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are to be erected will be constructed as soon as the title to the sites in Sandusky Bay can be obtained from the governor of Ohio.

518. Jaumee outer-range beacon, (front) Maumee Bay, Ohio.-An appropriation of $2,000 was made March 3, 1875, for the protection of the shore in frout of this beacon, which had been steadily wearing away under the action of the water. A substantial construction of timber and rubble has just been completed.

Maumee day-beacons, Maumee Bay, Ohio.-An appropriation of $14,000 was made June 23, 1874, for two day-beacons. The board has taken no steps to estabiish these beacons, as it is believed that for such an important lake port as Toledo range-lights will be required, which will be of service by night as well as by day. An examination of the locality has been made with a view to making estimates for range-lights. It was found that two sets of range-lights will be required, the cost of which, including the necessary land and keepers' dwellings, is estimated at $75,000. As an experiment, several clusters of piles bave been driven on the lines of the channel now being dredged in Maumee Bay, and lanterns such as are used on the western rivers have been placed there. upon, the lights being maintained for the present by the dredging contractors. These temporary lights seem to give satisfaction, but the piles on which they stand will doubtless be carried away by the ice in winter. It is recommended that the appropriation of $14,000 for daybeacons be made available for the maintenance of similar lights, in order that their utility may be further tested.


Repairs and improvements, more or less extensive, have been made at each of the following.named stations in the tenth district during the year:

499. Ogilensburgh, Saint Lawrence River, New York.
450. Cross-over Island, Saint Lawrence River, New York.
501. Sister Islands, Saint Lawrence River, New York.
502. Sunken Rock, Saint Lawrence River, New York.
503. Rock Island, Saint Lawrence River, New York.
506. Horse Island, Lake Ontario, New York.
507. Stony Point, Lake Ontario, New York.
508. Oswego, Lake Ontario, New York.
510. Fair Haven, Lake Ontario, New York.
511. Big Sodus, (outer beacon,) Lake Ontario, New York.
512. Big Sodus, inner beacon,) Lake Ontario, New York.
513. Big Socus, Lake Ontario, New York.
514. Genesee, Lake Ontario, New York.
515. Genesee Beacon, Lake Ontario, New York.
516. Oak Orchard, Lake Ontario, New York.
517. Olcott, Lake Ontario, New York.
518. Fort Niagara, Lake Ontario, New York.
519. Horseshoe Reef, Buffalo, New York.
520. Buffalo Breakicater, Lake Erie, New York.
522. Buffalo, Lake Erie, New York.
523. Dunkirk, Lake Erie, New York.
524. Dunkirk Beacon, Lake Erie, New York.
525. Erie Harbor, Lake Erie, Pennsylvania.
526. Presque Isle beacon-ranges, Lake Erie, Pennsylvania.
531. Presque Isle, Lake Erie, Pennsylvania.
532. Conneant, Lake Erie, Ohio.

536. Cleveland, Lake Erie, Ohio.
540. Vermillion, Lake Erie, Ohio.
541. Iluron, Lake Erie, Ohio.
542. Cedar Point, Lake Erie, Ohio.
513. Cedar Point beacon, Lake Erie, Ohio.
514. Marblehead, Lake Erie, Ohio.
546. West Sister, Lake Erie, Ohio.
517. Turtle Island, Lake Erie, Ohio.
518. Naumee Outer Range, Lake Erie, Ohio.
550. Maumee Middle Range, Lake Erie, Ohio.
552. Maumce Inner Range, Lake Erie, Ohio.
554. Monroe, Lake Erie, Michigan.
555. Gibraltar, Detroit River, Michigan,
557. Jamajuda, Detroit River, Michigan.
558. Grassy Island, Detroit River, Michigan.


There are no light-ships in this district. An appropriation of $20,000 was made March 3, 1875, for maintaining a light-ship off the mouth of Detroit River, Michigan.

The government of the Dominion of Canada baving recently established a light-ship near this point, it is thought that the one for which an appropration was made will not be required and that the money may be allowed to revert to the Treasury.


There are no fog-signals operated by steam or hot-air engines in this district.


Dunkirk Harbor, New York, in good condition.


The buoyage of this district is in satisfactory condition and renains substantially as at the date of the last report, the only changes having been such as were incident to defining more accurately the dredged chaunels in Sandusky and Maumee Bays.


The steam-tender Haze has been employed in the necessary work of the district. She is old and in poor condition. An appropriation of 830,000 was made by act approved March 3, 1875, for repairing this vessel. It is proposed to thoroughly repair her at the close of the working season.


