Reports of Cases Heard and Determined in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Volume 29

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Page 355 - The court may determine any controversy between parties before it, when it can be done without prejudice to the rights of others, or by saving their rights ; but when a complete determination of the controversy cannot be had without the presence of other parties, the court must order them to be brought in.
Page 141 - No association shall make any loan or discount on the security of the shares of its own capital stock, nor be the purchaser or holder of any such shares, unless such security or purchase shall be necessary to prevent loss upon a debt previously contracted in good faith...
Page 519 - ... in trust or otherwise, more than one-half part of his or her estate, after the payment of his or her debts, and such devise or bequest shall be valid to the extent of one-half, and no more.
Page 400 - If, after the expiration of one year from the granting of letters testamentary or letters of administration, an executor or administrator refuses, upon demand, to pay a legacy, or distributive share, the person entitled thereto may maintain such an action against him, as the case requires.
Page 1 - All persons having an interest in the subject of the action and in obtaining the relief demanded...
Page 3 - It is the constant aim of a court of equity to do complete justice by deciding upon and settling the rights of all persons interested...
Page 517 - ... interested therein; and for a sale thereof, if it appears that a partition thereof cannot be made, without great prejudice to the owners.
Page 136 - No transfer of the stock of this association shall be made without the consent of the board of directors, by any stockholder, who shall be liable to the association either as principal debtor or otherwise, which liability shall be a lien upon the said stock and all profits thereof and dividends.
Page 113 - It is a general and well settled principle that the assignee of a chose in action takes it subject to...
Page 258 - ... by the seller of property or business not to compete with the buyer in such a way as to derogate from the value of the property or business sold; (2) by a retiring partner not to compete with the firm; (3) by a partner pending the partnership not to do anything to interfere, by competition or otherwise, with the business of the firm...

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