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of the United States, either regular or volunteer, under the laws thereof, during the existence of an actual war, domestic or foreign, shall be deprived of the benefits of this Act, on account of not having attained the age of twenty-one years. SEC. 56. The fifth section of the Act entitled "An Act in addition to an Act more effectually to provide for the punishment of certain crimes against the United States, and for other purposes," approved the 3d of March, in the year 1857, shall extend to all oaths, affirmations, and affidavits, required or authorized by this Act.

SEC. 57. Nothing in this Act shall be so construed as to prevent any person who has availed him or herself of the benefits of the first section of this Act from paying the minimum price or the price to which the same may have graduated, for the quantity of land so entered, at any time before the expiration of the five years, and obtaining a patent therefor from the Government, as in other cases provided by law, on making proof of settlement and cultivation as provided by existing laws granting preëmption rights.

May, 1862, entitled "An Act to secure homesteads to actual settlers on the public domain," and the Act supplemental thereto approved 21st of March, 1864, but with this restriction, that until the expiration of two years from and after the passage of this Act no entry shall be made for more than a half-quarter section, cr eighty acres; and in lieu of the sum of ten dollars required to be paid by the second section of said Act, there shall be paid the sum of five dollars at the time of the issue of each patent; and the public lands in said States shall be disposed of in no other manner after the passage of this Act. Provided, That no distinction or discrimination shall be made in the construction or execution of this act on account of race or color; and provided further that no mineral lands shall be liable to entry and settlement under its provisions.

SEC. 61. All the public lands in the States of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Florida shall be disposed of according to the stipulations of the homestead law of 20th of

SEC. 62. All the provisions of the said homestead law, and the act amendatory thereof, approved March 21, 1864, so far as the same may be applicable, except so far as the same are modified by the preceding sections of this act, are applied to and made part of this act, as fully as if herein enacted and set forth.

SEC. 58. In case of any person desirous of avaning himself of the benefits of the Homestead Act of 20th of May, 1862, but who, by reason of actual service in the military or naval service of the United States, is unable to do the personal preliminary acts at the district land-office which the said Aet of 20th May, 1862, requires, and whose family, or some member thereof, is residing on the land which he desires to enter, and upon which a bona fide improvement and settlement have been made, it shall and may be lawful for such person to make the affidavit required by said Act before the officer commanding in the branch of the service in which the party may be engaged, which affidavit shall be as binding in law, and with like penalties, as if taken before the register or receiver; and upon such affidavit being filed with the register by the wife or other representative of the party, the same shall become effective from the date of such filing, provided the said application and affidavit are accompanied by the fee and comcommissions, as required by law.

SEC. 59. Besides the ten-dollar fee exacted by the said Act, the homestead applicant shall hereafter pay to the register and receiver, each, as commissions, at the time of entry, one per centum upon the cash price, as fixed by law, of the land applied for, and like commissions when the claim is finally established, and the certificate therefor issued as the basis of a patent.

SEC. 60. In any case hereafter in which the applicant for the benefit of the homestead, and whose family, or some member thereof, is residing on the land which he desires to enter, and upon which a bona fide improvement and set-posed of. tlement have been made, is prevented by reason of distance, bodily infirmity, or other good cause, from personal attendance at the district land office, it shall and may be lawful for him to make the affidavit required by the original statute before the clerk of the court for the county in which the applicant is an actual resident, and to transmit the same, with the fee and commissions, to the register and receiver.


SEC. 104. The right of way for the construction of highways over public lands, not reserved for public uses, is hereby granted.

SEC. 105. Whenever, by priority of possession, rights to the use of water for mining, agricultural, manufacturing, or other purposes, have vested and accrued, and the same are recognized and acknowledged by the local customs, laws, and decisions of courts, the posessors and owners of such vested rights shall be maintained and protected in the same; and the right of way for the construction of ditches and canals for the purposes aforesaid is hereby acknowledged and confirmed: Provided, however, that whenever after the passage of the act, any person or persons shall, in the construction of any ditch or canal, injure or damage the possession of any settler on the public domain, the party committing such injury or damage shall be liable to the party injured for such injury or damage.


