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The Annual Dinner was held on Friday evening, August 25, 1905, at The Hotel Mathewson, Narragansett Pier, Rhode Island.

The retiring President, Henry St. George Tucker, of Virginia, presided.

Mr. Justice Henry Billings Brown, Mr. Justice Edward Douglass White, Honorable Frederick H. Jackson, Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island, R. C. Smith, K. C., of Montreal, were among the invited guests present

Two hundred and twenty-five members and delegates were present.



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1. 1878–79–*JAMES O. BROADHEAD,' . . St. Louis, Missouri. 2. 1879–80-*BENJAMIN H. Bristow, . . New York, New York. 3. 1880–81-*EDWARD J. PHELPS, Burlington, Vermont. 4. 1881-82–*CLARKSON N. POTTER, 2. New York, New York. 5. 1882–83–*ALEXANDER R. LAWTON, Savannah, Georgia. 6. 1883–84-CORTLANDT PARKER, Newark, New Jersey. 7. 1884–85–*JOHN W. STEVENSON, Covington, Kentucky. 8. 1885–86-*WILLIAM ALLEN BUTLER, . New York, New York. 9. 1886–87-*THOMAS J. SEMMES, New Orleans, Louisiana. 10. 1887-88_*GEORGE G. WRIGHT, Des Moines, Iowa. 11. 1888-89-* DAVID DUDLEY FIELD, New York, New York. 12. 1889-90_*HENRY HITCHCOCK, · St. Louis, Missouri. 13. 1890-91-SIMEON E. BALDWIN, New Haven, Connecticut. 14. 1891-92-John F. DILLON, .

New York, New York. 15. 1892–93–*John RANDOLPH TUCKER, · Lexington, Virginia. 16. 1893–94-*THOMAS M. COOLEY, 3 Ann Arbor, Michigan. 17. 1894–95-*JAMES C. CARTER,

New York, New York. 18. 1895-96-MOORFIELD STOREY,

Boston, Massachusetts. 19. 1896–97-JAMES M. WOOLWORTH, Omaha, Nebraska. 20. 1897-98-WILLIAM WIRT HOWE, · New Orleans, Louisiana. 21. 1898–99-JOSEPH II. CHOATE, New York, New York. 22. 1899–1900-CHARLES F. MANDERSON, · Omaha, Nebraska.


1900-1901-EDMUND WETMORE, New York, New York. 24. 1901–1902-U. M. Rose, .

Little Rock, Arkansas. 25. 1902-1903-FRANCIS RAWLE,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 26. 1903–1904-JAMES HAGERMAN, St. Louis, Missouri. 27. 1904-1905-HI ENRY ST. GEO. TUCKER, Lexington, Virginia. 28. 1905-1906-GEORGE R. PECK, . . Chicago, Illinois. * Deceased.

1 At the Conference for organizing the Association in 1878, John H. B. Latrobe, of Maryland, was elected Temporary Chairman, and when the organization was com. pleted, Benjamin H. Bristow, of Kentucky, was elected President of the Conference.

• In consequence of the death of Clarkson N. Potter, Francis Kernan, of New York, presided and prepared and delivered the President's Address in 1882.

3 In consequence of the illness of Thomas M. Cooley, Samuel F. Hunt, of Ohio, presided and read the President's Address prepared by Judge Cooley in 1894.

• In consequence of the absence of Joseph H. Choate, as Ambassador to Great Britain, Charles F. Manderson, of Nebraska, presided and prepared and delivered the President's Address in 1899.



1. 1878–93–*EDWARD Oris HINKLEY,'. . Baltimore, Maryland. 2. 1893–. John HINKLEY,? .

Baltimore, Maryland.


1. 1878–1902-FRANCIS RAWLE,

Philadelphia, Penna.
Albany, New York.


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1. 1878–87-* LUKE P. POLAND,

St. Johnsbury, Vermont. 2. 1878-88-SIMEON E. BALDWIN, 3

New Haven, Connecticut. 3. 1878-80_*WILLIAM A. FISHER,

Baltimore, Maryland. 4. 1880-85-*WILLIAM ALLEN BUTLER, New York, New York. 5. 1885-90-*CHARLES C. Bonney, ? Chicago, Illinois. 6. 1887-96-GEORGE A. MERCER,

Savannah, Georgia. 7. 1888-90_*JOHN RANDOLPH TUCKER, Lexington, Virginia, 8. 1890-91-*WILLIAM P. WELLS,

Detroit, Michigan. 9. 1890-99-ALFRED HEMENWAY,

Boston, Massachusetts. 10. 1891-95–* BRADLEY G. SCHLEY, · Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 11. 1895-99-CHARLES CLAFLIN ALLEN, St. Louis, Missouri. 12. 1896-97-WILLIAM WIRT HOWE, New Orleans, Louisiana. 13. 1897-1900-CHARLES NOBLE GREGORY, . Madison, Wisconsin. 14. 1899-1900-EDMUND WETMORE.

