Roger; extr. i.. 467, 473 Love-à-la-Mode, by Macklin, i. 723

Jameson, ii. .

Letters, by Pope ; extracts, i... 581 Love for Love, scenes from, i..


Mæviad, the, by W. Gifford, ii..
Lever, CHARLES JAMES, novelist, ii.. 534 Love in a Village, by Bickerstaff, i. 725 Maggie Lauder, by Francis Sempill,

Leviathan, the, by Hobbes, i..

334 Love of Country, from the Lay of the Maggie Lauder, by Tennant, ii........ 213
Lewes, G. H., novelist and biog., ii... 633 Last Minstrel, ii.


Lewesdon Hill, by W. Crowe; extr., ii. 28 Love's Mistress, by Heywood, i.. 179

Lewis, MATTHEW GREGORY, as poet, LOVELACE, RICHARD, poet; extracts, i. 244 Prout), magazine writer, ii.

ji. 110; as dramatist, ii, 227; as LOVER, SAMUEL, poet and novelist, ii.. 535 Maid Marian, by Peacock ; extract, ii. 319
novelist, ii...

261 Lover's Melancholy, the, by Ford; Maid's Lament, by W. S. Landor, ii... 89

extract, i...

177 Maid's Metamorphoses, by Lyly, i.. 128
miscellaneous writer, ii..

600 Lovers' Vows, Kotzebue's, translated Maid's Tragedy, by Beaumont and
LEYDEN, JOHN, poet, ii..
39 by Mrs Inchbald, ii...
227 Fletcher, i.

Liberal English Churchmen, by Loves of the Angels, the, by Moore, ii. 1o1 Maitland Manuscripts, the, i....
Tulloch, ii...

692 Loves of the Plants, the, by Dr E. Dar. MAITLAND, SIR RICHARD, poet, i.. 119
Liberty, by John Stuart Mill, ii.
744 win ; extracts, ii.

15 Malcolm, by George MacDonald; ex-
Liberty and Necessity, by Hobbes, i... 334 Loves of the Poets, by Mrs Jameson, ii. 700

Library, the, by George Crabbe, ii... 46 LOWE, JOHN, poet, i.

712 MALCOLM, SIR John, traveller, ii..... 406
Library of Entertaining Knowledge, ii. 412 Loweli., J. R., poet ; extracts, ii. 471 MALLET, David, as poet, i. 626; as
LIDDON, Rev. H. P., theologian, i.... 683 LOWTH, Dr William, theologian, i... 556 dramatist, i.

Life, the Mystery of, by Gambold, i... 706 Lowth, Robert, Bishop, i.

773 MALMSBURY, EARL OF, Diaries and
Life and Liberty in America, by Lualaba, Lakes, explored by Cameron, ii. 796 Correspondence of, ii.

Mackay, ü...
449 Lucan's Pharsalia, translated by May, i. 351 MALMSBURY, WILLIAM OF, i..........

Life Drama, a, by Alexander Smith, ii. 445 Lucasta, by Lovelace, i....

244 MALONE, EDMUND, ii..
Life in the Sick-room, by Martineau, ii. 708 Lucian's Dialogues, trans., i. ... 314 MALORY, SIR THOMAS, poet, i..

Light of Nature Pursued, by Tucker, i. 988 Luck of Roaring Camp, by Bret Harte, MALTBY, DR EDWARD, theologian, ii.. 347
Lights and Shadows of Irish Life, ii... 502 passage from, ii.

479 MALTHUS, Rev. T. R., economist, ii.. 362
Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life, Lucy's Flittin', by William Laidlaw, ii. 214 Mammoth, the, from Prof. R. Owen, ii. 757
by Professor Wilson; extract, ii..... 300 Luggie, the, by David Gray, ii........ 479 Man, Antiquity of, by Lyell, ii....










tracts, ii.




..654 734



.... 804

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Man, his Frame, his Duty, and his MAY, SIR T. ERSKINE, historian, ii..., 624 Minstrel, the, by Beattie ; extracts, i.. 697
Expectations, by Dr Hartley, i....... 783 MAY, THOMAS, historian, i.

