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of the appropriation of the same character made for the use of the fiscal
year eighteen hundred and seventy-four, is bereby continued and ren-
dered available for the service of the current fiscal year: Provided, That Proviso.
the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to pay voucbers for
expenditures incurred prior to June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and
seventy-four, from appropriations for the present fiscal year, as follows;
on account of furniture for public buildings, the sum of five hundred
dollars; and on account of repairs and preservation of public buildings,
the sum of five thousand dollars, and the same shall not involve any
increase of the appropriation specified.

To reimburse the city and county of San Francisco, California, for San Francisco. expenditures made in improvement of the streets, paving & curbing in front of the property of the United States in said city and county, eight thousand two hundred and sixty nine dollars and thirty-three cents.

For the construction and verification of standard weights and measures Standard weights for the custom houses of the United States and for the several States, and measures. and the necessary miscellaneous expenses attendant thereon, four thou: sand dollars.

For the payment of the necessary expenses of defending the United Defense of cotStates in respect to claims for net proceeds of cotton, under section five

five ton claims, 1872, c. of tbe act making appropriations to supply deficiencies, approved May 134. eighteenth eighteen hundred and seventy-two six thousand dollars.

To pay the United States depositary at Buffalo, New York, being for Deposit a ry at the fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-one, eight hundred and Buffalo. ninety-one dollars and two cents.

To pay the amount due David H. Mason, deceased, late United States David H. Mason. attorney for Massachusetts, for salary, being for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-three, thirty-two dollars and forty-two cents.

For printing in pamphlet form the proclamations of the governor of Printing procMontana during the fiscal years eighteen hundred and seventy-three, lamations of govand eighteen hundred and seventy four, one hundred dollars.

ernor of Montada. To pay Jobn W. Wright, for rent of building, corner of G, and Eighth John W. Wright. streets, for one year, nine thousand dollars.

To pay the United States supervisors of the Congressional election held Supervisors of in Philadelphia on the first Tuesday of November, eigbteen hundred election at Philaand seventy-four, the balance claimed by them, twenty-two thousand

i delphia. one hundred and fifty-five dollars.

To pay Dawson Tank and Company, of New London Connecticut, for Dawson Tank & completing the landing dock at Little Gull Island, New York, from the Co. appropriation made by act of June twenty third, eighteen hundred and seventy four, two thousand six hundred and twenty-seven dollars and forty cents; which sum is hereby continued & made available for said purpose from the unexpended balance of said appropriation.

For printing illustrations of the results of the Polaris expedition under Illustrations of the direction of the Secretary of the Navy, fifteen thousand dollars. Polaris expedition.

To pay William Syphax in full balance to equalize his pay with that William Syphax of an assistant messenger, six hundred and fifty-five dollars and thirtyeight cents.


For postage and telegrams or dispatches; extra pay to soldiers em- Incidental exployed under the direction of the Quartermaster's Department in the penses of Quartererection of barracks, quarters, store-houses, and hospitals, in the con

on master's Depart

ment. struction of roads, and other constant labor for periods of not less than ten days, under the acts of May second eighteen hundred and nineteen, and August fourth, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, including those employed as clerks at division and department headquarters, and hos. pital stewards on clerical duty; expenses of expresses to and from the frontier posts and armies in the field; of escorts to paymasters and other disbursing officers and to trains where military escorts cannot be furnisbed; expenses of the interment of officers killed in action, or who die when on duty in the field, or at posts on the frontier, or at posts and other


places when ordered by the Secretary of War, and of non-commis. sioned officers and soldiers; authorized office furniture; hire of laborers in the Quartermaster Department, including the hire of interpreters, spies, and guides for the Army; compensation of clerks to officers of the Quartermasters Department; compensation of forage and wagon masters authorized by the act of July fifth, eighteen hundred and thirtyeight; for the apprehension securing, and delivering of deserters, and the expense incident to their pursuit; and for the following expenditures required by the for the several regiments of cavalry, the batteries of light artillery, and such companies of infantry and scouts as may be mounted, namely, the purchase of travelling forges blacksmiths' and shoeing tools, horse and mule shoes and nails, iron and steel for shoeing, hiring of veterinary surgeons, medicine for horses and mules, picket ropes, and for shoeing the horses of the corps named; also, generally, the proper and authorized expenses for the movement and operations of an army not expressly assigned to any other department, for the fiscal

year eighteen hundred and seventy-four, twenty thousand dollars. For Subsistence of subsistence of regular troops, employees, and Indian scouts, for the curArmy.

