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hement desire to become acquainted with increase our faith and spirituality of mind : him :

"stablish, strengthen, settle us," that we may “ As pants the hart for cooling streams,

“ meddle not with those who are given to When heated in the chase,

change,"but" stand fast in the liberty whereSo longs my soul, O God, for thee

with Christ hath made us free, and be not enAnd thy refreshing grace.

tangled again with the yoke of bondage." " For thee, my God, the living God,

"Ye are a chosen generation, as lively My thirsty soul doth pine :

stones, built up a spiritual house, an holy O when shall I behold thy face,

priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acThou Majesty divine ?"

ceptable to God by Jesus Christ." My dear brethren, when you enter into things are passed away: behold, all things are your closet, remember that your Father seeth become new. " Christ received into the heart in secret. What you say there say within is our salvation: there is virtue in him : faith yourselves, feel within yourselves : you need is the instrument whereby we touch him: in not study language. Hanyah prayed unto touching him thus we draw that virtue out the Lord; and she prayed successfully; yet of him, in the strength of which we are made “she spake in her heart: only her lips moved, whole. Covet therefore, brethren, a simple but her voice was not heard” (1 Sam. i. 13). heartfelt faith in him ; endeavour most Whenever, therefore, you approach the deeply to feel your need of him; and to throne of grace, let your heart speak : heart- this end pray for that Holy Spirit of promise; language is the language of prayer. And the for“ it is the Spirit that quickeneth.” He prayer of faith will meet with a welcome on it is that convinceth the world of sins, and high, whether that prayer be the breathing of will give to you that “godly sorrow for sin the high or the low, the rich or the poor ; which worketh repentance to salvation not to “for there is no respect of persons with God.' be repented of.” He will cause you not

Again, as it regards public worship—this merely to hear of Jesus; but he will reveal is a most important Christian duty; and, if him in you. “He will guide you into all there be no desire within ourselves to attend truth”, take of the things of Christ, and the house of God, we may readily conclude show them unto you, give you to see the there is no real religion within us. The con- striking adaptation of the work and characgregation of his people God is peculiarly ter of Christ to your wants. Then shall you, pleased to behold; and with them, as before with a heart overflowing with love and gratimentioned, he has promised his presence. It tude to him “who hath loved you, and is a great privilege to one and all to be washed you in his own bloud,” take up,

and among the number of the congregation on make your own, the simple, heartfelt, beauearth; for they who faithfully serve him here tiful language in the text, and "say within shall ere long be admitted to their Father's yourselves, If I may but touch his garment house above. It is a blessed thing to be I shall be whole," permitted to send up our united prayers to O the blessedness of being thus taught of God; for this is the promise that he hath God-taught to "follow the Lamb," to draw promised : “that, if two of you shall agree on nigh to him, with faith to “touch him," to earth, as touching anything that they shall embrace him, to love him, to cling to him as ask, it shall be done for them of my Father our life ; for with him is the well of life. which is in heaven” (Matt. xviii. 19). But “And this is life eternal, that they might know here, as in the closet, the prayer must be from thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ the heart. “ God is a Spirit; and they that whom thou hast sent.”. worship him must worship him in spirit and Do you thus know him ? Have you learned in truth.” What is done must be done with that first and humbling lesson—to know the heart; what is said, said within ourselves yourselves as “vile earth and miserable sinas well as with the lip. “Let us lift up our ners? This is the first step towards the heart with our hands unto God in the hea- knowledge of him as your Saviour and your ven.” The public worship of God need not God. Be going on to know the Lord : be attended with pomp and show. “God is grow in grace, and in the knowledge of not a man,” or subject to like passions as we your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” are, that he should require his service to con- constant in your attendance on the means of sist in, or be attended with, grand exhibi- grace. Be both almost and altogether tions; but that worship should be conducted Christians : endeavour, by “all holy converwith all simplicity, provided the apostolic in- sation and godliness," to "show forth the junction be not infringed: “Let all things praises of him who hath called you out of be done decently and in order,"

darkness into his marvellous light.” For Let it be our prayer to God that he would this is the design of the glorious gospel of


the blessed God," that “being made free | DELIVERANCE FROM THE WRECK OF THE from sin, and become servants to God, ye