351 Minstrel, the Aged, by Sir W. Scott

, ii, 117
Man of Feeling, by Henry Mackenzie ; May Morning at Ravenna, by Leigh Minstrelsy, Ancient and Modern, by
extracts, i.
751 Hunt, ii...

.. 154

Motherwell, ii....
Man of the World,

Henry Mac- May-eve, by John Cunningham, i...., 685 Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, i... şi
kenzie, i......

.... 751 MAYNE, Jasper, dramatist, i.......... 314 MINTO, WILLIAM, biographer and
Man of the World, by Macklin, i. ....: 723 MAYNE, JOHN, poet, ii.

198 critic, ii...
MANDEVILLE, BERNARD DE; extracts, i. 570 Mechanics, Treatise on, by Whewell, ii. 740 Miracle Plays, i..

MANDEVILLE, SIR John, traveller ; Mechanism of the Heavens, by Mrs Miracles, on, by Dr G. Campbell, i.... 784
extracts, i..
27 Mary Somerville, ii...

739 Mirandola, by Bryan Waller Procter
Manfred, by Lord Byron ; extract, ii.. 122 Medals, Essay on, by Pinkerton, ii.... 328 (Barry Cornwall); scene from, ii. 167, 233
Mankind, Physical History of, by J. C. Medals of Creation, by Mantell, ii.

754 Mirrour for Magistrates, the, i..... 73
Prichard, ii.
742 Meditations, Hervey's, i...

Misfortunes of Barney Branagan, ii.... 315
MANLEY, DE LA RIVIERE, MRs, miscel- Melmoth the Wanderer, by Maturin, ii. 282 Miss in her Teens, by Garrick, i.... 723
laneous writer, i......

572 MELMOTH, WILLIAM (nom-de-plume, Missionary Hymn, by Heber, ii..
MANNERS, LORD JOHN, poet, ii..

Fitzosborne), i..

80g MITCHELL, THOMAS, translator, ïi.... 186
Manners and Customs of the Ancient Melrose Abbey, by Scott, ii.

117 MITFORD, MARY Russell, novelist, ii. 317
Egyptians, by Wilkinson, ii. 575 | Melvil, Sir James, his Memoirs ; MITFORD, William, historian, i...... 320
Manners and Customs of the Modern extracts, i...

223 Mitherless Bairn, the, by Thom, ii.... 483
Egyptians, by Lane, ii....

727 Melvill, Rev. HENRY, theologian ; Modern Painters, by Ruskin ; extract, ii. 724
MANNING, Miss ANNE, novelist, ii.. 545 extract, ii......

666 Modern Theatre, by Mrs Inchbald, ii.. 226
MANSEL, Rev. H. L., metaphysician, ii. 744 Melville, Andrew, Life of, by M'Crie, ii. 340 Mohammed, Appearance and Char-
Mansfield Park, by Jane Austen, ii.... 274 Melville, HERMAN, traveller, ii. ..... 719 acter of, by Gibbon, i...

Mansie Wauch, by D. M. Moir, ii.... 421 Memorials of a Quiet Life, ii..

668 Moir, D. M. (Delta); specimens, i... 421
MANT, DR RICHARD, theologian, ii...


Memorials of his Time, by Lord Cock. Molecular and Microscopic Science, by
MANTELL, DRG. A., palæontologist, ii. 754 burn; extract, ii.

650 Mrs Somerville, ii.

MARCET, MRs, political economist, ii.. 363 Memorie of the Somerviles, edited by MOLESWORTH, W. N., historian, ii.... 640
Marco Bozzaris, ii.,
435 Sir Walter Scott, ii.

629 Monachism, British, by Fosbrooke, ii.. 393
Mariam, by Lady Eliz. Carew, i....... 237 Memories, by Mrs H. B. Stowe; ex- Monarchy, on, from Blackstone, i..... 990
Marie Antoinette, by Burke, i.

tract, ii.....
543 Monastery, the, ii..

