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Jerusalem, Annual Letter from bishop of, doccexxxvi. 210. POETRY (continued)-
Jew receiving Christ, the, Dccccxlvii. 362.

Second Sunday after Trinity, Dccccxlix. 408.

Third Sunday after Trivity, Dccccl. 424.

Anecdotes of Queen Adelaide, dccccxxii. 6.

*Lays of a Pilgrim (Mrs. H. W. Richter) –

The lost Child found, dccccxiv. 52.

No. LXVI., Dccccxxvii. 88.

The Fall of Judah, dccccxxx. 122.

LXVII., Dccccxxxvi. 216.

Treasure found, Decccxli. 284.

LXVIII., Dccccxlviii. 392.


young People may help the Cause of Missions, Longing for the Heavenly Canaan (rev. H. N. W. Chur-

Dccccxlvi. 358.

ton), Dccccxxvii. 88.

*Luther at Worms (rev. R. Montgomery), pccccxl. 279.

Life in Prison (Mary Roberts) —

Night, Dccccxxxiv. 192.

No. II. Dccccxxii. 12.

*Night-scented Stock, the (Mrs. Llewelyn), Dccccxxxix.

III. DCCCCxxvii. 78.


Liturgical Remarks (rev. C. H. Davis)-

*Sounet on Matt. vi. 19-21 (S. S.), dccccxlii. 320.

No. I., Dccccxxviii. 90.

* Sacred Sonnets (Mrs. Llewelyn) —

II., DCCCCxxxv. 194

No. XXX., DCcccxxxii. 176.

III., DCCCCxxxvü. 234.

XXXI., Dccccxxxvii. 232.
IV., Dccccxliv. 331.

*Saul's Conversion (col. Blacker), Dccccxxxü. 160.

V., Dccccxlviii. 379.

She hath done what she could, Dccccxxxv. 208.

Medical Student, Thoughts for the (W. Bowman), Dccccxxiii.

* Thoughts, Dccccxxiv. 48.


* To the Infant Julia Mary (J. B. S.), pccccl. 424.

Meditation upon Pleasures (lady C. M. Pepys), Dccccxlvii.375. Proverbs viii. 17, a Thought on, Dccccxli. 281.

Ministry, the Apostolic (rev. T. Hartwell Horne), dccccxlviii.

Questions for yonng People-


No IX., Dccccxxiii. 31.


Esther, the Tomb of (rev. Dr. Burder), Dccccxl. 280. Ragged Training School of Industry and Dormitory, Extract

Indian's Opinion of England, dccccxxix. 120.

from Report of, Dccccxxiii. 28.

Place of Marriage (bp. Mant), dccccxlvi. 360.

Religion on the Continent, State of (rev. Dr. Davies)

Publican, the dying, dccccxliii. 320.

Dccccxxxiii. 173.

Missionary Children's Home, the, dcccxlviii. 390.

Religious Liberty in Turkey: Armenian Reformation,

Missionary Records,

Dccccxxxix. 263.

No. LXXVIII., Dccccxxii. 13.

Repentance, a Call to, addressed to Members of Temperance

LXXIX., Dccccxxviii. 94.

Societies, Dccccxxx. 133.
LXXX., Dccccxxxii. 145.

Rescue, the, from Death, Dccccxxxii. 150.
LXXXI., DCCCCxxxvii. 229.
LXXXII., Dccccxlii. 293.

Sabbath, the Sanctification of, pccccxlv. 348.
LXXXIII., Dccccxlvii. 373.

Saints, the Worship of in Irelaud (rev. W. Archer), dccccxxii.

Missions at Home-


No. XIX., Dccccxxiv. 34.

Salmon Catching, dccccxxiv. 33.

XX., Dccccxxix. 116.

Sanctified Sorrow (Jane Kennedy), dccccxxxvi. 213.
XXI., Dccccxxxü.

Sepulchres, ancient, Dccccxlix. 393.
XXII., Dccccxl. 276.

Sermons, by the following Divines :-
XXIII., Dccccxliv. 326.

AYRE, rev, J., M.A. (Hampstead), The Trinity, Dccccxlvii.
XXIV., Dcccl. 410.


BATHER, late ven.E., M.A., (archdeacon of Salop), The right
North American Indians, No. I., DCCCCxxxvi. 209.

Improvement of Sickness or other Distress, Dccccxxiii. 24.
II., Dccccxxxix. 249.

BENSON, rev. C.. M.A. (can. of Worcester), Scripture, not
Notes ou Religion in France, No. I. Dccccl. 420.

Tradition, the authoritative Teacher of Men, DCCCCXXXÜï.

Paths, the two, Dccccxxvi. 84.

BLACKER, rev. B. H., M.A. (Donnybrook), The Resur-
Perils of the Deep (M. Roberts), dccccxxxiii. 102.

rection, DCCCCXxxviii. 241.

Bull, rev. J., M.A. (Walthamstow), The Danger of Neg.
*Cana, the Wine of (rev. G. Bryan), dccccxlvi. 360.
*Christian Liberty (rev. C. Rawlings), Dccccxxiv. 48.

lecting the great Salvation, Dccccxxviii. 96.

*Come soon, come soon; the Dying Child's Aspirations

CHAMPNEYS, rev. W. W., M.A. (Whitechapel), Chriet

lifted up drawing Men unto him, Dccccxlv. 328.

(J. B. S.), Dccccxxvi. 72.

CLARKE, rev. A. B. (Killesk), The Sinner's Safety
*Conscience, of the Golden Tree (col. Blacker), dccccxlii.

DCCCCxxvi. 67.

