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1776. .

557 ali which burnt out quietly, as usual in these in Grosvenor-Square, at the rent of rool, a experiments, without spreading beyond the year, but endeavouring to exercise their deceit place where the fuel was first laid. Their on the person and property of Mr. Bonhote, Majesties gave the greatest attenti•to every linen-draper, in Hayes's Court, St. Ann's, experiment that was made, and expressed the Suho, he, aided by two constables, Mell. utmost satisfaction. The whole was con- Sylvester and Bradshaw, pot co rout the whole cluded by lighting large magazine of fag- gang, and made captive this their chief ingots, pitch and tar in the same room, that strument. The court pallid sentence on the had undergone this trial twice before ; once culprit, to labour for three years on board his when these experiments were first Mewn to Majcfty's new lighters on the Thames, his Majesty, and afterwards when they were

SATURDAY, 12, fhown to the City of London ; it burnt out Yesterday a Chapter of the most noble ore now as it had done before with amazing fu- der of the Thiftle was held at St. James's, Ty, but had no effect at all upon the room when the Marquis of Lothian was elected, over. Their Majefties, with the Princes and and invested with the enfigns of that order, Princeses, went up there whilft the room in the room of the late Lord Cathcart, debelow was burning with the greatest violence. ceased. FRIDAY, 4.

MONDAY, 14. A letter from Windíor, dated O&. 1, says, Yesterday his Majesty was pleased to confer "An officer belonging to the 70th regi. the honour of the most honourable order of mnent has been down at this place for some the Bath on the Hon. William Howe, Ma. weeks past, teaching several men belonging jor-General of his Majesty's forces, and Ge. to Lord George Lenox's regiment the ule of neral of his Majesty's forces in North Amethe rifle gun; he takes a party of men out rica, every morning and evening; they fire at a

WEDNESDAY, 16. target from 100 to 300 yards distance ; 'the On Monday night a man was taken into officer is very expert. Their Majefties at- custody in Brewer-street, for locking up bis tended a review of the riflemea yefterday af. wife and two children in a room in a house, ternoon, and were much pleafed at the dex. in Spitalfields, the same evening, and setting terity of the officer, who loaded and fired fe- the house on fire. Had not the cries of the veral times in a minute, and hit the mark woman alarmed the neighbours, the and her every time. Lord George Lenox, with the children must have perished in the flames, remainder of his regiment, are expected to which were happily extinguished in time come to this place tomorrow morning, from On Monday the Quarter Sesions was held Winchefter; they are to be reviewed this at Guildhall before the Lord Ivayor, Alderday se'nnight by his Majesty at Dorney. On men, Recorder, &c, when a constable was Saturday next his Majesty will review the fined on an indi&ment for grosoly aficulting Light Horse at Afford Common, near a young woman as she was going through the Staines.”

Poultry with her brother, and dragging her SATURDAY, 5.

to the Poultry-Compter, charging her with On Thursday was tried at Guildhall, be- being a common prostitute. The prosecuirix fore the Recorder, in the Mayor's Court, an declared in court, that she did not want to action brought against a Lottery.Office- derive any advantage from the prosecution, Keeper, to recover the chances arising upon but that he carried it on merely to derer him the inforance of loitery tickets, amounting and others from being guilty of the like again. to the sum of gol. After much investigation, The prisoner was sentenced by the court 10 and argument of the counsel on both sides, a suffer fix weeks imprisonment in the Poultryverdict was given for the defendant, agreeable Compter, and give security for his goud bchato the opinion of the learned Judge, who viour for fix months. held, that though there appeared in the course

FRIDAY, 18. of the evidence an acknowledgment of the This day the King was pleased to grant

ht, yet, as the contract was illegal, and in unto the Right Hon. William Lord Mansviolation of the Gaming Aa, ihe plaintiff field, and to his heirs male, the dignity of an had no remedy against the defendant, but Earl of the kingdom of Great Britain, by the was precluded from recovering the debt. The title of Earl of Mansfield in the county of courts of law bad been so frict for the sup- Nottingham, with remainder to the heirs pression of that species of traffick, so highly male of the body of his father, detrimental to commerce, that he remember.

SATURDAY, 26. ed an instance wherсin the money paid for A few days ago the following affair hapinsurance was returned.

pened ncar Envill, in Staffordshire. Lord THURSDAY, 10.

