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2. Commissioners of


And be it Enacted, That, in any case where such notice as afore

said shall have been given to the said Commissioners, it shall be Forests, &c. to appoint

lawful for the said Commissioners, on being satisfied with the security officer to make preli

for payment of the expenses as hereinafter provided, within One minary in

calendar Month from the time of their receiving such notice, to appoint, 5 quiry, and to report there- by writing under their hands, a person of competent skill to be a upon to Parliament. surveying officer for that purpose, who shall proceed to such town,

district or place, and make such local examination and survey of the district which such proposed Act will effect, and of the neighbourhood thereof, and such inquiries relative to the extent of the pro- 10 visions of the proposed Act, and investigate such other matters relating thereto, as the said Commissioners shall order; and after such examination the said Comunissioners shall report thereupon to both Houses of Parliament within One calendar Month after the meeting thereof.


3. Notice of inquiry to be given by surveying officer.

And be it Enacted, That such surveying officer shall give Fourteen Days' public notice of the time and place when and where he will attend within such town, district or place for the purpose of making such examination by advertisement in the public papers usually circulated in the town, district or place, or by affixing such notice on the 20 public buildings or places where public notices are usually affixed, or in such other manner as shall appear to him sufficient to make his appointment generally known in such town, district or place.

4. Power to summon certain persons, and to examine

And be it Enacted, That such surveying officer shall be empowered to summon before him the promoters of such intended work or any 25 person on their behalf, or any person or persons whose name or names shall be signed to any notice of an intended application to Parliament sent or delivered to the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Woods, Forests, Land Revenues, Works and Buildings, under the provisions of this Act, and to require them to produce copies of all 30 such surveys, plans, sections, estimates and other documents, relating to such intended application as are ordered to be deposited at any public office, in compliance with any Standing Orders of the House of Commons, and such surveying officer may require any overseer or other person having the custody of any map or survey made in 35 pursuance of the provisions of any Act of Parliament, or of any book containing any rate made for the relief of the poor in any parish, or for any purpose or place wholly or in part within any district over which such examination shall extend, to produce such map, survey or book, and to allow the same to be inspected by such surveying 40 officer, and such surveying officer shall have power to administer an oath to such overseers, or other persons, and to the promoters, and to any other persons examined on their behalf, and to any persons who may present themselves before such surveying officer for examination by him; and all such persons so examined shall be required to

upon oath.


answer upon oath all such questions as may be put to them by such surveying officer, touching any matter upon which such surveying officer may deem it necessary to examine such persons, in pur

suance of the duties imposed upon him under the authority of this 5

Act; and any such person being duly summoned by such surveying officer who shall wilfully neglect or refuse to attend such summons, or to produce such plans, sections, maps, books or other documents, as he may be required to produce under the provisions hereinbefore

contained, or to answer upon oath such questions as may be put to 10 him by such surveying officer, shall be liable to forfeit and pay a penalty not exceeding Five Pounds.

5. And be it Enacted, That such penalty may be recovered before any Penalty may Two or more Justices having jurisdiction within such town, district before Jusor place, and on conviction of the offender, and in default of

pay15 ment of any such penalty, such Justices shall be empowered to cause

the same to be levied by distress and sale of the goods and chattels of the offender by warrant under their hands and seals; and such penalty shall be paid to the Overseers of the parish or township within which such conviction shall take place, in aid of the rate for the relief


20 of the poor.


6. And be it Enacted, That all the costs, charges and expenses attend- Expenses of ing the said local examination and survey, together with such sums as paid by the the said Commissioners shall fix for the remuneration of the said

surveying officer, shall be paid by the promoters of the said intended 25 application, and the amount of such expenses shall in all cases be

ascertained by the said surveying officer; and it shall be lawful for the said Commissioners, previous to the appointment of any such surveying officer, to make an examination under the provisions herein

before contained, to require the said promoters to deposit any sum of 30 money, or to give such other security for the payment of the said costs,

charges and expenses, as to the said Commissioners shall seem fit; and the certificate of the said surveying officer, certifying the amount Certificate of

surveying of expenses so incurred in such local examination, shall be taken as Officer.

proof in all proceedings at law and in equity of the amount of the 35 costs incurred in such examination.

7. Interpretation of Act.


And be it Enacted, That in this Act the following words and pressions shall have the several meanings hereby assigned to them, unless there is something in the subject or context repugnant to such construction ; (that is to say)


Words importing the singular number shall include the plural

number; and words importing the plural number shall include
the singular number.

8. Duration of Act.

And be it Enacted, That this Act shall continue in force until the Thirty-first day of August One thousand eight hundred and Fortyseven, and from thence until the End of the then next Session of Parliament.

