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The Pirate of the Adriatic ; a Romance. Order of Family Devotion. By the Rev. By James Griffin. 3 Vols.

James Hinton, AM. 8vo. 98. Peter Schlemiht, from the German of The Preacher : or Sketches of Original La Motte Fouqué; with Etchings, by Sernions. Vol. 6. 12mo. 48. Cruikshank. 12mo, 5s.

Dr. John Owen's Works. Vol. 9. 8vo.

12s. Poetry and the Drama. The Star in the East and other Poems.

Christian Philosophy: or an Attempt to By Josiah Conder. Foolscap 8vo. 6s.

display, by internal Testimony, the EviBatavian Anthology: or Specimens of dence and Excellence of Revealed Religion. the Dutch Poets, with Remarks on the By Vicesimus Knox, DD. 8vo. 98. Poetical Literature and Language of the

The Clergyman's Instructor ; Collec. Netherlands, to the End of the Seventeenth tion of Tracts on the Ministerial Duties.

8vo. 6s. Century. By John Bowring and Harry S. Van Dyk. Foolscap 8vo. 78. 6d.

Observations on the Religious PeculiariThe Night before the Bridal, and other ties of the Society of Friends. By Joseph Poems. By Catherine Grace Garnett. 8vo.

John Gurney. 98.

Voyages and Travels. The Stern Resolve; a Tragedy. By Travels into Chile over the Andes, in Charles Masterton. 8vo.

the Years 1820 and 1821, illustrated with Theology.

Thirty Plates, &c.' By Peter SchmidtA Concise View of the Scriptures, show. meyer. 4to. 21. 2s. ing their consistency, and their Necessity, Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of from an Examination of the Extent of Na. the Polar Sca, in the Years 1819-20-21tural Knowledge. 8vo. 6s.

22. By Captain Franklin, RN. FRS. A New Guide to Prayer; or Complete 2 vols. 8vo. 245.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. The Rev. Noel Thos. Ellison, MA. Fellow of CAMBRIDGE.-The Subjects for Sir William Balliol (ollege, Oxford, to the Rectory of Huixts- Browne's Gold Medals, for the present year are, pill: Patrons, the Master and Fellows of that So- Greek Ode: cirty.- The Rev. Richard Waldy, AM. to the Rec

Ω παιδες Ελληνων ιτε,
tory of Turner's l'addie, and Vicurage of Affpuddle,
Porset : Patron, Jas. Frainpt in, Esq.-The Rev. Ελευθεροτε πατριδ, ελευθερωτι δε
W. Short, MA. Student of Christ Chureh, Oxford,

Παιδας, γυναικας, νυν υπερ πανίων αλα». to the Vicarage of Chippenham, Wilts.---Rev. T. Brown, to the Lectureship of St. Andrew's, Ply- Latin Ode. Aleppo urbs Syriæ terræ motu mouth.-Rev. J. Scholfield, MA. of Trinity Col. funditus eversa." lece, Cambridge, to the Vicarage of Luildin ton, Epigram. “Seribimns indocti doctique.". Liucoloabire: Patron, Jas. Lister. Esq. of Ouse- The Subject of the Hulsean Dissertation for the flee!, Grange, Yorkshire.-The Rev, J. Cooper, present year is, “ The Doctrines of our Saviour as AM. of Trinity College, ('ambridge, to the third derived from the four Gospels, in perfect harmony Mastership of St. Paul's School. - The Rev. F. with the Doctrines of St. Paul, as derived from his Browning, MA. Prebendary of Salisbury, to the Epistles." The Prize for the Hulsean DissertaRectory of Titchwell, Norfolk, varant by me tion, 1823, has been awarded to Wm. Clayton Wal. derth of his father, the Rev. Dr. Browning.--The ters, BA. Fellow of Jesus College : Subject, "The Rev. H. W. Blake, Ba. Fellow of Corpus Christi Nature and Advantages of the lofluence of the College, presented by the Master and Fellows of Holy Spirit." that Society, to the Rertory of Thurping, Norfo:k. The Subject for the Seatonian Prize Poeun is -The Rev. Geo. Kingsley, LLB. to the Rectory of " The Death uf Ibsalom.” Baruack, Northamptonshire.