SEC. 36. That an Act entitled "An Act to graduate (and reduce) the price of the public lands to actual settlers and cultivators," be, and the same is hereby, repealed.

SEC. 37. Whenever any reservation of public lands shall be brought into market under existing laws, it shall be lawful for the Commissioner of the General Land Office to fix a minimum price, not less than one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre, below which such lands shall not be dis


SEC. 24. That the eleventh section of the Act of Congress approved Sept. 4, 1841, entitled “An Act to appropriate the proceeds of the public lands, and to grant pre-emption rights," be so amended, that appeals from the decisions of the district officers, in cases of contest between different settlers for the right of pre-emption, shall hereafter be decided by the commissioner of the general land office, whose decision shall be final, unless appeal therefrom be taken to the secretary of the interior.

SEC. 25. Where settlements, with a view to pre-sons who have declared their intention to become emption, have been made before the survey of citizens, which homesteads have been made, imthe lands in the field, which shall be found to proved, and used for agricultural purposes, and have been made on sections sixteen or thirty-six, upon which there have been no valuable mines of said sections shall be subject to the pre-emption gold, silver, cinnabar, or copper discovered, and claim of such settler; and if they, or either of which are properly agricultural lands, the said them, shall have been or shall be reserved or settlers or owners of such homesteads shall have pledged for the use of schools or colleges in the a right of pre-emption thereto, and shall be enState or territory in which the lands lie, other titled to purchase the same at the price of one lands of like quantity are hereby appropriated dollar and twenty-five cents per acre, and in in lieu of such as may be patented by pre-emp-quantity not to exceed one hundred and sixty tors; er lands are so hereby appropri- acres; or said parties may avail themselves of ated to compensate deficiencies for school pur- the provisions of the Act of Congress approved poses, where said sections sixteen or thirty-six May 20, 1862, entitled "An Act to secure homeare fractional in quantity, or where one or both steads to actual settlers on the public domain," are wanting by reason of the township being and Acts amendatory thereof. fractional, or from any natural cause whatever: Provided, That the lands by this section appropriated, shall be selected and appropriated in accordance with the principles of adjustment and the provisions of the act of Congress of May 20, 1826, entitled "An Act to appropriate lands for the support of schools, in certain townships and fractional townships not before provided for."

SEC. 30. Upon the survey of the lands aforesaid, the secretary of the interior may designate and set apart such portions of the said lands as are clearly agricultural lands, which lands shall thereafter be subject to pre-emption and sale as other public lands of the United States, and subject to all the laws and regulations applical le to the same.

SEC. 31. In the case of such islands in the Great Miami River, in the State of Ohio, as are undisposed of, or any vacant public lands adjacent thereto, which are in the actual and exclusive occupancy of any persons who have made improvements thereon, or of their heirs or assigns, such occupants thereof shall have the preference right to enter the same at two dollars and fifty cents per acre, on making proof of the facts to the satisfaction of the commissioner of the general land office, and paying for the land within twelve months from the passage of this Act; and patents shall issue for the tracts so entered as usual in entries of public lands.

SEC. 32. Nothing in the Act approved July 1, 1862, entitled An Act to aid in the construction of a railroad and telegraph line from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean, and to secure to the Government the use of the same for postal, military, and other purposes," and the Acts amendatory thereof, shall be held to authorize the withdrawal or exclusion from settlement and entry, under the provisions of the pre-emption or homestead laws, the even-numbered sections along the routes of the several roads therein mentioned, which have been or may be hereafter located: Provided, That such sections shall be ini-rated at two dollars and fifty cents per acre, and subject only to entry under those laws; and the secretary of the interior be, and is hereby, authorized and directed to restore to homestead settlement, pre-emption or entry, according to existing laws, all the even-numbered sections of land belonging to the Government, and now withdrawn from market, on both sides of the Pacific Railroad and branches, wherever said road and branches have been definitely located.