AMAZON*. should have your fruit unto holiness, and the DISMAL were the thoughts suggested on that day end everlasting life” (Rom. vi. 22).

as to the future. Will a storm arise? If so, our Finally, “ Ye, that do truly and earnestly little vessel cannot live; she must be overwhelmed repent you of your sins, and are in love and by the raging billows! How long can we remain charity with your neighbours, and intend to in the midst of the wide-extended ocean? Shall lead a new life, following the commandments gloomy forebodings, when the thrilling, joyful

we starve-perish with hunger ? Such were the of God, and walketh from henceforth in his exclamation of, *x sail!” burst from the lips of holy ways, draw near with faith, and take one of the crew. Then followed the exclamation this holy sacrament to your comfort." The of, “O, I hope she sees us ! Does she hear us? only worthy guests there are such as deeply Is she coming this way?” She was then on the feel their utter unworthiness; who have been very verge of the horizon, and-disappeared ! taught to "abhor themselves, and repent in Mute despair was then plainly perceptible in every dust and ashes;” who not only acknow- face. I had made up my mind to die of starvation,

but thought I could exist without food for a long ledge and bewail their manifold sins and time; fur, having once been ill in Paris for three wickedness,” but feel themselves to be the week's, without even having tasted food of any chief of sinners.

sort during the whole of the time, I felt

now preCome, therefore, ye who are humbly pared to go through the same ordeal. But again stationed at the foot of the cross, “this do, the joyful sound was uttered by Lieut. Gryllsin remembrance of him," who for you en

“ I see another sail !” We then commenced tearing dured the cross, despising the shame.“ Por, as converting one of them into a mast, upon which

. , often as ye eat this bread and drink this cup, we attached a shirt as a signal of distress, and, ye do show the Lord's death till he come.” breaking the rest of them into paddles and a Receive these creatures of bread and wine in helm, we determined, as our lives depended upon token that you are looking for salvation only it, to make a desperate effort to approach the welin him, and by him, and through him, whose come visitor. Hour after hour was passing away body was broken and whose blood was

-our progress through the waves was slow, and poured out. Testify, verily, your gratitude the paddles in uiter hopelessness. The sun was

the sailors were beginning to relax their efforts at io him who "gave himself

a ransom for you"; fast fading away, and the horrors of another night and receive them as a pledge and an assu- at sea, in an open boat, stared us in the face. I rance of your Saviour's faithful love to you. begged, prayed, entreated the men to continue For“ to the end that we should alway remem- their exertions, that with the light of day we still ber the exceeding great love of our Master had hope : an hour—perhaps a few minutes—may and only Saviour Jesus Christ's dying for us, bring us near enough to be seen. Alas! there and the innumerable benefits which by his poor Angus, the man who had lost his fingers,

were four out of the thirteen quite helpless, viz., precious blood-shedding he hath obtained to a boy, and the Spanish gentlenian, who appeared us, he bath instituted and ordained holy mys- to have become quite paralyzed. The sun was teries as pledges of his love, and for a con- just about to shed his last ray of light upon our tinual remembrance of his death, to our great eyes, and hope in our hearts, when those on board and endless comfort.” He did not institute the vessel saw us, heard us, bore down upon us, his holy sacraments to give you pain or cause

and took us on board. Had not the great God

sent us this timely succour, no account of our fate you gloom, but for your comfort, for the could have ever been made known ; for any one

strong consolation" of all those “who have of the storms which prevailed during the following fled for refuge to lay hold on the hope set eight or nine days must bave destroyed us. We before us." “Be not faithless,” therefore, were hauled on board by means of ropes, and "but believing,” “nothing wavering”; but stowed in a little cabin, 6 feet by 41 only'; but "draw near with a true heart, in full assu- yet, what a palace compared to the horrors from rance of faith”; and doubtless we shall find it which we had just been rescued ! This vessel was good to be here. He," whom having not seen from Amsterdam, consigned to Leghorn ; and was,

a small Dutch galliot, and had a cargo of sugar ye love,” will manifest himself unto you ; be therefore, desirous of landing at Gibraltar, it will increase in you bis manifold gifts of being on her course. However, adverse winds grace, bless you with his favour, "guide you set in the captain of the galliot knew not his poby his counsel, and afterwards receive you to sition; he was unable to take an observation ; and glory."

