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consistent with this Act.

force, relating to the conservancy of, or relating to the receipt of any dues or sums of money at or on account of any ports, harbours, creeks, tidal waters, navigable lakes or rivers, as are inconsistent with or contrary to the provisions of this Act, shall be and the same are hereby repealed and annulled.


34. Notice of future Harbour Bills to be given to the Conservators, and to be Public Bills.

And be it Enacted, That a notice of all future Bills relating to ports, harbours, creeks, tidal waters, and navigable lakes and rivers, or the soil thereof, and all future Bills relating to any work or railway to be constructed in, over, under or upon the same, shall be sent, on or before the First day of December next before such Bills are intro- 10 duced into Parliament, to the Board of Conservators, who shall make a Report thereon to Parliament, and that all such Bills shall for the future be Public Bills.

35. Recovery and application of Penalties.

And be it Enacted, That all penalties and forfeitures imposed by this Act shall and may be recovered, with costs, by summary pro- 15 ceedings before


Justice or Justices of the Pcace residing in or near to the place where the offence shall be committed, or where the offender shall be and if the sum imposed as a penalty, or adjudged to be paid as aforesaid by any such Justice or Justices shall not be paid either immediately after the conviction or within such reasonable 20 time as such Justice or Justices shall, at the time of the conviction, appoint, it shall be lawful for the Justice or Justices to commit the offender or offenders to the common gaol or house of correction, within his or their jurisdiction, there to be imprisoned only, or to be imprisoned and kept to hard labour, according to the discretion of 25 such Justice or Justices, for any term not exceeding Six calendar Months, the commitment to be determinable upon payment of the amount and costs; and all such penalties and forfeitures shall be paid and applied in manner following ; (that is to say) one moiety of such penalty shall be paid to the informer or person upon whose discovery 30 or information the same shall be recovered, and the residue thereof shall be paid to The Seamen's Hospital Society.

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And be it Enacted, That the Justice or Justices before whom any person or persons shall be summarily convicted of any' offence against this Act, may cause the conviction to be drawn up in the following 35 form of words, or in any other form of words to the same effect; as the case shall require ; (that is to say)

“ BE it Remembered, That on the

day of
in the

of our Lord


in the (or riding, division, liberty, city, &c., as the 40 case may be), A. O. is convicted before me (or us], [naming the Justice or Justices], One (or Two) of Her Majesty's Justices


county of



of the Peace for the said county (or riding, &c.], for that he
the said A. O. did [specify the offence, and the time and
place when and where the same was committed, as the case
may be]; and I (or we] the said Justice (or Justices] do
adjudge the said A. O. for his said offence to forfeit and pay
the sum of (here state the amount of fine imposed), and I [or
we) the said Justice (or Justices] do also adjudge the said
A. O. to pay the sum of

for costs, and in
default of immediate payment of the said sums of
to be imprisoned in the

for the space of

unless the said sums shall be sooner
paid ; and I [or we] do order that the said sums of

shall be paid by the said A. O. on or before
(or we] direct that the sum of

part of the said
penalty, together with the said sum of
shall be paid to C. D. [the party informing), and the residue
of the said penalty shall be paid to The Seaman's Hospital
Society. Given under my hand (or our hands] the day and
year first above mentioned.”

day of

; and I


for costs,



37. And be it Enacted, That no such conviction shall be quashed for No Certiorari

, want of form, or be removed by certiorari, or otherwise, into any of Her Majesty's Superior Courts of Record, and no warrant of commitment shall be held void by reason of any defect therein, provided it be therein alleged that the party has been convicted, and there be a good and valid conviction to sustain the same.


38. And be it Enacted, That this Act may be referred to by a short short title of title, thus, “ The Harbour Conservancy Act."

this Act.

39. And be it Enacted, That this Act may be amended or repealed by This Act any Act to be passed during this present Session.


may be

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To amend a Clerical Error in an Act of the last Session for

regulating the Labour of Children, Young Persons, and
Women, in Print Works.

[Note.—The Words printed in Italics are proposed to be inserted

in the Committee.]

Preamble: 8 & 9 Vict.

c. 29.


HEREAS by an Act passed in the last Session of Parlia

ment, intituled, “ An Act to regulate the Labour of Children, 8 Young Persons, and Women, in Print Works,” provision was made for the attendance at School of Children employed in Print Works; but by a clerical error in copying the same the word Fifty" has s. 25. been once inserted by mistake instead of the word “ Thirty,” in referring to the time of such attendance; BE it Enacted, by The QUEEN's most Excellent MAJESTY, by and with the Advice and

Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this 10 present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, THAT Repeal of pro

so much of the said Act as requires the occupier of any Print Work, mer Act. before employing any child therein, to obtain a certificate that such child had attended school for at least Fifty Days, as therein specified, shall be repealed.


vision in for

Print Works

tificates of Children's


2. 15 And be it Enacted, That after the First day of July One thousand Occupiers of

eight hundred and Forty-six, the Occupier of every Print Work shall, to obtain Cerbefore employing any Child therein, obtain from a Schoolmaster a certificate, according to the form and directious given in Schedule (A.) School attendl

to the said recited Act annexed, that such Child had attended school 20 for at least Thirty Days, as required by this Act, during the half-year

ending the Thirtieth day of June or Thirty-first day of December next before the beginning of such employment and the like certificate at the

beginning of each following period of Six Months during which the employment of such Child shall be continued in that Print Work ; and such occupier shall keep every such certificate so long as such Child shall continue in his employment for Twelve Months after the date thereof, and shall produce the same to any Inspector or Sub-inspector, when required, during such period.


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