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were not.

ridden for nine months, ill for nine good lands to a state of vegetation very unyears, and apparently stone dead for Precedented, and has enabled the farmer a quarter of an hour, when the mira- to keep his cattle upon them much longer cle took effect; she immediately got than usual. The hopes of thousands, up, put on her cloak, shook hands whose long mows and hay-stacks were very with the priest, and walked down inadequate to the keep attending a long and

severe winter have been thus revived, and stairs to eat a very hearty breakfast the early use of hay and other fodder, with her friends! Really the Prince which, in the case of an unfavourable winshould stop now-he


ter, would have risen a most exorbitant transcend the O'Rorke miracle-like price, has thus been prevented. the Irish feast given by an ancient The corn markets, since our last report, member of that family--it

have fluctuated. The large quantities of

wheat which have poured into the market Will ne'er be forgot, By those who were there, and those who the preparations of the agriculturists

to pay at one period of the month, arising from :

their approaching rents, created a consiThe only way to end those things derable dulness in the sale. The millers, is to laugh at them. It is certainly however, who have been using strong exeramazing how the Irish priesthood tions to raise the price of flour, and thus can have the audacity to publish give a temporary stimulus to the trade, these solemn blasphemies in the 19th have at lasi effected their purpose. Flour century. It behoves, however, those has risen five shillings a sack, and wheat, who seriously desire the political notwithstanding the immense arrival of amelioration of their sect publicly to flour (eighteen thousand six hundred and shake off all participation in such eighty-two sacks, and upwards of ten thoubabooneries—if they do not, if they about six shillings a quarter in the course

sand quarters of corn) in one week, rose silently acquiesce in this priestcraft of a few days. it is much to be doubted, juggle, they may depend upon it, whether any considerable rise will take they will feel the effects of it next place, and if it does, whether it will be of session. People will ask, and natu- any long continuance. It will be for the rally, if even the relaxation afforded interest of the farmers that no rise apa. by Lord Wellesley has induced these proaching to the importation price should monstrous results, what would not happen ; for if once the ports open, such complete emancipation lead to. An a deluge of corn will pour into the market acquiescence in such absurdities

as will effectually lower incalculably the proves one of two things,-either an price of English wheat for some years to hypocrisy inconsistent with religion,

It is said that Mr. Canning intends in or a brutishness unfit for freedom.

the ensuing session of parliament to bring in his bill for enabling the holders of foreign

corn to grind and export the flour. It is Perhaps there never was a season, upon well known, that since the loss of that the whole, more favourable to the various bill last session, the demand for flour for operations in which the farmer is at this exportation has been so great, trom the period of the year engaged than the pre- want of rain on the continent, that the

The extreme openness of the wea- price of American, under lock, has risen ther has enabled even the most dilatory to above the price of the best Norfolk, and get in their wheats well, while the mild- even up to this very time has borne a ness, not to say warmth, accompanied by much higher value than its fair proportion. so much dry weather, has been of con- As a proof that this demand existed, not siderable importance to his future crop. only on the continent of Europe, but on the The seed has vegetated with great freedom, contincnt of America, and was extremely and the young plants have a strong and great, large shipments were making, even healthy appearance, while his out-door as late as the middle of November from work has proceeded very beneficially, and Hamburg, for the Havannah, the Brazils, with little or no interruption. Such is the and South American markets generally. tenor of all the reports from the different The price of wheat at this port, for the districts of the kingdom. Some of the best marks on board, was only 24s. 8d. to counties, indeed, have been visited, in the 278. 1d. per quarter, although the late carly part of December, with an immense harvest was neither so abundant nor so exquantity of rain ; but the damage sustained cellent in quality as that of 1822. Whefrom it has principally been felt in the loss ther this bill, in the event of its passing, of cattle and the wetting of the present will be attended with the beneficial effects year's corn-ricks. The warmth of the that are anticipated, appears doubtful. weather has pushed the growth of grass on The good to be derived from it must de




pend upon a variety of circumstances : depressed state, and the sales very trifling; upon the demand for flour in foreign last Friday, however, the favourable ac countries, arising from the state of the counts from Liverpool caused inquiries by continental harvest, and from a continu. speculators, who would willingly have ance of war or peace-upon the price of taken large quantities at the late depressed foreign wheat-upon the price of our own prices, but the holders asked an advance corn-upon the productiveness of our own of 4d. per lb. which was currently obtained harvest, and-upon the many other circum- on India. The sales amounted to about stances to which these give rise.