rent fiscal year, one hundred and fifty thousand five hundred and thirty. Appropriation seven dollars and eighty-three cents: Provided, Tbat so much of the for subsistence ap- appropriation for subsistence of the Army as may be necessary may be plicable to purchase of stores for applied to the purchase of subsistence stores for sale to officers for the sale to officers, &c. use of themselves and their families, and to commanders of companies

or other organizations, for the use of the enlisted men of their compaProceeds of sales nies or organizations, and the proceeds of all sales of subsistenceof subsistence sup supplies shall hereafter be exempt from being covered into the Treasury plies, how available.

and shall be immediately available for the purchase of fresh supplies.

To supply deficiency in the moneys appropriated for support of totally

volon; disabled volunteer soldiers in the National Homes, three hundred and teers in National Homes.

fifty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary To Robert B. Lacey. enable the Secretary of the Treasury to pay Robert B. Lacey, late captain

and and assistant quartermaster of volunteers, the sum of one thousand and forty-three dollars and ninety-one cents, being the amount allowed him by Second Comptroller, and certified to the Secretary of the Treasury, as the amount due him as arrears of pay while on duty, and prior

to his final discharge. Dudley Observa- To the Dudley Observatory at Albany, New York; For the use of the tory, New York. building now occupied by the government for officers for meteorological

work, and quarters for signal observers, in the service of the Government and for furnishing and maintaining the same, and also for instruments for astronomical observations, and other necessary incidental expenses,

twenty thousand dollars. Observation and For expenses of the Observation and Report of Storms by telegraph report of storms.

for signal for the benefit of Commerce and Agriculture throughout the United States; for manufacture, purchase or repair of meteorological or other necessary instruments; for telegraphing reports; for the expenses of storm signals announcing probable approach and force of storms, for continuing the establishment and connection of stations at Life saving Stations and Light houses for instruments, shelters, for hire furniture and expenses of offices maintained for public use in cities or ports receiving reports; for river reports; for maps, and bulletins to be displayed in chambers of commerce and Boards of Trade rooms and for distribution; for books and stationary, and for incidental expenses

not otherwise provided for, fifty-five thousand dollars. Claims for ex- To enable tlie Secretary of War to pay for expenses incurred in sup. penses in suppress- pressing Indian hostilities in the Territory of Montana, in the year ing Indian hostili. ties in Montana.

" eighteen hundred, and sixty seven, to the persons entitled thereto, the

claims reported upon by General James A Hardee, under the provisions 1870, c. 292, s. 10, of section ten of the act entitled “An act making appropriations for v. 16, p. 310. sundry civil expenses of the Government, and for other purposes, for the

year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy," approved July fifteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy, for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and, and prior years, fifty-five thousand dol. lars

To enable the Secretary of War to pay the adjusted account of the Dempsey & late firm of Dempsey and O'Toole, five hundred and eighty eight dollars O'Toole. and sixty-six cents

To complete the equestrian statue of Nathanael Greene, including the Statue of Napedestal for the same, ten thousand dollars.

thanael Greene. That the appropriation of ten thousand dollars under the act approved Harbor of New June twenty-three, eigbteen bundred and seventy four for the removal Castle, Del. of obstructions in the harbor of New Castle, Delaware, be and the same 1874, c. 457, ante, is hereby continued and made available.

p. 240. NAVY DEPARTMENT. For computer and workmen at the Naval Observatory, and for repairs Naval Observaand preservation of buildings for the current year ending June thirtieth, tory. eighteen hundred and seventy-five, one thousand dollars. For the payment during the fiscal year ending June thirtieth eighteen

Navy pensions.

Navy hundred and seventy-five, of Navy pensions, seventy-fire thousand dollars.

For clothing to the seamen, ordinary seamen, landsmen and boys, Clothing. enlisting in the navy, ninety thousand dollars

MARINE CORPS. For gas, water, rent, stationery, repairing, stoves, brooms, buckets, Contingent oxand furniture at marine barracks, Brooklyn, New York, being for the peu

w York being for the peuses at Brooklyn. fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-four, two thousand five hundred and fifty-five dollars and sixty-three cents.

For hire of quarters for officers where there are no public buildings, Hire of being for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and sixty-five, four thousand five hundred dollars.