G.'s gamekeeper having suspected that a perLast week was convicted at the Seffions at son was poaching in the park, went in purWeftminster, a man who was a runner to a fuit of him with a gun loaded with a bali fet of tharpers who had, for the purpose of when he came near the poacher, he asked defrauding honest tradesmen

their property,

him what business he had there? The mara under specious pretences, hired a great house giving hina rathas an impertinent answer, so


A ven

proveked the keeper, that he instantly level- tended from the ferry to the narrots, led his piece and shot him through the body. through Utrecht and Gravesend to the vilThe man (who proves to be a ropemaker of lage of Flatland. Kidderminster) expired in a short time after, On the 25th Lieutenant Gen. de Heifter, The keeper has absconded.

with two brigades of Hellians from Staten

Illand, joined the army, leaving one brigade COUNTRY NEWS, of his troops, a detachment of the 14th regi

ment from Virginia, some convalescents and Reading, 08. 19.

recruits, under the command of Lieot, Col, N ancient piece of painting, by Hol.

Dalrymple, for the security of that iliand.

On the 26th Lieut. Gen. de Heifter took tween King Henry VIII. and Francis I. poft at Flat. Bush, and in the evening Lord of France, at Guines, near Ardres, hi

Cornwallis with the British drew off to Fiat. therto preserved in the private apartments in

land ; about nine o'clock the same night ide Windsor Calle, was on Tuesday last, by their

van of the army, commanded by Lieut. Gen. Majefties command, placed for public in

Clinton, congfting of the light dragoons and Spećtion in the Royal Picture Gallery: The brigade of light infantry, the referve, under above painting, contains upwards of 4000 the command of Lord Cornwallis, excepting faces. “An ancient picture is also placed by the 42d regiment, which was posted to the it (a sea piece) representing the return of

left of the Heflians, the first brigade, and the Henry VIII, and his nobility from the said

711t regiment, with fourteen field pieces, interview.

began to move from Flatland, across the SC ( T L AN D.

country ihrough the new lotts, to scise a pass Edinburgb, 08. 11.

in the heights, extending from Eaft to West

along the middle of the island, and about HIS vay John Home, Esq. of the coun. three miles from Bedford, in the road to

ty of Berwick, was served and returned Jamaica, in order to turn the enemy's leít, heir male to the Earl of Dunbar, before the posted at Flat-Buch. sheriff and a respectable juiy. This title has General Clinton being arrived within half lain dormant for a great number of years. a mile of the pass about two hours before

day-break, halted, and settled his disposition

for the attack, One of his patrols, falling AMERICAN AFFAIRS

in with a patrol of the enemy's officers, took From the London Gazette Extraordinary. them; and the general learning from their

information that the rebels had not occupied Whiteball, 027. 10, 1776. The país, detachid a battalion of light infantTHIS morning Major Cryler, first Aid ry to secure it, and advancing with his

de Camp to the Honourable General corps upon the first appearance of day, por. Howc, arrived with the following Letter refled himself of the heights, with such a from General Howe to Lord George Gero disposition as must have insured soccess, had

he found the enemy in force to oppole him. Camp at New Town, Long-islarid, the Guards, 2d, 3d, and sth brigades, with

The main body of the army, confifting of
Seper 3, 1776.
My Lord,

ten field pieces, led by Lord Percy, marched

soon after General Clinton, and halted an On the 22d of last month, in the morn- hour before day in his rear. This columa ing, the British, with Colonel Donop's (the country not admitting of two columns corps of Chasseurs and Heffan grenadiers, of march) was followed by the 49th regie disembarked near Utrecht on Long Iland ment, with four medium twelve pounders, without opposition, the whole being landed, and the baggage closed the rear with a sepawith forty pieces of cannon, in two hours rate guard. and a half, under the direction of Commo- As soon as these corps had passed the dore Hotham ; Lieutenant General Clinton heights, they halted for the soldiers to take commanding the first division of the troops. a litele refreshment, after which the march

The enemy had only imall parties on the was continued, and about half an hour paft coast, who, upon the approach of the boats, eight o'clock, having got to Bedford, in the retired to the woody heights, commanding a rear of the enemy's left, the attack was com. principal pass on the road from Flat-Bush to menced by the light infantry and light dratheir works as Brooklyn. Lord Cornwallis goons upon large bodies of the rebels, having was immediately detached to Flat-Bush with

cannon, who were quitting the woody the reserve, two battalions of light infantry, heights before-mentioned to return to their and Colonel Donop's corps, with fix field lines upon discovering the march of the army, pieces, having orders not to risk an attack instead of which they were drove back, and upon the pass, if he should find it occupied; the army ftill moving on to gain the enemy's which proving to be the case; his Lordship rear, the grenadiers and 33d regiment being cook post in the village, and the army ex- in front of the column, soon approached