2500 bales. The average importations have been:- In Liverpool the sales, in the week endWheat. 6894 | Peas ........ 2367 ing December 20, amounted to 23,700 Barley 5972 Flour....... 7333 bags, 8000 of which were on speculation. Oats

8934 Irish Oats... 5323 Coffee has been rather declining, except Wheat has advanced in the month Ils. Berbice, which has risen ; the business per quarter; barley 28.; peas and oats re- done has not been extensive. Last week main the same. Rye has risen from 6s. to there were only two public sales. 88. per quarter, in consequence, it is said, Sugar.-Towards the end of last month of the demand for making the new break- and beginning of this, considerable business fast powder.

was done at fair prices; but the market Wool is looking upwards, and it is ge- ' afterward became heavy, though with very nerally thought still higher prices will be little alteration in the prices. obtained, when the spring orders come in. Tallow, after falling so low as 333. 3d. The hop market also, it is believed, has to 33s. 6d. rose again to 358. 6d. but has been and is still improving. As many dead since declined again, and the nearest price hills have been found in redigging the to-day is 358. ground, the demand for cuttings will be in- Tea-At the late India House sale, Bocreased ; and as these will not come into heas went about ld. lower than in Sepbearing until the third year, it is supposed tember ; common Congous gd. higher. The the holders will still require higher prices. better qualities ld. cheaper. Since the sale

Boheas have obtained an advance of ad. COMMERCE.

Fruit. — Very large quantities of all deLondon, Dec. 23. scriptions have been forced on the market There has not been any thing so remark- by public sale, and the low price of the able in the state of the market for the last common descriptions has greatly increased month as to call for particular notice. The the consumption, which is very consider, cotton market has lately been in a very able.

LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. The following works are in the press :- The Birds of Aristophanes, translated

Essays and Sketches of Character. By into English Verse, with Notes. By the the late Richard Ayton, Esq. with a Mé- Rev. H. F. Cary, AM. the Translator of moir of his Life, and a Portrait.

Dante. Specimens of the Dutch Poets, with Re- The Twelfth Part of Views on the South, marks on the Poetical Literature and His- ern Coast of England, from Drawings by tory of the Netherlands. By John Bowá J. M. W. Turner, RA. &c. Engraved by ring, and H. S. Vandyk.

W. B. and George Cooke, and other emi.. Milburn's Oriental Commerce, or the nent Artists. East India Trader's Complete Guide; a. The Deserted City; Eva, a Tale in Two® bridged, improved, and brought down to Cantos; and Electricity ; Poems by J. the Present 'T'ime. By Thomas Thornton. Bounden. In One Vol. 12mo.

The East India Vade Mecum, or Com- Memoirs of Rossini, consisting of Anecplete Guide to Gentlemen proceeding to the dotes of his Life and Musical Career. By East Indies ; much improved from the the Author of the Lives of Haydn and Work of the late Captain Williamson, Mozart. In One Vol. 8vo. being a condensed Compilation of his and Prynne's Brevia Parliamentaria Redi. various other Publications, and the Result viva; or a complete Register of Parliamenof Personal Observation. By Dr. J. B. tary Writs : a New Edition, with AddiGilchrist.

tions and Alterations, and copious Notes, No. I. of British Entomology, or Illus- historical, legal, and explanatory; trations and Descriptions of the Genera of A Selection of the Geological Memoirs Insects, found in Great Britain and Ire. contained in the Annales des Mines, toland; containing Coloured Figures of the gether with a Synoptical Table of Equivamost rare and beautiful Species, and of the lent Formations ; and M. Brongniart's Plants upon which they are found, &c. By Table of the Classification of Mixed Rocks. John Curtis, FLS.

