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In pursuance of a resolution of the legislature, passed June session, 1852, the undersigned were commissioned by the governor and council “ to compile, arrange and put into chapters, under appropriate heads, the public acts now in force, including the revised statutes and the public acts and laws passed since the revision of the statutes.” On receiving our commission for that purpose, we proceeded immediately to the work, and reported to the legislature, at their November session, what portion of it we had been able to accomplish in that time.

Under a resolution of the November session, recommitting the work to us, “ with instructions to proceed with the compilation," we have completed, published, and herewith submit, the compilation containing all the laws now in force, including the acts of June and November sessions, 1852.

Our endeavor has been, so far as possible, to follow strictly the instructions contained in the resolution, not intending to exceed our authority, but to make a “compilation" without changing the legal sense of the original enactments. In consequence of adopting the plan to compile together in chapters and sub-divisions the various sections relating to the same subject, to avoid the perplexity that might arise in finding out the original enactments, we have made reference to the chapter and year of the laws passed since 1842 at the end of each section, and have in like manner referred to the revised statutes, excepting those chapters which are identical, or nearly so.

The laws passed since 1842, being composed in a great measure of additions to and amendments of the revised statutes, contain as a matter of course references to the chapters and sections added to or amended, which references we have retained in the compilation, giving at the same time, in parenthesis, the chapter and section of the compilation. Acts required to be adopted by towns and corporations we have been obliged to arrange in the same manner, which, it will be readily seen, has rendered our task much more laborious than it would have been if we had had authority to revise in that particular.

In the general plan of the work we have adopted the arrangement of the revised statutes, retaining the same titles, but adding new chapters, where the subject matter required, under its most appropriate title.

The constitution of the United States we have prefixed to the compilation, and also the constitution of New Hampshire, with the governor's proclamation of amendinents adopted by the constitutional convention of 1851.

The resolution of the November session recommitted the work to the commissioners, authorizing them “ to complete the same and to procure the same to be printed, with a proper index, in such way and manner as they may deem to be for the best interest of the State," without instructions as to the prices to be paid for printing or the number of copies to be procured for the State. We, therefore, presumed it was the intention of the legislature that the printing should be done by the state printers, on the terms fixed by law, and that the number of copies for the use of the State should be the same as of the pamphlet laws authorized by law. Accordingly the state printers were directed to do the printing at said prices, and to furnish 825 copies for the use of the State ; and we agreed with them that the book should be furnished to the public at the same prices.

We have appended a copious and full index, which we believe will be found convenient for reference; and with the above explanations of arrangement and plan of the compilation, we submit it to the legislature, hoping it will be found, on examination, in every respect what was intended by them and what was expected by the public.


CONCORD, June, 1853.

The following typographical errors occurred in the first edition of the Compiled Statutes, and are corrected in this, the second edition : Page 175, sec. 2, second line, the word not, omitted. « 293,“ 2, last line, for mortgagee, mortgager. 2, second line, for devised, derived.

PUBLISHER. Concord, December, 1854.


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