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559 within musquet shot of the enemy's lines at and file wounded : one officer and twenty Brooklyn, from whence these battalions, grenadiers of the marines taken by mistaking without regarding the fire of cannon and the enemy for the Hessians, Imail arms upon them, pursued numbers of The Heflians had two privates killed, the rebels that were retiring from the heights three officers and twenty-three rank and file so close to their principal redoubt, and with wounded. The wounds are in general very such eagerness to attack it by storm, that it Night. Lieut. Col. Monckton is not through required repeated orders to prevail upon them the body, but there are the greatest hopes of to defit from the attempt. Had they been his recovery. permitted to go on, it is my opinion they The behaviour of both officers and soldiers, would have carried the redoubt; but it was British and Heftians, were highly to their apparent the lines must have been ours, at a honour. More determined courage and stea- ; very cheap rate, by regular approaches. I diness in troops have never been experienced, would not risk the loss that might have been or a greater ardour to diftinguith themselves, Sustained in the assault, and ordered them as all those who had an opportunity have back to a hollow way, in front of the works, amply evinced by their actions. out of the reach of musquetry.

In the evening of the 27th the army enLieut. Gen. de Heifter began soon after camped in front of the enemy's works. On day-break to cannonade the enemy in his the 28th, at night, broke ground 600 yards front, and, upon the approach of our right, distant from a redoubt upon their left, and on ordered Col. Donop's corps to advance to the the 29th at night the rebels evacuated their attack of the bill, following himself at the entrenchments, and Redhook, with the ut. head of the brigades. The light infantry most filence, and quiried Governor's Illand about that time having been reinforced by the following evening, leaving their cannon the light company, the grenadier company, and a quantity of stores in all their works, and two other companies of the Guards, who At day-break on the 30th, their flight was joined them with the greatest activity and discovered, the picquets of the line took posSpirit, had taken three pieces of cannon, and Seffion; and those most advanced reached the were warmly engaged with very superior shore opposite to New-York, as their rear numbers in the woods, when, on the Hiflians guard was going over, and fired some thot advancing, the enemy gave way, and was one

among them. tirely routed in that quarter.

The enemy is fill in poffeffion of the On the left, Major General Grant, hav- town and illand of New York, in force, and ing the fourth and fixth brigades, the 42d making demonftrations of opposing us in regiment, and two companies of New-York their works on both sides of King's Bridge, Provincials, raised by Governor Tryon in The inhabitants of this iland, many of . the spring, advanced along the coast with whom had been forced into rebellion, have ten pieces of cannon, to divert the enemy's all submitted, and are ready to take the oaths attention from their left. About midnight of allegiance. he fell in with their advanced parties, and This dispatch will be delivered to your at day-break with a large corps, having can- Lordship by Major Cuyler, my first Aid de non, and advantageoully posted, with whom Camp, who I trust will be able to give your there was skirmishing and a cannonade for Lordship such further information as may be some hours, until by the firing at Brooklyn, required. the rebels, suspecting their retreat would be

I have the honour to be, &c. cu: off, made a movement to their right in order to secure it across a swamp and creek,

W. HOW E. that covered the right of their works ; but being met in their way by a part of the ad

P. S. I have omitted to take notice, in its grenadiers, who were loon after supported by proper place, of a movement made by the the gift regiment, and General Grant's left King's ships towards the town on the 27th, coming up, they suffered confiderably: num.

at day-break, with a view of drawing off the bers of them büwever did get into the morals, attention of the enemy from our real design, where many were fuffocated or drowned. which, I believe, effectually answered the

The force of the enemy detached from the intended purpose. lines where General Putnam commanded,

The number of prisoners taken by the was not less, from the accounts I have had, King's troops, amounted to 1097; among than 10,000 men, who were under the or. which were three generals, three colonels, ders of Major Gen. Sullivan, Brigadier Ge.

four lieutenant-colonels, three majors, eighnerals Lord Stirling and Udell. Their lors teen captains, forty-three lieutenants, and is computed to be about 3,300 killed, wound

eleven en ligns. ed, prisoners, and drowned.

