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tion of Act.

And be it Enacted, That the following words and expressions shall Interpreta-
have the meanings hereby assigned to them respectively, so far as
such meanings are not excluded by the context or subject-matter;

The word “ Month” shall mean calendar Month :
The word “ Person” shall include corporations :
And words denoting the singular number and masculine gender

respectively shall be held to apply also to a plurality of per-
sons and things or to females respectively.



27. And be it Enacted, That this Act may be amended, altered Act may be or repealed by any Act to be passed in this Session of Parliament.



[blocks in formation]

1, A. B.,

holder of

Shares, [or Scrip, or Receipts for Shares (as the case may be)], numbered respectively (here insert the numbers, unless the Shares, Scrip, Receipts or Letter do not show the denoting numbers), in the

projected Railway Company, do hereby appoint C. D.


to be my Proxy upon any matter relating to the Dissolution [or Bankruptcy) of the said Company, to vote, dissent and act as he shall think proper.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Ordered, by The House of Commons, to be Printed,

8 May 1846.


Under 2 oz.



. For constituting Commissioners of Railways.


c. 97.

c. 55.


c. 86.

8 & 9 Vict.,

HERE AS by an Act passed in the fourth year of the reign Preamble:

of Her Majesty, intituled, “ An Act for regulating Rail- 3 & 4 Vict., ways ;” and by another Act passed in the sixth year of the reign of Her Majesty, intituled, “ An Act for the better Regulation of Rail- 5 & 6 Vict.,

, ways, and for the Conveyance of Troops;” and by another Act passed in the eighth year of the reign of Her Majesty, intituled,

“ An 7 & 8 Vict., Act to attach certain Conditions to the Construction of future Railways, authorized or to be authorized by any Act of the present or

succeeding Sessions of Parliament, and for other Purposes relating to 10 Railways ;" and by two other Acts passed in the last Session of

Parliament for consolidating in one Act certain provisions usually c. 20, 23. inserted in Acts authorizing the making of Railways respectively, and by sundry local Acts of Parliament, certain


with respect to Railways are vested in the Lords of the Committee of 15 Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council for Trade and Foreign

Plantations; but it is expedient that a separate Department be constituted for these purposes and for other purposes relating to Railways; BE it Enacted, by The QUEEN's most Excellent

MAJESTY, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords 20 Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament

assembled, and by the Authority of the same, THAT it shall be Appointment lawful for Her Majesty, by warrant under the Royal Sign Manual, and removal to appoint any number, not more than Five persons, to be Commis- sioners. sioners of Railways, and from time to time, at Her pleasure, to remove


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