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For interest on the Delaware general fund, eight thousand nine hun. Delaware gen

war eral fund. dred and thirty dollars.

For interest on the Iowas’ fund, three thousand seven hundred and lowas. ninety dollars.

For interest on the Kaskaskias, Weas, Peorias, and Piankeshaws' Kaskaskias, Pefund, five thousand two hundred and fifty-one dollars.

orias, &c. For interest on the Kaskaskias, Weas, Peorias, and Piankeshaws' school fund, one thousand four hundred and forty-nine dollars.

To enable the said Kaskaskias, Weas, Peorias, and Piankeshaws to Secretary of Inbuy seeds and grain for farming purposes, the Secretary of the Interior terior may buy. is hereby authorized to withdraw from their invested funds the sum of seed wh part on

as the sum of funds. ten thousaud dollars, and pay the same to them as a per capita pay. ment.

For interest on the Menomonees' fund, nine hundred and fifty dollars. Menomonees. For interest on the Ottawas and Chippewas fund, two hundred and

ed and Otta was and

u Chippewas. thirty dollars.

For contingent expenses of trust-funds, for the fiscal year ending Contingent exJune thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, one thousand five fund.

penses of trusthundred dollars.

SEC. 2. That none of the appropriations herein made, or of any appro. No payments to priations made for the Indian service, shall be paid to any band of Indians at war

with the United Indians or any portion of any band while at war with the United States States or with the white citizens of any of the States or Territories.

SEC. 3. That for the purpose of inducing Indians to labor and become Labor on reserself-supporting, it is provided that hereafter, in distributing the supplies

istributing the singlies vations, to amount

of supplies. and anpuities to the Indians for whom the same are appropriated, the agent distributing the same shall require all able-bodied male Indians between the ages of eighteen and forty-five to perform service upon the reservation, for the benefit of themselves or of the tribe, at a reasonable rate, to be fixed by the agent in charge, and to an amount equal in value to the supplies to be delivered ; and the allowances provided for such Indians shall be distributed to them only upon condition of the performance of such labor, under such rules and regulations as the agent may prescribe: Provided, That the Secretary of the Interior may, by written order, except any particular tribe, or portion of tribe, from the

Exceptions from

olabor-rule. operation of this provision where he deems it proper and expedient.

SEC. 4. That hereafter, for the purpose of properly distributing the Rolls of Indians supplies appropriated for the Indian service, it is hereby made the duty entitled to supof each agent in charge of Indians and having supplies to distribute, to plies. make out, at the commencement of each fiscal year, rolls of the Indians entitled to supplies at the agency, with the names of the Indians and of the beads of families or lodges, with the number in each family or lodge, Sunnl and to give out supplies to the heads of families, and not to the heads given out. of tribes or bands, and not to give out supplies for a greater length of time than one week in advance.

SEC. 5. That hereafter not more than six thousand dollars shall be Aggregate com paid in any one year for salaries or compensation of employees at any pe

ployees at one one agency, in addition to the salaries of the agent, and not more at any agency. one agency than is absolutely necessary; and wbere Indians can perform the duties they shall be employed; and the number and kind of Who to be ememployees at each agency shall be prescribed by the Secretary of the ployed. Interior, and none others shall be employed. Indian agents shall be Agent's staterequired to state, under oath, upon rendering their quarterly accounts, mentof employecs. that the employees claimed for were actually and bona fide employed at such agency, and at the compensation as claimed, and that such service was necessary; and that such agent is not to receive, and has not received, directly or indirectly, any part of the compensation claimed for any other employee: Provided, That when there is no officer authorized

hen there is no officer authorized Proviso. to administer oaths within convenient distance of such agent, the Secretary of the Interior may direct such returns to be made upon certifi. cate of the agent: And provided further, That in case it should be neces- Proviso. sary, at any agencies, to have more employees than provided for in this

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until y

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section, the Secretary may, by written order, authorize the increase necessary; but in no case shall the amount expended at any agency exceed ten thousand dollars in any one year; and the provision of this section sball apply to the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen

hundred and seventy-five. Espenditure of SEC. 6. That bereafter, it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the appropriation for Interie

or Interior, and the officers charged by law with the distribution of supplies supplies, so as to prevent deficien- to the Indians, under appropriations made by law, to distribute them cies.

and pay them out to the Indians entitled to them, in such proper proportions as that the amount of appropriation made for the current year

shall not be expended before the end of such current year, so as to preExpenditure not vent deficiencies; and no expenditure shall be made or liability incurred to exceed appro- on the part of the Government on account of the Indian service for any priation.