SEC. 26. In regard to settlements which by existing laws are authorized in certain States and territories upon unsurveyed lands (which privilege is hereby extended to California), the preemption claimant shall be and is hereby in all cases required, from and after the first day of September, 1862, to file his declaratory statement within three months from the date of the receipt, at the district land office, of the approved plat of the township embracing such pre-emption settlement: Provided, The provisions of this action shall not be held to authorize pre-emption and settlement of mineral lands, which are hereby exempted from the provisions of this act.

SEC. 27. In lieu of the fee allowed by the 12th section of the pre-emption act of 4th September, 1841, the register and receiver shall each be entitled to one dollar for their services in acting upon pre-emption claims, and shall be allowed jointly at the rate of fifteen cents per hundred words for the testimony which may be reduced by them to writing for claimants, in establishing pre-emption or homestead rights; the regulations for giving proper effect to the provisions of this act to be prescribed by the commissioner of the general land office.

SEC. 28. Where a pre-emptor has taken the tiatory steps required by existing laws in regard to actual settlement, and is called away from such settlement by being actually engaged in the military or naval service of the United States, and by reason of such absence is unable to ap pear at the district land office to make, before the register or receiver, the affidavits required by the 13th section of the pre-emption act of 4th September, 1841, the time for filing such affidavit and making final proof and entry or location, shall be extended six months after the expiration of his term of service, upon satisfactory proof by affidavit, or the testimony of witnesses, that the said pre-emptor is so in the service, being filed with the register of the land office for the district in which his settlement is made.

SEC. 29. Wherever, prior to the passage of this Act, upon the lands heretofore designated as mineral lands, which have been excluded from survey and sale, there have been homesteads made by citizens of the United States, or per

SEC. 83. All actual settlers who have duly filed their declaratory statements under the pre-emption laws with the register of the proper local land office, upon the unsold lands now included within the limits of the late Sioux Indian reservation, in the State of Minnesota, shall be allowed two years, from and after the passage of this Act, within which to make proof and payment for their claims, in accordance with the provisions of the second and third sections of the Act approved March 3, 1863, providing for the disposal of said reservation.

Authoriz'g Acts Character of Issue.

Statement of December 1, 1869.
Debt Bearing Interest in Coin.
Rate. Amt. Outstand'g When Redeemable or Payable.
(Payable 15 years from
Jan. 1, 1859....
Payable 10 years from
Jan. 1, 1861..

June 14, '58 Bonds.

5 per ct. $20,000,000 00

7,022,000 00

Payable after Dec. 31,

June 22, '60 Bonds........
5 per ct.
Feb. 8, '61 Bonds, 1861 ... 15 per ct. 18,415,000 00
March 2, '61 Bds (Oregon)'81 5 per ct.
July 17 and Bonds, 1861....6 per ct. 189,317,600 00
Aug. 5,

945,000 00

Redeem'e 20 years from
July 1, 1861.


Feb. 25, '62 Bonds, 5-20's...5 per ct. 514,771,600 00

Pay'e at option of Gov't
aft. 20 yrs. fm. June 30,'61
Red'le after 5 and pay'le
20 years fm. May 1, '62
Payable after June 30,

March 3, '63 Bonds, 1881....5 per ct. 75,000,000 00
March 3, '64 Bonds, 10-40's..5 per ct. 194,567,300 00
March 3, '64 Bonds, 5-20's...ó per ct. 3,882,500 00
June 30, '64 Bonds, 5-20's...6 per ct. 125,561,300 00
March 3, '65 Bonds, 5-20's.. 6 per ct. 203,327,250 00
March 3, '65 Bonds, 5-20's... 6 per ct. 332,998,950 00
March 3, '65 Bonds, 5-20's...6 per ct. 379,590,150 00
March 3 '65 Bonds, 5-20's... 6 per ct. 42,539,350 00
Aggre. of Debt bearing Coin Int. $2,107,938,000 00
Coupons due not presented for payment..