9. Act may be altered this Session.

And be it Enacted, That this Act may be amended or repealed by 5 any Act to be passed in this present Session of Parliament.

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AN ACT for the better Protection of Life, and to facilitate

the Apprehension and Detection of Persons guilty of certain
Offences, in Ireland.

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OR the more easy detection and apprehension of

shall commit or shall attempt to commit Murder, or any grievous offence against the person or persons of any of Her Majesty's Subjects

in Ireland, and for the repression and better prevention of such crimes; 5 BE it Enacted, by The QUEEN's most Excellent MAJESTY, by and

with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal,
and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the

Authority of the same, THAT if the state of any county or part of a

In cases in which county in Ireland, with respect to the commission therein of the the prevalence of

Murder, &c. shall 10 crime of murder, or of feloniously slaying any of Her Majesty's sub- in the judgment of

the Lord Lieutenant jects, or of the crime of shooting at, stabbing, cutting or wounding appear to render it any

of the said subjects, or of causing by any means whatsoever to the Lord Lieutenant any of the said subjects any bodily injury dangerous to life, with intent and Council may

proclaim the District any of the cases aforesaid to commit murder, or of shooting at, where the Murder, 15 stabbing, cutting, or wounding any of the said subjects with intent to committed, and the

maim or disable or to do some other grievous bodily harm to any of may appoint rethe said subjects, shall, in the judgment of the Lord Lieutenant of and additional Ireland, render it necessary or proper for the due protection of the Constables for such

proclaimed District. lives of Her Majesty's subjects in such county or part of a county, it 20 sliall and may be lawful for the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, with the

advice and assent of Her Majesty's Privy Council in Ireland, to declare
by proclamation that any such county or part of a county, as also such
part as he and they shall think proper of any adjoining county, requires


Lord Lieutenant

an additional establishment of police, and thereupon it shall and may be lawful for the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to appoint such and so many resident Magistrate or Magistrates, Sub-Inspectors of Constabulary, Head Constables, Constables and Sub-Constables as he shall think

proper to be stationed and reside within the district specified in such proclamation, until the Lord Lieutenant shall, by proclamation in that behalf issued, otherwise direct; and such additional force of, Constabulary shall form part of the general constabulary force, and be in all respects subject to the same rules and discipline as the residue of the said force.



2. Additional Police

Provided always, and be it Enacied, That in any county, county of a deemed to be ap: city or county of a town, barony, half-barony or other district heretofore pointed under this Act, and Salaries, certified to be in a state of disturbance, wherein any additional esta&c. to be defrayed by the Counties, &c. blishment of police shall at the time of the passing of this Act be for which same were originally ap

stationed or acting pursuant to any proclamation heretofore made by 15 pointed.

the Lord Lieutenant, by and with the consent of the Privy Council of Ireland, in pursuance of the provisions of an Act passed in the sixth

year of the reign of his late Majesty King William the Fourth, inti6 & 7 Will. 4, c. 13. tuled, “ An Act to consolidate the Laws relating to the Constabulary

Force in Ireland,” such additional police force shall from and
the passing of this Act be deemed and taken to have been appointed
under the provisions of this Act, and shall be subject to all the rules,
restrictions and regulations of this Act.


3. The Lord Lieu.

And be it Enacted, That it shall and may be lawful for the Lord tenant and Council

Lieutenant of Ireland, with the advice of Her Majesty's Privy Council 25 may by such Proclamation, or by a in Ireland, if he and they shall so think fit, in and by any such prodistinct Proclamation, warn the clamation so to be made as aforesaid, or by a distinct proclamation, inhabitants of the District proclaimed

to warn the inhabitants of the district specified in such proclamation to remain within their places of

to be and remain within their respective places of abode at all hours abode between Sun- between Sunset and Suprise froin and after such day as shall be named .

30 therein for that purpose.

4. Power to revoke

And be it Enacted, That it shall and may be lawful for the Lord Proclaination in the Lieutenant of Ireland, by a new proclamation to be made by and whole or in part.

with the advice of Her Majesty's Privy Council in Ireland, to revoke
any proclamation issued in pursuance of this Act as to the whole or 35
any part of the district thereby proclaimed, and thereupon the original
proclamation mentioned therein shall, upon a day to be specified in
such new proclamation, stand and be revoked so far as such new
proclamation shall purport to revoke the same.

5. Copies of the Proclamation to be posted as herein directed

And be it Enacted, That copies of every proclamation made under 40 the provisions of this Act shall be posted on or near to the doors of all places of public worship within the district specified in such pro


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