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In vain, bedaub'd with fringe and lace,
The froft-bound rivers bear the weight Each strives to push his vacant face;
Of many a vent'rous elf;

Slides to his nymph tout debonaire,
Let cach who crouds to see them skate And calls her fairest of the fair.
Be careful for himself :

She scorns e'en flattery from you ;

Her thoughts are fix'd on dearer Los.
For, likethe world, deceitful ice

The most attractive Savoir Viure Who trufts it makes them rue ;

Did never cause so high a fever, 'Tis Nippery as the paths of vice,

Or drive away the doleful dumps,
And quite as faithless too,

As I the mighty Prince of Trumps !

Ye hapless husbands ! who lament "Tis virtue which alone can charm,

Your absent wives in discontent, In winter's gloomy hour;

Think not the beaux your brows adorn, The rigour of its froft disarm,

'Tis I who fix the antling horn ; And soften all its pow'r.

'Tis I alone the passions raise,
And put the borom in a bloze.

What modish wife, tho'meek as lamb,

Can fly the charms of-Fluß and Pam? TATURE diffulves in friendly tears, Thus, tho' I use no hidden art,

I'm sure to gain each female heart; The hearts of mortals, too, the chears, But quite unlike the Paphian boy, Who laugh to see her weep.

I most am lov'd because I'm coy. While, miser-like, she steeld her breaft,

For tho' I often cause a flush, To teach impressive power,

I ne'er put beauty to the blush She robb'd us of our wonted reft,

Then hufbands since you know your foe, And froze the midnight hour.

There's little left for you to do:

Let not the fight of powder'd beaux Not luxury, with all her charms,

Again intrude on your repose, Nor riot, with its glee,

But let your strongest ftriétest guards,
Could 'scape her close-surrounding arms ;

Be placed on Me, on Loo, on Cards.
But ah! poor penury !
Poor penury !--' was thine alone
To feel her bittereft bite,

Written Extempore on VALENTINE'S DAY, While farving through the day alone,

TRICT to a day, the feather'd songsters And perishing at night.

meet, But then (and gracious Heav'n be prais'd) Their choir to settle, and their bliss compleat, Her deputies the sent,

Their yearly vows they each to each impart, The deep-lunk eye of mis’ry rais’d,

This done, in pairs they bid adieu, and part. While hunger (mil'd content.

In this the motley choir a pattern prove Now, kinder gales their influence thed, For men to copy to promote their love. And milder breezes blow:

Like them the Swains their yearly tribute The earth refigns her fleecy bed,

pay, And triumphs o'er the snow,

By way of preludė to a happier day ; So shall beneficence extend

The scheme but just, it certainly well suits Her long-continued sway;

With growing love to strengthen as it shoots, Her charms, eternal as their end, Shall gain eternal day.

S P R I N G. When, “ cloud capt tow'rs” shall Ginkin dust, THEN Winter's dull form disappears, And « folemn temples” fall,

When nature again is serene ; The God of all the good and just

Gay Spring every floweret rears, Shall patronize them all.


And gently enlivens the scene.

The snow-drop (dear pledge of its love) The following POETICAL ADDRESS was

Erects first its innocent head; delivered by a MASQUE, in tbe Charac

The primrose next thines in the grove, ter of the KNAVE of CLUBS, exceed.

And there deigns its fragrance to shed. ingly well drejt.

The crocus and gay daffodil,
PAM's Trip to CORNELYS's.

The lily and violet too,

Adorn both the vale and the hill, UST from the knavith pack I've Ript, While their beautics are pleafing to view. To strut awhile in vain parade

How gay nature's Carpet appears ! 'Mongst other knaves at masquerade.

The trees and the hedges how green ! Ye Petit Maitres, pray forbear!

What a different aspect it wears, I've got the hearts of all the fair,

How surprizingly vary'd's the fccne!





The birds that sat mute on the spray,

To ibe PULT LAUREAT. Nov juin iticir iont forgs in the grove;

An Ode Parodied, And the nymphs and the swains too cach

I. day Hui Spring as "the mother of Love."


N the black caverns of our coast, Wirflow.

Elate with pride and conscious boast, Plumoreu: Description of a Modern Head Dress. Our evil Genius lay.

