Miscellaneous Catalogues of Autographs, Volume 3

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Page 12 - Thee, that in this my undertaking thy Holy Spirit may not be withheld from me, but that I may promote thy glory, and the salvation both of myself and others : grant this, O Lord, for the sake of thy son, JESUS CHRIST. Amen.
Page 1 - ... in situations where the austerest virtue would have forgiven a fall ; situations that, I will dare to say, not a single individual of all his kind, even with half his sensibility and passion, could have encountered without ruin : and I leave you to guess, Madam, how such a man is likely to digest an accusation of perfidious treachery.
Page 1 - B-; nor did I, nor could I then know, all the powerful circumstances that omnipotent Necessity was busy laying in wait for me.- When you call over the scenes that have passed between us, you will survey the conduct of an honest man, struggling successfully with temptations the most powerful that ever beset humanity...
Page 10 - More novel and original than anything else, were those minute and faithful delineations of external scenery, to which no parallel had been seen since the ' Seasons." Perhaps, also, the didactic form of Cowper's poems, giving them an equivocal character which hovers continually between poetry and argumentation, was an additional recommendation to readers who had long been unaccustomed to the finer and higher kinds of poetical invention. — Cowper now spent six years on his translation of Homer, which...
Page 3 - When Cromwell was declared protector, he bravely " withstood him to the face," telling him that " the honest people of the land took their ancient monarchy to be a blessing, and not an evil.
Page 4 - ... raise up your heads, and think yourselves men. The mask is taken off. You are now for the first time acknowledged as subjects, and protected as such. Laws, indeed, cannot make men rich or happy. That they must do for themselves. But the law now leaves their natural faculties free. Whatever inheritance has come to them from their ancestors is not made any longer the instrument of distracting the peace and destroying the credit of their families. Those who have nothing but the means of acquiring...
Page 10 - His mental alienation, which had repeatedly threatened him with a return, overcame him completely in 1794 ; and the last six years of his life produced hardly any literary fruits except the pathetic
Page 4 - I leave my Mother in such good health, that I have little apprehension that this note should be of use. — Still I may as well say that should any thing happen to her, I request you on no account to inform me of it. — It would affect me too heavily and might Kill me in such a...
Page 10 - Be sure, whatever else You do, to keep your mind easy, and do not let little things disturb it. Bustle about your hay and your cattle, and keep yourself busy with such things as give you little solicitude.
Page 16 - Such hard and arbitrary measure here ; Else, could a law like that which I relate Once have the sanction of our triple state, Some few that I have known in days of old, Would run most dreadful risk of catching cold ; While you, my friend, whatever wind should blow, Might traverse England safely to and fro, An honest man, close buttoned to the chin, Broadcloth without, and a warm heart within.

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