Red'le after 10 and pay'e
40 yrs. fm. March 1,64
Red'le after 5 and pay'le
20 yrs. fm. Nov. 1, 64.
Red'le after 5 and pay'le

20 yrs. fm. Nov. 1, '64.
Red'le after 5 and pay'le
20 yrs. fm. Nov. 1, '65.
Red'le after 5 and pay'le
20 yrs. fm. July 1, '65.
Red'le after 5 and pay 'le
20 yrs. fm. July 1, '67.
Red'le after 5 and pay'le
20 yrs. fm. July 1, '68.

Debt Bearing No Interest.
Character of Issue.


Authorizing Acts.
July 17,1861, Feb. 12, 1862
Feb. 25, 1862, July 11,

Demand Notes..
United States Legal No
Tender Notes..... int.

1862, March 3, 1863. July 17, 1862, March 3,

Fractional Currency

1863, June 30, 1864.. S March 3, 1863........

Certif. Gold deposit. Aggregate of Debt bearing no interest..

5 per cent....

6 per cent....

No interest

New iss. $350,960,000 00
Series 1869. 5,040,000 00
First Series... 4,534.938 62
Second Series. 3.428,199 31
Third Series..18,275,213 75
Fourth Series. 12,647,213 00
No interest

Accrued Inter't

$416,666 67

146,291 67

460,375 00

23,625 00

4,732,940 00

2,573,858 00

1,875,000 00

2,432,091 25

19,412 50 627,806 50

1,016,636 25

8,324,973 75 9,489,753 75 1,063,483 75

33,202,914 09 8,067,572 00 .$41,270,486 09

Amt. Outstanding.

$113,258 50 356,000,000 00

38,885,564 68

36,862,940 00 $431,861,763 18



6 per cent...
6 per cent...
6 per cent...

Jan. 28, 1847.. Bonds.
March 31, 1848 Bonds..
Sept. 9, 1850.. Bonds, TexasInd. 5 per cent...
Prior to 1857.. Treasury Notes. I 6 pr. ct.
Dec. 23, 1857.. Treasury Notes. 5 to 5 per ct.
March 2, 1861. Treasury Notes. 6 per cent....
Treasury Notes,
July 17, 1861..
3 years...
Treasury Notes,
3, 1863.
March 3, 1863.

Debt on which Interest has Ceased since Maturity. Authorizing Acts. Character of Issue. Amt. Outstand. | April 15, 1842. Bonds.. $6,000 00 Dec. 31, 1862.. 14,150 00 Dec. 31, 1867...... 58,700 00 July 1,'63, 9 mos,int. 242,000 00 Dec. 31, 1864... 103,614 64 At various dates... 2,400 00 March 1, 1859. 3,250 00 April and May, 1863 Aug. 19 and Oct. 1, 30,800 00 1864.. Jan. 7 to April 1, 292,852 00 1866 At various dates in 1866.. June 10, 1867, and May 15, 1868. 182,160 00 Oct. 15, 1866.... 822,950 00 Aug. 15, 1867,&June 7 3-10 per ct. Mar. 3, 1865. 3 years.. 15 & July 15, 1868. 30,037 68 Aggreg. of debt on which interest has ceased $4,292,026 64 Total acc'd inter't. $558,506 88

7 3-10 per ct.

14,503 13

1 and 2 years.. Certificates of Indebtedness

12,000 00

720 00

Mar. 3, 1863, & Compound Inter- 6 cent....


2,521,150 00

June 30,1864 est Notes
June 30, 1864. Temporary Loan 4, 5, 6 per ct.
June 30,1864 & Treasury Notes,',

485,219 37
7,564 65


Accrued Int.

$360 00 849 00 2,641 50 12,100 00 3,072 35 120 00

195 00

1,124 20

Debt Bearing Interest in Lawtul Money. Authoriz. Acts. Character of Issue. Rate. Amt. Outstand'g| March 2, '67 and July 2, 1868. July 23, 1868


Navy Pensi'n
Fund.......3 per ct. 14,000,000 00
Aggreg. of debt bear. currency int., $61,195,000 00

Character of Issue.