Wide v'er the wat'ry waste,
Bylbe Auibor of tbe New BATH GUIDE.

A pleasing fmile she calt;
CAP like a bat,

And thus her rising hopes exprest,

(Which was once a cravat) And thus proclaim'd the joy that flutter'd on Parigridefully plaited and pinn'd is ;

her breast. Part stuck upon gauze,

II. Resembles mackaws,

“ Draw, draw the fuord which thirfs foç And all the fine birds of the Indics,

blond, But above all the rest,

« Of trait'rous and oppreflive men;

“ And bravely item the crimson Avod, A bold Amazon's crest

“ Ere wear their chains again : Waves nooding from mhoulder to shoulder ; At once to surprize,

** The voice of Liberty And td ravish all eyes,

!" Now courts you to be free ;

« Nor bear submissive dire commands, To frighten and charm the beholder.

“ Nor dread impending vengeance from such In short, head and feather,

“ tyrants hands." And wig all together,

III. With wonder and joy would delight ye;

Hear her, ye wise, to freedom true, Like the picture I've seen

And teach the rest to feel Of th' adorable queen

The same to public virtue due, Of the beautiful, biest Otaheite,

And save your country's wcale Yer Miss at the rooms

Reffore Britannia's faded bloom, Must beware of her plumes,

Dispel the melancholy gloom For if Vulcan her feather embraces,

That fits around her throne; Like poor Lady Laycock,

And while you join her native song , She'll burn like'a baycock,

Prove that just vengeance does alone And roaft all the Loves and the Graces. To You and Heaven belong.

* Rule Britannia, &c.

page 103.

THE MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER. Proceedings at Guildball, on the late Election which I have received, I cannot entertain a for Cbamberlain, concluded from our laft, doubt that the majority of legal voters on the

poll was in my favour, I thould proceed to N Friday the ad inftant, the demand' a scrutiny, and demonftrate this to

adjournment at the common. my fellow citizens, were I not restrained by hall was held at Guildhall, the confideration of another election for the when about one o'clock the same important office being so near as MidAldermen Kennet, Peckham, summer day.

The presiding officers are Edaile, Rawlinson, Aliop, by the act in my band " for regulating and Plomer, with the theriffs, some other eications within the city of London, and city officers, and the two candidates for for preserving the peace, good order, and chamberlain, ascended the busines, when government of the said city,” obliged to the sheriffs declared Mr. Hopkins duly elect grant a scrutiny, but the time required by ed. A report being spread ihat Mr. Wilkes thet act to compleat it, would be aloioft half would demand a fcrutiny, he came forward, the periud of the interval between this and and addressed the livery in a speech to the Midium, when by the laws and con. following purport.

Ritution of our corporation we must proceed " Gonilemen, and fellow citizens, I de. to a new choice. The various business of fire to scior my warmest thanks to those the chamberlain's office must likewise during friends of freedom, and the independency of that period in a great measure neceffarily be tbe livery of London, who have fupporied suspended. I think it therefore între for the Ine with so much firmness during the late general advantage to wave the right of a polltor the clection of chamberlai:). Their scrutiny, althou h it must be favourable to gunerous cfforts, I am fatisfied, were effec me, and to declare that I will return to these From very accurate informations, bustings on Midlummer way to folicit the



honour of your fuffrages for the momentous you I will devote my whole time to discharge trust of chamberlain for the year ensuing. the important trust with diligence and im.