was, in consequence, knocked about for nine days, with this serious addition to his crew. I had been

* From “ The Amazon ; a sermon preached at St. Andrew's, Plymouth, by the rev. W. Blood (one of the survivors), incumbent of Temple Grafton, Warwickshire." London: Aylott and Jones. This discourse is most interesting in itself, and doubly so as uttered by one who had parlaken of the horrors be describes. We wish it the widest circulation,


visiting the house of a noble friend but a few more highly relished, and appetites more keen weeks before ; but what was it compared to our than ours. Indeed our health has been improved present little home?

by our buffetings with the billows-our exercise After contending in vain for eight days, with the continued effort to retain our equilibrium in contrary winds and a boisterous sea, in our efforts the rocking barque, and by the refreshing wind, to make for Gibraltar, we at last changed our which tossed about our little vessel. She rode course, and after three days more obtained the gallantly over the breakers and the swelling friendly port of Plymouth, where we were met by waves, until we were safely landed in Plymouth, many kind-hearted, with tearful eyes. During Never can I forget the feeling by which I was every day we were enabled to seek the guidance then greeted. One gentleman, in particular, took of that almighty Being who so mercifully de- my hand in his, and said, while the tears rolled livered us when in great distress; for I had suc- down his handsome and noble countenance, “O, ceeded, with Lieut. Grylls and Mr. Kilkelly, sir, you are as one risen from the dead : I cannot though a Roman catholic, in establishing a re- but weep.” I could stand it no longer; and, turn. gular form of daily worship; and it had begun to ing away from him, I gave vent to my own feel. have its effect, when we came in sight of Ply- ings, I trust in humble praise and gratitude to my mouth. Every day to us was a sabbath, and our heavenly Father. little barque our church, within which our feeble Permit me, in all humility, to ask you, my voice of prayer ascended, and our notes of praise dear hearers, is not the goodness and mercy of mingled with the music of nature, in the whistling God manifested in these circumstances ? But I winds and the roaring billows, while the great must not confine myself to them. I must direct God of nature-of the storm and of the tempets- your attention to a wider sphere-to the proofs, to heard our supplications, and sheltered us as in bis the incontrovertible proofs of his character, of bis pavilion. Often too his blessing descended, which benevolence, as displayed in the universe around softened the hardened heart, and brought forth us. The volume of creation stands wide open the tears of holy sorrow for sin, and of joy and before us, courting its perusal; and on its pages gratitude for his mercies, so bountifully bestowed ; we may read the great truth. while the penitent listened to the glorious gospel Behold the glorious sun: his warming reof Jesus Christ. On Friday evening my little fulgent beams are even now pouring their brilliance flock came in a body, newly clad, to bid me good through those windows, bringing clearly to the bye,” and to offer their thanks. They bowed eye objects the most insignificant and minute. down in the house of the Christian friend who When that splendid orb disappears, and bis light gave me shelter beneath his hospitable roof, and is temporarily withdrawn from us, and we are lent me his own clothes to cover me. I com left in darkness, is he not succeeded by the silvery mitted them once more to the care of that gra- moon—the lamp of night, hung out, as it were, cious Being who snatched us from the double by the hand of the God of love from his throne death by fire and water, and provided for us a of glory, to lend us light amidst the gloom? Be. home, and preserved us upon the stormy ocean. hold the stars as they gem the heavens in countTo him be all the glory.

