Investigation Into the Causes of the Gold Panic: Report of the Majority of the Committee on Banking and Currency. March 1, 1870

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1870 - Currency question - 487 pages

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Page 23 - Resolved, That the Committee of Ways and Means be instructed to inquire into the expediency of appropriating thirty thousand dollars, to enable Professor Morse to establish a line of telegraph between Washington and Baltimore.
Page 40 - And you are hereby notified that, unless you so appear and answer, the plaintiff will apply to the court for the relief demanded in the complaint...
Page 46 - Court having equity jurisdiction may, by injunction, restrain such corporation and its officers from exercising any of its corporate rights, privileges or franchises, and from collecting or receiving any debts or demands, and from paying out, or in any way transferring or delivering to any person, any of the moneys, property or effects of such corporation, until such Court shall otherwise order.
Page 152 - The President was a listener ; the other gentlemen were discussing; some were in favor of Boutwell's selling gold, and some opposed to it. After they had all interchanged views, some one asked the President what his view was. He remarked that he thought there was a certain amount of fictitiousness about the prosperity of the country, and that the bubble might as well be tapped in one way as another.
Page 171 - Grant, we endeavored to ascertain what his position in regard to the finances was. We went down to supper about nine o'clock, intending while we were there to have this thing pretty thoroughly talked up, and, if possible, to relieve him from any idea of putting the price of gold down.
Page 41 - ... from collecting or receiving any debt or demand, and from paying out, or in any way transferring or delivering, to any person, any money, property, or effects of the corporation, during the pendency of the action ; except by express permission of the court.
Page 282 - ... during the latter part of August and the early part of September this same insect has been found in three greenhouses scattered over the state.
Page 40 - The court may in any stage of such action appoint one or more receivers to take charge of the property and effects of such corporation and to collect, sue for and recover the debts and demands that may be due...
Page 480 - Now what are you going to do? You have got us into this thing, and what are you going to do to get out of it?' He says, 'I don't know. I will go and get my wife.
Page 136 - I would put it up to 40 at one time We went into it as a commercial transaction, and did not intend to buy such an amount of gold. I was forced into it by the bears selling out. They were bound to put it down. I got into the contest. All these other fellows deserted me like rats from a ship. Kimber sold out and got short He sold out at 37.

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