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From South Bloomfield, via St. Paul, to Marcy.
From New Burlington to Wilmington.
From New Richmond, via Moscow, to Felicity.
From Dyson's, via Kackley's Store and Johnson Mills, to Nollerville.
From Marietta to Watertown.
From Upper Sandusky, via Little Sandusky, to Wyandot.
From West Salem to Shreve.
From Quaker City to Summerfield.
From St. Paul to Bloomfield.
From Morning Sun to Oxford.
Fron Danbury to Marblehead

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From Winnemucca, in Nevada, via Black Buttes, to Salem.
From Linkville to Fairchilds Ranche.
From Hot Springs to Silver Lake.
From Link ville to Willoughby.
From Hot Springs to Winnemucca.
From Orbisonia to Valley Point.
From Hot Springs, via Crooked Creek, Chunacan, lower end of Sum-
mer Lake Valley, and upper end of Summer Lake Valley, to Silver

From Eagle Creek Post Office, via Zion and Springwater Post Offices, to Highland.

From Linkville, via Lost River Gap, Big Springs, Langell Valley, Clear Lake, mouth of Lost River, and Fairchilds Ranch, to Walker's Ranch on Klamath River, ninety-three miles.

From Hot Springs, in Goose Lake Valley, via Chevancan and Summer Lake, to Silver Lake, seventy miles.

From Linkville, via Klamath Indian Agency and Fort Klamath, to Willoughby, one hundred and eighty miles.

From Clarksville Postoffice, via Humboldt Basin, to Rye Valley.

From Hot Springs, in Goose Lake Valley, via Warner Canyon, Kansas Valley, Twelve Mile Creek, Cowhead Lake in Nevada, and Old Camp McGarry, to Winnemucca, two hundred and twenty-five-miles.

From Jacksonville, southside of Rogue River, via Galice Creek, to the Yank Ledge, Josephine county.

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From Cessna, via Fishertown and Spring Meadows, to Alum Bank.

From Tallinansville, via Lizzard, Kingsbury Hill, and Jones Eddy, to

From Punxatawney, via Frostburg and Ringold, to Mayville.
From Sunderlinville, via Mixtown to Potter Brook.
From Pikes Mills to Germania.
From Coudersport to Pikes Mills.
From Roaring Springs to New Entirprize.
From Dewart via Fry's Store, to McEwensville.
From Laurel Point, via West Virginia, to Mount Morris.
From Karns City, to Barnhart's Mills.
From Hollisterville to Forrest Mills.

From McKees 1 Falls, via Oriental, and Troutmansville, to Mount
Pleasant Mills.

From Dornsife to Pitman.
From Kylertown to Morris Dale Mines.

From Granville Station on the Pennsylvania Railroad, via Bartonia, to Strode's Mills.

From Kylertown to Morrisdale Mines in Clearfield County,


South Carolina;

From Jefferson to Camden.

From Walhalla, via Keowa, Fort George, Fall Creek, & Lays Mills, to Oconee Station.

From Walhalla to Oconee.
From Kingstree across Potato Ferry, via Kellabus, and to Black

From Graham's Cross Roads, via Carraways, to Britton's Store.
From Singletaryville to Johnson ville.
From Gourdins to Sawpit.

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From Dixons Springs to Gibbs Cross Roads.
From Pikeville, via Orme's Store to Crossville.
From Poplar Springs via Farmville to Clarksburg.
From Van Hill to Fall Branch.
From Fountain Head to Lafayette.
From Athens via Long's Mills to Chestewer Mills.
From Sevinsville via Trotters Store, Slatey Point and Hickory Ridge.
From Paris to Buchanon.
From Blountville via Morrells Mill to Arcadia.
From Nashville to Cedar Grove.

From Lexington to Lone Elm, Moone's Hill and Sulpher Springs to
Braddies Landing on Tennessee River.

From Gibb's Cross Roads to Red Boiling Springs.
From Jordan's Store to Murfreesboro.

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From Fort Worth via Thorpes Springs to Granberry.
From Comanche to Fort Concho.
From McKinney via Lone Tree and Milwood and Rockwall.

From Fort Worth via Woods Mills, Silver Creek, Veals Station,
Springtown, Beans Creek, Buffalo Springs, Henrietta to county seat of
Witchita County.

From Decatur to Jacksboro,
From Terrell to Rockwall.
From Kentucky Town to Pilot Grove.
From Vanalstyne to Farmington.
From Comanche to Lampessas.

