Reports of Cases Decided in the High Court of Chancery: By the Right Hon. Sir John Leach ... [and Others] Vice-chancellors of England. [1826-1852], Volume 11

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Page 23 - ... not exceeding the current rate of interest from the time when such debts or sums certain were payable, if such debts or sums be payable by virtue of some written instrument at a certain time, or, if payable otherwise, then from the time when demand of payment shall have been made in writing, so as such demand shall give notice to the debtor that interest will be claimed from the date of such demand until the term of payment: Provided that interest shall be payable in all cases in which it is...
Page 524 - ... courts of equity with respect to matters therein depending, and by the Lord Chancellor and the Court of Review in matters of bankruptcy, and by the Lord Chancellor in matters of lunacy; and all remedies hereby given to judgment creditors are in like manner given to persons to whom any monies, or costs, charges, or expenses, are by such orders or rules respectively directed to be paid.
Page 162 - ... or the survivor of them, or the executors or administrators of the survivor; and the money recovered therein shall be deposited in the town treasury, to be applied and disposed of as provided in the twelfth section.
Page 273 - ... entitled to the possession or to the receipt of the rents and profits...
Page 146 - Where two or more persons claim the same thing by different or separate interests, and another person, not knowing to which of the claimants he ought of right to render a debt or duty, or to deliver property in his custody, fears he may be hurt by some of them, he may exhibit a bill of interpleader against them.
Page 229 - ... and in such manner as they, my said trustees, or the survivors or survivor of them, his executors or administrators shall think most proper and advisable.
Page 542 - The rule is, that technical words shall have their legal effect, unless, from subsequent inconsistent words, it is very clear that the testator meant otherwise.
Page 135 - Wilcox's father, and who was dead at the date of the will, never could have taken. Then the testator directs that the issue of such of the children as were dead, should take only the share to which their parent would have been entitled if living.
Page 511 - ... settlement to perpetuate during the whole or any part of such period the protectorship of the settlement in any one person or number of persons in...
Page 450 - ... a supplemental bill in the nature of a bill of review, and cannot be filed except with leave of the court.

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