The Shores of the Mediterranean, Volume 1

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Page 228 - Paucorum, et segetis certa fides meae, Fulgentem imperio fertilis Africae Fallit sorte beatior.
Page 74 - He who hath bent him o'er the dead, Ere the first day of death is fled ; The first dark day of nothingness, The last of danger and distress...
Page 255 - In soul and aspect as in age : years steal Fire from the mind as vigour from the limb; And life's enchanted cup but sparkles near the brim.
Page 204 - But in the decline of life shame and grief are of short duration: whether it be that we bear easily what we have borne long; or that, finding ourselves in age less regarded, we less regard others; or, that we look with slight regard upon afflictions to which we know that the hand of death is about to put an end.
Page 103 - Plemyrium undosum; nomen dixere priores Ortygiam. Alpheum fama est hue, Elidis amnem, occultas egisse vias subter mare, qui mine 695 ore, Arethusa, tuo Siculis confunditur undis.
Page 309 - ... his life to the study of the glorious memorials of ancient art preserved in Italy, and to whom the best towns of the continent were familiar, thus concludes his journal : " Were I to choose a fixed abode, it would assuredly not be Naples. There is little neatness in the streets, and an eternal din reigns throughout : bustle and confusion for ever surround one. I like more, for myself, the retirement of a Spanish town, than the gaiety of an Italian one : for a man of pleasure, who is rich, there...
Page 222 - AND is there then no earthly place Where we can rest, in dream Elysian, Without some cursed, round English face, Popping up near, to break the vision ? 'Mid northern lakes, 'mid southern vines, Unholy cits we're...
Page 128 - ... his way from Nicholas [Now a county in West Virginia], and I wished to give you the latest news from that interesting region. But he is not yet come and I will delay no longer. John has been in Nicholas for three months past and writes in very good spirits about the land and the prospects ahead. So far as I can judge, from what I have seen of the members of the Legislature I am confident that a Bill can be passed at this session which will secure the improvement of the Kanawha. But, Muscoe will...
Page 130 - ... uninterrupted lines, and its superiority over that of transepts and frequent breaks ;" while a second becomes so enraptured with the graces of Grecian architecture, in contemplating this complete example of the style, that he totally condemns our beautiful and solemn Gothic — " There, there !" he exclaims, " we have a specimen of the severe and correct style of architecture of the ancients, a model from which the moderns might borrow, and which they might study with the greatest advantage,...

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