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R. S., 1682, p. 294, That the following be added to section one thousand six hundred and amended.

eighty-two: Guatemala, &c., And he shall receive compensation at the rate of ten thousand dol. salary of minister lars per annum." to.

Approved, March 3, 1875.

March 3, 1875.

CHAP. 154.-An act to amend section numbered three thousand three hundred and

forty-two of the Revised Statutes of the United States in relation to affixing starnps on brewers casks.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United R. S., 3342, p. 655, States of America in Congress assembled, That section numbered three ainended.

thousand three hundred and forty-two of the Revised Statutes be

amended so as to read as follows: Brewers' stamps, Tbat every brewer shall obtain, from the collector of the district in bow procured, af- which his brewery or brewery-warehouse is situated, and not otherwise fixed, and cane celed,

unless such collector shall fail to furnish the same upon application to him, the proper stamps, and shall affix, upon the spigot-hole in the head of every hogshead, barrel, keg, or other receptacle in which any fermented liquor is contained, when sold or removed from such brewery or warehouse, (except in case of removal under permit, as hereinafter provided,) a stamp denoting the amount of the tax required upon such fermented liquor, which stamp shall be destroyed by driving through the same the faucet through which the liquor is to be withdrawn, or an air-faucet of equal size, at the time the vessel is tapped, in case the ves. sel is tapped through the other spigot-hole, (of which there shall be but two, one in the head and one in the side,) and shall, also, at the time of affixing such stamp, cancel the same by writing or imprinting thereon the name of the person, firm, or corporation by whom such liquor was made, or the initial letters thereof, and the date when canceled. Every brewer who refuses or neglects to affix and cancel the stamps required by law in the manner aforesaid, or who affixes a false or fraudulent

stamp thereto, or knowingly permits the same to be done, shall pay a Penalty.

penalty of one hundred dollars for each barrel or package on which such omission or fraud occurs, and be imprisoned not more than one year,

Approved, March 3, 1875.

March 3, 1875.

CHAP. 155.---An act to amend section fourteen hundred and twenty-two of the

Revised Statutes of the United States relating to the better government of the



Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United R. S., 1422, p. 250, States of America in Congress assembled, That section fourteen hundred amended.

and twenty-two of the Revised Statutes of the United States be

amended to read as follows: Men sent home SEC. 1422. That it shall be the duty of the commanding officer of any piration of

ion of fleet, squadron, or vessel acting singly, when on service, to send to an term of enlistment in Navy.

Atlantic or to a Pacific port of the United States, as their enlistment may have occurred on either the Atlantic or Pacific coast of the United States, in some public or other vessel, all petty-officers and persons of inferior ratings desiring to go there at the expiration of their terms of

enlistment, or as soon thereafter as may be, unless, in his opinion, the Detention beyond detention of such persons for a longer period should be essential to the term,

public interests, in which case he may detain them, or any of them,

until the vessel to which they belong shall return to such Atlantic or Persons enlisted Pacific port. All persons enlisted without the limits of the United without limits of States may be discharged, on the expiration of their enlistment, either charge, detention.

15 in a foreign port or in a port of the United States, or they may be

detained as above provided beyond the term of their enlistment; and




that all persons sent home, or detained by a commanding officer, Men subject to according to the provisions of this act, shall be subject in all respects to regulations the laws and regulations for the government of the Navy until their

in returnordischarge. return to an Atlantic or Pacific port and their regular discharge; and all persons so detained by such officer, or re-entering to serve until the return to an Atlantic or Pacific port of the vessel to which they belong, shall in no case be held in service more than thirty days after their . 10w, wou

How long held

now arrival in said port; and that all persons who shall be so detained rival beyond their terms of enlistment or who shall, after the termination of their enlistment, voluntarily re-enter to serve until the return to an Atlantic or Pacific port of the vessel to which they belong, and their regular discharge therefrom, shall receive for the time during which Additional p a y they are so detained, or shall so serve beyond their original terms of for detention servenlistment, an addition of ove-fourth of their former pay : Provided, Thissection to be That the shipping articles shall hereafter contain the substance of this contained in shipsection.

ping-articles. Approved, March 3, 1875.

March 3, 1875.

CHAP. 156.-An act to promote economy and efficiency in the marine-hospital



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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Treas. Scheduloof averury shall cause to be prepared a schedule of the average number of sea- age bumber of seamen required in the safe and ordinary navigation of registered, enrolled,

men required for and licensed vessels of the United States, basing such schedule upon tored, &c., vessóls. the differences in rig, tonnage, and kind of traffic. And from and after the completion and publication of said schedule, hospital-dues, at the Hospital-dues to rate and for the periods prescribed in sections four thousand five be paid for average hundred and eighty-five and four thousand five hundred and eighty."

number. seven of the Revised Statutes of the United States, shall be assessed R. S., 4585, 4587, and collected, from the master or owner of each vessel subject to such" dues, upon the average number of seamen as set forth in said schedule: Provided, That nothing herein contained shall be held to debar masters or owners of vessels froin deducting such dues from each seamau's wages, as by law now authorized.

