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into English Verse, with Notes. By the tory of the Articles of the Materia Medica, Rev. H. F. Cary, AM. Author of the their class and Order, Natural Order of Translation of Dante, 8vo.

the Plants, &c. the rationale of the differA Translation of the Travels in Brazil, ent Chemical Processes, &c. &c. By Thoin the Years 1817, 18, 19, and 20, under. mas Cox, MD. taken by the Command of the King of A Third Course of Practical Sermons. Bavaria. By Dr. John Von Spix, and Dr. By the Rev. Harvey Marriott, Rector of Charles Von Martins.

Claverton, and Chaplain to the Right Hon. Narrative of a Tour through Parts of Lord Kenyon. the Netherlands, Holland, Germany, Swit- Narrative of a Short Residence in Nor. zerland, Savoy, and France, in the Year wegian Lapland, with an Account of a 1821-2, including a Description of the Winter's Journey, performed with reinRhine Voyage in the middle of Autumn, deer, through Norwegian, and Swedish and the stupendous Scenery of the Alps in Lapland, with numerous Plates, and vathe depth of Winter. By Charles Ten- rious particulars relating to the Laplanders. nant, Esq. In 2 vols. 8vo,

By Captain Brooke. Scripture Topography, an Alphabetical Lithographic Illustrations of a Journey Arrangement of all the Names of Places across Lapland, from the shores of the mentioned in the Old and New Testament; Polar Sea to the Gulph of Bothnia, chiefly accompanied with Historical and descriptive with rein-deer, and during the Month of Information derived from Ancient Writers December, showing the manner in which and Modern Travellers, and particularly the Laplanders perform their Winter Exuseful in the Illustration of the Prophe- peditions, the appearances of the Northern cies.

Lights, and the most striking features and Memoirs of India, comprising a Brief incidents that occurred during the above Geographical Account of the East Indies; period. By Captain Brooke. a Succinct History of Hindostan, from the Essays and Sketches of Character. By early Ages, to the End of Marquis Haste the late Richard Ayton, Esq. with a Mé ings' Administration in 1823, designed for moir of his Life, and Extracts from his the Use of Young Men going out to lodia. Correspondence. In post 8vo. with a PorBy Captain Wallace, Author of “ Fifteen trait by F. C. Lewis, from a Drawing by Years in India."

R. Westall, Esq. RA. Memoirs of the Life of J. P. Kemble, The Complete Works of the Rev. Philip Esq. including a History of the Stage, from Skelton, of Trinity College, Dublin, with the Time of Garrick to the Present Period. Memoirs of his Life, by the Rev. Samuel By M. J. Bowden.

Burdy, AB. Edited by the Rev. Robert Anecdotes, Biographical Sketches, and Lynam, AM. In 6 vols. 8vo. uniform Memoirs. Collected by Letitia Matilda with the Editions of Jeremy Taylor, &c. Hawkins. Vd. II. 8vo.

A Letter to the Right Hon. Sir John Ancient Poetry and Romances of Spain, Newport, Bart. MP. on the Subject of the selected and translated, with Critical and Fees payable in the Courts of Justice, and Historical Remarks. By John Bowring, the Stamp Duties on Law Proceedings. Esq.

By James

Glassford, Esq. Memoirs of Captain Rock, the cele- Aaron Smith's Narrative of the horrid brated Irish Chieftain, with some Account and unprecedented Sufferings he underwent of his Ancestors. Written by Himself. during his Captivity among the Pirates, in

Scenes and Impressions in Egypt and in the Island of Cuba. Italy. By the Author of “ Recollections The Agamemnon of Æschylus, trans. of the Peninsula," &c.

lated into English Verse, with Notes CritiThe New London Dispensatory, con- cal and Explanatory. By John Synimons, taining a Translation of the Pharmacopæia Esq. AM. of Christ Church, Oxford, Londinensis of 1824, with a concise His


History and Biography.

mental Laws, by which they have been Edinburgh Annual Register for 1822. and are now governed. By T. E. Evans. 8vo. 21s.

