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been wiped from his face: our sins have been all washed away by our good Samaritan, and we are now raised and seated together with Him in heavenly places.

Then this good Samaritan brings the traveller to an inn, and takes care of him. Jesus brings the sinner, shall I say, into His Church, the Church of God in this world, of which Jesus is both Lord and Saviour. " And on the morrow, when he departed, he took out two pence,

and gave them to the host, and said unto him, Take care of him, and whatsoever thou spendest more, I will repay thee.” He leaves the innkeeper to say that there is nothing to pay; and so, in the morning, when the man has recovered, and is able to go way,

6. What is there now to pay ?” the innkeeper tells him there is nothing. Now, mark this, for it is an important truth. “ Nothing to pay !" “What !” he says, “ nothing for the beast on which I came here?” for he has now come to know a little of the state he had been in. “ No, nothing." « Nor for the wine?” “Nothing." “ Nor for the oil, for I have been healed ?” “Nothing.”

« Nor for this couch, on which I have had rest?” “No; there is nothing

" to pay.” “Well, then, who has paid for me ?” “The

" good Samaritan !” This, beloved, is a great truth. For are you not purchased ? are you not bought? did He not purchase you ? did He not bring you back to God? Where did the Good Samaritan find you? was it not in your sins ? And has He not paid all for you? has He not died?

Suppose a slaveowner, who says, “I have a slave, and he can be manumitted for a certain price;” suppose there is one who loves that slave, and who brings that price; he comes to the gates of the plantation, to the very home and person of the planter, and puts the sum of money in his hand. Why, the slaveowner, honouring his word, says, The slave is free ;


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he is manumitted !" Think you that God is less honourable than a slaveowner! Christ Jesus, who loved us, even with a dying love, wanted you and me to sit down with Him on His throne—to be higher than the angels—to have crowns on our foreheads, and harps in our hands—to be happy in His love: but the price to be paid for all this—what is it? It is death>The soul that sinneth, it must die." Would the death of an angel do? No: the sin is infinite, and the merit of Him who dies must be infinite. And so the Son of God came and died; He, Jesus, shed His blood for us. Nothing is so great a proof of His love; and He puts that blood—where ? Why, down in His Father's presence; and in right of that blood before God He can now say,

6 Him that cometh, I will in nowise cast out.” It is in virtue of that blood you can claim your

freedom. - Him that cometh, I will in nowise cast out." You can have no peace until you understand this. We are purchased with His own blood; we are bought with a price : well might the innkeeper say, “ There is nothing to

!" But when this saved wayfarer thinks of this, he says, “ What did I do to the Good Samaritan, that he has done so much for me?” and he remembers with shame that he did nothing but hate him; he had no dealings with him, for the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans. Mark, then, what a change takes place in him. Oh, I often wonder at people who say, # Can God save a sinner just as he is ?" Now, you see this man did not love the Good Samaritan; formerly he hated him ; but when he heard of what he had done-how that he had thought of him when he was unable to think for himself, and that he had paid all for him—then he says, “How wonderful! How I wish I could see him!" And why? For what does he want to see him ? It is that he may thank him and love him—that he may tell him how much he is


obligated And so the sinner, who, knowing the blood and promise of the Lord, has said

" Just as I am—without one plea,

But that thy blood was shed for me,
And that thou bid'st me come to thee,

O Lamb of God! I come."
Such can now say,

“ I love Him, because He first loved me.” Beloved, I have no right to life or liberty, but in virtue of the blood. It is the price of my redemption. If I were dying this moment, I have nothing to trust in but that precious blood. What had the slave to depend on but the money, the price of his redemption When he first looked into the matter,

? he found his owner had said that such a price would gain him his liberty; and now that that price has been provided, he knows, on the owner's word, that he is free. So with me: Christ's word is enough; and I say,