The eleventh district embraces all aids to navigation on the northern and north western lakes above Grassy Island light-station, Detroit River, and includes Lakes St. Clair, Huron, Michigan, and Superior, and the straits connecting them.

Inspector:--Commander William P. McCann, United States Navy.

Engineer.-Maj. Godfrey Weitzel, Corps of Engineers, brevet majorgeneral, United States Army, for the entire district, excepting Lake Michigan ; Maj. Henry M. Robert, Corps of Engineers, for Lake Michigan until May 4, 1875.

There are in this districtLight-houses

110 Day or unlighted beacons..

1 Light-ships

0 Fog-signals operated by steam or hot-air engines

9 Buoys actually in position...

145 Spare buoys for relief and to supply losses..

60 Tender (steam) Dahlia, buoy-tender and supply-vessel.

1 Tender (steamer) Warrington, used in construction and repairs.....

1 The numbers preceding the names of stations correspond with the “Light-house List of the Northern and Northwestern Lakes,” issued Jan. uary 1, 1875.

LIGIIT-HOUSES. 559. Windmill Point, entrance to Lake St. Clair, Michigan.--Congress, at its last session, appropriated $18,000, for rebuilding the lighthouse at this point. The work was begun in the latter part of May, is now well advanced, and will be completed during the season.

561. St. Clair Flats Beacon, Lake St. Clair, Michigan.- This beacon and the crib which surrounds it, were rebuilt, an appropriation for the purpose having been made by act approved June 23, 1874. It is now in excellent condition. The heavy masses of ice of the past winter did not disturb the crib in the least.

564. Fort Gratiot, Lake Huron, Michigan.-An appropriation having been made by act approved June 23, 1874, for building a keeper's dwelling at this station, the work was taken in hand, completed, and the house occupied last fall. This is the oldest and one of the most important stations in the district. It is a guide to the whole commerce of the lakes into St. Clair River. Over 33,000 vessels annually pass this station. The tower is old, and a new one will have to be constructed before long.

Light-house between Fort Gratiot and Point Aux Barques, Lake Huron.–The recommendation made in several annual reports to build a coast-light to divide the long distance of 75 miles between Point Aux Barques and Fort Gratiot is renewed. This light-house would be one of the coast-lights of the general system, and is not intended to serve any local interest. As nearly all of the commerce of the lakes passes along this coast, no argument seems necessary to show the importance and necessity of this light. It is therefore recommended that an appropriation of $10,000 be made for the purpose.

Port Austin, Saginaw Bay, Michigan.--As stated in the last annual report, difficulties were encountered in getting a clear title to the site which had at first been selected for this station. An equally good site, about 200 feet to the eastward of the first one, has been found, and there is every prospect that a clear title for this can be had. As soon as tbis is done, the construction of this station will be begun. It is doubtful, however, if the work can be finished during the present season.

566. Saginaw Bay, at the head of Saginaw Bay, and at the mouth of Saginau River, Michigan.-An appropriation of $23,000 was made by the act approved March 3, 1875, for the erection of range-lights to guide tbrough the cut in the outer bar at the mouth of Saginaw River, and for the construction of a new dwelling for the keeper, and the act provided that the jurisdiction of the Light-House Board be extended so that it be lawful for the board to lease the necessary ground for the erection and maintenance of said light. Plans for the keeper's dwelling have been prepared, but no satisfactory arrangements have yet been made either for the purchase or leasing of the necessary sites for the range. lights, owing to the impossibility of concluding any reasonable bargain with the owners of land.

568. Tawas, (Ottawa,) Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron, Michigan.-An appropriation was made at the last session of Congress for the construc. tion of a light-house on Ottawa Point, or for range-lights to guide into Tawas Bay, on the north west shore of Saginaw Bay, in the State of Michigan. The board has decided to erect a light-house on the shoal to the southward of Tawas Point, in 4 feet of water. Some delay, bow. erer, will be experienced in procuring title to the site. As soon as that is done, and plans are prepared, the work will be taken in hand. As the locality is one of great exposure, an additional appropriation may be required to complete the work.

- ,

Thunder Bay River, Lake Iluron, Michigan.—An appropriation of $20,000 was made by act approved June 23, 1874, for a light at the mouth of Thunder Bay River. It was found, however, upon examination that a permanent structure at this place would be inexpedient, the piers being extended from time to time as the mouth of the river advances into the lake. The board therefore decided to display a temporary light for the present. Arrangements have been made to establish a small light on a cluster of piles.

579. McGulpin's Point, Straits of Mackinac, Michigan.-A steam fog. signal of the most approved pattern is required for this station, the number of vessels passing through the straits and close to this lighthouse being very great. An appropriation of $5,000 for the establishment of a fog-signal is asked.