Dec. 12.--At Aquilate Hall, Staffordshire, Lady

Boughey, a son.
21. At Congbam Lodge, the lady of Sir W. B.

Folkes, a son. 23. At Chale Parsonage, Isle of Wight, the lady of

the Rev. Craven Ord, a daughter. - At Presbaw House, Hanis, the Right Hon.

Lady Mary Loug, wife of Waller Long. Esq. a son. 24. At Iroham Hall, Lincolnshire, the seat of

Lord De Clifford, the Hon. Mrs. Clifford, a son. - At Amcoll's House, the lady of R. R. Gorton,

Esq. a son and lieir. 29. 1o Mortimer-street, Cavendish-square, the

lady of Col. Hugh faillie, it daughter. -The lady of Adolphus Meetkerke, Esq. of Ju.

lians, Herts, a daughter.
30. Tbe laily of Capt. H. ('lose, a daughter.
- At West Malling, Kent, the lady of Capt. Shaw,

RN, a daughter.
At Amwell Bury, Herts, the lady of H. Brown,
Esq. a son and beir.
31. The lady of J. B. Lousada, Esq. of Finsbury.

sqnare, a daughter.
Jan. 1, 1824-it Rentale, the lady of Sir John

Ceresford, Cart, a daughter.

1. At Castle Hill, the seat of Earl Fortescue, lady

Mary Hainlyn Williams, a daughter. 6. At Forest Hill, near Windsor, the lady of Wm.

Felix Riley, Esq. a son and heir. 9. At Dogmersfield Park, the lady of Paulett St.

Job Miday, MP. a daughter. 12. At Crichet, Lady Charlotte Sturt, a daughter. 15. At the house of Mr. Sergeant Pell, Montague

place, Hossell-square, the Hon. Mrs. Pell, a sou. 17. At Addlestrop Hall, Gloucestershire, the lady

of Chandos Leigh, Esq., a son and heir.
18. 111 Gloucester-place, Portinan-square, the lady
of Wm. Thompson, Esq. MP. a daughter.

At Edinburgh, the ludy of Capt. A. Kerr, CB. RN.

a daughter.
At Edinburgh, io Picardy-place, the lady of Major

James Harvev, of Castle Semple, a son.
At Ballancrieff House, Lady Ellibank, a drurhler.
At Rasey House, .Mrs. Macleod, of Rasey, a sou.

At Dublin, the lady of Lieut.-Col. Keightley, a
At Dublin, the Lady Mayoress, a daughter.
At Dublin, the lay of Sir William Hort, Bart. a

son and heir,


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rough, Cumberland Gate, Hyde Park Corner, Dec. 30.-At Eaton Bishop, Joseph Stanton, Esq.

Lady Caroline Pendant, her Grace's daughter.

10. At Clapham. from the rupture of a blood vessel, of Lincolu's Inn and Joner Temple, Barrister

John Prior, Esq. at-law, to Elizabeth, ouly daughter of the Rev. Henry Davis, of the former place, Vicar of Pe.

11. At Odiham, in his 28th year, the Rev. Henry terchurch, Herefordshire,

Washington, MA. Fellow of New College, Ox

ford. - At St. Pancras', C. G, Christmas, Esq., of Gower-street, Bedford-square, to Jane, eldest

12. Of a fit of apoplexy, with which he was seized danghter. of John Landseer, Esq. of Upper

while sitting at his desk, at the Banking House Conway.street. Engraver to his Majesty.

in Mansion House Street, Joseph Marryatt, Esq. Jan.3, 1824.-At St. Mary. Je bone Church, Charles

MP. for Sandwich, Kent, and Chairman of the

Committee at Lloyd's Coffee House, Mr. MarLane, Esq. of Bedford row, to Emily Maria,

ryatt was in his 67th year. daughter of Johu Thoruhill, Esq. of Corowall

14. To his 74th year, the Rev. John Shaw, DD. terrace. 5. J. P. Robinson, Esq. of Camben.street, Glou

Senior Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, and cester-place, and of Mellonly, Yorkshire, to

Vicar of South Tetherwyo cum Trewen, Cora. Mary Ann, only daughter of John Scott, Esq.

wall. late of Edinburgb.