There likewise fell into the hands of the On the part of the King's troops, five victors, fix pieces of brase, and twenty-fix officers, and fifty-six non commissioned ofi. pieces of iron ordoance, behides a quantity of cers and rank and file killed ; twelve officers

thoi, nells, ammunition, intreaching tools, and 245 non-com niffioned officers and rank Email arms, &c. &c,

The 5

The South. Carolina Gazette, of Aug. 16, widow of the late Captain Robert Parkhuift. mentions, that there has been a skirmith in -Sir Thomas Tancred, Bart, of Brampton, teir Back Settlements, by a party of Seneca in Yorkfire, to Miss Penelope Atheton 200 other Indiins, unter Col. Cameron, in Smith, of St. Mary-le-bonne.-13. George which Col. Wil'jamfon, the Provincial Com. Pochin, Esq. of Bourn, in Liscolnbire, to mandant, had met with a repulse, being way. Miss Dixie, eldest daughter of the late Sir Jaid by the Indians, wherein 10 of his men Wolhan Dixie, Bari.-24. Gerrard Levinge were desperately wounded, a Mr. Salvador Van Heythusen, Esq. of the Chancery Or. Scalped and killed, and several other privates; fice, to Miis Amy Miles of Loweftoffe.-25. that afterwards Williamson's party, when re- William Prefton, of Moreby, Esq. to Mrs. covered from their surprizs, next day burnt Ann Foulis, second daughter of the late Sir ali the houses on the fide of the river Keo- William Foulis, of Ingleby-Manor, Yorkwee; and after burying their dead, and ta- Thire, king care of their wounded, proceeded onward, and bernt Sugar Town, which the In

DEATRS. dians had deserted. Williamson, it was raid, was marching on the 6th of August, ai the

OF. ENKY Banks, Esq. one of the head of 650 men after the enemy, to carry

4. .comimiffioners of the customs for the fire and sword throughout their country.

port of London.-7. The Righi Hon. A letter from St. Croix, dated the gth of Charles Cadogan, Lord Cadogan.-9. The September, mentions, that they had just re

Kight Hon. Stephen Fox, Earl of Jk befter, ceived advice from St. Kit's, that a terrible -11. Sir William York, late Chief Juftice. fire broke out at Baffeterre, and had burnt of Ireland; but had retired on a penfion. down two thirds of that town; but no other -13. Lady Ann Stirling, reli&t of Sir Henry particulars are as yet come to hand. The Stirling, of Ardoch, Scotland, Bart.-15. Same letter mentions, that they have had a Joseph Smith, Esq. LL. D. of Kidlington, horricane at St. Croix, and that it was much in the county of Oxford.-16. Gearge Gibworíe in the Windward INands.

san, Esq. son of Bishop Gibson, bate bishop

of London.-27. Thomas More Molyneaux, MARRIAGES.

Esq. member for Haflemere, and a major

general in the third regiment of iool guarde. Eden, . of Downing - 18. John Ellis, F. R. S, agent for the the Right Hon, the earl of Suffolk, to Miss of Dominica.- The Right Hon. Richard Elliot, davghter of Sir Gilbert Elliot, Bart. On Now, Lord Onslow.-20. Mr. Williara ---4. The Rev. Ms. Charles Shuttleworth, Prior Johnson, one of the attornies of his younger brother of Robert Shuttleworth, majesty's palace court, -21. Samuel Mead, Esq. of Fosceit, in Yorkshire, to the Hon. Esq. F. R. S. and commissioner of his ma Miss Mary Cockburne, youngest daughter to jesty's customs.–23. Samuel Cox, Esq. the late George Cockburne, Esq. and the counsellor at law.–25. The Hon. Mils Right Hon. Lady Forrefter.-7. Sir Rowland Elisabeth Foley, daughter of Lord Foley,Hil, of Hawkfone, in Salop, Bart. to Mrs. Miss Jane Whichcote, daughter of Sir Pewys, of Hardwick in the same county. Chriftopher Whichcote, Bart.-26. Lady -12. Major Home, of the 25th Regiment Caldes, relict of the late Sir James Calder, of Foot at Winchefter, to Mrs, Parkhurf, Bart.

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To our CORRESPONDENTS. XAMPLES of the aftonishing Power of Eloquence-On tbe Nicknames of Princes

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The poetical favours of K R.-J. H. on Peace, &c. are received, and fall be inserted is relation wirb ibose of our orber correspondenis,

I'be Remarks of Veritati Amicus, and the Hint of A. B. are under confideration, Wba ebie defired lifts can be cbrained ales shall be given. Very correct and expenfiere Maps, with parriniar descriptions, of ibe leveral Provinces of North America, bave been already preferisk 10 tbe reader's of ibe Lundon Magazine in former nurhers.

If Vicarium will inisige us wiik shortening his Eduy, it foall appear: At present it is to lung, and we feer zbar recrizinations on jüeb fubječts es Tithes would be boibbarp and drfing.

Our readers will please to add after the “ for" at ibe bottom of p. 536 'i them in nature, but that every man was the real author of all or most of his own miseries."

Ibe lerged ojibe News abis mouib, obliged us to umit some of the Poorical FJays intended de injerted.

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