Marinda Bruce, portrait of,by Amory, i. 807 Men of Genius, by Carlyle, ii..

594 MONBODDO, LORD, i...

Mariners of England, Ye, ii.

108 Men of Genius Resolute Workers, by Monk, the, by M. G. Lewis, ii. 110;
MARK TWAIN (nom-de-plume of Samuel G. H. Lewes, ii...

634 extract, ii.

Langhorne Clemens), ii..

731 MENNES or MeNNIS, Sir John, I.... 242 Monmouth, Execution of, by Macaulay,
MARKHAM, C. R., traveller, ii. 625 Menu, Ordinances of, translated by Sir

Marlborough, Duke of, Memoirs of, by William Jones, ii....


Coxe, ii. 323; by Alison, ii..... 569 | Mercurius Politicus, edited by March- MONTAGU, CHARLES, poet,

MARLOWE, CHRISTOPHER-his poetry, mont Needham, i..

474 | MONTAGU, MRs, miscellaneous writer, i. 807
i. 103; extracts from his plays, i..... 136 MEREDITH, Owen, nom-de-plume of Montaigne's Essays, trans. by Cotton, i. agi
Marmion; extracts, ii.
• 117 Lord Lytton, ii.

466 Montalembert, Memoir of, ii.. .... 637
Marriage, by S. E. Ferrier : extract, ii.. 303 Merivale, Rev. Charles, historian, ii. 601 MONTGOMERY, ALEXANDER, poet, i... 119
Marrow of Modern Divinity, i. 418 | Mermaid, the, by Leyden; extract, ii.. 40 MONTGOMERY, JAMES, poet, ii.

MARRYAT, Capt., novelist; extr., ii... 497 MERRICK, JAMES, poet, i.

651 MONTGOMERY, REV. R., poet; extr., il. 173
Marryat, Life and Letters of, ii... 498 Mesogonus, by Thomas Rychardes,'i. 125 Monthly Review, i...

MARRYAT, FLORENCE, novelist, ii... 567 Messiah, the, by Pope, i...

498 Montrose, Execution of, from Claren-
Marsh, Dr HERBERT, theologian, ii.. 348 MeteYard, Eliza, biographer, ii..... 650 don's History, i..

Marsh, MRS ANNE, novelist, ii....... 537 Methinks it is good to be here, ii. 143 Montrose, Marquis of, Memoirs of, ii.. 629
MARSTON, JOHN, as poet, i. 100; as Method, Treatise on, by Coleridge ; Montrose, Marquis oi, Verscs by, i.... 312
dramatist, i.
172 extract, ii...

79 Moonlight Scene at Sca, by Moore, ii. 98
MARSTON, WESTLAND, dramatist, ii. . 495 Metrical Romances, Origin of, i..

MOORCROFT, W., Eastern traveller, ii. 407
MARTIN, M., traveller, i..
573 Mexico, Conquest of, by Prescott, ii. .: 570 Moore, Dr John, novelist, ii.

.. 252

432 Mexico, Life in, by Mme. Calderon, ii. 779 Moore, EDWARD ; his fables, i.. 617
Martin Chuzzlewit, ii.....

520 Mexico, Storming of, by Prescott, ii. .. 571 Moore, Sir John, Burial of, ü.
MARTINEAU, HARRIET; extracts, ii.. 707 MICHAEL ANGELO TITMARSU (Thack. MOORE, THOMAS, as poet, ii. 98; as
MARTINEAU, Rev. James, theologian; eray), ii. ...

522 historian, ii.

extracts, ii.

687 Michaelis's Introduction to the New Moral and Metaphysical Philosophy,
Martins of Cro' Martin ; extract, ii.... 534 Testament ; edited by Marsh, ii... 348 by Maurice, i..

Martinus Scriblerus, i...

584 Mickle, WILLIAM JULIUS, poet, i.... 700 Moral and Political Philosophy, by
Martyrdom of St Paul, by Conybeare, ii. 674 Microcosm, the, periodical, ii.