6. Just as I am-without one plea,
But that thou bid'st me come to thee,

O Lamb of God! I come.” How wonderful is it that we do not leap to our feet, and claim the liberty which He has purchased for us! What a joy it is to me to tell this to some poor heart to-day! Perhaps the devil is suggesting you cannot be saved. He says,

He says, “ Is it you? Why, you have no feeling about your sins, and so, of course, you cannot be saved ;" or—“ You! you have been too great a sinner ever to think of such a thing;” or“ You, who at one time said that you loved Christ, and have gone back to your old ways, why, how could you expect to be saved ? You can have no hope of it.” But, dear friends, the good Samaritan found this man when he had been left for dead, helpless, and hopeless; and can you be worse than that? Oh, when

Oh, when you know that He has died for you, it will give you peace and joy; it is eternal life to “ know the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom He hath sent;" as we sing


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" "Tis eternal life to know Him

Oh, how He loves !
Think, oh think, how much we owe Him --

Oh, how He loves !
With His precious blood He bought us,
In the wilderness He sought us,
To His fold He safely brought us-

Oh, how He loves !"

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I shall never forget that meeting in Paris. There were people of different nations, and when I spoke to them of the good Samaritan, of His love and grace, they received Him with delight; and in their own tongues confessed Him.

I am reminded of a scene which took place at Geneva. Three persons, as it were, accidentally met. They were from different countries, and could not speak to one another; but it is singular there are words which are the same in almost all languages, and will be understood in all lands, no matter what part of the world you may be in. One of the three, in simple love to the Lord and to the other two, said, “ Jesus ;" and the second said, Hallelujah ;and, singular as it may seem, the third said, “ Amen."

How beautiful it was! One saying the word which contains the whole gospel; for what is the meaning of Jesus—“ He shall save his people from their sins;” or, as George Herbert says, I ES U, that is, I ease you of all your sicknesses, sorrows, and sins. Is not that the gospel ? The other, Hallelujah; that is, praise the Lord; the eternal occupation of heaven, in all its many mansions. And the third, Amen; the response of the glorified, throughout all ages, world without end. Jesus

Hallelujah - Amen ;—three words, but a body of truth, a world of divinity—the Alpha and Omega of Salvation, Redemption,

Heaven, Glory, Eternal Life, Service, Worship, and Praise.

Beloved people, I wonder if you know this gospel; or if you care to know it! Do you know this Good

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Samaritan ? Have you ever felt Him lifting you up from where Satan left you, robbed and wounded, with nothing but an outward name and profession ?-Christianity without Christ—for many have this; they are being lost religiously, having no vital, living knowledge of Jesus. Oh! is it so with you? May God give you calmly to ask yourselves— Do I know Jesus, or have I been trying to get salvation, by going to the Priest, or to the Levite? You owe Divine righteousness a debt What is it? It is

your life, you must die! But the Son of Man died ! and if you lieve on the Lord Jesus Christ, you shall be saved ;" you will have no debt to pay. No human tribunal would demand payment a second time. Jesus has died, and so I can live. “ He that believeth hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation, but is passed from death unto life.” Because He died, I can live, and shall no more come into judgment, having been judged in the person of God's own Son.

Oh! may that blessed Samaritan--for is He not here now?_take the dust and stain of sin from off

your ruined, maimed, and plundered self! May He pour in the wine of His truth, and the oil of His healing. You know the wine takes effect at once. I one day said to a young man who was looking very gloomy" What's the matter?” Sir, my sins !"

56 What about your sins ?” “I shall be lost.” read?" "Yes." “ Will you read this verse

-- All we like sheep have gone astray.' Have you gone astray ?” “Yes”—“ And are unhappy ?”

6. Yes” 566 And we have turned every one to our own way. Each one to his own way? A drunkard has turned to his way, an infidel has turned to his


and God says, · All have turned to their own way.

He told me with tears, he had. “Now," I said, “ will you read the next line The Lord hath laid on Him [Christ] the iniquity of us all.' Is that true ?” “Sir,

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66 Can you

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