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exchange, or deliver out or permit or suffer to be delivered out or redeemed, or receive or permit or suffer to be received, any money in redemption or in part redemption of any goods or chattels theretofore deposited or pledged or pawned with him, or received by him in exchange, or receive or permit or suffer to be received, any money in repayment or in part repayment of any loan theretofore by him made before Eight of the clock in the forenoon, or after Seven of the clock in the evening, between the Twenty-ninth day of September and the Twenty-fifth day of March following, or before Seven of the clock in the forenoon, or after Eight of the clock in the evening, 10 during the remainder of the year, excepting only until Eleven of the clock on the evenings of Saturday throughout the year, and the evenings next preceding Good Friday and Christmas-day, and every Fast or Thanksgiving-day appointed by Her Majesty; and in case any Pawnbroker oifend against the provisions of this Act, every such 15 Pawnbroker shall, for every such offence, on conviction thereof upon the oath of any one or more credible witness or witnesses, before any One or more of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace, having jurisdiction over the place where such offence shall have been or shall be committed, forfeit and pay not less than Twenty Shillings nor 20 exceeding Five Pounds, as such Justice or Justices shall adjudge ; and every such penalty shall and may be levied, together with the costs attending the information, summons and conviction, by distress and sale of the goods and chattels of the offender or offenders, or person or persons liable to pay the same respectively, by warrant 25 under the hand and seal or hands and seals of any Justice or Justices before whom such offender or offenders, person or persons, shall or may have been convicted, and every such penalty shall be applied and disposed of in like manner as forfeitures incurred for any offence against the last-recited Act.

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To amend the Law for regulating the Hours of

(Prepared and brought in by Mr. Greene, Mr. Wakley, and Mr. Thomas


receiving and delivering Goods and Chattels as Pawns in Pawnbrokers' Shops.

Ordered, by The House of Commons, to be Printed

17 August 1846.


Under 1 02.




To enable Christian Congregations in Scotland to obtain

Sites for Places of Worship, Manses and School-


[Note.—The Words printed in Italics are proposed to be inserted

in the Committee.]


HEREAS according to the laws and policy of this King- Preamble.

dom, Her Majesty's subjects enjoy the rights of religious toleration, and are entitled without obstruction to assemble together for the public worship of God according to their consciences :


And whereas, with a view of affording facilities to Congregations in providing themselves with places of " Public Christian Worship,” and other accommodations connected with the maintenance of their religion and the education of their children, an Act was passed in

the third and fourth year of Her Majesty's reign, intituled, “ An Act 10 to enable Proprietors of entailed Estates in Scotland to feu or lease on

long Leases Portions of the same, for the building of Churches and Schools, and for Dwelling-houses and Gardens for the Ministers and Masters thereof;"

And whereas in some parts of Scotland the estates belonging to a 15 single proprietor, or to a very small number of contiguous proprietors,

are of such an extent or are so situated that the inhabitants of considerable districts, or the population to a considerable amount, can obtain no ground whereon to erect places of worship, or the other accommo

dations aforesaid, excep only on the estates of such proprietor or pro20 prietors :

And whereas difficulties have occurred in providing sites as aforesaid, and Congregations have been compelled to assemble for the

worship of God in the open air or in places wholly unsuitable for such purposes, exposing them thereby to extreme hardships and sufferings, and precluding the possibility of their suitably maintaining the observances of religion, or attending to the education of their children ; for all which it is necessary to provide a remedy ;



BE it therefore Enacted, by The QUEEN's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, THAT from and after the passing of this Act, when sites are required by the members of any Christian 10 communion in that part of Great Britain called Scotland for a Church and burying-ground, manse and grounds adjacent, as hereinafter mentioned, and a school and play-ground and schoolmaster's house in connexion with the said Church, or sites for any of these purposes, and when the same cannot be otherwise obtained in a situation con- 15 venient and suitable for the members of such communion, it shall and may be competent for them, by themselves, or by persons duly authorized to act for them, to present an application to the Sheriff or Steward of the county or stewartry wherein such sites are required, stating the denomination or communion to which they belong, the 20 number of those for whose accommodation such site or sites

may be required, and where a site for a school is required, the number of the children under the age of Fourteen requiring education, and also the names of the place or places most convenient and suitable for sites for such buildings and grounds adjacent, or any of them, the 25 purposes for which the site or sites respectively are sought, and the parties in whom the same are to be vested in trust for the said purposes, and craving that the said Sheriff or Steward shall visit the premises, and designate such portion or portions of land at the said place or places as he may deem most suitable as a site or sites for a Church, 30 with burying-ground attached thereto if required, or for a school, with play-ground attached thereto, in connexion therewith, or for a manse for the Minister of the said congregation, or for the schoolmaster's house, with garden attached to such manse or schoolmaster's house respectively.



And be it Enacted, That such Sheriff or Steward, on the receipt of such application, provided the same shall have been presented by or on behalf of not less than one hundred persons above Twenty-one years of age, all belonging or adhering to one and the same communion or denomination of Christians, shall cause due intimation thereof to be made to the owner or owners of such lands, or to their known agents in this country, and shall, within a reasonable time thereafter, appoint the said owner or owners to give in answers within a specified time to the said application; that in such answers there shall be



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