less myriads: they glitter and revolve in their The little cabin, in which we were huddled different spheres, as if bounding in delight to actogether on board the galliot, and in which we knowledge that God who placed them there is : worshipped every day, was small indeed. It an. God of love? Do they not seem as if speaking swered for kitchen, sleeping-room, and a temple to thoughtless, ungrateful man, reminding him of for God's service ; and never did he enable me so how forgetful' he is of the gifts he has received to preach his word as then, or give me so atten- from that good and gracious Being? Then let tive an audience. Often was my own soul so over- us regard the earth around us; and what does it powered in prayer and preaching, that deep feeling tell us ? Behold, the flowers of the garden, and tears interrupted for some time utterance, painted with the most beauteous colours, and while I listened to the sobs that responded in spreading forth upon the air the most delicious sweet and holy sympathy. O that I could always fragrance, to testify, as it were, to your very so utter his blessed truth! but " as your day is, so

senses that the God of nature who gave them is a shall your strength be." My happiest and holiest God of love. Go, take your stand upon one of hours in sweet communion with a reconciled Fa- the lofty hills which surround you, and gaze upon ther in Christ were spent on board that little the grandeur of the picture below and above ; and barque. We had no bible or prayer-book in Eng- does not every object, even to the most minute, in. lish; but memory, with God's assistance, supplied press you with the inward conviction that the God their want: we had a bible (the captain's com- of nature is indeed a God of love ? Behold these panion), but it was in Dutch. He was a godly gently sloping hills, covered with verdure and man; and often during the moonlight nights did teeming with abundance; and is there not, even I sit' upon the deck with him, while my com- there, the hand of a God of love made evident? panions were asleep, as he sang the songs of the If we wander into the valleys beneath, we find sweet singer of Israel, in bis own native tongue. them rich to overflowing with every blessing Frequently too, in the day, had he his faithful destined for man's use : we see the clear, limpid bible with him, thoughtfully perusing it ; and no waters wandering and murmuring their tortuous doubt his effort to pick us up, and his kindness course, beautifying and fertilizing as they goto us wbile on board, may be attributed to his re- are not these the gifts of God, and do they not ligious principles and feeling. Our food was prove him to be a God of love to man? Whetber coarse, and at times scanty ; but he gave us wil- we look upon the mighty ocean, pouring its malingly the best he had. But, having food and jestic waters upon the sea-shore, as a means for water, we should be content; and never was food * Peculiarly appropriate to the scenery around Plymouth.

enabling man to hold intercourse with his fellow- glorious and gracious Being so loved the sinner, man in far distant climes, or look abroad and notwithstanding all his rebellion and his vileness, consider the vastness of this great universe, we as to give for him his own and “only Son.” “ Bé see, in all, proofs of the benevolence and goodness astonished, 0 heavens, and stand amazed, O of God. Look from the greatest of God's crea- earth,” at this wonderful display of benevolence ! tures, down to the lowliest worm that crawls upon the earth, and you see the love of God manifest in each and all. From the lofty oak of the forest down to the insignificant blade of grass in the PRACTICAL DIRECTIONS FOR DAILY field, we discover the infinite and inestimable gifts

WALKING WITH GOD. of God, and should learn that he is indeed a God of love. And yet, amidst all these glorious gifts perfect ; but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for

"Not as though I had already attained, either were already of richness and abundance and luxury, gushing which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus.”—Phil. iii. 12. out around us, and in the midst of which man, ungrateful, thoughtless man, lives and moves and 1. Resolve, in the strength of divine grace, to bas his being, are we not unmindful of that God walk this day humbiy with your God, drawing to whose bounteous hand we are indebted for near unto him (Ps. lxxiii. 28) in renewed acts of these vast blessings? Yes, even God himself has repentance and faith, coming unto Christ, dependsaid that, potwithstanding his love to man, man ing upon him, and looking to him as your atoneis ungrateful. Has he not, as in the language of ment and example, and as the Author and Finisher complaint and lamentation, exclaimed, "The ox of your faith. knoweth his owner, and the ass his master's crib; 3. Give diligence to make sure to yourself, and but Israel doth not know, my people doth not con- to evidence to others, your personal interest in sider"? Yes, even the horse knows the hand that the Son of God, your covenant relation to the feeds bim, and the dog feels pleasure in obeying Father through him, and consequent title to an his master's commands; but we do not know, we everlasting inheritance in heaven. do not serve the God who loves us. No; alas ! 3. Let nothing prevail on you to omit secret