fiscal year (unless in compliance with existing law) beyond the amount

of money previously appropriated for said service during such year. No purchase ex- SEC. 7. That hereafter, no purchase of goods, supplies, or farming imceeding $1,000 plements, or any other article wbatsoever, the cost of wbich shall exceed without advertise

one thousand dollars, shall be paid for from the money appropriated by ment, &c.

this act, unless the same sball have been previously advertised and con

tracted for as heretofore provided by law; and no payment of any part No credit to offi- of the money appropriated by this act, or heretofore appropriated, for cers for payments the expenses of the Indian Department, shall be credited to any Gov.

ex- 'ernment officer until the proper vouchers therefor sball first have been amined, &c.

submitted to, examined, and authorized by the accounting officers of the Copies of con- Treasury. And provided further, That copies of all contracts made by tracts to be fur: the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, or any other oflicer of the Governnisbed to Second Auditor.

ment, for the Indian service, shall be furnished to the Second Auditor

of the Treasury before any payment shall be made thereon. Statement of SEC. 8. That hereafter, the Secretary of the Interior cause to be preitems of Indian ap- pared and delivered to the Public Printer, on or before the first day of propriations, wbat November in each year, a tabular statement of the items paid out up to when to be printed.

that date of the appropriations made for the Indian Department for the fiscal year previously ending, each item being placed under the appropriation from which it was paid, in such manner as to show the dispo

sition made of each appropriation and the amount unexpended of each ; Statement of sal- also an itemized statement of the salaries and incidental expenses paid aries and number at each agency for the said year, and the appropriations out of which of Indians.

paid, and the number of Indians at each agency; and that the same

be laid before Congress on the first day of the succeeding session ; and Commissioner's that the report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, with the reports report.

of agents, be printed and laid before Congress on the first day of the

said session. Check to accom- SEC. 9. That hereafter all bidders under any advertisement published pany bids for In- by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs for proposals for goods, supplies, dian supplies exceeding $5,000.

transportation, and so forth, for and on account of the Indian service, whenever the value of the goods, supplies, and so forth, to be furnished, or the transportation to be performed, sball exceed the sum of five thousand dollars, shall accompany their bids with a certified check, or draft payable to the order of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, upon some United States depository or some one of such solvent national banks as the Secretary of the Interior may designate, which check or draft shall be five per centum on the amount of the goods, supplies, transportation, and so forth, as aforesaid; and in case any such bidder, on being awarded a contract, shall fail to execute the same with

good and sufficient sureties according to the terms on which such bid Forfeiture on was made and accepted, such bidder shall forfeit the amount so deposited failure to execute to the United States, and the same shall forth with be paid into the contract.

Treasury of the United States; but if such contract shall be duly executed, as aforesaid, such draft or check so deposited shall be returned

to the bidder. Securities on In- SEC. 10. That hereafter the security or securities, upon the bond redian agents' bond quired by the act of February twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and to filo statement of fifty-one, to be given by each Indian agent before entering upon the property.

duties of his office, shall file a sworn statement with the Secretary of 1851, c. 14, s. 6, v. the Interior, setting forth the nature and kind of property owned by YP.

9, p.587.

by R. S., 2057, p. 364. such security or securities, the value of the same, and where situated; and that no money appropriated by this act shall be paid to any Indian agent hereafter appointed until the security or securities sball have filed such statement. Each Indian agent shall keep a book of itemized Agent to keep expenditures of every kind, with a record of all contracts, together with book of expendi, the receipts of money from all sources; and the books thus kept shall tures, contracts

and receipts. always be open to inspection ; and the said books shall remain in the office at the respective reservations, not to be removed from said reservation by said agent, but shall be safely kept and handed over to his successor; and true transcripts of all entries of every character in said Quarterly tranbooks shall be forwarded quarterly by each agent to the Commissioner scripts. of Indian Affairs: Provided, That should any agent knowingly make Keeping falso any false entry in said books, or in the transcripts directed to be for- books, or failing to warded to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, or shall knowingly fail - P. to keep a perfect entry in said books as herein prescribed, he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, on conviction before any United States court having jurisdiction of such offense, shall be fined in a sum Penalty. not less than five hundred nor more than one thousand dollars, at the discretion of the court, and shall be rendered incompetent to hold said Disqualification. office of Indian agent after conviction under this act.