SEC. 2. That from and after May first, eighteen hundred and seventy:. Seaman's tim efive, every vessel subject to hospital-tax, except vessels required by law

book to be kept on

a vessels subject to to carry crew-lists, shall have and keep on board, subject to inspection hospital-tař, exand verification at all times by any officer of the customs, a seaman's cept. time-book, which shall be furnished by the Treasury Department; and in which time-book shall be entered the name, date of shipment, and Entries in timedate of discharge of every seaman employed o board such vessel ; and book. the master or owner of any vessel subject to hospital-tax, vessels carry. ing crew-lists as above excepted, shall forfeit and pay the sum of fifty Pevalty for omisdollars for each and every seaman found employed on board his vessel sions. without a corresponding entry in said time-book ; and the sums so forfeited shall be collected by the collector of customs upon the sworn Collection and

tion of statement of the customs-officers who make the inspections, and shall API be paid into the Treasury to the credit of the marine-hospital fund, for

penalty. the general purposes of which fund said sums are hereby appropriated.

SEC. 3. That term “seaman,” wberever employed in legislation relat Term “seaman.” ing to the marine-hospital service, shall be held to include any person employed on board in the care, preservation, or navigation of any vessel, or in the service, on board, of those engaged in such care, preservation, or navigation.

SEC. 4. That the Secretary of the Treasury may rent or lease such Leasing of hosmarine-hospital buildings, and the lands appertaining thereto, as he may pital-buildings. deem advisable in the interests of the marine-hospital service; and the Appropriation of proceeds of such rents or leases are hereby appropriated for the said proceeds, service,

Insane of mer- SEC. 5. That insane patients of said service sball be admitted into cbant marine.

the Government Hospital for the Insane upon the order of the Secretary of the Treasury, and shall be cared for therein until cured or until removed by the same authority; and the charge for each such patient shall not exceed four dollars and fifty cents a week, which charge shall

be paid out of the marine-hospital fund. Sick and disabled SEC. 6. That sick and disabled seamen of foreign vessels and of vesseamen of foreign sels not subject to hospital dues may be cared for by the marine hospital vessels, &c. service at such rates and under such regulations as the Secretary of the

Treasury may prescribe. Supervising Sur- SEC. 7. That the compensation of the Supervising Surgeon of the geon of marine- United States marine-hospital service shall be paid out of the marinehospital service; salary, how paid.

; hospital fund, and the salary of the supervising surgeon shall be four

thousand dollars a year. Repeal of incon- SEQ. 8. That all acts and parts of acts inconsistent with this act are bistent acts. hereby repealed.

Approved, March 3, 1875.

March 3, 1675.

CHAP. 157.- An act to abolish the consulate at Amoor River and establish a con

sulate at Vladivostock, Russia, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Consulate at States of America in Congress assembled, That Amoor River, in Russia, Amoor River dis- be discontinued as a consulate of class five, in schedule B, as the same continued. was amended by chapter two hundred and seventy-five of the laws of

1874, c. 275, ante, the first session of tbo Forty-tbird Congress; and that Vladivostock be p. 69.

Conenlate at Via, a consulate of class five, in schedule B, and that the consul at Vladi. divostock.~ vostock and the consuls at Fayal and Auckland be, and they severally

Consols at Vla- hereby are, exempted from the prohibition to engage in business and divostock, Fayal, trade embraced in sections one thousand six hundred and pinety-nine empted from pro

and one thousand and seven hundred of the Revised Statutes of the hibition, &c.

United States.

Approved, March 3, 1875.


March 3, 1875.

CHAP. 158.-An act to establish certain post-roads.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Post-roads estab. States of America in Congress assembled, That the following be, and are, lished in

established as post-roads :



From Grove Hill, via Bashi, to Nanafalia.
From Bowden to Red Land.
From Red Land to Rock Mill.
From Williams' Mill to Lake City.
From Shamrock to Aux.Vasse.

Arizona ;


From Tucson, via Tres Alamos, Camp Grant, Goodwin, and Safford, to Clifton.



From Fayetteville, to Vinita in Indiana Territory,
From Marshall to Harrison.
From Russellville to Caleb Davis's.
From Sulphur Rock to Sharp's Cross Roads.
From Hickory Valley to Maxville.