By M. De la Beche. In One Vol. 8vo.

; A Compendious View of the Darker formably with its Organization. By the Ages, with Genealogical Tables. By C. Baron Cuvier; with additional DescripChatfield. In One Vol. 8vo.

tions of all the Species hitherto named, and A Guide to the Mount's Bay and the of many not before noticed. To be pubLand's End ; comprehending the Topo- lished Quarterly; the First Number to graphy, Botany, Agriculture, Fisheries, commence the 1st of February, 1824. Antiquities, Mining, Mineralogy, and Geo- True Happiness only found in the Chrislogy of Western Cornwall. Second Edi- tian Life. By the Author of Israel's ShepLion, Illustrated by Engravings on Copper herd. and Wood. By a Physician.

Critical and Descriptive Accounts of the The Agamemnon of Æschylus, trans- most celebrated Picture Galleries in Englated with Notes critical and explanatory. land; with an Essay on the Elgin Marbles. By John Symmons, AM. of Christ Church, Recollections of an Eventful Life, chiefly Oxford.

passed in the Army. By a Soldier. Plantarum Scientia, or the Botanist's Letters to an Attorney's Clerk, contain: Companion ; a Catalogue of Hardy, Exo. ing Directions for his Studies and general tic, and Indigenous Plants, arranged dif- Conduct. Designed and commenced by ferently from any hitherto published. The the late A. C. Buckland, Author of Work comprises an Alphabetical Arrange- “ Letters on Early Rising," and completed ment, according to the Monthly Order of by W. H. Buckland. Flowering ; following the Generic Names, Elements of the History of Civil Governare the Classes and Orders ; and after each ment: being a View of the Rise and ProSpecific Name are enumerated the native gress of the various Political Institutions Country, the Height of Growth, and the that have subsisted throughout the World, Colour of the Flower.

and an Account of the preserit State and Aureus, or the Adventures of a Sove. distinguishing Features of the Governments reign. Written by Himself. In Two Vols. now in Existence. By the late James

A Practical Guide to English Compo- Tyson, Esq. Part I. 8vo. sition, or a Comprehensive System of Eng- Advice on the Study, and Practice of the lish Grammar, Criticism, and Logic. By Law, with Directions for the Choice of the Rev. Peter Smith, AM.

Books. By William Wright. The Third Prose Pictures : a Series of Descriptive Edition much enlarged. Letters and Essays. By Edward Herbert, The Counsels of Wisdom : consisting of Esq. with Etchings, by George Cruik- the Letters of eminent Men, addressed to shank.

their Children, on the Conduct of Life; The Animal Kingdom, as arranged con. with brief Memoirs of the Writers.

History and Biography.

Elements of General History, Ancient A Week's Amusement: translated from
and Modern. By the Abbe Millot. A the French of Maria Louisa Nicloux. By,
New Edition. 6 Vols. 8vo. 31. 3s. A. W. Barnes. Foolscap, 8vo. 58.

Memoirs of J. Decastro, Comedian. A New and improved Edition of Green's 12mo. 6s.

Herbal. 4to. coloured and plain. Memoirs of Count Hulin and M. Dupin Parts I to V, of Clarke's Geographical relative to the Duke D'Enghien, with the Dictionary. Second Edition. 4to. Journal of the Duke, and historical Docu- A New Series of the Investigator, or ments. 38. 63.

Quarterly Magazine. 8vo. 3s. Histoire de l’Egypt sous le Gouverne- A Narrative of the Captivity, Sufferings, ment de Mohammed-Ali, ou Récit des and Escape, of James Scurry, under Hyder Evénemens Politiques et Militaires qui ont Ali and Tippoo Saib. 12mo. eu lieu depuis le Départ des Français jus- Panthéon Egyptien, Collection des Perqu'en 1823. Par M. Felix Mengin. 8vo. sonnages Mythologiques de l'Ancienne plus un Atlas en folio de 5 planches. Egypte, d'après les Monumens, avec un 1l. 10s.

