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trust, in the words of one of our con-' too great tenderness for certain heads temporaries, " that this common re while they were in power, and there cognition and identity of views as to is no knowing what a familiarity with South America, may eventually lead such phrases may induce them to do to an intimate union, to a confe- on some future possible opportunity. deracy in short of all the constitu- Ferdinand ought to remember too tional governments and free countries that “ the Hydra” has still one head in the world, to an alliance which left in Washington, and there really might without sacrilege and hypo- seems a young one with some brains crisy, be indeed termed holy, against in it too, springing up in South Amethat monstrous and liberticide league rica, which we suspect is not long which has assumed its name." enough to reach, nor his arm strong Our readers would be surprised, if enough to sever.

The second paraindeed any thing coming from such a graph is ludicrous enough for the quarter could surprise them, at the glaring inconsistency which it consingular effect which this document tains.“ A single effort of the powseems to have produced on the mind erful Emperor of Austria, sufficed to of the beldved legitimate of Spain. put an end in a few days to the trouHe has actually issued a decree par- bles of Naples and Piedmont. A celling out the offices, and abolishing similar effort of the most Christian the adopted constitution of South King, sufficed in like manner to make America, with as much sang froid as the edifice of the constitution throughif that country was still prostrate out the peninsula, fall to ruins on the under the foot of his despotism! The heads of its authors. Emboldened whole decree is a sort of state cu- by the presence of my well-beloved riosity, and affords on the part of cousin the Duke of Angoulême and legitimacy a fine set-off to the vile his valiant army, the immense mademocratic publication at Wash- jority of my subjects hastened to overington. We have only room for the throw the trophies which stupidity two following paragraphs, but they had erected to revolt, and to reare a tolerably fair specimen of the establish the ancient institutions entire: “ The revolutions (says the which had made the happiness of beloved) of Naples, Turin, and their fathers. Conducted by Victory Lisbon, contrived, one after another, the son of France flies to the banks by the same means and on the same of the Guadelete; he attacks, he principles, completed the conviction carries the Trocadero; he fills my of the sovereigns that no throne could oppressors with terror, and at length be in safety without cutting off at I and my family are free. Glory be once all the heads of the Hydra which to God.' One single observation is threatened to devour the universe. enough to put to flight the whole of Such was the object equally noble this farrago; if the “ immense maand important, of their various meet- jority" of the people of Spain were tings. Certainly but for the resolu- really so enamoured of Ferdinand tions, which for the salvation of the and despotism, where was the nehuman race, prevailed in the con- cessity for the “ son of France" gresses of Laybach and Verona, a taking such a flight to the banks of great part of civilized Europe, delug- the Guadelete in order to rivet its ed in blood, would now be the prey chains on them ? or where is the use of ignorant and presumptuous re- of 40,000 Frenchmen remaining now formers !” Such is the first para- in the peninsula, when Ferdinand is graph; and we would willingly ask restored again to glory and emthe most bigoted enemy of reforma- broidery? The decree ends as we tion, what possible conformation of have stated, with the abolition of the society could be worse than the mo- constitution in America, the disnarchical anarchy which now reigns, organization of the national militia, or rather riots in Madrid. Ferdinand the termination of the newly-created is very foolish thus to talk as he does courts of justice, and in short with of " cutting off the heads of the the annihilation of every vestige proHydra” as he calls it; the truth is, duced by the revolution. The pleawe believe, the discomfited constitu- sing and easy task of enforcing this tionalists are now beginning to ascribe decree is confided to the viceroys, their situation at this moment to a archbishops, and deans and chapters of the South American cathedrals. cution, in order to prove his sincere No doubt Bolivar, the young head of hostility to the Portuguese, he order“ the Hydra" in that part of the ed Lord Cochrane to proceed with world, will be quite in ecstasy at the his fleet from Maranham where he proposition. The promised amnesty then lay, to Monte Video, in order act is still under consideration ; we to co-operate with the Brazilian should not wonder if it was delayed army against that fortress. He also till there were but few survivors to loaded his Lordship with honours, include in it. The new Pope is re- in order no doubt to propitiate him, presented as in a very critical state of should circumstances render his fuhealth; and we regret it, as it is ru- ture co-operation necessary. Permoured and believed that he has re- haps his Lordship has done even fused his sanction to the re-establish- more than the Emperor wished, as ment of the inquisition.