Vol. I. 8vo. 15s. Naval History of Great Britain. By Sir Robert Naunton's Court of Queen W, James. 5 vols. 8vo. with 2 vols. 4to. Elizabeth, her Times and Favourites, a of Tables. 41.

new Edition, with Biographical IllustraHistory of the Political Institutions of tions, and nine Portraits. 8vo. 128. 6d. the Nations of Europe and America, with Large paper, 21%. the Constitutions, Charters, and Funda- History of the Literature of Spain and

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Portugal. By M. De Sismondi, with Jerry, &c. With 24 coloured Plates, reNotes, by Thomas Roscoe, Esq. Vol. III. presenting the Vicissitudes of the Stage, and IV. 8vo. 288.

Nos. 1, 2, and 3, Price 3s. each. To be Memoirs et Correspondance de Du- completed in 8 Numbers. plessis Momay, pour servir à l'Histoire de la Morewood on Distillation. 8vo. 12s. Reformation et des Guerres Civiles et Reli- The Months of the Year, or Conversa, gieuses en France, sous Charles IX. Henri tions on the Calendar, a Compendium of III. Henry IV. et Louis XIII. depuis l'an Biography, History, and Chronology, ex, 1571, jusqu'en 1653. Vols. I, and II. plaining the many events recorded in the 8vo. 18s.

Almanac. 12mo. 7s. Godwin's History of the Commonwealth,

Novels and Tales. vol. 1, 8vo. 148.

The Pilot : a Tale of the Sea. By the

Author of “ The Spy," “ Pioneers,” &c. Miscellaneous.

3 Vols. 12mo. 17. 48. Sayings and Doings, a Series of Sketches Duke Christian of Luneburg: or Tra. from Life. 3 Vols. Il. 10s.

ditions from the Hartz. By Miss Jane Dubois' Epitome of Lamarck's Concho. Porter. 3 Vols. 12mo. 11. 4s. logy. 8vo. 145.

Inesilla : or the Tempter, a Romance, An Essay on the Origin and Progress of with other Tales. 12mo. 78. Gothic Architecture, traced in and deduced How to be rid of a Wife ; and other from the Ancient Edifices of Germany, with Tales. By Miss Spence. 2 Vols. 10s. 6d. references to those in England, &c. By Dr. George Moller. 8vo. 6s.

Poetry and the Drama. Williams's Select Views in Greece, No. I,

The Birth and Triumph of Love: a sewed, containing 6 Engravings. Imperial Poem. . By Sir James , Bland Lamb, 8vo. 128. Proofs Royal 4to. ll. ls. Im- the Princess Elizabeth. Foolscap 8vo. 11. 1s.

Bart. with Vignettes, from Designs by perial 4to. ll. 11s. 6d. Bewick's Fables of Æsop. 2d Edition. the Dutch Poets, with Remarks on the

Batavian Anthology; or Specimens of 8vo. 18s.

Private Correspondence of the late Wil- Poetical Literature and Language of the liam Cowper, Esq. with several of his most Honorary

Member of the Royal Institute

Netherlands. By John Bowring, Esq. intimate Friends, now first published from the Originals. 2 Vols. 8vo. 28s.

of the Netherlands, and Harry S. Van The Camera, or Art of Drawing in Dyk, Esq. Foolscap 8vo. 7s. 6d. Water Colours and Sketching from Nature.

The Star in the East, and other Poems. By John Hassell. 8vo. 5$.

By Josiah Conder. Foolscap 8vo. 6s. A Compendium of Algebra, with Notes

The Deformed Transformed : a Drama. and Demonstrations. By George Phillips. By the Right Hon. Lord Byron. 8vo. 5s

. 12mo. 3s.

Warreniana, with Notes. 12mo. 6s. 6d. Syntactical Examination, or Questions

Theology. and Examples adapted to the Syntax of the On the Use of Miracles in proving the Latin Grammar. 12mo. 2s.

Truth of a Revelation. By the Rev. J. Edinburgh Encyclopædia, Vol. XVI. Penrose. 12mo. 2s. 6d. Part 2. 16.

