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The style also of these selections has been the subject of assiduous attention. Correctness and variety have been sought for. But, as this is a matter of taste, to be referred to the ultimate standard of taste, the common sense of the public, it would be unbecoming to say more, than that the compilers have used their best endeavors to guard against all reasonable objection on this score. The authors fipm whom they have selected, will generally be found to have already received the seal of public approbation, as classics of the English language.

It has been the aim of the compilers to give every lesson a degree of unity and completeness; so that it might be rather a whole, than a fragment. Mere detached sentences, the understanding of which presupposes an acquaintance with their preceding and subsequent connections, have been studiously rejected; for the obvious reason, that scholars cannot be expected to derive improvement from the reading of exercises they do not understand.

The above remarks will sufficiently show the character intended to be given to the work. How far that character has been attained, is, with feelings of profound deference, referred to the tribunal of public opinion.

B. D. E.

Boston, Sept. 1833

Truth and Falsehood. An Allegory

Johnson 110

The Escape

Miss Sedgwick 113

Escape from a Panther

Cooper 122

The Dead Sea

- Scott 126

Reception of Columbus on his Return from Spain

Irving 127

Extract from the Lives of the Apostles

Greenwood 130

Second Extract from the same


The Danger of a Military Spirit

Hopkinson 134

The Mystery of Life

Dewey 139

The same concluded


Close of Mr. Brougham's Speech on the Reform Bill


Revolutionary Anecolote

Anon. 147

Heroism of a Physician

Mad. De Genlis 148

Stop a Moment

Anon. 150

Funeral at Sea

Anon. 151

Imlac's Description of a Poet

Johnson 157

The Three Kingdoms of Nature -

Bingley 159

Reflections on the Moslem Dominion in Spain

Irving 163

Surrender of Grenada by the Moors to Ferdinand and Isabella Ibid. 166

Early Recollections

New Monthly Magazine 173

The American in England

Irving 176

The Poetry of Ossian

Howitt 177

The Pleasures of Science

Brougham 179

Female Influence

Gannett 181

An Address to a Young Student

Knox 184

Studies of Nature

Mudie 190

The Love of our Country strengthened by the Observation of Nature Ibid. 192

Hannah Lamond

Wilson 195

The same


Fall and River of Niagara

T. Flint 200

Aurora Borealis


Anecdote of Washington

Anon. 204

Story of Grant and Macpherson

Anon. 209

Adversity and Prosperity. An Allegory

Moore 212

Moral Effects of Intemperance

Wayland 216

Adams and Jefferson

Wirt 217

Character of Martin Luther

Robertson 227

Character of Samuel Adams

Tudor 229

Public Faith

Ames 231

Christian Benevolence

Chalmers 232

The Unbeliever

Ibid. 234

Recollections of Palestine

N. A. Review 235

Character of Jesus contrasted with that of Mahomet

White 236

Valley of Jehoshaphat

Chateaubriand 239

A Scene nearly two Centuries ago on the Hudson

Irving 244

Objects of Reading

Christian Examiner 246

Horrors of War
The Effect of the Manners of the Athenians
Account of the Plague in London
Rural Occupations favorable to Devotion
Description of the Speedwell Mine in England
The Transport
Reflections on the Return of Spring
Instability of Earthly Things
Advice to the Young
Immortality the Reward of Virtue -

Chalmers 249
Gillies 250

Galt 257
Buckminster 258

Silliman 260

Anon. 266
Alison 268
Hervey 269
Channing 273
Lindsay 274

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