Alas! the sinner is like the dove which left duties, or to perform them in a negligent manner. the ark of Noah--it fled away over the wild waste Earnest, believing prayer, the diligent study of of waters ; but, amidst the clashing elements of the scriptures, devout reflection, and selfnature, it could find no rest nor shelter. The examination, must be your every-day employ, soul of the sinner, unmindful of the God who has ment, if you would keep up communion with God done so much for bim, leaves that gracious Being, and walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing. and goes forth, wandering about in the darkness Thus, in the faithful and diligent use of these and desolation of sin ; but it can find no rest until precious means, the man of God trims his lamp, it returns to the God of love, from whom it has and replenishes it with the heavenly oil, girds up departed. Othat God may bring back to him- the loins of his mind, becomes fruitful in every self, the only Ark of safety and mercy, some souls good work, and increases in the knowledge of to-day who are still wandering in darkness, and God. can find no resting-place; for in him only can 4. “Keep thine heart with all diligence." they find a shelter and a refuge from the storms Examine well your thoughts and motives, guard of the world - from the agonizing fears which sin particularly against the occasions of sin; vigiand affliction occasion. But it is not enough that lantly watch every avenue by which sin, Satan, the minister of the gospel should direct the atten- or the world may approach to hurt you. This tion of his flock to the boundless gifts of God in will be found the best preservative of inward nature. No; bis great duty is to expatiate upon peace and outward consistency, of tenderness of that greatest of all his gifts-that gift with which conscience, brokenness of spirit, and spirituality there is no comparison—the gift of his own Son,” of mind; and thus will you be prepared, “his well-beloved Son.” And so great was the 5. To live under the comforting sense of God's love of God displayed in this gift, that we are favour, the reverential impression of his presence, told that even the angels of glory desire to look and the constraining influence of his love. into the mystery, to meditate upon its depth. They 6. Mark the dealings of the Lord with you, as come, as it were, to the precipice of this un- a God of providence, and resign yourself with fathomable abyss of the love of God, and, bending entire trust and confidence to the whole of his over, they look down into it; but they cannot providential will. penetrate its depth. They are disappointed in the 7. Whatsoever you do in word or deed, do all attempt: it is too vast, too sublime, too glorious, in the name of the Lord Jesus, making his glory, even for their vision. Eternally they may gaze and the interests of his kingdom upon earth, your upon the sublimity of this divine truth ; and now continual aim. rising, they ascend, exclaiming, “Glory be to God 8. Endeavour to unite diligence in business in the highest ; peace on earth, and good will to and fervency of spirit; in a word, to glorify God men.” And so well they might, though they are in this world whilst making progress towards a not personally interested in the fact-for they better. never sinned—when they heard that God, the God 9. When in company with others let all things, of heaven, " so loved the world, a guilty and re- as far as in you lies, be done and said to mutual bellious world,” that he, who might in justice edification ; and in your intervals of solitude enbave spurned the rebel from his presence, who deavour more particularly to realize God's premight have banished him to the regions of eternal sence, and let your thoughts and affections be woe, have consigned not only his body to the dust, much with him. but his soul to everlasting darkness; that that 10. In order that you may redeem time live continually, as it were, within the precincts of weighed the time of prosperity, and conferred it with the grave, and on the borders of an eternal world his estate of so extreme misery; yet nothing made him (Eccles. ix. 10).

so sorry and pensive as the calling to his remembrance 11. As you would thus walk with God, by how unreverently he had used his most gentle, loving, faith in his dear Son, never lose sight of your own

and benign father, who was not only liberal and free corruption, weakness, and insufficiency, or of to his children,

but also to his hirelings that lacked your entire dependence on the help of his Holy father made him a great deal more sorry than all the Spirit; nor ever cease to implore bis promised in. pains he otherwise sustained. And thus must every fluence to work in you effectually both to will Christian wait upon the Lord; and then doubtless and to do, as the Spirit of light, holiness, and love, consolation shall follow, as it appeareth by the same the Comforter of the church, and the glorifier of prodigal son, and by this psalm of the prophet.Jesus.

