Google Cloud Platform - Networking: Beginner to Skilled GCP Network Practitioner in One Book

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Alasdair Gilchrist, Jul 4, 2020 - Computers

Welcome to "Google Cloud Platform – Networking: Beginner to Skilled GCP Network Practitioner in One Book". As the subtitle conveys this book is a beginners-to-experts comprehensive guide to networking for the Google Cloud Platform. We do not assume any prior networking skills or knowledge so the book is designed for both the beginner in networking as well as those proficient in on-premise networking who want to transfer their skill to the GCP. It is a thorough and comprehensive guide to the entire set of core networking technologies, principles and best practices that you will need to know about for the GCP Networking Certification exam. 

Nonetheless, this book is not just for those pursuing GCP Networking certification it is also aimed at those wishing to pursue a career in GCP networking. Consequently, it covers not just the exam syllabus but goes into much greater depth and scope through practical examples and relevant networking tips and best practices. The goal is to provide you, the reader, with a deep and wide understanding of GCP networking and its core technologies, techniques and concepts so that you can ultimately call yourself and importantly confidently demonstrate your skills as a proficient GCP network engineer.

To that end, we have designed the book into parts: Part 1 is a network primer aimed at the beginner as it serves as an introduction to key generic network concepts that you as a beginner will need to know when we move the focus to specific GCP networking concepts; Part 2, is an introduction to Google’ internal private and global network, the underlying technologies and how it works under the bonnet. This should be of value and interest to readers of all skill levels; Part 3, is all about GCP cloud-specific networking that encompasses; VPC design, planning, deployment, migration, operations and performance monitoring and management. We will study relevant use-case in each chapter to better demonstrate the use of a particular technology and to help solidify a deeper understanding. 

The final chapter is aimed at those pursuing a career as a GCP network designer or a pre-sales consultant as well as project managers as it concerns Billing. Hence we will take a deep dive into Billing from a network perspective but it is not just an appendix for your everyday reference – it is a comprehensive guide to cost forecasting, monitoring and cost management. 

Overall, this book can be read cover-to-cover, by individual parts, or as a reference for particular technologies. Take your time to browse the Table of Reference to discover the scope and get a feel for the depth of knowledge within each chapter and topic.


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