the Portuguese garrison at Monte News has arrived from the Brazils Video had surrendered. That Pedro, of a strange, but not to us of a sura notwithstanding all his protestations, prising character, because amid all had been worked on by his mother the recent promises of the Brazilian to produce a re-union with Portugal Emperor, we still remembered that is firmly believed by many, and cerhe was the son of the Queen of Por- tainly receives a strong confirmation tugal, who is the sister of King Fer- from the admitted fact, that he had dinand. Any liberal promise, there. received and accepted two orders fore, coming from such a quarter, we from the King of France, addressed can believe only when we see it per- to him as Prince Regent of Portugal, formed. It appears that some dis- and not as Emperor of the Brazils. pute had arisen between the Brazilian This, to say the least of it, is suspiand Portuguese officers, which was cious, as crowned heads are not fond submitted to the mediation of the of merging a greater title in a lesser, Emperor, who refused his interfer- unless for very special reasons. The ence; it was then laid before the accounts which followed this measure congress which was sitting, and they are various, some representing it as proceeded to deliberate upon it. popular, and others as quite the re, While they were debating, however, verse. Placards had certainly been the senate-house was surrounded placarded all over Rio Janeiro de with soldiery by the royal order, the councing the act, and calling on the congress was dissolved, the leading Brazilians to defend their independliberal members arrested, and in a ence, and the Minister of Police had few days after actually shipped off offered a large reward for the disco, with their families in a vessel of war very of the author. No doubt we under sealed orders, nobody knew shall soon have something important whither. Next day the Emperor to communicate on this subject, and issued a decree, abolishing the con- indeed we should not wonder if Don stitution which then existed, and Pedro himself brought the news to promising a new one. . It must not Europe. His experiment in the be forgotten that not very long ago neighbourhood of so many young he had sworn to observe and protect republics is a bold one, and perhaps the one he has abolished; it is true, the people may be inclined to act on however, that his father and uncle the hint which he has given, and try did the same before him, and there whether a voyage might not prove are few families in which there is of as much benefit to the health of not something hereditary. There is an Emperor as to that of an opposisomething, however, whimsical and tion. original in this proceeding of Don The news from France presents a Pedro. Cromwell and Napoleon blank; rumours are indeed afloat of merely dissolved their parliaments, some maritimepreparations on the part but the idea of exporting an opposition of that power, and of her intention to is perfectly new. Verily, Don Pedro assist Spain in the recovery of her must be a man both of humour and colonies, but the notion either of a genius. There was a true touch of naval rivalry, or of any effectual his Madrid uncle however in part of colonial co-operation, must, as we these proceedings; a few days be- apprehend, at present limit itself fore he put this notable plan in exe- mercly to intention.


There is no domestic news what- quence of the absence of demand from the ever; next month Parliament meets, foreign countries. If, on the contrary, the when of course the dullness of our prices should still keep below importation, department in this respect will be it will be clearly demonstrated, that this broken in upon—at least we hope so. kingdom (even in a year of admitted de

ficiency) is fully able to grow more than is

sufficient for its own consumption. Such AGRICULTURE.

a circumstance will be to the farmer, perJanuary 24, 1824.' The operations of farmers

are not at this than an importation, because it will inevi,

haps, an evil of even greater magnitude season of the year particularly interesting. tably bring our markets down to a level They consist principally in ploughing the with the exportation price. fallows. On the dry soils this work has gone on extremely favourably; but on the oats, peas, and four, during the month,

The average arrivals of wheat, barley, wet, and in the lowland districts, it has been much impeded by the soil having Wheat...

have been,

9267) Peas ..... 1941 been completely saturated with water. The

7525 | Flour

12646 wheats, generally speaking, look well; but

Oats... 11391 Irish Oats.. 3213 it is observed, that on loamy districts they

About 400 quarters of foreign oats, and do not spread with the same vigour as in former years, and it is to be feared that 2625 barrels of foreign flour, have also ar

rived. the continual rain will affect the health of the plant. Should a severe frost set in wheat, 54s 5d. ; barley, 289. 9d.; oats, 20s.