Texte explicatif, par M J.F. Champollion Mcdicine,

le Jeune, et les figures d'après les Desseins A Treatise on the Nature and Treat- de M. L. J. J. Dubois, Ille Livraison 4to. ment of the Distortions to which the Spine coloured plates. 138. 6d. and the Bones of the Chest are subject. Salmagundi, or the Whim Whams and By John Shaw, Surgeon. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Opinions of Launcelot Langstaff, Esq. and

Planches Anatomiques du Corps Hue others. By the Author of the Sketch main, exécutées d'après les Dimensions Na Book, &c. Post 8vo. 7s. Gd. turelles, accompagnées d'un Texte explica- The Edipus Tyrannus of Sophocles, tif. Par F. Antonarchi ; publiés par Le translated by T. W: C. Edwards. Övo. 88. Comte de Lasteyrie. IV°. Livraison, im. Considérations générales sur la Classe des perial folio, 4 coloured Plates. 41. 4s. Insectes ; par André Marie Constant Dumeril, de l'Académie Royale des Sciences

Poetry. de l'Institut ; ouvrage orné de 60 planches The Star in the East, with other Poems. en taille douce, représentant plus de trois By Josiah Conder. Foolscap 8vo. 6s. cent cinquante genres d'insectes. 8vo. Lorenzo, the Outcast Son: a Tragic 12. 16s.

Drama, founded on Schiller's celebrated A Critical Inquiry into Ancient Armour, Play, called the Robbers. 8vo. 3s. as it existed in Europe, but particularly in Mary Stuart, a Tragedy; The Maid of England, from the Norman Conquest to Orleans, a Tragedy ; from the German of the Reign of King Charles II. with a Schiller, with a Life of the Author. By Glossary of Military terms of the Middle the Rev. H. Salvin, MB. 8vo. 108. 6d. Ages : embellished with 70 coloured and Tasso, La Gerusalemme Liberata, colla 10 outlined plates, 26 illuminated Capital Traduzione Francese di le Brun. 2 Vols. Letters, and engraved Vignette Titles. By 12mo. 128. Samuel Rush Meyrick, LLD, and FSA.

Theology. 3 Vols. imperial 4to. 212

A course of Lectures illustrative of the Novels and Tales.

Pilgrim's Progress. By the Rev. Daniel Percy Mallory, a Tale. By the Author Warr, 8vo. 8s. of Pen Owen. 3 Vols. crown 8vo. 11. 108. Conversations on the Bible. By a Lady:

The Ionians, a Novel. By Miss Renou. 12mo. 78. 3 Vols. 12mo. 11. ls.

The Seventh and Eighth Volumes of Dr. Arthur Seymour. 2 Vols. Foolscap 8vo. John Owen's Works. 8vo. 12s. each. 12s.

Saurin's Sermons, a new Edition. By The Spaewife: a Tale of the Scottish the Rev. Samuel Burder, in 6 Vols. 8vo. Chroniclers. By the Author of Annals of 32 3s. the Parish. 3 Vols. 12mo. 11. ls.

The Anti-Swedenborg. 1 Vol. 12mo. First Love, a Tale of my Mother's 28. 6d. Times. 2, Vols. 12mo. 10s. 6d.

Practical Sermons. By the late Rev. Hurstwood: a Tale of the Year 1715. Joseph Milner, of Hull. 3. Vols. 8vo. 125. 3 Vols. Toolscap 8vo. 16s. 6d. Sincerity: a Tale. By the Author of

Voyages and Travels. Rachael. Foolscap 8vo. 58.

Travels in the Interior of Southern St. Ronan's Well. By the Author of Africa. By William J. Burchell, Esq. Waverley. 3 Vols. ll. 11s. 60.