For forage for public horses, and for the authorized number of officers' Forage. horses, being for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-five, three thousand dollars.

For amount found due by the Fourth Auditor of the Treasury in Francis Scala. settlement of the claim of Francis Scala, late leader of the Marine band, for commutation of quarters, being a deficiency for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-one, seven hundred and thirty-seven dollars and eighty cents.

For contingent expenses of the Marine Corps for the fiscal year eight. Contingent ex. een hundred and seventy-five, five thousand dollars.

penses. INTERIOR DEPARTMENT. Packing and distributing of Congressional documents for the fiscal , Distribution of year eighteen hundred and seventy-five, two thousand five hundred " dollars.

Surveying Public Lands. For surveying the public lands in the fol. Surveying publowing States and Territories, to-wit: New Mexico, six hundred and lic lands: eighty-four dollars and forty-one cents; Oregon, one thousand three

New Mexico.

Orecon hundred and five dollars and twenty-seven ceuts; Washington, two Washington. lupdred and fifteen dollars and forty-two cents. Dakota, one hundred Dakota. and thirty-nine dollars and sixty-three cents; Montana, three hundred Montana.

Utab. and thirty-two dollars and sixty-five cents: Utah, one hundred and forty.

Nevada. seven dollars and seventy cents; Nevada, one hundred and forty-six dollars and twenty-two cents; in all, two thousand nine bundred and seventy-one dollars and thirty cents, for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-five and for prior years, as more fully set forth in the Estimate of Deficiencies, being House Executive Document numbered sixty-nine, Forty-Tbird Congress, second session.

Rent For rent of offices of surveyors general in Washington Territory, Cal. R fornia, and Oregon seven hundred and eight dollars and sixty-nine cents, for the fiscal year, as more fully set forth in the above pamed executive document.

Transport a tion Indian Office.-For this amount, or so much thereof as may be necesof supplies for sary to make up deficiency in the general appropriation for the fiscal Sioux Indians.

year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, for trans

portation of supplies provided for the Sioux Indians under treaty of April V. 15, p. 635.

twenty-ninth, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, including the Santee Sioux, the Yankton Sioux, and the Poncas, seventy-five thousand

dollars. Indian service in

For this amount or so much thereof as may be necessary to enable the Montana.

Secretary of the Treasury to pay the adjusted accounts of the parties named in Executive Document number sixty-nine, submitting estimates for this deficiency bill, due in consequence of deficiencies in the appropriations for the years eighteen hundred and seventy-two, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, and eighteen hundred seventy-four, for the Indian service in tbe Territory of Montana, as awarded by the accounting officers of the Treasury Department, fourteen thousand six hundred

and eighty-one dollars and thirty-nine cents. Seminole Nation. For tbis amount, to be paid to the Seminole Nation of Indians being

the difference between the amount paid by the United States to the V. 14, p.785. Creeks for the reservation pow occupied by said Seminoles by treaty of

June fourteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, and the amount de.

ducted for the same from the money due them for their former territory V. 14, p. 755. ceded to the United States by treaty of March twenty-fifth, eighteen

hundred and sixty-six, forty thousand dollars; the same to be appropri. ated as follows: one balf to be applied under the direction of the Secre. tary of tbe Interior to the payment of the present debts of said Seminole Nation and the balance to be paid to said Indians per capita in the same

manner as appuities are paid. Indians in Colo- For this amount, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to rerado.

imburse appropriations for the Indians in Colorado, for the fiscal years ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, and June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, the amount expended

from said appropriations in negotiations with said Indians, in accord119, V. 17, ance with the act approved April twenty-third, eighteen hundred and p. 55.

seventy-two, twenty-five thousand seven hundred and ninety-five dol

lars and thirteen cents. Cherokee In- Fortbis amount, or so much thereof as may be necessary to pay dians.

the costs adjudged against the Eastern band of the Cherokee Indians in the suits at law and in equity between them and William H. Thomas and others, lately determined in the circuit court of the United States for the western district of North Carolina, and including compensation

to special counsel, and for other purposes, in pursuance of the act of 1870, c. 296, s. 11, Congress of July fifteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy, to be expended v. 16, p. 362,

under the direction of the Attorney General, fifteen thousand dollars. Kicka poo In- For this amount, to enable the President of the United States to dians.