New York, New York. 15. 1899-1901-U. M. Rose,

Little Rock, Arkansas. 16. 1899-1902-WILLIAM A. KETCHAM, Indianapolis, Indiana. 17. 1899-1902-HENRY ST. GEORGE TUCKER, Lexington, Virginia. 18. 1900-1903-RODNEY A. MERCUR, Towanda, Pennsylvania. 19. 1900-1903-CHARLES F. LIBBY,

Portland, Maine. 20. 1901–1903-JAMES HAGERMAN, .

St. Louis, Missouri. 21. 1902–1905-P. W. MELDRIM,

Savannah, Georgia. 22. 1902-1905-PLATT ROGERS,

Denver, Colorado. 23. 1903 M. F. DICKINSON,

Boston, Massachusetts. 24. 1903– THEODORE S. GARNETT, Norfolk, Virginia. 25. 1903 William P. BREEN, Fort Wayne, Indiana. 26. 1905 CHARLES MONROE,

Los Angeles, California. 27. 1905 RALPH W. BRECKENRIDGE, · Omaha, Nebraska.

* Deceased. · In 1878, Francis Rawle, of Pennsylvania, and Isaac Grant Thompson, of New York, acted as temporary Secretaries and as Secretaries of the Conference.

In 1886, Edward Ótis Hinkley being absent, Walter George Smith, of Pennsylvania, acted as Secretary pro tempore.

* In 1898, John Hinkley being absent, George P. Wanty, of Michigan, acted as Secretary pro tempore.

3 In 1888, at the first meeting of the Executive Committee after the adjournment of the Association, Simeon E. Baldwin resigned, and Charles C. Bonney was chosen to fill the vacancy under By-Law X.




ARTICLE I.—This Association shall be known as AMERICAN BAR Association.” Its object shall be to advance the science of jurisprudence, promote the administration of justice and uniformity of legislation throughout the union, uphold the honor of the profession of the law and encourage cordial intercourse among the members of the American Bar.


ARTICLE II.—Any person shall be eligible to membership in this Association who shall be, and shall, for five years next preceding, have been a member in good standing of the Bar of any state, and who shall also be nominated as hereinafter provided.


ARTICLE III.-The following officers shall be elected at each Annual Meeting for the year ensuing: A President (the same person shall not be elected President two years in succession); one Vice-President from each state; a Secretary; a Treasurer; a Council, consisting of one member from each state (the Council shall be a standing committee on nominations for office); an Executive Committee, which shall consist of the President, the last ex-President, the Secretary and the Treasurer, all of whom shall be ex-officio members, together with five other members, to be chosen by the Association, but no member shall be eligible to such choice more than three years in succession; and the President, and in his absence the ex-President, shall be the Chairman of the committee.

1 Amended August 19, 1898, and August 30, 1899.


The following committees shall be annually appointed by the President for the year ensuing, and shall consist of five members each :

On Jurisprudence and Law Reform;
On Judicial Administration and Remedial Procedure;
On Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar;
On Commercial Law;
On International Law;
On Publications;
On Grievances ;
On Law Reporting and Digesting ;
On Patent, Trade-Mark and Copyright Law;2
On Insurance Law;3 and a committee

On Uniform State Laws, to consist of one member from each state."

A majority of those members of any committee, including the Council, who may be present at any meeting of the Association, shall constitute a quorum of such committee for the purpose of such meeting.

The Vice-President for each state, and not less than two other members from such state, to be annually elected, shall constitute a Local Council for such state, to which shall be referred all applications for membership from such state. The Vice-President shall be, ex-officio, Chairman of such Council.

A committee of three, of whom the Secretary shall always be one, shall be appointed by the President at each Annual Meeting of the Association, whose duty it shall be to report to the next meeting the names of all members who shall, in the interval, have died, with such notices of them as shall, in the discretion of the committee, be proper.

It shall be the duty of the Vice-President from each state and territory to report the deaths of members within the same to the said committee.

1 Amended August 29, 1895.
2 Amended August 30, 1899.
3 Amended September 28, 1904.
4 Amended August 28, 1903.

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