582. Skilligallee, (Isle aux Galets,) Lake Michigan.-An appropriation of $5,000 was made during the last session of Congress for protecting the shore of this station, which had been washing away. The work will soon be taken in hand, and it is expected that it will be completed before fall. Under the appropriation made by act approved June 23, 1874, for erecting fog-signals on the northern and north western lakes, the board has decided to place at this station a steam-siren, a fog.sigual of the most approved kind. This work, it is also expected, will be fin. ished during the coming fall.

593. Père Marquette, Lake Michigan, Michigan.—The last four annual reports have urged an appropriation of $5,000 for a keeper's dwelling at this point. It is much needed, and the recommendation is renewed. The dredging of the channel, to a width of 200 feet, will take the old house the keeper has been living in, which is not worth moving. No residence can be bad within a half-mile, and that on the opposite side of the river from the light.

596. White River, Lake Michigan, Michigan.-An appropriation of $15,000 was made by act approved June 23, 1874, for building a new tower and keeper's dwelling at the mouth of White River, Michigan. Plans for the building bave been approved, and steps taken to procure title to the necessary site for the structure. The title-papers are now in the hands of the Attorney-General of the United States for approval. It is believed that the buildings can be erected and the light exhibited during the present season.

601. Grand Haren pier head light, Lake Michigan, Michigan.—A fog. signal house has been built directly under the light, and the boiler set

in position. A steam-siren is to be established at this station under the appropriation inade by act approved June 23, 1874, for the erection of fog-signals on the northern and northwestern lakes. It is expected that the work will be completed, and the sigual in operation, during the pres. ent season.

602. Holland (Black Lake) pier-head light, Lake Michigan, Michigan.A new section of elevated walk, 550 feet in length, has been built at this station, and connected with the shore by 450 feet of plauk walk laid on top of the cribs.

608. Michigan City pier-head light, Lake Michigan, Indiana.--The beacon and elevated walk have been removed from the east to the west pier, and about 800 feet of new elevated walk built.

609. Calumet, Lake Michigan, Illinois.-A shore light in connection with the pier-head light at this place is not deemed necessary. It is there. fore proposed to extinguish the former as soon as the beacon is built on the end of the pier, which will doubtless be done the present seas n.

612. Grosse Pointe, Lake Michigan, Illinois.—The shore in front of this light is washing away gradually, and should be protected. Au appropriation of $5,000 is needed for this purpose.

615. Kenosha pier head light, Lake Michigan, Wisconsin.—This light bas been noved out 320 feet to the end of the pier, and 310 feet of elu. Vated walk has been built.

-. Racine Point, Lake Michigan, Wisconsin. –The recommendation contained in the last tive annual reports that an appropriation be made to erect a lake coast light at this point, is renewed, and an appropriation of $10,000 is asked. The present light at Racine, which does not auswer the purpose of a lake-coast light, will then be discontinued.

618. Milwaukee North Cut beacon, Lake Michigan, Wisconsin.-As there was a light maiutained on the end of the pier, the inner light, called the North Cut beacon, was not deemed a necessary aid to navigation. It was therefore discontinued on July 31, 1875. A first-class steam fogsignal shonld be established at this station, and an appropriation of $5,000 is asked for this purpose.

625. Tuin River Point, Lake Michigan, Wisconsin.--At the date of the last annual report the construction of this station was in progress. The buildings were completed in October last, but the illuminating apparatus did not arrive until some time afterward. The light was first exhibited on the night of December 7, 1874.

629. Port du Mort, (Pilot Island,) entrance to Green Bay, Lake Michigan, Wisconsin.- Arrangements bave been made to erect a steam-siren at this station under the appropriation for steam fog-signals on the northern and northwestern lakes. The work is now in progress, and, it is expectedl, will be finished during the present season.

631. Poverty Island, entrance to Green Bay, Lake Michigan, Wisconsin.The dwelling and 31 feet of the tower were completed on August 1, 1874, and a temporary light was exhibited from the roof of the dwelling. Au appropriation of $3,000 was made by act approved March 3, 1875, to complete the tower. The work has been resumed, and it is expected that the tower will be completed and a permanent light exhibited by August 1, 1875.

613. Big Sable, Lake Superior, Michigan.—This station was completed in August, 1874, and lighted on the 19th of that month.

- Stannard's Rock, Lake Superior, Michigan.A survey of this dangerous shoal was made under the appropriation made by act of March 3, 1873. The results of the survey proved that it is entirely practicable to build a light-house on it, the water varying from 10 to 12 teet in depth


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