Debt bear, coin int. Bonds at 5 per cent. $221,589,300 00
Bonds at 6 per cent. 1,886,348,700 00 $2,107,938,000 00
Debt bearing interest in lawful money:
Certificates at 3 per cent.....

Navy Pension Fund at 3 per cent.....
Debt bearing no interest;

Debt on which int. has ceased since mat.
Demand and Legal-tender notes......
Fractional currency....

Certificates of gold deposited...

July 1,

July July 1, July July 1, July July 1,




Sinking Fund in U. S. coin, int. on bonds, and ac. int...
U. S. coin-interest bonds purchased, and accrued int..

Debt, less amount in the Treasury.
Debt, less amount in the Treasury on the 1st ult.
Decrease of debt during the past month..
Decrease of the debt since March 1, 1869..


Total amount outstanding.
Total debt, principal and interest to date,

including coupons due and not presented for payment.... Amount in Treasury: Coin...




July 1,
July 2

Total issued.


July 1,

July 2,


July 1,

July July 1,




Character of Issue.

Bonds Issued to the Pacific R.R.'s, Int. Payable in Lawful Money. Authorizing Acts| Rate of Int. Amt. Outstanding | When Red'e or Pay'e $26,638,000 30 yrs. fm. date. 437,000 6,303,000 30 yrs. fm. date.

July 1, '62, & Bonds Union Pacific Company.. 6 per cent.


30 yrs. fm. date.

30 yrs. fm. date. 30 yrs. fm. date. 30 yrs. fm. date.


July 1, '62, & Jan. 1 and July 1.
July 2, '64. Jan. 16 & July 16.





3 per ct. $47,195,000 00



& Bonds Kansas Pacific, late Union 6 per cent.

Pacific, Eastern Division.....

Bonds Sioux City and Pacific....... 6 per cent.

6 per cent.


Rate of


per ct.

Jan. 1 and July 1. 6 per ct.
& Jan. 16 & July 16,
Jan. 1 & July 1.

6 per ct.

Jan. 1 and July 1. 6 per ct.


Bonds Central Pacific....

Bds. Cent'l Brh. U. P., assignees 6
of Achison and Pike's Peak....
Bonds Western Pacific.



July 1,
July 2,
Total issued.


Jan. 1 and July 1.


47,195,000 00
14,000,000 00

$943,900 00

When Redeemable or Payable. Accrued Inter'
On demand (interest es-
Interest only applicable
to paym't of pensions.
Accrued interest...

356,113,258 50
38,885,564 68
36,862,940 00

Interest accrued Interest paid by Int. repaid by Bal. of Int. paid and not yet paid United States. trans. mails,&c. by Unit. States $666,928 97 $2,081,869 89 $1,105,941 51 $975,928 38

9,913 35

157,575 00

834,813 09

96,508 69

16 27

631,224 99 203,588 10 96,492 42 94,256 48 1,624,960 10 200,517 47

588,816 83 1,130,399 75

205,808 26

5,290 79

18,375 64 46,606 03 46,606 03 $1,536,205 04 $4,984,822 54 $1,836,730 04 $3,148,092 50

The foregoing is a correct statement of the Public Debt, as appears from the books and Treasurer's returns in the Department at the close of business on the last day of November, 1869.


GEORGE S. BOUTWELL, Secretary of the Treasury.


Jan. 1 and July 1.6 per ct.

[blocks in formation]

40,708 00

53,064 22 549,639 86

40,000 00

$105,969,949 77
11,802,765 79
20,416,026 co
56,486,206 co

175,000 00 ..$1,118,900 00


per cent.
6 per cent.