Bishop Hooper on Psalm lxii. 12. When you have done all, account yourself an unprofitable servant, and repose your every hope on the Saviour's finished work, regarding this, and nothing in yourself, as the spring of all

Poetry. spiritual comfort, peace, and joy. Christian reader, & perusal of the above brief

NIGHT*. directions, if God shall graciously bless it, may serve the threefold purpose (1.), of giving you a MAJESTIC night! who on thy sable vest glimpse of gospel holiness; (2.) of convincing

Ten thousand suns dost bear, all hid from gaze you how greatly you come short, and of humbling While gaudy day was bright, but o'er our rest you on account of it;, (3.) of awakening your Their vigils keep with calm benignant rays : earnest desires after higher attainments, and Grand revelation of Almighty skill ! putting you upon renewed resolutions (in de- Thou art like that which brings the Eternal will pendence on the divine Spirit) and earnest cries To highly-favoured man-a sealèd book to God for renewed strength. And in this

While nature's light delusive leads astrayview nothing can be more sweet and encouraging

Eclipsed the brilliance of that meteor ray than that precious promise which you find

In the mild radiance of the Spirit's look; in Ezek. xxxviii. 27 : “I will put my Spirit

Behold the sacred page is covered o'er

With sparkling gems all unobserved before: within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes;

Bright stars of promise, bright in deepest night, and ye sball keep my judgments, and do them."

And brighter still as we those regions near, o plead with God, cry carnestly to him, wait Of which they tidings tell—ere long to shine diligently upon him, to accomplish in you more With untold splendour, like these suns of thine, and more what be here engages to do for his peo- When burst the bonds which now detain us here. ple. He is rich in grace unto all that call upon him, as his word and the experience of his people fully testify. But “thus saith the Lord God, I

HYMN. will yet for this be inquired of by the house of

BY MRS. PENDEREL LLEWELYN. Israel, to do it for them.” For, remember, holiness, heart holiness, practical holiness, real holiness of

(For the Church of England Magazine). life, is a sweet part of God's salvation; and, while enabled sincerely to wait and long for this, you

Rev. vii. 14-17. have the manifest token of God's love towards you, the seal of the Spirit and pledge of eternal

On, where the springs of life, life in Christ Jesus. If you ask what it is to walk

Eternal life, flow on, in God's statutes, I answer, it is to walk in

Press, full of earnest prayer;

Heed not the pain and strifo the Spirit (Gal. v. 16), to walk in Christ Jesus the

That soon shall all be gone, Lord (Col. ii. 6), to walk in the light (1 John i.

To heaven each feeling bear. 6, 7), to walk in love after his commandments. And these are intimately connected with each

The clime of blessed day other: they are so many links, forming one chain

Shines forth in silvery light, wbich cannot be broken. He that has in very

Guiding us to its better shorcdeed been made partaker of the Spirit will live

Press on the glorious way, and walk in the Spirit. The Spirit by his teaching

Through faith in Jesu's might, will lead him to Christ. Christ is the light of the

His love shall bear us o'er. world : : no follower of his shall walk in darkness,

Llangynwyd Vicarage. but shall see the light of life; and the light of saving knowledge is ever attended with the fire Bath: Binns and Goodwin. We have before noticed this

• From "Titus before Jerusalem, and other poems." of holy love, which cannot fail to warm the heart volume. We now insert this specimen of it, which we think and stimulate it to all holy obedience.

our readers will agree with us is a graceful one.-ED,

The Cabinet.
THE PRODIGAL SON.—That is to be seen in the

Tondon: Published for the Proprietors, by JOHN prodigal son, which when he had spent all his goods HUGHES, 12, Ave-Maria Lane, St. Paul's; and to be lecherously, and brought himself to most miserable procured, by order, of all Booksellers in Town and Country. poverty, and to such extreme famine that he would have been glad to have eaten the meat prepared for PRINTED BY ROGERSON AND TUXFORD, the pigs, besides the great heaviness of heart that


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