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loved them to do this also. But they, alas, did not watch; they were asleep!

Beloved, do see Jesus here : see Him drinking the cup, saying, “ Not my will, but thine be done;" and bearing the cross ! and suffering, and bleeding, and dying for us. Ah, what grace, what love, what compassion for the lost!

“This was compassion like a God,

That when the Saviour knew
The price of pardon was His blood,

His pity ne'er withdrew." And now see Him in the heart of the earth. Like another Jonah, He lies buried three days; and look from the open grave to the open heaven! See the second Adam awaking out of sleep, and tell me where was the Church formed ? It was in the opened side-the grave of Jesus. When the Lord was about to form Eve, He cast Adam into a deep sleep, so that when he awoke she who was in Him was with him; and when Jesus rose, we who were dead in sins were raised together with Him.

Where else would you see Jesus? Shall we ransack Nature to find Him? Look around

“Nature, to make his glories known,

Must borrow colours not her own. Is He compared to a rose ? The rose must shed her bloom; but the Rose of Sharon will endure for ever. Is He a lily? The lily. by every passing tread becomes sullied of its purity; but He is the perfect One, “ without spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing,” “ holy, harmless, undefiled, and separate from sinners.”. Is He a Rock? The rocks, beloved, will become liquid fire, and the elements melt with fervent heat; but the Rock of Ages doth never, shall never, pass away. Ha ! yes; nothing can show Him!

“ Nature, to make His glories known,
Must borrow colours not her own.”

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Do you want Jesus? Would you see Jesus? How, if time allowed, one would like to bring you where you would see him in the displays of His grace ! But where see Him thus ? Is it when the woman was brought to Him, a sinner taken in the very act? “ Woman,” said he, “ where are those thine accusers ? Hath no man condemned thee? Neither do I condemn thee.” There was condemnation, but He had travelled far to take it for her; hence none to her. Oh, what grace is in Jesus, manifested in His dealing thus with sinners ! for dear people, one sinner is the same as another to Him. We either are, or we are not, sinners; and if we are sinners, we need a Saviour who can make us as white as snow. Beloved, there is but this one stand-point-this one Saviour. And we have only to take our place as sinners, and at once we have a Saviour-yes, just as we are.

I remember I was often puzzled by that verse, “ Strait is the gate and narrow is the way that leadeth unto life.” Some make it to mean that no one can be saved but by some mighty effort; but that is not it. It means that God shuts you up to a point—that strait is the gate, lonely, isolated the road that leads you up to God.

“ I'm a poor sinner, and nothing at all,

But Jesus Christ is my all in all.”

He and He only is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The most morally righteous person, and the greatest sinner under the sun, must enter at the same door, must take their stand on the same merit, must receive the same Spirit, and be saved by the same blood. All are alike to God. He knows no grades—no distinctions; just as if you could ascend some miles above the surface of the earth, you would see no difference between the loftiest peak of the Himalayas and the lowliest of hills, both would appear Hat as a plain. God looks on us all as sinners, rebels. He brings us



to the same point and says, “Strait is the gate," lonely, isolated, arbitrary, if you will. You may come, then, as a sinner, but with not an atom beside. Nothing but Christ! That is how His grace operates—salvation for the chief of sinners and for the least of sinners, on the ground of the greatest of Saviours-on the ground of the greatest of merits on the ground of Christ! He shed His blood—“the blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us from all sin.” I ask you, if it cleanseth from all sin, how much can remain ? His blood cleanses from all sin. Can you own this before God, that


sin on Jesus ? Can you own it as put away? for this it is which gives peace and rest to the soul. I would like you to meditate on this, beloved—if sin be put away, on the cross how much can remain ?

Beloved, would you see Him in the operations of His grace? The dying thief is an instance of that grace. There he is suspended between earth and heaven, dying, impaled on the wood — dying for crimes committed against human law-in a few moments his soul will be in eternity. But time is nothing to Jesus, any more than degrees of guilt. He could say to him on the reception of the truth, (for the thief had owned him LORD, had said, “ Lord, remember me,” and no man can call Jesus “ Lord, but by the Holy Ghost,") " Verily I say unto thee, to-day shalt thou be with me in Paradise;" and now

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"'Twixt him and resurrection,

But Paradise doth stand.”

What grace is here! How free! Instead of hell, paradise and the resurrection. It is the same with all who have believed, and who sleep in Jesus. We have laid them down in their slender coffins, and over their ashes we have dropt the silent tear; they sleep in Jesus; and by the same grace, converted early or late, it does not matter one atom; 'twixt them and the glorious

morn when Jesus shall call his sleeping members to meet Him in the air, there is but Paradise

“ 'Twixt them and resurrection,

But Paradise doth stand." I might, if I had time, trace out many other operations of His grace in the days when He was down here upon the earth. Look at that poor publican: the description may have been only a parable, but it seems a reality; that publican laid hold on God; he said, “God be merciful to me a sinner;" he said, “I am nothing, and I can do nothing." He brought no claim; he did not lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven; but he had got hold of God; he says nothing good of himself, but looks only to God; God having provided an atonement, He could show grace and mercy to the chief of sinners. He went to his home justified. I might enlarge on this. I might collect instances all through the history of the blessed Lord to illustrate the grace He loved to manifest to those who had no claim on Him, and who were without strength. I might multiply instances of that wonderful love and grace which in His life on earth showed, as in a mirror, what Jesus really is. But the moments are brief, and in conclusion I would ask, “ Have you seen Jesus? Have you seen Him for yourself? Some of you have, and you long to see Him where He is. Like Paul, you would be absent from the body, present with the Lord. All the past and the present urge to this. Some of you are weak, and weary, and old, and alone in life; and you are saying

“We would see Jesus, for the shadows lengthen

Across this little landscape of our life;
We would see Jesus, our weak faith to strengthen

For the last nearness- the final strife.
“We would see Jesus, for life's hand bath rested

With its dark touch upon both heart and brow;
And though our souls have many a billow breasted,

Others are rising in the distance now.

“We would see Jesus! Other lights are paling

Which for long years we have rejoiced to see;
The blessings of our pilgrimage are failing-

We would not mourn them, for we go to Thee."

But death is not our hope. Nor is paradise. Our hope is that He Himself will come- -come as He said to receive us unto Himself—unto the man Christ Jesus, who loves us—unto Him who also is Son, whose glory we shall see.

Our hope is that we are to see Him face to face, and be like Him, and be for ever with Him. Would you not see Him thus ? Are you daily receiving His assurances that He will soon come? Does He not say quickly? Love cannot have its object too soon, but says, “Come, Lord Jesus; come quickly.” . Oh, it is Himself we want; all that He is as HeadHis life, and love, and holiness; and all that He is as man, and as Son, and all that He shadowed forth as “God in manhood," when He made man in His image—the image of that which was to be His Eternal form.

What ravishing views even now may we have of Jesus! One dear dying saint has confessed to have had to put his hand on his eyes, he felt the glory to be so great. Beloved, very few of us have ever seen Him so.

Now, my heart's desire and prayer for you who are seeking salvation is, that you may see Jesus—see Him for yourselves, and seeing Him have the peace and rest which the knowledge of Him gives. Mark, it is Jesus you are to see, not any other—no man save Jesus only; seeing and owning Him as your Saviour, you will have rest. And remember that, believing in Jesus, you are before God as He is. Once dead, now as He is, raised from the dead ; accepted as He; justified, sanctified as He; this is rest for the weary

“He your redemption is,
Wisdom and righteousness,
Life, light, and holiness."


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