The average price for the month issuddenly there will be much thin and rootfallen wbeat observed in the spring. The in wheat, 6s. 20.; barley, 3s. 2d.; oats,

10d. ; peas, 35s. Id.; -and the actual rise early sown in the north has, in many in- but little variation ; peas, about 2s stances, failed, from the constant rains that have inundated that part of the kingdom 48. 2d. per stone, and mutton is down ;

In Smithfield good Scots are selling at from October to November; that sown in the choice light weights fetching not more than latter part of November is, however, vegetat- 48. to 45. 24. per stone. ing with the greatest vigour. From the two Ridings of Yorkshire, from Northampton wool is still on the advance.

The hop-market is rather brisker, and shire, Glamorganshire, and Gloucestershire there are great complaints of the uncomfortable lodgings for sheep on turnips.

January 20, 1824. The utmost care and attention has been Accounts from St. Petersburg of the 20 necessary to keep them from being un- of January bring the unwelcome intelli. healthy and free from the foot rot. Upon gence that an Imperial Ukase had been some Jands the rain was so heavy, and the most unexpectedly published, considerably earth was so completely soaked, that it was increasing the duties of customs on the equally impossible either to carry the tur- importation of foreign goods, particularly nips off, or for the sheep to feed them. all kinds of colonial produce and cotton After so much wet, it is very probable that manufactures. This new Tariff, which they will suffer from rot during the rest of was to be put in force on the 1st (13th) of the winter. Fodder, from the mildness of January, will very materially affect the inthe season, will not be so scarce as was uni- terests of the British merchant and manu. versally expected. The turnips appear facturer. as green as they were in November ; they Cotton.— There was a good demand for penn off very fast, and have every appear. cotton in the last week of December, ance of running speedily.

ehiefly India, at an advance of fd. per lb. The corn market has been progressively The sales amounted to above 7000 bales. rising since our last report, and still conti. The market has since then been depressed, nues to advance, notwithstanding the large but it is expected that there will shortly be quantities of grain which weekly arrive. This large purchases made by the trade, and a rise is, however, fraught with corsiderable demand for exportation, which may lead to danger to the farmer in two points of view. an improvement. During this last week The first arises from the opening of the there has been a moderate inquiry, and about ports ; and secondly, if the ports do not 1200 bags sold. At Liverpool, there has open previous to the next harvest, it will been considerable inquiry for cotton within determine the long doubtful question, when the last week, but the holders were so dether or not this country is capable of grow- sirous of selling, that the prices rather ing sufficient corn to supply its own wants. declined. The sales in four weeks, to 17th Should corn so rise as to open the ports, it of January, were 34,000 bags; the arwill again be brought as low and even rivals 20,000 bags. The East India Com. lower than its late price, by the immense pany have declared for sale on the 6th of quantity that will rush into the market February, the whole of their remaining from all the foreign ports, which are now cotton, viz. 8040 Bengals, and 82 Madras. described as being overstocked, in conse- Coffee. The market is in a very de


pressed state; for two weeks, to 6th of Ja- here also. New, to arrive, on the Quay, nuary, there were no public sales, and no 28. 10d. to 2s. 11d. ; housed, 38. to 38. ld. purchases by private contract reported ; on The best pale geneva at 28. 4d., inferior that day there were two sales, at which the 23. 2d. Demerara and Berbice sold lower; a few Hemp, Flax, and Tallow. No remarklots of coloury Jamaica sold very high, able fluctuations have taken place in these being scarce ; middling, 109s. 6d. to 110s. articles. Tallow has been from 33s. 6d. to The market was heavy in the following 34s. 6d. The failure of a great house last week, and on the 13th, Berbice was 68. to week excited an expectation that a large 8s. lower than on the 6th ; Jamaica, 4s. to quantity would be thrown on the market, 5s, lower. This week there has been and caused a momentary decline of yellow scarcely any business done, and the prices candle tallow to 34s., but it is now at are very low. It must be observed, how- 348. 3d. with indications of improvement. ever, that the public sales lately brought Hemp rather higher, flax without alterahave been most unfavourable to the market, tion. consisting generally of inferior and rank Spices.—By public sale 16th inst.-300 coffee, for which there is no demarid. bales cinnainon, Ist quality, nearly all sold

