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Lady-Day. 1686. (Lady-Day 1687. Lady Day 1683. I. s. d. 1. s. d.

I. s. d. Sundry Fees and Şalla. gies 43479:09:07: 60863:06:05 65144:01:08 paid at the Excheguer & alibi. Total 169486:17:09 Medium. 56495:12:07 Pensi-d

117443:18:04 158910:02:03 163757:11:01 Annui tics. Total 44011I:11:00 Medium.

146703: 17:03 Band of 2 Pensi3086:00:00 9087:00:00

6000:00:00 oners. Total 18173:00:00 Medium. 6000:00:00 Bounties? in gross Sumns Ś 44886:00:06 14913:11:06

23242:00:00 paid at the Excheguer Total

Medium. 2768;10:00 Secret Service 93890:16:06,

85941:13:03 90072:14:10 Mr. Guy Toin! 269905:04:08

Medium. 89968:08:02 Secre- 2 tary of 5000:00:02

8950:01:00 4250:00:00 State Total 18200:00:00

Medium. Sir Stephen

10000:00:03 9600:00:00 8400:00:00 Fox Total 28cc0:00:00

Medium. 9333:06:08 Privy P. 25950.00:00 27300:00:00 26000:02:00 Total 79250:00:00

Medium 26416:13:04



Lady-Day 1686, Lady-Day 1687. | Lady Day 1688
b. s. d
1. s. d.

1. s. d. Mint paid out of Coinage, 21087:00:00 40400:01:00

15733:18:02 Money Jewels and Plate Total 77220:10:02

Medium: 15340:06:02 96:12:00

96:12:00 96:12:00 Bills Total


96:12:00 Contino gencies not reducen.

15961:15:03 30043:14:054 21204:08:03 the foregoing Heads. ] Total 67209:18:11}

Medium. 22403:06:03?

import }


ble to

Totals of



1782 174:03:07 1699362:18:01

sberears } 5998088:14:01

Notes referring to the Estimate of the Expences of the Crown,


In the Four last Years of King Charles the Second, the Charge of the Navy was never less than 400000 Pounds per Annum. Hou hold in King Charles the Second's time computed at - 107000 l.


The Ordinance was also paid 1000 l. per Weck, and 2000 l. per Quarter, which is 6coco l. per 1nnum, And this Ordinary was never lefs, what was more in the Medium was paid by particular Warrants,


Aaa 4


In the last Six Years of King Charles the Second, the Expences of the Forces amounted to 300000 1. per Annum.

Treasurer of the Chamber,

The Annual Expence in King Charles the Second's time, was computed at 30000 l: per An.


King Charles the Second when all Heads were retrenched, continu'd the Robes at the Expence of sooo l. per Annum.

Peritions and Annuities. By the Medium it appears one Years Payment

1467031. 175. 3 d. In these Years was soooo l. paid to the Queen's Confort every Year.

To the Queen Dowager 182001. Yearly.

To the Prince and Princess of Denmark 32000 l. per Annum, but their Expences have exceeded this above 8000l. per Annum, which has been paid out of the Bounty in Grofs.

Privy Purfe,

In King Charles the Second's time the PrivyPurse was computed at 30000 l. per Annum.

Impost Bills in King Charles the Second's time, 36col. per Annum.

Contingencies, &c. as Clerkships, Repairing of the Highways, Law-Suits, Liberates in the Exchechequer, and other Casualties. The Charge of the Crown by the Medium presented Yearly is

169936 l. 02 s. 29 d.

1999363 1. 025. 09 d.

Charges upon the Revenine. Mr. Tho. Fox the Security of his Place of Re. ceiver of the Customs by Tally

-20000 Mr. Duncomb for the same on Excise - 20000 l. The City on the Excise

1855251. To Mr. Hornly on the Excise To Mr. Hull on Hearth-Money

-socol. 47000 I.



There is in Arrears to the Army and Navy abour

300000 l. There is also a Yearly Charge of 79566 1. 14. 5. 2 d. for perpetual Interest to the Goldsmiths and their Afligns which is now in Arrears at Lady-Day next 6 Years

-477400 l. 5 s. oo d. Referred to the Committee of the whole House.

Mr. Hamdon Reports from the Committee of the whole House, that they had resolved that there be a Revenue fetled of 1200000 l. per Annum upon their Majesties for their constant necessary Charge of Tupporting the Crown in time of Peace.

An Extract of the Treaty between England

and Holland, Concluded at Westminster the 3 d Day of March, 1677, Read in the House of Commons on the 29th Day of March, 1689.

ART. 4. F His Majesty, or the States-General

shall hereafter be attacked, or in any sort whatsoever be molested in the Possession or Enjoyment of the States, Lands, Towns, Places, Rights, Immunities, and Liberties of Commerce, Navigation, or any other whatsoever, which His said Majesty, or the said States General do, or shall have Right to Enjoy by the Law of Nations, and by Treaties already made, or that shall be concluded, His Majesty, and the laid States General, upon Notice and Demand of each other, shall jointly use their utmost Endeavours, that such Molestation and Hostility may cease, and reparation may be given for the Wrongs or Injuries that shall be done to either of the Allics.

ART. 5. And in case the said Attack, or Molestation shall be followed with an open Rupture, the Ally who shall not be attacked , fhall be obliged to come to a Rupture, two Monihs after the first de. mand made by the Ally already ingag'd in a Rupture, during which time he shall use his Endeavours by his Embassadors, or other Ministers, to mediate


an Equitable Accommodation between the Aggressor and Disturber, and the Party attack’d, or molested; notwithstanding which he shall, during that time, give a Powerful Succour to his Ally, according to what shall be agreed upon by Separate Articles between His fiid Majesty, and the States General ; which Articles, (altho' nor mentioned in the present . Article) shall be kept and observed as if they were here inserted or written, and after the Expiration of which Term of two Months, it shall, however, remain in the choice of the Ally ingag'd in a Rupture, whether he will continue to enjoy the Benefit of that Succour in case the Conjuncture of Time, and the State of his Affairs shall make him prefer it be. fore an open Rupture of his Allies.

Separate ARTICLES.


HE Case mentioned in the sth Article hap

pening, the said King and his Succeflors, and the said States-General shall be obliged to assist cach other as often as they shall be attack'd or molested, und is more at large expressed in the said Article in the manner following : That is to say, His Majesty of Great Britain (ba!I aflift the States General with 10000 Foot, and the States-General shall aslift His Majesty with 6000 Foot well arm'd under such Regiments, Companies, Colonels, and other Officers, as His said Majesty, and the States-General shall think fit, and conceive most proper for such an affiftance; and likewise of 29 Ships of War well Equipp'd and Provided, which Succours shall be supplied and maintain'd at his Charge, who sends it to the Aid of the Party attack’d.

2. When the Neceflity of Affairs shall make it appear, that the Succours promised and setled

aug. plant, the said King, and the said States-General Ball endeavour to come to an agreement about it.

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