FEILDE, rev. T. (Hertingfordbury), Taking up the Cross
*First Night in the Tomb, the (rev. G. Bryan), Dccccxxii. 16.

after Christ, Dccccxliii. 315.
*Good Night, the dying Christian's (J. B. 8.), Dcccclii. 304.

GRANTHAM, rev. T. (Bramber), The Destruction of Sodom
*Hymn (Mrs. Llewelyn), Dccccxxjö. 32; Dccccxxxiv. 192.

and Gomorrah, Dccccxxx. 129.
*Hymns for the Sundays of the Year (Joseph Fearn)-

HARDING, right rev. J., D.D. (lord bishop of Bombay),

Fifth Sunday after Easter, Dececxliv. 336.

Sunday after Ascension-Day, Dccccxlv. 352.

The Word of God a Lamp and a Light, Dccccxxii. 8.

Whit-Sunday, Dccccxlvi. 360.

HARRIS, rev. H. T., B.A. (Coventry), The Christian

Trinity, Dccccxlvii. 376.

pressing towards the mark, exemplified in St. Paul,

DCCCCxxv. 56.

First Sunday after Trinity, bccccxlviii. 392.

HEURTLEY, rev. C. A., B.D. (Fenny Compton), The Day

The pieces marked thus * are original.

of Christ's Coming upkuown to Christ, pccccxlv. 344.

SERMONS (continued) -

Sketches (rev. D. Kelly) continued

HOARE, Fen. C. J., M.A. (archdeacon of Surrey), The No. XLIX. Excitement, Dccccxxxi. 138.

Woman of Samaria, DCCccxxix. 112.

L. The Ascetic, Dccccxxxiv. 178.

HOLLINS, rev. J. (Gloucester), The Simplicity of real

LI. The Treacherous, DCCCCXXXV. 206.

Faith, DCoccxxxiv. 185.

LII. The Bizarre Mind, dccccxxxviii. 246.

Joyce, rev. R. L., B.A. (Camerton), Jesus Christ precious

LIII. The Jesuit, Dccccxli. 282.

to the Believer, DCCCCXIXvii. 224.

LIV. Self-reproach, Dccccxlii. 301.

McKee, rev. J., B.A. (Malton), Eternity, Decccxlix. 400.

LV, The Fastidious, Dccccxliii. 318.

MORRIS, rev. F. O., B.A. (Nafferton), Family Prayer,

LVI. The Critic, Dccccxlvü. 367.

Deceol. 272.

LVII. The Scottish Chief, Dccccxlix. 406.

PAGE, rev. T., M.A. (Rugby), Misapplied Wealth and Slander (rev. H. J. Stevenson), Dccccli. 428.

Sanctified Porerty, Dccccxlviii. 385.

PHILIPPS, rev. J. E. (Osmington), Jesus Christ crucified Spain, Illustrations of Society, Manners, and Morals in (rev.

the Sum and Substance of the Minister's Message,

H.T. Cheever), DCcccxxxiv. 180.

Deccessiv. 41.

Spring, the return of (Mrs. Richter), Dccccxlix. 405.

POOLE, rev. T. E., D.D. (Sierra Leone), The Christian's State Interserence with Education, DCCCCXXVI. 66.

Peace, Dccccxlvi. 354.

Sunday-school Teaching, reflex Benefits of, Dccccxliv. 335.

ROBERTS, rev. J.L. (Oxford), The early Commencement

of the Christian Life, Dccccl. 416.

Tallow-tree (Sebingia Sebifera), Uses of (Dr. Macgowan),

SMITH, rev. J. B., D.D. (Martin), Jesus Christ the Lord DCCCCXXX. 126.
our Righteousness, Dccccxxvi. 81.

Thorny-Ground, the (Mrs. Richter), Dccccxl. 278.
STEVENSON, rev. H. J., M.A. (Hallow), The Character Trees, Shrubs, &c.--

and Recompence of the faithful Minister, Dccccxxxix. 256. No. XXXIX. Oriental Plane, Dccccxlvi. 853.
THOMPSON, rev. T. W., B.A. (New Buckenham), The Re-
surrection of the Dead, DCCCCXXXV. 201.

Walking with God, practical Directions for daily, Decccxxxiv
WATKIN, rev. J. W., M.A. (Blyth), The Duty of Prayer 191
for faithful Pastors, Dccccxxxii. 153.

Warning to Masters and Servants from the History of Amelia

WINCKWORTH, rev. J. B., B.A. (Heacham), The Foun-

Roberts, Dccccli. 427.

dation of God: its Stability and Seal, Dccccxii. 296. WEEKLY ALMANAC, Dccccxxii. 8; Dccccxxiü. 23 ; Dccccxxiv.

Sights which I have seen (M. Roberts), Dccccxxxix. 254 ; 40; DCCCCXXV. 56; DCcccxxvi. 67; Dccccxxvii. 80;

Dcecel. 413,

DCCCCxxviii. 96; Dccccxxix.

Sketches (rev. D. Kelly) -

DCcccxxxi. 152; Dccccxxxii. 167; Dccccxxxiv. 185 ;

No. XLV. The Children of pious Parents, Dccccxxiii. 18. DCCCCXxxvi. 200; DCCCCXxxvii, 224; DCCCCXXXVİÜ. 241;

XLVI. The narrow-minded Christian, DCCCCXXV. 62. DCCCCxxxix. 256; Dccccxl. 272; Dccccxlii. 296 ;

XLVII. Moral Courage, dccccxxvii. 86.

Dccccxliii. 315; Dccccxliv. 328; Dccccxlv. 343; Dccccxlvi.

XLVII. The Philosopher of the Nineteenth Century, 354; Dccccxlvii. 368; Dccccxlviii. 384 ; Dccccxlix. 400;

Dccccxxix, 118.

Dccccli. 416.

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