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The most interesting SPEECHES and Motions; accurate

Copies of all the PROTESTS, and of the most remarkable
LETTERS and Papers; together with the most material
EVIDENCE, Petitions, &c. laid before and offered to either







Printed for J. DEBRETT, opposite BURLINGTON House,


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DDRESS (Debate on it) to the King for his speech from the
Throne, 80-Copy of the address, 105-The King's reply, 107–
Joint address of both Houses to the King for his communication of

Lord Malmesbury's correspondence, 191-The King's reply, 192
ASSESSED-Tax Bill; debate on the second reading of it, 642

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Duncan, Viscount ; the thanks of the House voted to him and his

officers, &c. for the victory over the Dutch fleet, 107--the thanks communicated to him by the Lord Chancellor, 137-hiş reply, 138,

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Fitzwilliam's, Earl, Protest, on rejecting his amendment to the addrefe

to the King, 109,


IRELAND; Earl of Moira's speech respecting the fate of it, 236.

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King's (The) speech, on opening Parliament, 2-Address to him, 105–

His Reply, 107–Joint address of both Houses for his communication
of Lord Malmesbury's correspondence, 191—His reply, 192—
Message respecting the intended invasion of these kingdoms by the

French, 674
Minority, List of, against the Assessed-Tax Bill, 671.


PEACE; Debate on Lord Grenville's motion for an address to the King

for his communication of the papers relative to the negotiation for
peace, 138-Copy of a letter inserted in the Redacteur, referred to in

Lord Grenville's speech, 140
PROTESTS-on rejecting Earl Fitzwilliam's amendment to the address to

the King, 109-against passing the Affefted-tax Bill, 672.


ACCOUNTS—of advances made to Government by the Bank, from

February 25 to November 1, 1797, 200 of the total amount of morta
gaged actions of the Bank of Vienna, deposited in the Bank of Eng-
land, 200-respecting Imperial Stock, 201~of the total net produce
of the taxes for one year, ending October 10, 1797, distinguishing each
quarter, and distinguishing also the duties imposed in 1793, 4, 5, 6,
and 7; 206—of the income of, and charges upon, the Consolidated
Fund, for the quarter ending October 10, 1797, 214–of the total
amount of the duties on windows and inhabited houses for one year,
ending April 5, 1797, distinguishing the amount in each county, &c.
310—of the number of persons who pay afseffed taxes, 312--of the total
amount of the assessed taxes for one year, ending April 5, 1797, 313
-of the number of persons who pay duties on windows on inhabited
houses, 315-of all additions made to the annual charge of the public
debt, and of the produce of the duties granted for the charge incurred
in respect of the same, in the year ending October 10, 1797, 469—of
the salary, allowances, fees, &c. reccived by the Marquis of Buckingham,
as Teller of the Exchequer, for 1794, 1995, 1796; 678-of the in-

come and expenditure of the Board of Agriculture, 680
Address to His Majesty for his speech, 26–His reply, 113-An amended

address to the King, moved for by Sir J. Sinclair, on the subject of
Lord Malmesbury's negotiation, 156--withdrawn, 190-Joint address
of both Houses for cominunicating the papers respecting the negotia-

tion, 191–His reply, 192
Army Estimates; Mr. Secretary at War moves the usual resolutions on

them, 225

ASSESSED TAXES; speech of Sir J. Sinclair respecting them, 306---

See also Accounts-Mr. Chancellor Pitt moves certain resolutions and
budget respecting the assessed taxes, 316—Debate on the same resumed,
371, 331-Debates on the motion for the second reading of the bill

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