23 Paley, î....

Martyrs, Fox's Book of,' i..

185 Microcosmography, by Earle; extract, i. 436 Moral Philosophy, Outlines of, by
MARVELL, ANDREW, poet; extracts, i. 284 Microcosmus, the, by Nabbes, i. 174 Dugald Stewart, ii.
Mary Barton ; extract, ii..
538 Microcosmus, by Peter Heylin, i.. 436

Moral Plays, i.....

Mary in Heaven, by Burns, ii......... 194

Middlemarch, by George Eliot, ii.. 551 Morals, European, History of, by
Mary Morison, by Burns, ii..
193 MIDDLETON, DR CONYERS, as biog- Lecky, ii.

Mary of Castle-Cary, by H. Macneill, ii. 198 rapher, i. 754; as theologian, i.. 774 Morals, the Principles of, by Hume, i. 783
Mary, Queen of Scots, by Chalmers, ii. MIDDLETON, THOMAS, dramatist. i.. .. 170 More, Dr HENRY, theologian; ex-
323; by Tytler, i.....
764 Midnight Scene in Rome, from Byron, ii. 126 tracts, i....

Mary, Queen of Scots, Character of, by Mili., JAMES, as historian, ü. 336; as MORE, MRS HANNAH, misc. writer, ii. 363
Robertson, i...


psychologist, ii. 360; as political More, Mrs Hannah, Life of, ii.. 366
Mary, Queen of Scots, Death of, from economist, ii.

363 More, Sir THOMAS, historian, i.

Froude's History, ii..
616 Mill, JOHN STUART, metaphysician, ii. 744 More Worlds than One, ii...

Mary's Dream, by John Lowe, i....... 712 Mill, John Stuart-his autobiog., ii.'... 146 MORGAN, AUGUSTUS DE, mathemati-
Mask, the Memorable, i...

Mill on the Floss ; extract, ii..
552 cian ; extracts, ii...

Masks, Court, of the 17th Cent., i.

Miller, HUGH, geologist ; extracts, ii. 757 MORGAN, LADY (Sydney Owenson,
MASON, William, as poet, i. 684; as Miller, Hugh, Life of, by Peter Bayne; as novelist, ii. 278; as traveller, ü.., 401
dramatist, i....

also in Golden Lives, by Henry MORIER, JAMES, novelist, ii.

MASSEY, GERALD, poet, ii..
445 A. Page, ii...

762 MORLEY, HENRY, Prof., biographer, i. 654
MASSEY, W., historian; extract, ii... 625 MILLER, THOMAS, misc. writer, ii... 699 MORLEY, JOHN, biographer, ii. 654
MASSINGER, PHILIP, dramatist, i... 175 Mills and Mill-work, by Sir W. Fair- MORLEY, THE COUNTESS OF, i. 311
MASSON, CHARLES, traveller, ii. 771 bairn, ii.

751 Morris, WILLIAM, poet, ii..

Masson, DAVID, biog. ; extracts, ii. 644 | MILMAN, REV. H. HART, as poet, ii. MORTON, THOMAS, dramatist, ii. 237
Mathematical Learning, Usefulness of, 170; as theologian, ii.

610 Mosaic Vision of Creation, by Hugh
by Arbuthnot; extract, i.
585 Milnes, RICHARD MONCKTON, LORD Miller, ü..

Mathematics, on, by Sir W. Hamilton, üi. 743 HOUGHTON, poet; extracts, ii. 434 Moses, Divine Legation of ; extract, i. 772
MATHER, Miss, novelist, ii..

545 Milton, JOHN, as poet, i. 272; as Moses concealed on the Nile, by Dr E.
MATHEWS, HENRY, traveller, ii.. 401

prose writer, i.
329 Darwin, ii.

MATHIAS, THOMAS JAMES, poet, ii. 24 Milton, from Landor, ii..