Aged 70, Matthew Spragg, Esq. of Kingsland

Terrace. 6. At Dawlish, Devonshire, George Watts, Esq. of Sloane-street, Chelsea, to Charlotte, eldest

15. dt Forhampton Court, Gloucestershire, aged daughter of the late John Everitt, Esq. of the

81, the Hon. Mary Yorke, relict of the Bishop of

Ely, and daugbter of the late Rev. Dr. Isaac same place. 8. At Mary-le-bone Church, the Rev. James Bar

Maddox, Bishop of Winchester. row, Rector of Lopham, Norfolk, to Louisa,

16. In her 24th year, ('atherine Jane, eldest daughdaughter of the late Sir William Malet, Bart. of

ter of the late Jolio Groves, Esq. and GrandWilbury House, Wilts.

daughter of the late Gen. Chapman, KA. 10. At St. Giles', by the Bishop of Chichester.

17. At his Chainbers in the Albany, aged 70, Wm. W. S. Jones, Esq. of the Crown Office, and of

Osgoode, Esq. formerly Chief Justice in ('apada. Caroline-place, Guilford.street, to Sarah, dangh

At Ormsby, in the County of Lincoln, (the seat ter of Stephen Hough, Esq. of Tavistock-street,

of her grandfather, C. 8. Massingberd, Esg.). Bedford-square.

Harriet, eldest daughter of C. G. Mundy, Esq. of 12. At Mary-le-bone Church, William Babington,

Burton, Leicestershire, in her 17th year. Esq. of St. John's.Wood-place, Regent's Park,

19. At Bath, Thomas King, Esq. late of Stamford to Katherine, youngest daughter of the late

Hill, and of London, merchant, agedt 76. Wil iam Ravensworth, Prebendary of Rasharkin,

Elizabetli, relict of the late John Guilton, Esq. and Rector of Finroy, in the county of Antrim.

of Little Park, in the County of Hants, aged 78. 13. At Staynton, G. L. Elliot, of the Hon. East

20. At bis seat, Bavfordbury, 'Herts, Wm. Baker, Company's Civil Service, at Bombay, to Tho.

Esq. in his 81st year. masina Gertrude, eldest daughter of H. Leach,

At Richmond, in his 81st year, the Right Hon. Esq. of Milford,

and Rev. James, Earl Cornwallis, Bishop of 14. Ai St. Mary's, Lambeth, Adam Wilson, Esq.

Lichfield and Coventry, and Dean of Durham. of Finsbury-square, third son of Adam Wilson,

His Lordsbip is succeeded in his titles and esEsq. of Glasgowego, in the county of Aberdeen,

tates by his only son, James Mann, Viscount to Martha Teresa, second daughter of the late

Broome, now Earl Cornwallis. William Lescher, Esq.

IN SCOTLAND. 15. At St. Pancras Church, Henry Magniac, Esq.

At Duncrieff, Dr. John Rogerson, first Physician of Kensington, to Helen, youngest daughter of the late Capt. Peter Sainpson, of the Hon. East

to the Emperor of Russia. Company's service.

At Edinburgh, General Francis Dundas, Col. of the - At St Mary's Crav, William Bept, Esq. of Liu.

71st Regt. of Foot, and Governor of Dumbarton

Castle. coln's lun, to Martha Amelia, eldest daughter of Thomas Morgan, Esq. of the former place.

IN IRELAND, - In Cornwall, J. H. Walker, Esq. Surgeon, of At (anonbrook, near Lucan, aged 82, Jas. Gandou,

the Strand, tu Mary, only daughier of the late Esq. architect.
Phillip Lyne, Esq. of Torfrey, and grand- At Dublin, Lady Stuarton Howard.
daughter of the Rev. Dr. Lyne, of Mevagissey. At Rathkeale, in the County of Limerick, Robt.

Allen, Esq. MP.

At Brora, Sutherlandshire, William Robertson,

At Madras, aged 25, Jane Elizabeth, wife of Capt. Esq. to Miss Gunn.

Wm. Fenwick, and eldest dauvhter of the late IN IRELAND.

Rev. Christopher Erle, of Gillingham, in the At Fermoy, Richard Wharton Mydleton, Esq.

