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Of course, in speaking thus, I trust God, which they would otherwise to the candour of your readers, as have been disposed to exercise : and not apprehending me at all to say what a loss to our suffering country that there are not instances, perhaps and to the Church of Christ does not many of them, of clergymen who have such a supposition involve! Whilst faithfully improved this loud call of to the great mass of society, the busy, Providence to the warning and in- the frivolous, the men of the world, struction of their hearers: what I immersed in its gains or pleasuresaim to express is, that no general or living "without God in the world," public cognizance of this tremendous and ever glad to thrust Him, as it visitation from the hand of God-no were, out of his own creation ; what general clerical movement in conse- an occasion does it supply to them, quence of it-no meetings of the clergy when at any time they hear this deto express their views or feelings on structive plague spoken of as a judgthe subject—no announcement in the ment of God for national sin, to assert shape of warning to the country, of or allege that it is evidently not so counsel, strictures, invocation, or viewed by the clergy of the kingdompublic address—has, so far as I can and thus to triumph in their sneering discover, emanated from any eccle- ungodliness, and become the more siastical body - not excepting the confirmed in their proud and misdignitaries of the Church, or even chievous INFIDELITY! the Charges of the Episcopal Bench. It is with the intent, sir, to give

Now I cannot but anticipate, sir, expression to these my painful views from such silence of the ministers and apprehensions, in a channel the and heads of the Church on a judg- best calculated of any that I know, ment of God, so awful and afflictive, to reach the notice of the Reverend consequences to the cause of religion the Clergy of the United Kingdom, and morals of the most mischievous that I have ventured to solicit a place description. With the more serious for these reflections in your pages ; or religious part of the public, dis- and it is my earnest prayer that they posed as they will naturally be to re- may be received by my respected gard this calamity as an infliction brethren in the humble and friendly from the hand of God, it must tempt spirit in which they are written, and not a few to question at least, if not that it may please the Lord to bless to doubt whether they are right in so them to the general edification of regarding it, and tend in a great mea

your readers. sure to suppress those intercessions

TwEDDELL. and humiliations of themselves before



In a letter to a son he names the four following circumstances, as requisites in a candidate for the Christian ministry.

1. “That the person be really and truly converted to God; a new creature, born of the Spirit; and it is requisite that piety be not only real, but eminent.

2. “That there be competent abilities, natural or acquired, and both if possible; for the preacher should be the superior of most of his hearers in mental powers.

3. “There must be a prevailing, a strong, an unconquerable inclination and desire to the work; so that the person shall prefer it infinitely above all other employments, and that for the best purposes—the glory of God, and the salvation of souls.

4. “The sanction and approbation of competent judges; for men may think they have all the requisites; but as we are all partial to ourselves, it is well to have the approbation of wise and good men; it is very satisfactory to a humble person."


On Friday, 1st of January, 1847; being the first day of the new year.

with one heart and soul in prayer, I see more and more clearly the need

that God of his tender mercy may there is of this great gift of God. pour out of the abundance of his For in what very peculiar circum- Holy Spirit. stances does the coming year open

Connected with this judgment of upon us.

God is the state of our beloved sister First. We are suffering under island.' There the hand of the Lord “ the judgment of Almighty God, is heavily felt. For there, alas! whilst against whom by our strifes and di- there is a scarcity of food, amounting, visions, our misuse of his gifts, and in some parts, almost to famine, still forgetfulness of his manifold mercies, severer judgments threaten that unwe have grievously sinned. At his happy land.