89 Moss, Rev. T., poet, i.

Matilda, by the Marq. of Normanby, ii. 310 Milton, Life of, by Keightley, ii. 610; MOTHERWELL, WM., song-writer, ii.
Matter and Spirit, by Dr J. Priestley, i. 788 by Prof. Masson, ii.

644 MOTLEY, JOHN LOTHROP, historian, ii. 580
Matthew of Paris, i..

6 Mind, Indestructibility of, by Sir H. MOTTEUX, PETER A., translator, i. 479
Matthew of Westminster, i...

Davy, ïi...
736 MOULTRIE, REV. JOHN, poet, ii..,

Matthew's Bible, i..

68 Mind above Matter, by Ker, ii. 694 Mountain Bard, the, by Hogg, ii..
MATURIN, Rev. Charles ROBERT, Mind and Body: the Theories on their Mountain Children, by M. Howitt, ii.. 713
dramatist, ii. 232; as novelist, ii. 282 Relation, by Professor Bain, ii.....

.... 751 Mountain Daisy, to a, by Burns, ii. X91
Maud, by Tennyson, ii.
456 Minerva Press Novels, ii..

238 Mudie, ROBERT, miscel. writer, ii. 393
MAURICE, Rev. J. FRED. DENISON, Minister's Wooing, the, by Mrs Stowe; MUIRHEAD, J. P?, biog. : extracts, ii... 646
theologian, ii.
672 extracts, ii...

544 MULLER, FRIEDRICH M. , philologist, ii, 766
MAXWELL, W. Hamilton, novelist, ii. 547 MINOT, LAWRENCE, i..

10 MULLER, K. O., historian, ii.












MULOCK, D. M., novelist; extracts, ii. 553 Nightingale, Ode to, by Keats, ii....... 139 OUSELEY, SIR WILLIAM, traveller, ii.. 406
Mummy, Address to the, ii..

161 Nile, the Source of, from Speke, ii.., 789 Outlines of Astronomy, by Herschel, ii. 737
MUNDAY, ANTHONY, dramatist, i...... 141 Nile Tributaries of Abyssinía, by Sir S. OUTRAM, George, lyric writer, ii... 484
Munimenta Antiqua, by Ed. King, i., 815 W. Baker, ii..

792 OVERBURY, SIR THOMAS, prose writer, i. 216
Munster Tales, by G. Griffin, ii. 314 Nimroud, Appearance of, by Layard, ii. 382 Owen, Dr John, theologian, i..

MURCHISON, Sir R. I., geologist, ii. 754

Nine Cases of Conscience Resolved, by Owen, Prof. RICHARD, naturalist and
Murchison, Sir Roderick I., Life of, Robert Sanderson, i..


anatomist ; extracts, li..
by Geikie ; extracts, ii.

755 Nineveh, by Layard; extracts, ii... 782 Owen, Prof. R., Memoir of, ii..
Murder as one of the Fine Arts, by De No Cross, no Crown, by Penn: extract, i. 406 Owenson, SYDNEY (Lady Morgan), ii. 278
Quincey; extracts, ii...
705 Noblest Delight, by Mark Twain, ii... 731

Owl and the Nightingale, i...

MURE, William, historian; extracts, ii. 605 Nocturnal Reverie, i...

519 OXENFORD, MR, dramatist, ii..

MURPHY, ARTHUR, dramatist, i. 720 Norman Conquest, by Freeman; ex-

Oxford Gazette started, i.

MURRAY, Lieut. Alex., traveller, ii. . 773 i tract, ii..

625 Ozell, JOHN, translator, i............. 472
Murray's Family Library, ii.. ...... 343 NORMANBY, MARQUIS OF, novelist, ii.. 310
Music's Duel, Strada's, i..

250 Normandy, history of, by Palgrave, ii. 577 Pacific Ocean, Discovery of, by Vasco
Mustapha, tragedy, by Mallet, i... 717 Norman-French, introduction of, i..... 5 Nunez, by Sir A. Helps, ii.