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Vol. II. 4to. 41. 148, 6d.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. The Reverend Richard Lynch Cotton, MA. the Free Grammar School, Tamworth, Stafford to the vicarage of Denchworth, Berkshire: Pa. shire, to the Living of Kilham, Yorkshire : Patrou, trons, the Provost and Fellows of Worcester Col. the Dean of York. --The Rev. Thomas Melhuish, lege, Oxford - The Rev. Johu Lowndes, formerly to the Rectory of Ashwater, Devonshire.-The of Queen's College, Oxford, appointed Chaplain to Rev. Henry Tippets Tucker, MA. to the rectory of the Earl of Glasgow.--The Rev. John Mavor, BD. Uplyme, Devonsbire. Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford, to the perpe- CAMBRIDGE.-The Norrisian Prize for the tual curacy of Forest Hill. Patrons, the Rector Essay on the Otfice and Mission of Joho the Bapand Fellows of that Society.-The Rev. S. Downes, tist, has been awarded to James Amiraux Jeremie, BA. of Wadham College, Oxford, and Master of Scholar of Trinity College.

- At Langley Farin, Kent, the Hon. Mrs. Colville, a daughter.

At Belmont House, Edinburgh, Mrs. Fortescue, a

At Kilkenny, the Jady of John Macrobart, Esq.
Surgeon of the 10th Hussars, a son and daughter.

Nov. 25.–At Southsea Lodge, the lady of Capt.

Sir Alexander Gordon, KCB. a danghter,
28. At Constable Burton, the lady of W. Wyvill,

MP. a daughter.
Dec. 4.-At the lodgings of the Principal of Bra-

zenose College, Oxford, Mrs. Gilbert, a daughter. - At Kenton House, Devonshire, the Hon. Mrs.

Lysaght, a son. 5. Iu New Norfolk-street, the lady of John Currie,

jun. Esq. a daughter. 6. The lady of Henry Tennant, Esq. a daughter. - At Caerleon Priory, the lady of Wm. Phillips,

jun. Esq. a son and heir. 7. At Bishop's Court, Isle of Man, Lady Sarah

Murray, a daughter. - At Hicknoll. the county of Dorset, the lady

of Sir M. H. Nepean, Bart. twin dauxhters. 8. It Normanby, Lincolnshire, I ady Sheffield, a 13. It Beverley, the lady of Capt. Cure, of Blake

Hill, Essex, a son, 16. Jon Russell.sqnari, Mrs. Nicholl, a daughter, 17. 101 York-place, Portmas-square, the lady of

Joseph lan Zeller, Esq. a son.
18. Lady Caroline Pennant, a daughter.

Nov. 18.--At Scarborough, George Woodcock

Dowker, Esq. of Salton Hall, in the county of
York, to Miss Tindall, eldest daughter of the

late Colonel Tindall, of Scarborough.
25. At St. Giles, by the Bishop of Landaff, William

Nettleship, Esq. of Cheltenham, to Mary, dapghter of the late John Best, Esq. and niece

to the Hon. Mr. Justice Best. 26. At Kingston, Hauts, Capt. Thomas M. Mason,

RN. to Miss Gray, eldest daughter of Commis. sioner the Hon. Sir George Grey, Bart. KCB. of

the Dock-yard, Portsmouth.
30. At Walcot church, Bath, Frederick Henry

Yates, Esq. of Upper Charlotte-street, to Miss
Brunton, daughter of John Brunton, Esq.


Dec. 2 -At St. George's Blocmsbury, John John. Harden Burnley, Esq. father-in-law of Joseph

ston, Esq. eldest son of John Johuston, Esq. Hume. Esq, MP. of Danson, Kent, to Helen, eldest daugbter 28. At his sent, Picton Castle, after a long illness, of Walter Learmouth, Esq. of Montagne-street, in his 85th year, the Right Hon. Richard PbilRussell-square.

lips, Lord Milford, Lord Lieutenant for Pem3. At Chichester, by the Rev. Archdeacon Web- brokeshire, and late member for that county.

ber, the Hon. Capt. Berkeley, RN. to Lady His lordship was a lineal descendant from Sir Charlotte Lennox, sister to the Dake of Rich- John Picton, the second baronet of the family, mond. After the ceremony the new married wbo garrisoned the castle of Picton for Charles couple set off for Malcolm Castle, the seat of I. in 1647 ; he was raised to the Irish Peerage in Lord George Lennox.