Sugar.--At the commencement of this at 6s. 7d. to 6s. 8d. ; 200 ditto, 2d quality, month, considerable business was done in all sold from 58. to 58. Ild.; 100 ditto, 3d Muscovades, averaging about eight hun- quality, all sold, 28. 6d. to 4s. Ild ; 35 dred hogsheads daily, which, considering chests nutmegs, licensed, 2s. 11d. to 38.; the season of the year, and the small stock 54 ditto cloves, licensed, 3s. Gd. to 3s. 8d. ; was, a large quantity; since that time 18 ditto mace, licensed, 5s. to 58. 3d. ; 111 the market has been without interest. ditto cassia lignea, middling quality, 72. 48. This forenoon it is in the same languid to 71. 10s. ; 30 mats Bourbon cloves, for state, and the purchases so trifling, as

export only, 2s. 5d. hardly to constitute a market currency. Indigo.—The prices are nominal, the The weekly deliveries are so limited in ex- sales at the India House having commenced tent, that the stocks are rapidly accu- to-day. The shipping qualities, (which mulating. Molasses are at 27s. 6d. were not good) have been from 1s. to 1s. 6d.

Rum, Brandy, and Hollands.-- There per lb. higher ; commoners 6d. to ls. has been a considerable speculation in rum, higher; the Oude was all bought in at a and an improvement in the prices. In the rather higher price than the company's last week ending the 13th, about 3000 pun- sale. cheons were sold. This week there has not Oils.-The demand for fish oils is good, been so much doing, but the late advance is and for sperm oil great beyond all precemaintained. It is confidently asserted that dent, but the supplies have been so large as some measure favourable to West India fully to equal the demands, and to keep rums will be adopted; but the nature of it down the price. There has been an unis not fully known. Brandies are high in usually great demand for rape cake, and France, and in the last week have risen prices advanced from 85s. to 110s. per ton.

LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. The following works are in the press :- Claverton, and Chaplain to the Right Hon.

The Monumental Remains of Noble and Lord Kenyon. Eminent Persons, comprising the Sepul- Eugenia, a Poem, by Mrs. E. F. Wolferchral Antiquities of Great Britain, engraved stan. from Drawings by Edward Blore, FSA. Tales and Sketches of the West of Scot. with Historical and Biographical Illustra- land, by a Glasgow Gentleman. tions. The publication will consist of Travels among the Arab Tribes inhaTwenty-four Parts, forming 3 vols. print, biting the Countries East of Syria and Paed in imperial 8vo.

lestine, by James Buckingham, Esq. AuThe Book of the Church, by Robert thor of Travels in Palestine, &c. in 4to. Southey, LLD. 2 vols. 8vo.

A Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Memoirs of the Life of Riego and his Liver, and on some of the Affections usually Family, including a History of Spain, from denominated Bilipus; comprising an imparthe Restoration of Ferdinand to the Present tial Estimate of the Merits of the NitroTime, are preparing for publication, under Muriatic Acid Bath. By George Darling, the superintendence of the Canon Riego, MD. Member of the Royal College of and for the benefit of the Widow of that Physicians. unfortunate General, the work will be Imaginary Conversations of Literary illustrated with several Portraits and Fac. Men and Statesmen. By Walter Savage similes.

Landor, Esq. in 2 vols. 8vo. A Third Course of Practical Sermons, History of the Roman Empire, from the by the Rev. Harvey Marriot, Rector of Accession of Augustus to the Death of the Younger Antoninus. 'By William Hay- An Introduction to Anatomy and Phygarth, Esq. AM.

siology; for the Use of Medical Students The Birds of Aristophanes, translated and Men of Letters.' By Thomas Sand. into English Verse, with Notes. By the with, Esq. Surgeon. In 1 vol. 12mo. Rev. H. F. Cary, AM. Author of the with plates. Translation of Dante. 8vo.

The Agamemnon of Æschylus, TransMr. G. Dyer's Work on the Privileges lated into English Verse, with Notes Criti. of the University of Cambridge, the pub- cal and Explanatory. By John Symmons, lication of which has been delayed for a Esq. AM. of Christ Church, Oxford. long period, will shortly appear.