My ain Fireside, by É. Hamilton, ii... 278 Norris, Rev. John, i.....

564 Pæstum, from Rogers's Italy, ii.
My Brother's Grave, by Moultrie, ii..: 422 North and South, by Mrs Gaskell, ii.. 538 Painters, Modern, by Ruskin ; extr., ii. 723
My Circular Notes, by J. F.Campbell, ii. 785 North Briton, edited by Wilkes, i.. 792 Painters, Sculptors, and Architects,
My Nanie O, by Allan Cunningham, ii. 209 North-west Passage Expeditions, ii. 403, 786 Lives of, by À. Cunningham, ii,,

My Novel, by Bulwer, ii...

508 Norton, The Hon. MRS, poet and Palace of Honour, by Gavin Douglas, i. 47
My only Jo and Dearie 0, by Gall, ii.. 195 novelist; extracts, ii..

422 Palace of Pleasure, a coll. of Tales, i..

My Schools and Schoolmasters, ii..... 759 NORTON, THOMAS, dramatist,.


Palæontology, by Professor Owen, ii.. 756
My Sheep I neglected, I broke my Norway, by Laing; extracts, ii.. 777

Palamon and Arcite, by R. Edwards, i. 127
Sheep-hook, by Sir G. Elliot, i.... 711 Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, by Palestine, by Heber; extracts, ii..

.. 140
My Time, O ye Muses, was happily H. D. Inglis (Derwent Conway), ii. 409 Paley, Dr William, theologian, ii... 343
spent, by Byrom, i.

633 Nosce Teipsum, by Davies; extract, i. '96 PALGRAVE, Sir Francis, historian;
Mysteries of Nature, by Dr Liddon, ii. 684 Notes and Queries, ii...

extracts, ii.

Mysteries of Udolpho, by Radcliffe, ii, 258 Nothing Human ever Dies, by Rev. J. PalGRAVE, W.G., traveller; extracts, ii. 785

Martineau, ii....

687 Palissy the Potter, Lise of, ii. . 654
NABBES, THOMAS, dramatist, i.. 174 Novum Organum, by Lord Bacon, i.., 197 PALMER, William, Tractarian, ii..... 655
Nabob, the, by Susanna Blamire, ii. .. 30 Nubian Revenge, by Warburton, i... 702

Pamela, by Richardson ; extracts, i.. .. 732
NAIRNE, BARONESS, song-writer, ii. Nut-Brown Maid, the, i...

52 Pandosto, by Robert Greene, i... ... 134
Napier, Mark, biographer, ii. 629 Nyassa, discovery of, by Livingstone, ii. 794 Parables, Expos. of, by Greswell, ii.., 665
NAPIER, Sir Charles, Life of, ii.. 332 Nymph's Reply to the Passionate Paracelsus, by Robert Browning, ii.
Napier, Sir W. F. P., historian ; ex- Shepherd, by Sir W. Raleigh, i..... 103 461; extract, ii..

tract, ii.

Paradise Lost, by Milton, i. 273 ; ex-
Napier of Merchiston, Memoirs of, ii.. 629 O Nancy, wilt thou go with me? i..... 680 tracts, i....

Napiers, the, by H. Martineau, ii.. 710 Oberon of Wieland, by Sotheby, ii..... 96 Paradise of Dainty Devices, a miscel-
Napoleon at St Helena, ii.
629 OCCLEVE, THOMAS, poet, i...
30 lany, i....

Napoleon Bonaparte, Life of, by Sir Ocean, Apostrophe to the, by Byron, ii. 126 Pardoe, Julia, novelist, ii.

W. Scott, ii. 287, 340; by W. Hazlitt, Oceana, by J. Harrington, i...

337 Paris in 1815, by Croly; extracts, ii... 172
ii. 340; Character of, by Dr Channing, O'Connor's Child, by Campbell, ii. ... 107 Parish Register, the, by Crabbe ; ex-
658 | Ode to Eton College, by Gray, 638

tracts, ii.