1,648,000 $62,625,320


$41,270,486 09

$42,947,892 97

.$2,648,234,682 79

1,118,900 00

558,506 88

$194,674,947 56 .$2,453,559,735 23 $2,461,131,189 36

$7,571,454 13 $71,903,524 78


The following enactment by Congress is of interest to all who would place our weights and measures upon the common-sense decimal system that so simplifies calculations in our currency:

1. It shall be lawful, throughout the United States of America, to employ the weights and measures of the Metric system; and no contract or dealing, or pleading in any court, shall be deemed invalid or liable to objection, because the weights or measures expressed or referred to therein, are weights or measures of the Metric system.

2. The tables in the schedules hereto annexed shall be recognized in the construction of contracts, and in all legal proceedings, as establishing, in terms of the weights and measures now in use in the United States, the equivalents of the weights and measures expressed therein in terms of the Metric system; and said tables may be lawfully used for computing, determining, and expressing in customary weights and measures, the weights and measures of the Metric system.

[merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small]







.... ....






Half Eagles...
Three Dollars..
Quarter Eagles..
Fine Bars..

Total Gold...





..... One-hundredth..




Measure of Water at Mas'mum Density.
1 cubic meter

1 hectoliter



.10 cubic centimeters.
1 cubic centimeter.




.10 cubic millimeters...
Long Measure.

..10 liters

1 liter..

1 deciliter



. One-tenth.

. One-hundredth

[merged small][ocr errors]


0.3937 inches.
0.0394 inches.


The kilometer answers the purpose of the English mile in stating ordinary road distances; its length is 3,280 feet and 10 inches, or 1,093 yards, 1 foot, and 10 inches.

Square, or Surface Measure.

..10,000 square meters.



Cubic Measure, or Capacity.

Cubic Measure.



Kiloliter (or Stere) 1,000.... 1 cubic meter..
Dek a liter



AMERICAN EQUIVALENT. Avoirdupois. ..2204 6 pounds. 220.46 pounds. 22.046 pounds. 2 2046 pounds. 8.5274 ounces. 0.3527 ounces 15.432 grains. 1 5432 grains. 0.1543 grains. 0.0154 grains.


6 2137 miles.


328 feet and 1 inch. .393 inches, seven-tenths. 39.37 inches.

3.937 inches.


66 66

AMERICAN EQUIVALENT. Dry Measure Liquid or Wine Measure .1.308 cubic yards....264.17 gallons. .2 bushels, 3.35 pecks. 26.417 10 cubic decimeters...9 08 quarts. 2.6417 ...0.908 1.0567 quarts. ...6.1022 cubic inches... 0.845 gills. 10 cubic centimeters..0 6102 ..0.061








66 66

0.838 fluid ounces 0.27 fluid drams."







Gold. Silver. Copper. Total.


1793 to 1817. $5,610,958 $8,268,296 1818 to 1837. 17,639,383 40,566,897 1838 to 1847. 29,491.010 13,913,019


Half Dollars.
Quarter Dollars..
Half Dimes..
73,282 678
Three Cent Pieces.... 41 997,260


$319,340 $14,198.594 476,574 58,682 854 349,677 43 753 706 1848 to 1857. 256 950,474 22 365,414 517,222 279,833.110 1858 to 1867. 128,169,900 14,263 260 5 752 350 148.185.500 1868.... 3,864 425 314,750 1,713,385 5.892,560 3 178,638 434,747 1,279 055 4,892,439 Total ...444.904,787 100.126.382 10 407,604 555,438,772 Pieces. Value. 14 204 462 $284.089 240.CO 3 523,228 35,232,280.00 51 333 775. 0 890 463.00 21.025 675 00 17,725,917.00 34.919,298.91

Denomination. Gold-Double Eagles

10 266.755 296,821 8 410,270 17,725,917

.$54 427,453 $444 904,786.61


AMERICAN EQUIVALENT. 2.471 acres. .119.6 square yards. .1550 square inches


$3,715,490.00 66,112,047.00 18 679,840 50 6,593.663.50 3,664,133.90 1,259.918.40 204,728.05

[blocks in formation]
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