The Book of Psalms in an English Me. Fatal Errors and Fundamental Truths, trical Version, founded on the Basis of the illustrated in a Series of Narratives and authorised Bible Translation, and comEssays. Small 8vo. 9s.

pared with the original Hebrew, with Graduati Cantabrigienses, or List of Notes Critical and Illustrative. By the Degrees, from 1659 to 1824. 8vo. 12s. Rev. Richard Mant, DD. MRIA. Lord

A Dictionary of Latin Phrases. By Bishop of Down and Connor. 8vo. 128. W. Robertson, AM. 158. bound.

The Protestant Companion, or a SeasonMortimer's Manual of Pyrotechny. able Preservative against the Errors, Cor. 12mo. 58,

ruptions, and unfounded Claims of a SuLetters to an Attorney's Clerk, contain: perstitious and Idolatrous Church. By the ing Directions for his Studies and general Reverend C. Daubeny, LLD. Archdeacon Conduct. Designed and commenced by of Sarum. 8vo. 98. the late A. C. Buckland, Author of Let- Twenty Sermons on the Apostolical ters on Early Rising; and completed by Preaching, and Vindication of the Gospel W. H. Buckland. J2mo. 78.

to the Jews, Samaritans, and devout GenDaniell's Voyage round Great Britain, tiles, as exhibited in the Acts of the AposVol. VII. Imperial 4to. 72. 108.

tles, the Epistles of St. Peter, and the Scott's Essay on Belles Lettres, 78. Epistle to the Hebrews. Preached at the

Brayley's Ancient Castles of England Hulsean Lectures, 1823, by J. C. Franks, and Wales. 2 Vols. 48 Engravings. By MA. Chaplain of Trinity College. 8vo. Woolpoth. 21. lls.

12s. The Life of an Actor. By Pierce Egan, A Concise View of the Scriptures. 8vo. Author of Life in London, Tom and 6s.

Morning Thoughts, in Prose and Verse, A Second Course of Practical Sermons, on single Verses in the successive Chapters, expressly adapted to be read in Families. in the Gospel of St. Matthew. 12mo. 3s. By the Rev. Harvey Marriott, Rector of

The Evidence of Christianity, derived Claverton, and Chaplain to the Right Hon. from its Nature and Reception. By J. B. Lord Kenyon. Second Edit. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Sumner, MA. Prebendary of Durham, &c. 8vo. 108. 6d.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERDIENTS. The Rev. C. Bradley, of High Wycombe, to the Gloucester, to the see of Lichfield and Coventry* rectory of Glasbury, Breconshire: Patron, the Bi- Dr. Smyth, to the see of Gloucester, by which stop of Gloucester. -The Rev. George Cuming the deaners of Chichester is become vacant. Rashleigh, Fellow of New College, Oxford, to the CAMBRIDGE.-Members' Prizes for the present rectory of Sheviock. Cornwall, vacant by the death year, Senior Bachelors : “ An recentium ingepii of the Rev. Duke Yonge, on the presentation of vim insitain veterum poetarum exemplaria prothe Right Hon. Reginald Pole Carew-The Rev. movent?"

Middle Bachelors: “Quænam polisManley, to the vicarages of Westwell, Godmer- simum causæ Tragicæ Camenæ apud Latinos ofsham, and Sballock, Kent, vacant by the death of fecerint?" the Rev. G. Sherer. - Dr. Smith, Dean of Christ Porson Prize: Shakspeare's Merchaot of Venice, Church, to the deanery of Durham, vacant by the Act IV, Scene 1, beginning, “ Of a strange nature death of Earl Cornwallis.--Dr. Ryder, Bishop of is the suit you follow, &c.


BIRTHS. Jan. 22, 1824.-In Baker-street, the lady of Wm.

James, Esg. MP. a daughter. 29. At the Rangers Lodge, Oxford, the lady of Sir

Henry Lambert, Bart. a son. Feb. 1. The lady of Major Deare, of the Eighth Hussars, a daughter.