I need not mention bidding the earth hath witholden the them. It is enough to say that God wonted provision of food, and turned alone can deliver from them. Oh! abundance into scarcity.”* Whilst then, let our sister country have your the Almighty is thus contending with earnest prayers—that God would us, the aid of the Holy Spirit is pe- send the Comforter to his suffering culiarly required to produce repent people-sanctify their present trials, ance for our manifold transgressions, and so strengthen their faith and forand to avert still further judgments, tify their patience, that they may by His leading us “to break off “glorify the Lord, in the fires," and our sins by righteousness, and our be as instruments in his hand to iniquities by shewing mercy to the turn the hearts of sinners to “Him poor.". For the Scriptures of truth that smiteth them,” and bring them make known that the divine judg- from the errors of Romanism to the ments will not of themselves turn the knowledge of the truth as it is in Jesus. heart to God. They rather increase A second peculiarity in the openthe enmity. The Lord alone can ing year, is the multiplied efforts of "take away the stony heart, and give the Church of Rome to extend her a heart of flesh," and produce that Communion. The effect of these

godly sorrow which leads to repent- efforts has been to damp the zeal of ance not to be repented of.” It is Protestants in maintaining the faith true that solemn prayer has been of their forefathers, and almost to offered throughout the land that God persuade them that Popery must would remove this judgment, and all

prevail. who fear his name must be thankful The only fear we ought to have is for this recognition of his providence; fear for those who become proselytes but where, it may be asked, is the to the Church of Rome, and for those real turning to God as a nation suffer- who abide in her communion. For ing under his chastening rod? Where them, reflecting upon the terrible the stop to the open breach of the judgmentst to which they are exSabbath? to the pride, covetousness, posed, we cannot have too great comsensuality, and overflowings of un- passion, or be too earnest in our godliness which make us afraid? It endeavours to bring before them the is the Lord alone who can make this solemn warning of Almighty God : effectual change. When he “pours “Come out of her, my people, that ye out the Spirit of grace and supplica- be not partakers of her sins, and that tion,” we shall mourn for our sins ye receive not of her plagues.”'For and turn from our wickedness. Oh her destiny is unalterably fixed. then, Christian brethren, unite as “The Most High, who does as he * See the Form of Prayer directed to be used in the Churches and Chapels.

+ Isaiah ix. 8—13. Amos iv. Rev. xvi. 8–11. # Rev. xiv. 8–11. xviii. 8. xix. 1-3.

§ Rev. xvii. 4.

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a cage

pleases in the armies of heaven," and his Son first “to die for sinners," and who “ beareth rule in the kingdom of then "to gather together in one all men,” has decreed her fall-has de- things in Christ, both which are in clared that he will send "a mighty heaven and which are on earth, even Angel, having great power; and in him." How grievous to our lightening the earth with his glory;' blessed Saviour, whose last prayer who shall proclaim with a loud voice, was, that “all who believe in him may “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, be one, even as the Father and the and is become the habitation of devils, Son are one." How grievous also to and the hold of every foul spirit, and the Holy Spirit, who directs that "all


unclean and hateful bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and bird." We, therefore, have no cause clamour, and evil-speaking, should for apprehension. Since the efforts be put away with all malice;" and of the church of Rome are but as the that we should “be kind one to anconvulsive throes of a dying man-if other, tender-hearted, forgiving one these efforts should for a season pre- another, even as God for Christ's vail, they alter not the mind of the sake hath forgiven us.”! When we Most High, for “His counsel shall bear in mind the strife and debate, stand, and he will do all his pleasure;" the hard words and angry spirit, nor need they alarm his people. For which have lately prevailed, and which “these shall make war with the Lamb, have almost separated bosom friends, and the Lamb shall overcome them: and rent asunder the church of for he is Lord of lords, and King of Christ, we cannot but apprehend that kings: and they that are with him these unhappy divisions have been are called, and chosen, and faithful!" one fertile source of all our sorrows. “They overcame by the blood of the Nor can we hope that God will be Lamb, and by the word of their reconciled to us whilst we remain untestimony; and they loved not their reconciled one to another. How lives unto the death.” “Here is the important then is the abundant outpatience of the saints; here are they pouring of the Holy Spirit to convince that keep the commandments of God, the members of the universal church and the faith of Jesus.”+