Narratives from Criminal Trials in Ode to Independence, by Smollett, i... 044 Parish Workhouse, the, from Crabbe, ii. 48
Scotland, by J. H. Burton, ii........ 627 Ode to the Departing Year, by Cole- Park, ANDREW, poet, ii..

NASH, C., historian, ii..
618 ridge, ii....

76 Park, Mungo, traveller; extracts, ii.: 395
NASH, THOMAS, dramatist, ..... 132 Odyssey, translated by Chapman, i. PARKES, B.RAYNER, poet; specimen, ii. 480
Natural History of Enthusiasm, ii.... 684 167; by Hobbes, i. 335; by Pope, i. PARNELL, THOMAS, poet, i..
Natural Selection, First Conception of 495; by Sotheby, ii. 96; by W. PARR, Dr Samuel, theologian, ii.... 347
the Theory of, by Charles Darwin, ii. 762 Cullen Bryant, ii.

438 | Parry, SIR EDWARD, traveller, ii..... 403
Natural Theology, by Paley, ii....... 344 Oh, no! we never mention Him, ii.... 182 Parson, the Country, by G. Herbert, i. 231
Nature, Love of, by Cowper, ii..

Oh, why left I my Hame? ii.

214 Passages from the Diary of a Late
Nature, scientific periodical, ii. 742 O'Keefe, John, dramatist, ii...


Physician, by Samuel Warren, ii.... 514
Nature and Art, by Mrs Inchbald; ex- Old and Young Courtier, the, i.. 181 Passages of a Working Life, ii... 727
tracts, i...

Old B elor, scenes from, i..

532 Passionate Pilgrim, the, i.
Nautical Almanac, ii.


Old English Baron, by Clara Reeve, i.. 751 Passionate Shepherd to his Love, i.... 103
Neaves, LORD, song-writer, ii.. 481 Old English Manor-house, ii... 257

Past and Present, by Carlyle, ii....
Needham, MARCHMONT, journalist, i.. 473

... 595
Old Familiar Faces, by Lamb, ii... 92

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Negro Servitude, by H. Mackenzie, i.. 752 Old Kensington, by Miss Thackeray; Pastoral Ballad, by W. Shenstone, i.... 623
Negro Slavery, by Dr Channing, ii.... 658 extract, ii.

566 Patchwork, by Captain Basil Hall, ii.. 409
Nelson, Life of, by Southey; extract, ii. 338 Old Man's Wish, the, by Dr W. Pope, i. 311 Patient Grissell, by Chettle, i......... 141
Nemesis of Faith, by Froude, ii. 614 Old Mortality, íi..

284 PATLOCK, Robert, novelist, i. ...... 733
NENNIUS, historian, i.....

Old Red Sandstone, the, by Miller, ii.. 759 PATMORE, COVENTRY, poet, ii.
Netley Abbey, by Gray,
637 Old Scottish Town (Peebles), descrip- PATRICK, SYMON, Bishop, i..

New America, by W. H. Dixon; ex- tion of, by W. Chambers, ii.... 652 PAULDING, J. KIRKE, misc. writer, ii.. 381
tract, ii..
641 Oldes, William, antiquary, i... 618 PAYN, JAMES, novelist, ii..

New Bath Guide ; extracts, i, 703 OLIPHANT, Mrs, as novelist, ii.

555; Payne, John Howard, dramatist, ii.. 233
New England and New York, Travels as biographer; extracts, ii... 637 PAYNTER, WILLIAM, editor, i, .. 76
in, by Dr T. Dwight, ii.

348 Oliver Twist, by Dickens; extract, ii.. 516 Peace, History of the, by H. Martin-
New Way to pay Old Debts, i... 175 Opie, Mrs Amelia, as poet; extracts,

New Zealand, travels in, by Dieffen- ii. 32; as novelist, ii...