From Fayetteville, via West Fork and Taney, to the Narrows.
From Pine Bluff, via Toronto and Watson's Station, to Chicot City.
From Arkansas Post to Red Fork.
From Pine Bluff to Devall's Bluff.

From Saint Charles, via Crockett's Bluff, Mount Adams, Wellborn, and Preston Bluff, to Aberdeen.

From Alma, via Tarrytown, Belinont, the Narrows, Peters's, Deans, Arnett Carter's store, to Fayetteville.

From Arkadelphia, via Fairview, to Camden.

From Batesville, via Oak Flat, Witt's springs, and Cassville, to
Saint Paul.

From Indian Bay, via Lawrenceville, to Holly Grove.
From Poplar Grove to Indian Bay.
From Judsonia, via Clear Springs and Atkinsville, to Hiram.

From Prescott, via Wallaceburgh, Nashville and Mount Rose, to Ultima

From Augusta in Woodruff county, to Russell on the Saint Louis,
Iron Mountain and Southern Railway.

From Wittsburgh to Newport.
From Conway to Maumelle.
From Morrison to Reveille.
From Morrison to Danville.
From Bolesville to Danville.
From Charleston to Greenwood.
From Pleasant Hill to Greenwood.
From Reveille to Waldron.
From Perryville to Hot Springs.
From Magazine to Parks.
From Billingsly to Dutch Mills.
From Texarkanna to Rocky Comfort.
From Poplar Grove to Indian Bay.
From Red Bluff to Campbell's.
From Greenwood to Chochoville.
From Chochoville to Sugar Loaf,
From Arkadelphia to Princeton.
From Indian Bay to Brinkley.



From Pine Flat to Geyser Springs.
From Healdsburg to Mercuryville.
From Greenwood Valley to Spanish Dry Diggings.
From Jackson to Woodford.
From Knoxville to California Quicksilver Mine.
From Cloversdale to Mercuryville. .
From Ukiab, via Medicine and Casper, to Noyo.
From Los Angelos to Panamint.
From Ukiah to Glenmark.
From Independence to Panamint.
From Cottonwood to Shingle Springs.

Colorado ;

From West Los Animas, via South Side, to South Canon.

Froio Georgetown, via Berthoud Pass, Hot Sulphur Springs, and white River agency, to Salt Lake City.

From Canon city to Rosita.
From Sagauche, via Los Pinos and Lake City, to Howardsville.


From Waterbury to Wolcott.
From West Cheshire to Prospect.




From New London, via Groton, Thames Navy-Yard and Gales Ferry, to Norwich.

From Collinsville, via Canton Centre, to North Clayton.
From Clinton to Killingworth.

From Lake Kampeska, via James River, to Ashmon.
From Fargo to Fort Totten.
From Sioux Falls to Lake Benton.
From Sioux Falls to Herman.
From Yankton, via Jamesville to Childstown.
From Kampeska to Marshall.
From Fort Sully to Black Hills.
From Brule City to Red Cloud's Agency.
From Brule Agency to Black Hills Agency.
From Fort Sully to Custar's Gulch.
From Fort Totten to Fort Buford.
From Yankton to Jamesville.

From Sioux Falls, via Pennington, Rosendale, to Pipe Stone and Lake
Benton, State of Minnesota.

From Lake Kampeska, the terminus of the Chicago and Northwestern
Railroad, via James River, to Ashmore on the Missouri River.

From Gainesville to Crystal Springs.

From Big Creek, via Vickory's Creek and Freemansville, to Hickory

From Gainesville, via Brown's Bridge, to Cumming.
From Lewis Store, via Patesville, Sycamore, and Whiddons, to Tipton.
From Servia, via Harolson and Rocky Mount, to Greenville.
From White Sulphur Springs to Wisdom's Store.
From Montezuma to Eureka.
From Lumber City to Jacksonville.
From Jefferson to Flowery Branch.
From Higgstown to Swainsboro'.
From Dominie's Mill to House Creek,
From Irwinsville, via Paulks, to Douglass.
From Leary to Wellford.
From Afton to Tipton.
From Milltown to Nashville.

From Carrolton, via Turkey Creek, Beech Creek, Buchanan, and Will. iams' Mills, to Cedar Town.

From Newnan, via Luthersville, to Greenville.
From Whitesburgh, via Yellow Dirt, to Franklin.
From Dawsonville to Auraria
From Cochran via Laurens Hill to Dublin.

From Silver City to South Mountain.
From Boise City to Horseshoe-Bend.
From Indian Creek to Glenn's Ferry.
From Idaho City to Banner City.

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From Newtown to Jewett.
From Farmington, via Midway, to London Mills.
From Eddyville to Reynoldsburg.
From Pittsfield to Nebo.
From Greenup, via Fulkerson, to Johnstown.

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