SEC. 11. That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he hereby is, Re-imbursement authorized and directed to reimburse the United States in the sum of

totes in the sum af of United States by

Kaskaskia, Peoria, twenty-four thousand dollars, by transfer from funds in the Treasury Wen and Pianke belonging to the Kaskaskia, Peoria, Wea, and Piankeshaw Indians, now shaw Indians. to their credit under the act of Cougress approved July twelfth, eight 1862, c. 157, v. 12, een hundred and sixty-two; said sum being the amount advanced by p. 540. the act of April tenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, in the payment 1869, c. 16, v. 16, for certain lands purchased from the Senecas and sold to the Kaskaskias : p. 34. Provided, That there be first deducted from said amount of twenty-four Proviso. thousand dollars the sum of five thousand seven hundred and twelve dollars and seventy-one cents, the same being the balance of amount duo to said Indians for money derived from the sale of their trust-lands, together with amount due them for lands erroneously sold as public lands.

SEC. 12. That the Secretary of the Ipterior be, and is hereby, author- Part of Chickaized and directed to convert into cash so much of the stocks held in saw trust-stocks to trust for the Chickasaw tribe of Indians as shall, when sold, yield the sum

be sold, &c. of one hundred thousand dollars, and to pay the proceeds thereof to the treasurer of the Chickasaw Nation, to be by him distributed to relieve the pressing necessities of the members of said tribe, to be available imme. diately: Provided, That the consent of the proper authorities of said Proviso. Chickasaw Nation be first obtained to this disposition of their funds.

SEC. 13. That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby, au Payment to Chethorized and required to pay to the treasurer of the Cherokee Nation of rokees out of trustIndians, at his earliest convenience, the sum of two hundred thousand" dollars, from the trust-funds held by the United States belonging to said nation of Indians, arising from the sales of the Cherokee lands lying south of Kansas and west of the ninety-sixth meridian of west longitude, (disposed of to the Osage Indians;) said amount to be used by said nation in purchasing breadstuffs for said Cherokee Indians, rendered necessary to keep them from suffering in consequence of the destruction of their crops during the past season by the drought, grasshoppers, and chinch bugs; and that said amount shall be distributed among said Cherokee Indians as provided by an act of the Cherokee national council, approved November nineteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, and shall be immediately available.

SEC. 14. That said amount shall not be paid to the said treasurer of the Certified copy of Cherokee Nation until the Secretary of the Interior shall have received act of national

council of Cheroin his office a duly certified copy of the said act of the national council kee Nati of the Cherokee Nation, approved by the principal chief of said nation.

Approved, March 3, 1875.

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March 3, 1875. CHAP. 133.-An act making appropriations for the support of the Army for the fiscal

- year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Army appropria- States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and tion for year end- the same are hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury ing June 30, 1870. not otherwise appropriated, for the support of the Army for the year

ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, as follows: Commanding For expenses of the Commanding General's Office, five thousand General's Office. dollars.

Recruiting. For expenses of recruiting and transportation of recruits, one hundred

No payment for and five thousand dollars. And no money appropriated by this act recruiting beyond, shall be paid for recruiting the Army beyond the number of tweutr. &c.

five thousand enlisted men, including Indian scouts and hospital

stewards. Nothing, however, in this act shall be construed to prevent Signal-service enlistments for the Signal-Service, which shall hereafter be maintained pot diminished. as now organized, and with the force of enlisted men now provided by

law. Contingencies. For contingent expenses of the Adjutant-General's Department at the

headquarters of military divisions and departments, three thousand

dollars. Signal-Service, For expenses of the Signal-Service of the Army, purchase, equip&c.

ment, and repair of electric field-telegraphs and signal-equipments,

twelve thousand five hundred dollars. Pay of Army. For pay of the Army, and for allowances to officers of the Army for

transportation of themselves and their baggage when travelling on duty General expenses. without troops, escorts, or supplies, and for compensation of witnesses

while on court-martial service; for travelling-expenses of paymasters' clerks; for payment of postage on letters and packages, and cost of

telegrams received and sent by officers of the Army on public business, Actual traveling eleven million four hundred thousand dollars : Provided, That hereafter expenses only, to only actual travelling-expenses shall be allowed to any person holding be allowed.

employment or appointment under the United States, except marshals, district attorneys, and clerks of the courts of the United States and their deputies; and all allowances for mileages and transportation in

excess of the amount actually paid, except as above excepted, are hereby

its for declared illegal ; and no credit shall be allowed to any of the disbursingillegal allowances.

officers of the United States for payment or allowances in violation of

this provision. Subsistence. For subsistence of regular troops, engineers, Indian scouts, and Indian

prisoners, two million four hundred and eighty-four thousand three hun

dred and thirty dollars, not exceeding three thousand dollars of which Proviso. may be used for subsisting Indians visiting military posts: Provided,

That three hundred thousand dollars of the sum thus appropriated may be applied by the Commissary-General of Subsistence, prior to the first day of July, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, to the purchase of subsistence supplies intended for the posts supplied through the Upper