of Christ of their sinful neglect of To raise his people to this standard, their Lord's new commandmentand to enable those who profess the "Love one another;" and at the same Protestant faith to act up to their time to incline the hearts of his profession, the abundant outpouring people to the exercise of brotherly of the Holy Spirit is essentially re- love. For He alone can remove quisite. Beloved brethren, then, as these obstacles which unrenewed nayou partake of the spirit of our Pro- ture, long cherished habits, educatestant forefathers, pray for this un- tional prejudices, narrow-minded speakable gift. Pray, that He who bigotry, and sectarian selfishness, said to Joshua, “Be thou strong and have raised. He alone "can break very courageous," may give to his in pieces these gates of brass, and people that strong faith in his word, cut in sunder these bars of iron." and holy boldness in his cause, which Let your prayers then be earnest for may lead them to say with Luther, His mighty aid; That he who on the

Though the sun be darkened by day of Pentecost brought the very legions of devils as by thick clouds, crucifiers of our Lord to be of one we will not fear, for God is for us, heart and mind with his chosen disand victory is ours."

ciples, would pour such streams of A third particular calling for notice love upon the church of Christ, that is, our strifes and divisions.

they who are now furthest off may be These are so well known as to brought “to love one another with make it unnecessary to particularize pure hearts fervently." them. But how grievous must they The following suggestions are rebe in the sight of that God whose spectfully offered, to assist those who name is “ Love!” and who has com- are desirous of this union: mended his love to us by sending 1st. Let Christians follow the ex

* Rev. xvü. 1-4. + Rev. xiv. 12. # Eph. iv. 31, 32.

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ample of our blessed Lord, (Mark voutly disposed partake together of 1. 25.) who rose up a great while be- the Supper of the Lord—or, as may fore day for secret prayer. Let them be more convenient, let the whole thus secure the blessing of Him who congregation meet in the evening for says, “Pray to thy Father which public worship, and let an appropriate seeth in secret; and thy Father which discourse be preached. seeth in secret shall reward thee 4th. Let the ministers of the Lord openly.

meet on the following Monday, with 2nd. Let them call upon the Lord their brethren of their own commuin their families, for his Spirit to be nion, in earnest prayer for themselves, poured upon themselves and their their flocks, the whole body of Christ, households, their neighbours, their and the world at large, and then country, including Great Britain and

especially consult together upon the Ireland, and our Colonies, the min- most effectual means for hastening isters of the Lord, the churches the coming of the Lord's kingdom, of Christ, the remnant of scattered and particularly for the continuance Judah and outcast Israel, and upon of such a general concert for prayer, the Gentile world.

that the year may proceed according 3rd. Where circumstances will to this devout commencement. admit of a morning service, let the Thus prays their affectionate brocongregation be assembled, and, in ther, and servant in the Lord, addition to the appointed prayers and a suitahle sermon, let all who are de




We have taken the following account of the recent revolutionary proceedings in Switzerland from the “Scottish Guardian;" we believe it is a correct representation of the real state of things in that country. It is altogether deserving of the most serious consideration.

“In the very centre of Europe, in all the darkness of the middle there is now exhibited, in miniature, ages, and now lending themselves as before the eyes of all nations, an in- the ready, abject tools of the Jesuits. structive rehearsal of that dread And, on the other, there are those drama, for which there is reason to whom (as we have lately seen) the believe that Europe, and this wide most aristocratic journal in England world itself (which knows not God), reckons as good Protestants,-Proare doomed, at no very distant day, testants of the school of Gibbon, and to furnish a more ample theatre. Voltaire, and Rousseau, and Thomas Amid the valleys and mountains of Paine,-men who denounce marriage, Switzerland, the servants of Anti- who denounce government, who dechrist and the sons of Belial are ready nounce morality, who denounce and to rush to deadly conflict; and if we defy God Almighty himself! These ask—where, at such a crisis, are to two parties look on each other with be seen the sons of God ?-we are mortal hate. The former is drawn irresistibly reminded of the saying of to a head under the so-called Catholic Scripture, “When the Son of man League,-an old association which cometh, shall he find faith on the formerly included only four, but now earth?