From Carry via Hardeman, Depping's Bridge Grimes and Crankna to

From Hallettsville to Giddings.
From Austin via Anderson's Mills Travis Peak to Smithwicks Mills.
From San Saba to Brownwood.
From Flanagan's Mills to. Monroe.

From Longview, via Orange, Gilmore, Pittsburgh, Lafayette, and
Mount Pleasant, to Clarksville.

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From Howardsville via Beaver to St George.
From South Cottonwood to Taylorsville.

From Minersville via Shewnlie and Spruce District to Patterson District.

From Panguitch to Paragoonah.



From Liberty to Goose Creek.

From Halifax Court House via Moores Shop to Meedville.
From Herndon to Chantilly.

From Ridgemay, via Horse Pasture and Spencer's Store, to Penn

From Elamsville to Patrick Springs.
From Prilleman via Robert Sanders, to Rennelbeg.
From Mountain Grove to Covington.
From New Church to Pitts Wharf.

From Halifax Court House via Walkers Store, Ingrams Store, and
Cartenburg to Dry Fork.

From Mount Sidney to Mossey Creek.
From Weyer's Cave to Mossey Creek.
From Catlett to Auburn.
From Deerfield to Craigsville.
From Covington to Mountain Grove.

From Halifax Court House, via Mountain Road, Walker's Store In. gram's Store, Balls Store, Malmaison, and Cartersburgh to Dry Fork Post Office.

From Richardsville to Elk Mills.



From Bartons Landing via Evansville to Westmore.

West Virginia;


From Capon Springs to Capon Bridge.
From Shady Grove to Martindale.
From Reedsville in North Carolina via Wentworth to Penn's Store.
From Canonsville to Sporty in North Carolina.
From Elk Creek to Conners Rock.
From Milton to Hamlin.
From Fort Gay to mouth of Pound Kentucky.
From Fort Wayne Court House to Logan Court House.
From Winfield to Flat Fork.
From Lubeck via New England to Wadesville.

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From Fort Earamie to Red Cloud and Spotted Tail Agency.
From Green River City to Browns Park.

From Seminole via Ferris, Whiskey Gap, and Soda Lake to South

From Fort Laramie to Black Hills Agency.

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From Germania to Coloma.
From Almond to Waupaca.
From Clear Lake to Rice Lake.
From Marshfield to Mosina.
From Colby to Wansan.
From Sauk City to Lorettoberg.
From Tornado via Forest Wood and Maplewood to Almassee.
From Mamur via Rosiene and County Line to Almassee.
Approved, March 3, 1875.

CHAP. 159.-An act approving the action taken by the Secretary of War under the March 3, 1875. act approved July fifteenth eighteen hundred and seventy, and to provide for repayment of certain moneys paid to officers mustered out of the Army, as supernumerary, but subsequently re-appointed by the President.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, Tbat the action heretofore taken Action of Secreby the Secretary of War to cause the year's pay and allowances grauted tary of War as to by the act approved July fifteenth, eighteen hundred and serenty, en one year's pay of titled “An act making appropriations for the support of the Army for out and re-apthe year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, and pointed. for other purposes,” to such commissioned officers of the Regular Army 1870, c. 294, s. 3, as were, under the said act, mustered out of the service of the United v. 16, p. 317. States, to be refunded when any of the said officers have been, or shall be, again commissioned in the Regular Army, is hereby approved. SEC. 2. That hereafter wbenever any person, who was mustered out

Officers musteras a supernumerary officer of the Army with one years pay and allow. ed out as supernuances, in addition to the pay and allowances due him at the date of his appointed, to redischarge, under the provisions of the act making appropriations for fund the one year's the support of the Army for the year ending June thirtieth eighteen pay. hundred and seventy-one and for other purposes, approred July fifteenth eighteen hundred and seventy, shall be re-appointed by the President, an officer of the Army, such appointment shall be under and with the express condition, that fifty per cent of such officers pay shall be stopped Monthly stopmontbly, until the sum total of the extra years pay and allowances re. pages. ceived by him, when mustered out as aforesaid, shall have been refunded to the United States.

Approved, March 3, 1875.

March 3, 1675.