County of Dorset. Capt. of the 71st Light Infantry, to Frances

At Paris, Matilda, youngest daughter of Sir Gren. Penelope, only child of the late Colonel Watson,

ville Temple, Bart. of the same regiment.

At Paris, the lady of Jas. Browne, Esq. MP.

At Versailles, Wm. Pinckard, Esq.

At Madeira, Anna, daughter of Joho Carrick, Esq.

of Clapton. Dec. 21.-At Weymouth, Anne, wife of Captain At Nice, in bis 420 year, the Hon. and Rev. Thos.

Newcome, (B. of His Majesty's Ship, Pyrainus. Harris, son to the late and brother to the present 26. Fanny, wife of Col. Frazer, of the Hon. East Earl of Malmsbury. India Company's Service.

At Paris, in bis 54th year, after an illness of seve28. -ged 70. S. Pell, Esq. of Sywell Hall, in the ral years, the Rt. Hon. Henry Farl of Barry. County of Northampton.

more, Viscount Buttivaut, Baron Barry of Ole. 30. At Torgt.ay, Devonshire, Sarah, Countess of than and Jbapne, &c. &c. premier Viscount in Kilcoursie.

Ireland. His Lordship succeeded his brother, - At Myerscongh Hall, Lancashire, in his 58th the 7th Earl, in March, 1793; and in 1795 mar. year, Edward Greenhaigh, Esg.

ried Anna, daughter of Jeremiah Coghlan, Esq. 31. At Walthamstow, Thomas ('ourtenay Warner, of Ardo, Waterford. Having died without issue, Esq. Treasurer of St. Bartholomew's Hospital. all bis titles become extinct, save that of the

At his seat in Cornwall, Sir A. P. Molesworth, ancient barons of Olethan, which devolves on Bart.

his sister, Lady Caroline Melfort. His LordJan. 4. 1824:- At Middleton Cheney, Northamp- ship's mother was Amelia, daughter of William,

tonshire, the Rev. Fras. Lloyd, MA. late Student second Earl of Harrington, by Lady Caroline of Christ Church, Oxford, and Assistant Master Fitzroy, eldest daughter of Charles, second Duke of the Charter-house School.

of Grafton. 5. At his Chambers in the Albany, Wm. Cruise, Emanuel Victor, the Ex-King of Sardinia. He is

Esq. of Lincoln's Ion Barrister at Law, aged 72. succeeded by his brother, his present Majesty, 6. In Upper Bedford Place, Russell Square, the Chas. Felix.

lady of John Loch, Esq. after having been deli. At the Cape of Good Hope, aged 28, E.S. Mon

vered of a daughter on the 28th of December. tagu, Esj. late Persian Secretary to the Govern10. At the residence of the Duchess of Miuribo. ment at Calcutta,

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In compliance with the request of several Correspondents, our readers will perceive that we have entered somewhat more fully into the Reviewing Department of our Magazine. “ Amongst the endless variety of literary journals, many of them conducted with ability, some with impara tiality, there are few,” it is said, “ which are properly-Reviews. The two leading Works, under this denomination, are, for the most part, collections of Essays, and those chiefly political. The minor publications of the same class are but partially devoted to their professed object, and are ratherseries of Extracts, than Reviews. Critiques, exclusively dedicated to one purpose—the due valuation of literary pretensions,-yet embracing all subjects; Reviews, having for their sole object, literature in the abstract, and as their chief end, the information of the public on the cotemporary issue of the press, so that society shall not become the purchaser of folly nor the patron of vice, but the friend of genius, industry, and learning,—are still wanting.” The LONDON MAGAZINE will endeavour to supply this deficiency.

J. C.'s Review of the “ Pilgrim's Tale,” is not one on which we should wish to stake any part of our reputation. Judging from the present specimen, we have some doubt of his abilities, though none whatever of his willingness, “ to become a regular contributor.” We, however, put no Veto on his exertions.

A press of matter obliges us to postpone the able Review and Examination of the “ Plan for the Government and liberal Instruction of Boys, in large Numbers.” Our next number will be the better for it.

We must shelter ourselves under the same excuse for the non-publication of Mr. Farren’s “ Essay on Hamlet” this month ; but it shall certainly appear in our next :-our great Poet is only now beginning to receive that portion of attention which his genius may fairly arrogate.

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