embraces seven cantons,-being, ge“In effect, there are, at the present nerally, of the smaller cantons, occumoment, only two great parties in pying the most mountainous and Switzerland. On the one hand, there least accessible parts of central Switare the adherents of Rome,-steeped zerland. The latter include the more extensive, populous, and wealthy can- rejects its Saviour. It should read, tons, and the two parties being nearly also, a very seasonable lesson to balanced in the general diet of the those who are now looking to state confederation, a formal rupture has education as the certain means of hitherto been averted, by the votes of man's regeneration. For, be it rethree neutral cantons,-namely, Basle membered that, according to official (the city,) Neufchatel, and Geneva. returns, the people of Switzerland So fierce, however, is the enmity of are the besteducated people in Europe. the great antagonist parties, and so But if the light that is in them be incapable of restraint, that it has darkness, how great is that darkness!' already burst through all constitu- If, 'when they knew God, they glotional barriers; and the infidel demo- rified him not as God, neither were crats, fired at the restless and suc- thankful ; but became vain in their cessful machinations of the Jesuits, imaginations, and their foolish heart have rushed, more than once, tumul- was darkened ;'-if, professing themtuously to arms, and marched their selves to be wise, they have become 'free,'—in other words, lawless fools'—if they have changed the *corps,' into the very heart of the truth of God into a lie, and worRomish cantons.

shipped and served the creature more “The revolution, which has just than the Creator, who is blessed for occurred at Geneva, may be taken as ever ;'-—and if thus they did not like another proof of the determined re- to retain God in their knowledge,'solution of the democratic cantons ;- what wonder if he ‘give them over by whom, there can be no doubt, it to a reprobate mind'—to be filled has been instigated and promoted. with all unrighteousness ?' — what It is stated that 2,000 troops of the wonder if he turn their counsel into Canton de Vaud were ready to march, foolishness, and give them to eat the -if it had been necessary—to the

fruit of their own ways?'aid of the Genevan insurgents. But “ The difference, which exists bethe strongest, the most respectable, tween Switzerland and Scotland, has and, to all appearance, the most stable been strikingly illustrated by the very government in Switzerland, could not opposite circumstances attending the depend on the fidelity or energy of similar events, that recently occurred its own subjects, and has at once suc- in the two countries. In Scotland, cumbed before lawless violence. While when a band of faithful ministers, for we write, a similar revolution is said conscience sake, abandoned their state to have been effected in the city of endowments,—their own congregaBasle. But—whether there be so tions, and thousands and tens of or not,—the change at Geneva is thousands more of the Scottish peoenough of itself for the attainment ple, followed them with cheerfulness, of the end in view. The altered vote and have adhered to them with conof that canton turns the majority in stancy. In Switzerland, a band of the general diet. The 'Free Corps' Christian ministers,—driven from will at once be converted from lawless their earthly all by, if possible, a banditti into a constitutional army ; still more imperative necessity,—have and the two parties, with all their re- had none to follow them, and are sources, and all their hearts, will at made the subjects of all but universal once be ready to rush into the deepest execration. Dr. Alexander (in his horrors of civil war,-a war of exter- recent work) explains to us the reamination.

son: The mass of the people are "The state of matters in Switzer- the decided enemies of spiritual reliland should put to flight the dreams gion in all its forms, and regarding with which so many have been de- the

presence among

them of a pious luding themselves, when they vainly and evangelical minister as an annoyimagined that what is called the en- ance rather than a blessing,—they lightenment of the nineteenth cen- have exulted in the circumstances, tury,' was to take sin out of the heart which have relieved them from the of man, and remove the curse from presence of one whom they hated as a world that disowns its God and an enemy, because he told them the

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