CHAP. 160.-An act to provide for the sale of desert lands in Lassen County, Cali


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatires of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That it shall be lawful for any Declaration of citizen of the United States, or any person of requisite age who may be intention to re; entitled to become a citizen, and who has filed his declaration of inten. in Lassen County, tion to become such, to file a declaration with the register and the California ; by receiver of the proper land district for the county of Lassen, California, wbom may be filed. in which any desert land is situated, that be intends to reclaim a tract of desert land situated in said county, not exceeding one section, by conducting water upon the same, so as to reclaim all of said land within the period of two years thereafter; and said declaration shall be under Form and conoath and shall describe particularly said section of land, if surveyed, tents of declaraand, if unsurveyed, shall describe the same as nearly as possible with tion, how supportout a survey; which said declaration shall be supported by the affidavit of at least two credible witnesses, establishing to the satisfaction of the register or receiver the fact that said lands are of the character described in this act. And at any time within the period of two years Right of entry after filing said declaration, and upon waking satisfactory proof of the after reclaiming

land. reclamation of said tract of land in the manner aforesaid, before the register and the receiver of said land office, such person shall be entitled to enter or locate the reclaimed section, or any part thereof, in the same manner as in cases where public lands of the United States are subject to entry, at a price not exceeding one dollar and twenty-five

Price. cents per acre, and shall receive a patent therefor. SEC. 2. That all lands within said county of Lassen, exclusive of tim

Desert lands deber lands and of mineral lands, which do not produce grass, or which fined. will not, without such reclamation, produce some agricultural crop, shall be deemed desert lands witbin the meaning of this act. Approved, March 3, 1875.

43-2- PUB 32

March 3, 1875. CHAP. 161.-An act to incorporate the Capitol, North 0 Street, and South Washing.

ton Railway Company. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatires of the United Corporators of States of America in Congress assembled, That Joseph Williams, William Capitol, North 0 J. Murtagh, Hallet Kilbourn, Benjamin F. Fuller, William J. Cowing, Washington Rail- Samuel R. Bond, William Sannders, George W. Goodall, George A. way Company. McIlhenny, L. A. Bartlett, and L. H. Chandler, and their associates

and assigns, be, and they are hereby, created a body corporate, under the name of the Capitol, North 0 Street, and South Washington Railway Company, with authority to construct and lay down a single or double track railway, with the necessary switches and turn-outs, in the

city of Washington, in the District of Columbia, through and along Route.

the following streets and avenues: commencing on First street west in front of the Capitol grounds, and running thence due north along said First street west to G street north; thence west along G street north to Fourth street west; thence along Fourth street west; thence along O street north to Eleventh street west; thence south along Eleventh street west to E street north; thence west along E street north to Fourteenth street west; thence south on Fourteenth street west to Ohio ave. nue; thence along said avenue to its intersection with Twelfth street west; thence south along said Twelfth street west to Virginia avenue; thence southeast along Virginia avenue to its intersection with Mary. land avenue; thence northeast along Maryland avenue to First street

west, the place of beginning, with the right to run public carriages Fare.

thereon, drawn by horse-power, receiving therefor a rate of fare not

exceeding five cents a passenger for any distance on said road, from its Coinciding routes. beginning to its terminus on First street west: Provided, That wher

ever the foregoing route may coincide with the route of any other duly.

incorporated street-railroad-company in the District, or connect portions One track, joint of such route, but one set of tracks shall be used by both companies,

which are hereby authorized and empowered to use such tracks in comTerms of joint mon, upon such fair and equitable terms as may be agreed upon by

said companies; and in the event the said companies fail to agree upon satisfactory terms, either of said companies may apply by petition to the supreme court of the District of Columbia, which shall provide for proper notice to and hearing of all parties interested, and shall hare power to determine the terms and conditions upon which, and the regu. lations under which, the company hereby incorporated shall be entitled so to use and enjoy the track of such other street-railroad-company, and the amount and manner of compensation to be paid therefor: And provided further, That neither of the companies using such track in common shall be permitted to make the track so used in common the depot or general stopping place to await passengers, but shall only be entitled to use the same for the ordinary passage of their cars, with the

ordinary balts for the taking up and the dropping of passengers. Taxation of com- SEC. 2. That the road of said company, with all its property and franpany.

chises, shall be liable to taxation as is or may be provided by law, and License of cars. their cars or vehicles shall be subject to the provisions of such laws as

to license and fees therefor. Construction of SEC. 3. That the said railway shall be laid as near the center of the road.

streets and avenues in the city of Washington as practicable (without interfering with, or passing over, the water or gas-pipes) in the most approved manner adapted to street-railways, with rails of the most approved pattern, with a flat bearing for street vehicles of not less width, exclusive of the car-wheel bearing, than that now in use on the Wash ington and Georgetown railroad, laid upon an even surface with the pavement of the streets and avenues; and the space between the two tracks (where two are laid) shall not be less than four feet nor more than six feet in width, and the carriages shall not be less than six feet in width, the gauge to correspond with that of the Columbia Street Railway.



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