At lckwell Bury, near Biggleswade, Lady Jobsstone, a son. 3. At Greenstead Hall, Essex, the lady of Major

Robt. H. Ord, KGO. a son. 6. At Woolterton Hall, Norfolk, the Rt. Hon, the

Countess of Orford, a daughter. - Mrs. Jackson, of Brunswick Square, a daugh. B. At the Principal's Lodge, at the East [odia Col.

lege, Herts, the lady of the Rev. Dr. Batten, a

daughter. 9. In Grosvenor Square, the Rt. Hon. Lady Petre,

a daughter, -The lady of Wm. Stuart, Esq. MP. for Armagh,

a daughter. 10. At Belton Hall, Lincolnshire, the Countess of

Brownlow, a daughter, - 1o Hill-street, Berkeley Square, the lady of

W. Lucas, Esq. MP. a daughter. - In Stratton street, the lady of George Carr

Glyo, Esq. a son. - At Cheddington, Kent, the lady of the Rey,

R. P. Wish, a son. - At Powis Castle, Shropshire, the Rt. Hon.

Lady Lucy Clive, a daughter. 14. In Lower Brook-street, the lady of the Hon.

Wm. Barrington, a son. - The lady of C. M.T. Western, Esq. a son. 17. At Whiteball Place, the Rt. Hon. Lady James Stuart, a son.

ABROAD. At Paris, the Rt. Hon. the Marchioness of Wor. cester, a son and heir.

IN IRELAND. At Dublin, the Countess of Bective, a daughter, At Ballinrobe, the lady of Lieut. Col. Arthur H. Gordon, of the Fifth Dragoon Guards, a son.

IN SCOTLAND. At Aberdeen, the lady of Capt. Arrow, RN. Com.

manding the Coast Guard of that District, a daughter.

MARRIAGES. Jan. 22. At Eve, Herefordshire, by the Hon. and

Rev. S. Rodney, Edm. Pollexfen Bastard, Esq. of Kerley, Devonshire, and MP. for that county, to the Hon. Ange Jane Rodney, daughter of the

late and sister to the present Lord Rodney. - Major James Henry Phelps, of the 8th Regt.

to Mary, youngest daughter of Robert Grant, Esq. of Druminnor, Aberdeenshire. 24. Daniel Wakefield, Esq. to Selina, second

daughter of J. G. De Burgh, Esq. of Chewton

House, Old Down. 26. Rose Price, Esq. eldest son of Sir Rose Price,

Bart. to the Rt. Hon. the Countess of Desart. 28. By Special License, at Hepburn Hall, Wm.

Heury Lambton, Esq. brother to John George Lambton, MP. for the county of Durham, to Henrietta, second daughter of Cuthbert Ellison, Esg. MP. for Newcastle on Tyne. 29. at St. James' Church, Jobó Ruggles, Esq. of Spains Hall, in the county of Essex, and of Clare, Suffolk, to Catherine, daughter of Joha

Haynes Harrison, Esq. of Corsord Hall, Essex, Feb. 3. At Mary-le-bone Church, the Rev. W.

Heberden, eldest son of Dr. Heberden, to Elvira Rainier, second daughter of John Underwood,

Esq, of Gloucester Place. 3. At Kensington, John Hurnall, Esq. of Emma

nuel College, Cambridge, to Mary, only daugh

ter of Charles Badham, MD, FRS. 4. Captain H.Jenkinson, RN. to Miss Acland, sis.

ter to Sir Tbos. D. Acland, Bart. 10. At St. George's, Hanover Square, by the Dean of Carlisle, Thos. Hoskins, Esg. of North Perrot, Somersetsbire, and late of the Royal Dra. goons, to Charlotte, daughter of the late James Adams, Esq. of Berkeley Square. 11. At Grasmere, Westmoreland, Thos. Carr, Esq.

of Compton Lodge, to Miss Dowling, of Amble

side. 16. At Wilmington, Kent, Jobn Walter Hulme,

Esq. of the Middle Temple, to Eliza, eldest daughter-and William Parr Isaacson, Esq. of Newmarket, to Sarah, second daughter-of J. Chitty, Esq. Barrister-at-law.

IN IRELAND. At Dublin, Jobp Hazen, Esq. to Elizabeth, eldest

daughter of James King, Esq. of Colerainestreet, and niece to Sir Abraham Bradley King, Bart.

ABROAD. at Madeira, at the Consul General's house, Lieut.

George Anson, 11th Dragoons, eldest son of the late Geo. Sir George Anson, KCB. MP. to Barbira Park, niece to Henry Veitch, Esq. his Britannic Majesty's Consul General for that Island.