1776, by the title of Baron Milford, which is 4. At Lanover, Monmouthshire, by the Rev. Dr. now extinct, his Lordship baring died without

Hall, Chancellor of Llandaff, and grand-father to issue. the bridegroom, Benjamin Hall, Esq of Hensal 30. At Chiswick, at Lieut.-Col. Carendish's, VilCastle, Glamorganshire, and of Abercarne, Mon- liels Frederick Francis, youngest son of the mouthshire, eldest son of the late Meinber for Hon. Henry Howard, aged 8 years. Glamorganshire, to Augusta, youngest daughter - At his house in Spring Gardens, Christopher

of Benjamin Waddington, Esg. of Lanover. Allott, Esq. Army Agent. - At Linsted, Kent, Williain Tayler, Esq. nephew to Lord Teynham, of Linsted Lodge, to Eliza

Dec. 2.-In consequence of a wound received the beth Taylor, of New House, at the same place,

preceding day, while shooting in his plantations, niece to John Baring, Esq; of Nouds, ditto.

by his gun going off as he was getting through 6. Charles Knight, Esq. of Hall Piace, Yately,

a hedge, and lodging, its contents in his right Hants, to Teresa, only daughter of Thomas

side,- Robert Viner, Esq. of Eathorp. Taunton, Esq. of Axminster.

3. In his 9th year, the Hon John Russell Keppel, 7. At St. George's Hanover square, Philip Long

youngest son of the Earl of Albemarle, more, Esg. of Hertford, to Sabina, second daugh

4. Aged 32, Eliza, relict of Gen. Keith Macalister, ter of Jacob Elton, Esq. and niece to the late

late of Wimpole-street, Carindish-square, and Admiral Sir William Young.

of Toresdale Castle, Argyleshire. 9. at Lambeth, Henry Kelsall, Esq. of Chester, to

7. At his house in Queen-square, Robert RaynsElizabeth, daughter of William Reece, Esg. of

ford, Esq. Chief Magistrate of the Police Office, South Lambeth.

Queen-square. 11. At Bathford, Capt. Oliver, 32d regt. to Mary,

8. 10 Gower-street, Bedford-square, Geo. Jourdan, daughter of Rear-admiral Dacres.

Esq. - At King's, Norton, the Rev. Gieorge William

Aged 70, the Hon. Thomas Steele. Bowyer Adderley, of Fillongley Hall, Warwick.

At Monkwearmouth, Ann Sophia, eldest and shire, to Caroline, youngest daughter of the late

ooly surviving daughter of the late Rev. Cooper John Taylor, Esq. of Moseley Hall, Worcester

Abbs, AM. and sister to Bryan Abbs, Esq. of shire.

Cleadon House, in the county of Durham. 15. At Bury, William Thompson, Esq. of Batavia,

- At Windsor, Anne, relict of the Rev. William to Miss Grace Grant, piece to Wm. Grant, Esq.

Douglas, Prebendary of Westminster and Chanof Spring Mill, in the county of Lancaster.

cellor of the Diocese of Salisbury. - At Clapham, Surrey, the Rer. W. F. Cobb, AM.

10. Sophia, eldest daughter of Joseph Gwilt, Esq. of Nettlestead, Kent, second son of Francis

of Abingdon-street, Westminster. Cobb, Esq. of Margate, to Mary, second daugh

- In Brook-street, aged 63, Sir Eyre Coote, Bart. ter of Peter Blackburn, Esq. of Clapbam.

of West Park, in the county of Hants. 16. At West Wratting, Cambridgeshire, the Rev.

