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410–Mr. Chancellor Pitt states the general nature of his intended mo.
difications, 488—the House in a Committee on the bill, 495499,
504, 510, 517-Mr. Chancellor Pitt moves the third reading of the

bill, 523


BANK-Debate on Mr. Chancellor Pitt's motion for a Committee to in.

quire into the expediency of continuing the restriction upon the Bank,
193–Names of the Committee, 195-(See also Accounts)-Report
of the Committee, 202-Debate on the motion for the Sp aker's leaving
the chair, 255--Report brought up, 266- Debate on the motion for
the third reading of the bill for raising three millions from the Bank

upon Exchequer bills, 500
BUDGET; Mr. Chancellor Piet brings forward his budget, 268
Burgess, Captain-Address to His Majesty voted for a monument to be
erected to his memory for his conduct on the uth O&tober, in the en-
gagement with the Dutch fieet, 29.

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Duncan, Viscount; the thanks of the House voted him on the occasion of

his victory, 28--His answer, 113
Dundas, Mr. Secretary ; See Secretary of State.


Election-Treating act; Viscount Belgrave moves for leave to bring in a

bill to explain and amend the same, 302 – Bill read a second

time, 378
Exchequer; Mr. D. P. Coke makes a motion relative to the oficer

held by the Tellers of the Exchequer, 527


France; the correspondence in the negotiation for peace, 30
Francis, Mr. -his observations on fome passages respecting him in Mr,

Burke's Pofthumous Works, 65+,


s (The) Speech, 2-Debate on the motion for an address of thanks,

3,-Copy of the address, 26-his reply, 113-Joint address of both
Houses for communicating the papers respecting the negotiation, 19.1
his answer, 192.


Lists-of the minority against Mr. Pitt's resolutions respecting the Ar-

seffed Taxes, 370—of the minority against the second reading of the
Affessed-Tax bill, 460—of the minority in a Committee on ditto, 498
of the majority on the third reading of the bill, 637–of the mino.
rity ditto, 639


MALM BSBURY, Lord; his correspondence with the French Republic in

his negotiations for peace, 30
Militia (Supplemental); Debate on Mr. Secretary Dundas's motion to

allow them to enlift into other services, 513-resumed, 520.


Newton Election ; motion for considering the petition respecting it, 235

bernames of the Committee appointed to try the merits of it, 308-De-
cision of the Committee, 409.


PEACE; Lord Malmesbury's correspondence respecting it, 30~Debate

on the motion for agreeing with the House of Lords in an address to
the King for his communication of that correspondence, &c. 156.


Report of the Committee respecting payments in cash by the Bank, 202.


SALARIES–Debate on Mr. Nicholls's motion that the salaries of offices

exceeding a certain amount shall be applied to the carrying on the
war, 394

Secretary of State-Mr. Tierney gives notice of his intended motion re-

specting the office of third Secretary of State, 28 moves that Mr.
Dundas, from accepting that office, was incapable of being elected to
ferve in Parliament, 115-moves certain resolutions respecting the

same, 461
SUPPLY_Debate in a Committee of, 197, 225, 264.


Tewkesbury Election; motion respecting it, 267, 305.

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Glasgow, Earl of 80
Grenville, Lord; 90, 104, 105, 109, 138, 153, 243, 255,642, 662,

671, 675
Gwydir, Lord; 81.

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Land fdown, Marquis of: 92
Liverpool, Earl of; 650, 658
Loughborough, Lord ; 137, 201, 251, 674, 677,


Moira, Earl of ; 236, 249, 254
Mulgrave, Lord ; 100.


Norfolk, Duke of; 103, 104.


Salisbury, Marquis of, 190
Spencer, Earl; 107, 109
Sydney, Viscount; 154.


Thurlow, Lord; 660, 668.

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