DEATHS. Jan. 18. At Glyndbourne, Sassex, in his 95th year,

the Rev. Francis Tutte, MA, one of the Preben

daries of Peterborough. 19. At his house, York Place, Clifton, aged 71, the

Rev. Thomas Grinfield, brother of the late Gen. Grinfield.

69th year,

20. In the Edgeware Road, aged 86, Mre. Thick. 7. In his 85th year, Wm. Henry Majendle, eldest

nesse, relict of the late Governor Thicknesse, son of the Lord Bishop of Beágor. (father to the late Lord Audley) whom she mar- 8. In Dover-street, in her 90th year, Margaret, ried in 1762, after the death of his first wife, relict of the late Hon. Gen. Thos. Gage. Lady Betty Thicknesse; Mrs. Thicknesse was 9. In Great George-street, Westiniaster, in his the author of Sketches of the Lives and Writings 74th year, John Fane, Esq. MP. of Warmesley, of the Principal Literary Ladies in France, Oxfordshire. 3 vols. 8vo. and some other publications, 10. In Piccadilly, in his 80th year, Sir W. Paxton, 22. At Castle Dennington, Leicestershire, in his of Middleton Hall, Carmarthenshire. 71st year, the Res. Thos. Bosville, AM. of Mag, 11. At Walton, Lady Harriet Bennet, youngest dalen College, Oxford, and of Ravenfield Park, daughter of the Earl of Tankerville. in the county of York.

- In Queen square, Richard Cheslyn Creswell, 23. At Binfield, Berks, aged 49, Lieut. Gen. Sir Proctor of Doctors' Commons, and one of the Fras. Wilder.

Deputy Registers of the Prerogative Court, Can25. At Camberwell, aged 49, Vincent Wanostrochi, terbury. LLD

- At Cavendish Hall, Suffolk, Georgiana Locy, - In Upper Seymour-street, Judith, relict of the youngest daughter of Sir Digby Mackworth,

late Gen. Sir Robt. Laurie, Bart, of Maxwelton, Bart. in the county of Dumfries.

14. la Regent's Park, Jane, relict of the late Thos, 27. At Chiswick, in his 86th year, the Rev. Dr. Greenough, Esq. of Bedford-square. Horne.

Lately, at Bayswater, in his 85th year, Mr. At Castle Howard, Yorkshire, in her 71st year, Charles Frederick Baumgarten, formerly leader the Right Hon. Margaret Caroline, Countess of of the band at Covent Garden Theatre, Carlisle. Her ladyship was the second daugh- 19. At his house, iu Gloucester-place, in his 730 ter of Grenville Levesoo Gower, first Marquis year, Sir John Orde, Bart. Admiral of the Red. of Stafford.

In his 75th year, Ralph Walker, Esq. Civil En29. At her house, in Hill-street, Berkeley Square, gineer. Mrs. Tynte, relict of the late John Kemays

IN SCOTLAND. Tynte, Esg; 31. In his 34th year, Mr. G. Fordyce Mavor, of At Edinburgh, James Bissett, Esq. Rear-Admiral

of the Red. Finsbury Square, of the Firm of Harding, Ms.

At Dumfries, Robert Jackson, Comptroller of the vor, and Co. Feb. I. At the hoase of Robt. Clark, Esq., of Tri

Customs, and for many years proprietor of the nity Square, Captain Stephen Rains, RN. in his

Dumfries Weekly


At Sunbury, near Edinburgh, James Haig, jan. At Woolwieh, aged 73, Mrs. Hartley, the once

Esq. celebrated actress, and the contemporary of Gar

At Brodie-house, in the county of Moray, James rick. This lady, when in her zenith, was pos.

Brodie, Esq. of Brodie. sessed of extraordinary beanty of person, and

At Senwick, Kirkcudbright, Lady Gordon, of

Earlston, frequently, sat as a model, to Sir Joshua Reynolds; and Mason is said to have written his El.

IN IRELAND. frida, that she might represent the heroide, which character she sustained for sometime with

At Rochfort, Gastavus Hume Rochfort, Esq. MP.

for the county of Westmeath. great popularity.