- In Upper Grosvenor-street, Lady Wake, relict Wm. Acton, Rector of Ayout St. Laurence, Herts,

of Sir Wm. Wake, Bart. of Courtean Hall, to Henrietta, fourth daughter of Sir C. Watson,

Northamptonshire. Bart. of Wratting Park.

11. At Exeter, Sibilla, relict of the late Robert - J.S. Henslow, AM. of St. John's College, and

Lambert, Esq. of Dorchester, in the county of

Professor of Mineralogy in that University, to
Harriot, second daughter of the Rev. George

- Lunsdaile Alves, Esq. late of the Navy Pay

Jenyns, of Bottisham Hall, in the county of

- In Chapel.street, Grosvenor-square, aged 86, - At Huyton, Edward Penrhyn, son of the Rev.

Frederick Chapman, Esq. Oswald Lycester, of Stoke, in the county of Sa

12. Aged 21, Martha Caroline, daughter of Arthur lop, to the Hon. Charlotte Elizabeth, eldest

Daniel Stone, MD. daughter of Lord Stanley, of Knowsley, in the

Aged 33, Robert Dormer, Esq. son of the late county of Lancaster.

James Dormer, Esq. 18. At Streatham, the Rev. G. D. White, Domes

13. Aged 49, the Rev. D. F. Pryce, DD. of Bradtic Chaplain to Lord Monson, to Inger Maria,

field Rectory, in the county of Essex. daughter of Geo. Wolff, Esq.

of Balham, Surrey.

14. Eliza, wife of Major Lane, of the Royal Artil. By Special License, at St. George's, Hanover.

lery. square, by the Rev. George Champagne, Canon

16. At Colchester, aged 32, William, second son of Windsor, William Duncombe, Esq. MP. to

of the Rev. Dr. Moore, of Kempston Manor Lady Louisa Stuart, youngest daughter of the

House, near Bedford. Earl of Galloway.

17. at Morden Park, Surrey, Sarah, second daugh19. At St. Pancras, Robert Mitford, Esq. of the

ter of the late J. P. Adams, Esg. of Hampstead. Ordnance Office, Pall-Mall, to Miss Stanger,

At the House of Wm. Lea, Esq. near Kidderdaughter of James Stanger, Esq. of Doughty

minster, Mrs. Orange, of Waresley House,

Worcestershire. street, IN SCOTLAND.

IN SCOTLAND. At Edinburgh, Sir Abrabam Elton, Bart. of El- At her house, York Place, Edinburgh, Mrs. Hay

vedon Court, Somersetsbire, to Mary, eldest Mudie. daughter of the late William Stewart, Esq. of At Edinburgh, after a long illness, aged 24, George Castle Stewart, and niece to the Earl of Seaforth.

Pell Lys, son of Mr. Lys, of Tooke's.court, LonAt Edinburgh, A. Macdonald, Esq. to Jane, daugh- don, and nephew to Claus Pell, Esq. of Ti. ter of the late J. Roberts, Esq. of Carronflats. verton.


At Dublin, Henry Smart, Esq. Musical Professor,

brother to Sir George Smart, Musical Doctor. Nov. 16. At Smeaton, Lady Buchan Hepburn, re- William Vincent, eldest son of Colonel Currey, of

lict of Sir George Buchan Hepburn, one of the Lismore Castle.

Barons of the Court of Exchequer in Scotland. At Borris, Carlow, Lady E. Kavanah. 21. At Blackwell, pear Darlington, in the county

ABROAD. of Durbam, in bis 75th year, Capt. Ralph Mil. banke, RN, first cousin to Sir Ralph Noel, late At St. Helier's, Jersey, Capt. John Douglas, late Milbanke.

of the 7th Royal Veteran Battalion. 24. At Hoddeson, Herts, aged 77, W'm. H«dgson, At the Hague, William Barker, Esq. of East Esq. FRS.

Sheen, late Capt. of the 20th regt. of Light 27. At his house, in Brunswick-square, aged 83, Dragoons.

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