Missouri and for other distant posts. Quartermaster's For regular supplies of the Quartermaster's Department, to wit: For supplies.

the regular supplies of the Quartermaster's Department, consisting of stoves for heating and cooking; of fuel for officers, enlisted men, guards, hospitals, store-houses, and offices; of forage in kind for the horses, mules, and oxen of the Quartermaster's Department, at the several posts and stations, and with the armies in the field; for the horses of the several regiments of cavalry, the batteries of artillery, and such companies of infantry and scouts as may be mounted, and for the authorized number of officers' horses, including bedding for the animals; of straw for soldiers' bedding; and of stationery, including blank books for the Quartermaster's Department, certificates for discharged soldiers, blank forms for the Pay and Quartermaster's Departments, and for

printing of division and department orders and reports, four million Proviso.

two hundred and fifty thousand dollars : Provided, That of this amount a sum not to exceed fifty thousand dollars may be expended before the

No credits for

beginning of the year for the purchase of such supplies as it may be found to the advantage of the Government to purchase immediately

For incidental expenses, to wit: For postage and telegrams or dis- Incidental expatches; extra pay to soldiers employed, under the direction of the pense Quartermaster's Department, in the erection of barracks, quarters, storehouses, and hospitals, in the construction of roads, and other constant labor, for periods of not less than ten days, under the acts of March 1819, c. 45, v. 3, second, eighteen hundred and nineteen, and August fourth, eighteen p. 480 hundred and fifty-four, including those employed as clerks at division

d as clerksat division 1854, c. 247, s. 6,

v. 10, p. 576. and department headquarters; expenses of expresses to and from the frontier-posts and armies in the field; of escorts to paymasters and other disbursing officers, and to trains where military escorts cannot be furnished; expenses of the interment of officers killed in action, or who die when on duty in the field, or at posts on the frontiers, or when traveling on orders, and of non-commissioned officers and soldiers; authorized office-furniture; hire of laborers in the Quartermaster's Department, including the hire of interpreters, spies, and guides for the Army; compensation of clerks to officers of the Quartermaster's Department; compensation of forage and wagon-masters authorized by the act of July fifth, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight; for the appre. - 1838, c. 162, s. 10, hension of deserters, and the expense incident to their pursuit; and for v.5, p. 257. the following expenditures required for the several regiments of cavalry, the batteries of light artillery, and such companies of infantry and scouts as may be mounted, to wit, hire of veterinary surgeons, medicine for horses and mules, picket-ropes, and for shoeing the horses of the corps named; also, generally, the proper and authorized expenses for the movement and operations of the Army not expressly assigned to any other department, one million two hundred thousand dollars.

For purchase of horses for the cavalry and artillery, and for the In. Purchase of horses. dian scouts, and for such infantry as may be mounted, three hundred thousand dollars.

For transportation of the Army, including baggage of the troops Transportation. when moving either by land or water; of clothing and camp and garrison equipage from the depots of Philadelphia and Jeffersonville to the several posts and army-depots, and from those depots to the troops in the field; of horse.equipments and of subsistence-stores from the places of purchase and from the places of delivery under contract to such places as the circumstances of the service may require them to be sent ; of ordnance, ordnance-stores, and small-arms from the founderies and armories to the arsenals, fortifications, frontier-posts, and army-depots; freights, wharfage, tolls, and ferriages; the purchase and hire of horses, mules, oxen, and harness, and the purchase and repair of wagons, carts, and drays, and of ships and other sea-going vessels and boats required for the transportation of supplies and for garrison purposes; for drayage and cartage at the several posts; hire of teamsters, transportation of funds for the Pay and other disbursing departments; the expense of sailing public transports on the various rivers, the Gulf of Mexico, and Public transports. the Atlantic and Pacific; for procuring water at such posts as from Water. their situation require it to be brought from a distance; and for clear. Clearing, roads, ing roads, and for removing obstructions from roads, harbors, and rivers rivers, and ha to the extent which may be required for the actual operations of the troops in the field, four million dollars : Provided, That no money shall No payment for hereafter be paid to any railroad company for the transportation of any transportati

troops, &c., to railproperty or troops of the United States over any railroad which in whole ros or in part was constructed by the aid of a grant of public land on the land-grants, &c. condition that such railroad should be a public highway for the use of the Government of the United States free from toll or other charge, or upon any other conditions for the use of such road, for such transportation; nor shall any allowance be made for the transportation of No allowance for officers of the Army over any such road when on duty and under transportat i on of orders as military officers of the United States. But nothing herein "

in officers on duty. contained shall be construed as preventing any such railroad from bring. Right of com

d harbors.

tion of

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