At Cheltenham, in his 78th year, the Rev. Sir At Collen, in the county of Lvuth, the seat of Lord Henry Bate Dudley, Bart. Prebendary of Ely,

Oriel, in her 87th year, the Rt. Hon. Margaret, Chancellor of the diocese of Ferns, &c. This gen

Viscountess Ferrard, and Baroness Oriel, bis tleman who had been for nearly half a century a

Lordship's wife. Her Ladyship was a Peeress distinguished character both in the literary and

in her own right, and is succeeded in her titles political world, first established the Morning

by her only son, the Rt. Hon. T. H. Skeffington, Post, and the Herald, the latter in 1780, the

one of the Representatives for the county of former a few years previously; be also com

Louth, now Lord Ferrard. menced the Courier de l'Europe, and the EngJish Chronicle. Of the Herald he was for many

ABROAD. years the sole proprietor, and supported that At Boulogne, in his 80th year, Sir Brook Boothby, paper by his wit and talents. He contributed Bart. of Ashbourne Hall, Derbyshire: he is suclargely to the celebrated “ Probationary Odes," ceeded by his only brother, Win. Boothby, Esq. and the “ Rolliad," and was author of a sati. of Edwinston, Notts, Sir Brook was of literary rical work entitled"“ Vortigern and Rowena," and babits, and published Britannicus, a Tragedy, of several popular operas and other dramatic and Tales and Fables, 2 vols. pieces. Sir Henry was the patron of Gains. At Paris, the Rev. Rich. Hayes, of the Order of borough, De Lolme, Lavoisier, and other indi. St. Francis, who rendered himself conspicuous viduals of talent; and the friend and associate in the Catholic discussion on the Veto. of Garrick, the elder Colman, Bonnel Thorn- At Eichstell, aged 84, Count Joseph Von Stubenton, Cumberland, and other contemporary wits. berg, Archbishop of Bombay, and Prince Bishop At one period be obtained much notoriety by of Eichstell. his quarrels and duels with Mr. Bowes, the hus. At Paris, of a complaint in the chest, M. Geri. band of the Countess of Strathmore, Messrs. cault, painter; whose picture of the “Wreck Miles and Fitzgerald, &c. one of which was of the Medusa Frigate,* was exhibited in Lon. about Mrs. Hartley, the lady whose decease bas don three years since. been just noticed.

At Versailles, aged 54. George Francis Lynn, Esq. 3. At the King's Palace, the Countess of Harring- of Southwick Hall, Oundle, Northamptonshire.

ton. Her remains were interred on the 12th, At Paris, (Jan. 28.) Lonis Matthieu Langlès, the in Westminster-abbey.

celebrated Orientalist, who was born at MontAt Lymington, aged 49, James Green Livett, didier in 1764. The whole life of this indefatiga. Esq.

ble scholar was devoted to the study of Oriental 4. Sir John Simeon, one of the Masters in Chan- literature, with wbich bis numerous translacery.

tions and other works exhibit his intipate ac- At Birmingham, aged 29, Mr. George Mills, quaintance. His “ Ancient and Modern Mong.

medalist, one of the first artists in England in ments of Hindostan,” alone, sufficiently attest this branch of the Fine Arts. His inedals of the profondity, extent, and variety of his reWatt, West, Admiral Duckworth, &c. are suffi- searches in this field of literature, cient proofs of his ability and talent.

At Malta, of Apoplexy, Sir Thos. Maitland, GCB. - At Fleet House, near Weyinouth, Abigail, re- and GC. Col. of the 18th Regt. Foot, Governor

liet of the late George Gould, Esq. of Upway of Malta, Commander of the Forces in the MeHouse, in the couðty of Dorset, and last sur. diterranean, and Lord High Commissioner of viving sister of Robt. Goodden, Esq. of Compton the lonian Islands. Sir Thomas was brother to House, in the same county.

the Earl of Lauderdale, 6. In Belgrave place, Pimlico, John Henderson, At Florence, in her 72d year, Aloisia de Stollberk, Esq. in his 92d year.

relict of Prince James Stuart, and the friend of - Lately, Sir Frederick Flood, Bart. late MP, for Alfieri:


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