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explain ; but the poorest saint will be in the very glory that encircles the Son of God Himself.

II.-TAE SUBJECTS OF SALVATION.-I will not dwell longer on the source; but will touch, in the second place, on the SUBJECTS of this salvation. Its subjects are sinners. Our brother, on last Lord's-day, was very explicit on the question of God's love to the sinner. He showed you that God loved the sinner, and that the most difficult thing for any man to believe was that God loved him. He remarked how impossible it was for a man to make himself love God. In


ordinary case, had a man aroused your dislike, nothing you could do would make you love him ; you could not make yourself love him. There is only one thing which, without your forecast, could make you, viz., that you now have some new view of him which at once secured your love. That is what God does in His Gospel. He comes and puts the true knowledge of Himself before the sinner-puts Himself right before the sinner. The sinner is lost, God shows how, in love, He has provided a way to save him. The sinner is without peace, without rest; God shows him the methods

, He has taken, so that these are his. When once the sinner sees this, he sees what changes his mind about God; he sees that God is for him—that, in love, He gave His Son for him ; that God has provided a way by which he may be brought nigh to Him; and he now, in all these, sees reasons for loving God. Hence, “ We love Him because He first loved us. And, beloved, never forget He loved us when we were dead, when we were lost, when we were sinners. Oh! if there be a sinner here this morning who never thought of it before, let him think of it now. For lo! it is not said, God loved angels, or God loved the elect (God does love them); but what is said is, “God so loved the world--the poor sinner—the hell-deserving sinner! Ah! sinner, He comes, and puts the Cross of Christ alongside your desert. Make yourself a very devil of a sinner, and say that what you deserve is to die. God gave the Son of His love to die; He was the provided Lamb; He did die, and you can, in Him, have immediate life. You can say, God has provided for me a Lamb, and has told me that if I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ I shall have life.

Before I come to the other point, that it is a present salvation, let each one of this multitude askeach unconverted one, conscious or unconscious of his lost condition—6 Do I see this salvation ? Am I a subject of this salvation ?" You will have to die some day, and if you do not see it soon, it will be too late, and you will die without hope. Oh! may God give you to see how now you may have salvation ! May the thoughtful mind be given to very many of you now! God grant that the question may penetrate your hearts, Am I saved ?—have I ever been quickened by His Spirit to see this salvation ?-have I received this salvation ?-am I experimentally a subject of it? If you can take the place of one who needs it, if you can take the place of a sinner deserving condemnation and hell, there is salvation for you, you may have salvation now ; for

III.-IT IS A PRESENT SALVATION.- When a young minister once came to me, I saw he was just hanging upon a hope—vaguely hoping that if he died he would be saved. He did believe, he said, in the Lord Jesus Christ, but did not know that he was saved. I am confident there are hundreds of people hanging on thus, half believing and half doubting, who are saved, though they do not intelligently know they are saved. I dare say many of you feel that if you were to die now, you would have little else than a mere hope ; you hope you may not be lost ;


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and if saved, at death, your exclamation in heaven may be, “ I hardly expected it !" When I spoke on the twenty-fourth verse of the fifth of John to that young minister, and inquired, You have heard the words of Jesus, have you not ? and you

believe in Him that sent Jesus ?” he looked at me, and said, “I believe it, but I have no assurance.

“No," I said, “ you do not believe, (for example, the word which says,) hath everlasting life;' you have not believed this,—that, on believing, YOU HAVE everlasting life.

That was the very thing he had not believed. He afterwards said to me, “I could not sleep for joy, the words were ever ringing in my ears,

He that believeth hath everlasting life ;' Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.' And again, . He that hath the Son hath life.''

And now the power of that young minister is this: he takes God at His word; he believes God; God has assured him that, on believing, salvation is his eternal life is histhat “ He that believeth is saved.”

See, then, this salvation is a present salvation. But it is not all in hand yet. Oh! I have got the field, but not the glorious harvests of ages on ages to come. I have got the crown, but not all the glistening gems that will gleam in that crown; I have got Jesus, but I do not yet know what He is to me and for me; I have companions, those blessed joint-heirs with me and Christ, but I do not know one millionth part of the abundant gladness and glory I shall yet have with them ; I have rank, but I do not know what it is

- heirs of God — joint-heirs with Christ ! Ah! we know not yet what we have. But we shall know. Meanwhile, we have a present salvation, but, as Paul says,

, 6 Now is it nearer”—not nearer as to meetness, giving thanks unto the Father, who hath made us meet for the inheritance of the saints in light”-not nearer as


to rank, for now are we the sons of God," but simply nearer as to taking full possession. It is 66 when Christ, who is our life, shall appear, that we also shall appear with Him in glory;" of which glory we may say, no eye hath yet seen, nor ear heard, the honour, the power, the beauty of the glory we shall then have in association with Him. Thus it is—God gives Christ ; then gives Him everything as Son of man; all things are put into His hands, that He might give everything to us in virtue of our association with Him; we are joint-heirs with Him, and all things are ours. Oh, what a salvation is this ! How goodly, how vast ! 'Tis a broad land of wealth unknown! I cannot even speak of it; I am but a mere finger to point to it and say, great is this salvation, with resurrection in it! with the glorified body in it! with everlasting adoption into God's family in it! with everlasting glory in association with Jesus in it! being a king, a priest, a jointheir, a son in it! What a salvation! How I fail to disclose its greatness; I know only in part, and I can speak only in part, of its fulness and glory!

But I want you to have it—to have its joy and its peace. Since 1857, God has been converting men in a very remarkable way. In poor America, what thousands of souls in that year were brought into the knowledge of Jesus! In our own land, in Ulster, and on our own loved shores, in different parts of England, and Scotland, and Wales, you remember the shower of blessing God gave to a multitude of souls. In the midst of such times, are you still unsaved ? What! in the midst of such life, yet dead ?

Travelling the other day I saw one of the most beautiful of woods, but there was one tree whose branches were naked, it had no foliage, and it bowed to no breeze. Ah! there is nothing so manifest as death in the midst of a scene of life. You, my dear hearer, who are here an unsaved, an unmoved soul, you

Are you?

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are like that tree, as having your place like a barren one in the midst of the luxuriance of the garden of the Lord's time of awakening and refreshing. Oh! I beseech you, if

you are conscious of being unsaved, go unto God! go now from this moment! Say to Him_ “My Father, my God, from this time I will take Thee, Thou art what I want." But you say—“I am dead, I am cold.” I know what you are, but God is the salvation of such. If you could make out you had all iniquity, all crime, all vice concentrated in you that every lost soul ever had when on earth, I could still point you to Christ, and show you that if you were a million times worse, " the cup of wrath " you deserved was taken on the cross. Oh! come to Jesus to-day! let the vilest come! let the guiltiest come! let the oldest come ! let such as have had no hope come ! come to Him now ! come to Jesus! Come just as you are

"Let not conscience make you linger,

Nor of fitness fondly dream;
All the fitness He requireth

Is to feel your need of Him." Put out your hands, sinner, and take this salvation now. It is a present salvation ; its rest is a present rest; its joy is a present joy, its life is a present life. Oh, blessed to have salvation !-much in present possession-more in reserve. We are now in a state of minority; we shall soon be of age. Take it all. It is yours by taking it, it is yours by believing. “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be SAVED.”

I conclude as I commenced. Life is passing ; death works; the grave works; Hell is open ; men give up the ghost; and oh :

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" Oft as the bell with solemn toll

Speaks the departure of a soul,
Let each one ask himself, Am I
Prepared, should I be called to die?"

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