carry out the provisions of the third article of the treaty with the KickV. 13, p. 623. apoo Indians of Jupe twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred and sixty-two,

to be paid under such rules as the Secretary of the Interior may prescribe, to seven Kickapoo Indians who have become citizens of the United States, the same being their proportion of the sum of one hun

dred thousand dollars provided for said tribe for educational and other V. 10, p. 1078. beneficial purposes, per treaty of May eighteenth, eighteen hundred

and fifty-four, two thousand three hundred and sixty-four dollars and eighty-six cents. And the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to sell for their benefit United States stocks amounting to three thousand two hundred and forty-nine dollars and thirty-two cents, being the proportion of said persons of one hundred and thirty-seven thousand and four hundred dollars held in trust for the Kickapoo tribe of Indians; the proceed thereof to be paid to the seven persons who have elected to

become citizens of the United States as above. Pottow atomie That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized, Indians, sale of with the consent of the citizen class of Pottowatomie Indians, to sell bonds.

not exceeding twenty thousand dollars worth of their bonds now held

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James W. Terrell.

in trust by him, and to apply the proceeds of such sale in the purchase of subsistence, seeds and agricultural implements, and for other beneficial objects for said Pottowatomies.

That the Secretary of the Interior be and is hereby authorized, with Choctaw ludians, the consent of the Legislative Council of Choctaw Indians, to sell pot sale of bonds. exceeding two hundred thousand dollars of the bonds now held in trust by him, and to pay over to the accredited agent of said Choctaw Indians to be designated by the Legislative Council of said nation arising from the proceeds of the sale of said lands.

For this amount, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to pay deti. Removal of Pi ciencies for expenses contracted by the special commissioners Powell Ute Indians. and Ingles in the removal of Pia Ute Indians in eighteen hundred and seventy-three and eighteen hundred and seventy-four, as by letter of Commissioner of Indian Affairs and books of said office, fifteen thousand nine hundred and seventy-five dollars and eighty-three cents.

For this amount, or so much thereof as may be necessary to pay the balance found due James W. Terrell, for commission on payments made to the North Carolina Cherokee Indians, under his appointment as dis. bursing-agent of the Treasury Department, dated October twenty-second, eighteen hundred and fifty-one, in pursuance of the fourth and fifth sections of the act of Congress approved July twenty-ninth, eighteen hundred and forty-eight, one thousand four hundred and thirty-nine dollars 1848, c. 118, ss. 4, and thirty-six cents.

5, v. 9, p. 264. For this amount, or so much thereof as may be necessary, for the sub- Northern Sioux sistence and support of Northern Sioux Indians who have been collected Indians. on the Red Cloud and Whetstone agencies in Dakota, one hundred and twenty thousand dollars.

For this amount, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to meet Subsistence of certain liabilities incurred during the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, Navajo Indians. eighteen hundred and seventy-five, in providing subsistence supplies for the Navajo Indians in New Mexico, seventeen thousand three hundred and sixty-four dollars and seventy-one cents.

For subsistence of Apaches of Arizona, oue hundred and twenty Apaches. thousand dollars.

For this amount, to be applied in the payment of liabilities contracted Malbeur agency, on account of the service at the Malheur agency, Oregon, during the Oregon). third and fourth quarters, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, as per statement of S. B. Parrish, late commissioner in charge, on file in the Indian Office, being a deficiency for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-four, sixteen thousand dollars.

SECTION 2. That the following sums be, and the same are hereby Post-Office Deappropriated, in addition to amounts appropriated by the act approved partment.... June twenty-third eighteen hundred and seventy-four, for service of the

sfonn for service of the 1874, c. 457, ante,

p. 231. Post Office Department, out of any money in the Treasury arising from the revenues of said Department.

For compensation to postmasters, three hundred thousand dollars. Postmasters.

For pay to clerks in post-offices, one hundred and fifty thousand dol. Clerks. lars : Provided, That if the revenues of the Post Office Department Proviso. together with the amount appropriated by the above mentioned act as a deficiency shall be insufficient to meet the appropriations of this act, then the sum of four hundred and fifty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, as an additional deficiency in the revenues of the Post Office Department for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-five.

To supply a deticiency in the appropriation for advertising for service Advertising. of the Post-Office Department for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, ninety-five thousand dollars.

To supply a deficiency in the appropriation for contingent expenses Contingent exfor the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy- penses. five, seventeen thousand dollars.

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