Conversations on the Evidences of ChrisMiss Louisa Princeps has issued Pro. tianity, intended as an Introduction to the posals for publishing by subscription, in Systematical Study of the Principal Au. 2 vols. foolscap 8vo. a Prose Translation thors who have written on the Subject, but of Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered.

also exhibiting in a compressed form, à Tales of Irish Life, written from actual full Statement of the Facts, Arguments, Observation, during a Residence of several and Difficulties connected with it; for the Years in various parts of Ireland; and in. Use of those who have not the means of intended to display a faithful Picture of the vestigating it more fully. In 12mo. Habits, Manners, and Condition of the Prose Pictures, or Series of Descriptive People; with Illustrations by Cruikshank. Letters and Essays. By Edward Herbert,

Duke Christian of Luneburg ; or, Tra- Esq. ; with Etchings by George Cruik. ditions from the Hartz. By Miss Jane shank. Porter. In 3 vols. 12mo.

The Life of Jeremy Taylor, and a CriA Compendium of Medical Theory and tical Examination of his Writings. "By Practice, founded on Dr. Cullen's Nosology. Dr. Heber, Bishop of Calcutta. In 2 By D. Uwins, MD. In 1 vol. 12mo. vols. post 8vo, with a Portrait.

History and Biography.

Peace and War, an Essay, in Two Rivington's Annual Register, or a View Parts. 8vo. 2s. 6d. of the History, Politics, and Literature of Prose, by a Poet. 2 vols. Foolscap the Year 1822. 8vo. 188.

8vo. 128. Memorials of Columbus, or a Collection The Months of the Year, or Converof Authentic Documents of that celebrated sations on the Calendar, 12mo. 7s. Navigator ; now first published from the Satire di Salvator Rosa con Notizie della Original Manuscripts, by Authority of the sua Vita, e col Retratto. 8vo. 7s. 6d. * Decurions of Genoa : preceded by a Me. The Sister's Friend, or Christmas Holimoir of his Life and Discoveries, trans- days Spent at Home. 2s. 6d. lated from the Spanish and Italian. 8vo. Chemical Essays on a Variety of Sub188.

jects of General Economy. By Samuel Memoirs of Amos Green, Esq. By his Parkes, FLS. &c. &c. A new Edition. Widow. 8vo. 108. 6d.

2 vols. 8vo. 17. 14s. The Character of the Russians, and a Fasti Hellenici, the Civil and Literary detailed History of Moscow. By Robert Chronology of Greece, from the 55 to the Lyall, MD. 4to. 41. 4s.

124 Olympiad. By Henry Fynes Clinton, Memoirs of Rossini. By the Author of Esq. MA. late Student of Christ Church. the Lives of Haydn and Mozart. 8vo. 4to. 22s. 10s. 6d.

A Narrative of the Sufferings of a Miscellaneous.

French Protestant Family, at the Period of Memoir, descriptive of the Resources, the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. By Inhabitants, and Hydrography of Sicily John Migault, the Father. Foolscap 8vo. and its Islands, interspersed with Anti. 38. 6d. quarian and other Notices. By Captain Parables, by Dr. F. A. Krummacher. W. H. Smyth, RN. 4to. 22 12s. 6d. Translated from the German by T. Scho.

Lexicon Herodoteum, quo et Styli He. berl, 12mo. 6s. rodotei universa Ratio enucleate expli.

Novels and Tales. catur, et quamplurimi Musarum Loci ex The Albigenses ; a Romance. By the ofesso illustrantur ; passim etiam partim Author of Bertram. 4 vols. 12mo. ii

. 125. Græca Lectio, partim Versio Latina quas Adele; or the Tomb of my Mother ; offert Argentoratensis editio vel Vindicatur Romance. By Paul Sebright. 4 vols. vel emendatur; instruxit Joh. Schweig. 12mo. 12. 48. hæuser, Academiæ Reg. inscript. &c. &c. Procrastination : or the Vicar's Daugh. 2 tom. Syo. 17. 10s.

ter ; a Tale. Foolscap. vs.

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