269 Peacock, THOMAS Love, novelist, ii.. 319
bach, ii. 779; by A. Trollope, ii.. 779 Optics, by Sir Isaac Newton, i........ 425 PEARCE, NATHANIEL, traveller, ii.... 395
Newcastle, MARGARET, DUCHESS OF, Orange: its cultivation, by Bullar, ii.. 778 Pearson, Dr John, theologian, i..... 399

297 Orcadian Sketches, by Vedder; extr., ii. 483 Peasant Life, by Malcolm M'Lennan, ii. 733
Newcomes, the ; extract, ii.


Oriental Eclogues; extracts, i......... 619 Peblis to the Play, by James I., i...... 39
NEWMAN, DR J. H., Tractarian, ii... 656 Oriental Herald, ii.

780 Pecock, REYNOLD, prose writer, i..... 55
NEWMAN, FRANCIS W., theologian, ii. 657 Origin of Species, by C. Darwin ; ex- Peebles described by W. Chambers, ii. 652
Newspapers, i.....

tracts, ii...

763 Peel, Sir ROBERT, his Memoirs, ii.
Newton, BISHOP, theologian, i.... 774 Orion, an Epic Poem, ii.

450 629; Life of, by Lord Stanhope, ii.. 609
NEWTON, Sir Isaac, nat. philosopher, i. 424 Orlando Furioso, by Robert Greene, i.. 134 Peele, George, dramatist, i... 129
Ngami, Discovery of, by Livingstone, ii. 792 Orlando Furioso, trans. by Rose, ii... Peeps in the Far East, by Macleod, ii.. 690
NICHOL, PROF. JOHN, misc. writer, ii.. 741 Orlando Innamorato, trans. by Rose, ii. 185 Pelican Island, the, by Montgomery, ii. 147
Nichol, Prof. J. P., astronomer, ii... 741 Orme's History of British India, i..... 765 Pen Owen, by Dr James Hook, ii. .... 302
6 Ormulum, i..

6 Pencillings by the way, by. Willis, ii.. 440
Nicholas Nickleby, by Dickens,'ii..... 518 Oroonoko, by Southerne ; scenes from, i. 526 Pendennis, by Thackeray, ii,

NICHOLS, JOHN, biographer, ii... 392 Orphan, the, by Otway; extract, i.... 322 Peninsular War, by Hamilton, ii.. ... 302
NICHOLSON, W., the Galloway Poet,' ii. 215 Orphan Boy's Tale, by Mrs Opie, ii... 33

Peninsular War, by Napier ; extr., ii., 332
Nicoll, Robert, song-writer, ii.

Orphan Child, from Jane Eyre, ii...
NICOLSON, Dr W., antiquary, i..

533 PENN, WILLIAM ; extracts, i..........

Niebuhr's Ballad Theory, by Sir G. C.
558 Osborn, Lieut. S., traveller; extract, ii. 787 Penn, William, Life of, ii.. :

Ossian, authenticity of, by M. Laing, ii. 328 PENNANT, THOMAS, zoologist, I..... 806
Lewis, ii.

600 Ossian, by Macpherson ; specimens, i.. 652 Penniless Pilgrimage ; extract, i...... 229
Night, by Montgomery, ii.
148 Otterburn, Battle of, by R White, ü.. 629 Penny Cyclopædia, ii..

Night, Sonnet on, by Blanco White, ii. 81 Orway, Rev. Cesar, novelist, ii...... 314 Penny Magazine, ii.

Night in the Desert, by Southey, ii.... 82 Orway, THOMAS, dramatist; extracts,i. 321 Pentateuch and the Elohistic Psalms,
Night-piece on Death, by Parnell, i.... 509 OUDNEY, DR, African traveller, ii... 396 the, by Bishop Browne, ii... 680
Night-side of Nature, ii....

536 OUIDA' (Louise de la Ramé), nov., il. 550 Pepes, SAMUEL-his Diary, I......... 463
Night Thoughts, by Young; extracts, i. 603 Our Village, by M. R. Mitford, ii.... 317 PercevAL ARTHUR, Tractarian, ii.... 655




...... 102


.... 466

eau, ii..

poet, i.

228, 473

.... 185


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