“ Gentlemen, the spirit of independency, partiality. The worthy Alderman (Wilkes) which has always distinguished the city of has declared his intentions of standing a London, will, I am persuaded, then appear candidate for the said office next Midsummer in its full luftre, and triumph over the ene Day. Vikewise pledge myself to stand also mies of our rights and privileges, which candidate upon this bustings, and hope my have been crossly violated. This city from conduct will not only enville me to the susa its first rise has in all ages stood the most frages of my friends, but also of those gene so'id, unshaken barrier, which liberty has tlemen who lately voted again! me. I do sailed against the attacks of despotic kings declare that during the courie of the election, and ministers. I hope its noble foundations I never used any undue influence ; and when are not now treacherously lapped and unders I applied to the several clerks in the bank mined. I trust the enemies of public lin for their fuffrages, I never had a director of berty are not lodged in the citadel of freedom, the Bank with me, for fear their presence If they are, uniess your virtue can expel might influence a single voie; one gentic them you are undone, and lavery will be man in that department told me he was enyour portion. To this city, in a time of gaged againft me; I solicited him no further, great public virtue, after a glorious struggle, nor Thall I mention his name. I now tell ihe nation was indebted for the Revolution, you I had the countenance of many gentleand for the few privileges now remaining, men in the Bank direction, and hope my now alas ! daily perishing., In the late conduct might ever claim the regard of any election the various arts of bribery, the most society I ever did or hereafter may belong to, direct menaces and illegal practices, were As I am this year out of the Bank direction, employed. Corruption has, I fear, gained Isolemnly declare I do not know any sum of not a small part of the livery, I fatter money that they might lend administration ; myself, however, that the majority are but this I know, that they, nor any one found and uncosrupt, and would spurn' at a

gentleman, opened a breakfasting houic for bribe. In the late election it was apparent the entertainment of my friends. that not a man among all the houshold “ I conclude with returning thanks to our troops of the court, not a clerk in any pub- two worthy sheriffs for their impartial and lic office, who was not ordered to exert his spirited conduct during this tedious poll."; whole strength against me, The directors The total number of Livery that polled at of the Bank too readily aflisted a late bro. the above election, was 5527, which is 1049 ther director, I call upon the alderman less than at the contested election, for the to deny in explicit terms either of these

fame ofñce, between Melirs, Burworth and affertions. The officers of the customs and Selwyn. excise even voted and canvassed against me.

FRIDAY, MARCH 1. “ Gentlemen of the livery, the present. Letters by the Achilles, Wyley, who is conteft 1 by no means consider as a dispute, arrived from Jamaica at Liverpool, bring an which of two aldermen shall be your cham account that there has been an engagement berlain. The conteft is of a much more between one of the king's frigates and a important nature. It is, whether your re- Spanish frigate, for having seized a ved presentatives in Parliament, your mayors, belonging to that island on false pretences ; sheriffs, and oiber officers, fall in future that the English frigate zetook the vessel, be created by a ministerial mandate, or and shattered the Spanish frigate so much, cleated by the free voice of thc people. Let that it was apprehended the could not me therefore exhort you, if you mean to reach Cuba, the port the feered for, having transmit to your children those noble fran- lost all her fails, &c. chises, which your fathers purchased at the

SATURDAY 2. price of much blood, to withstand in time The committee of West India planters every incroachment of ministerial power in and merchants, who attended Lord George chis city, and to meet me here on Midlum. Germaine and Lord North, reported, that mer-Day, eftectually to allert the rights of a they had delivered to each of their lord ships frce elećtivn, as well as your own dignity and separately a memorial, of which the followa independency."

ing is a copy. Mr. Hopkins then came forward, and

The memorial, &c. seweth, addressed ihe Livery in the following speech : That in consequence of your lordships

“ Gentlemen of the livery, permit me to inclinations, publicly declared to aslift and return you my unfeigned thanks for the ho. relieve the sugar colonies, your memorialists noue you have conferred on me in eleding held a general meeting on the 22d of Decemi me to the important office of chamberlain of ber last, and another on the 7th instant, the this great ciiy. I am particularly happy on selule whereof has been to lay the following L'his occahon, as it reflects your approbation propofitions before your lordships. of Dj par publick conduct; and I do afluie * That it is the opinion of your memo


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cialists, that during the continuation of this are to wear the same uniform as the common calamitous


and tbe interdiction of com. Soldiers, and their hair to be dressed in the merce with the associated provinces in North like manner, so that they may not be disAmerica, no adequate consumption can be tinguished from them by the riflemen, who found but in Great Britain and Ireland, for aim particularly at the officers. those parts of the produce of the sugar colo.

TUESDAY 12. nies, which used to be given in exchange for Yesterday morning about two o'clock, lumber and provisions, and consumed in nine journeymen caylors, and two women, North America.

after having drank very freely at a publick " That it is the opinion of your memo house in Spur-street, Leicester-Fields, were sjalists, that stopping the distillation of grain desired by the landlord to go home, which in Great Britain and Ireland (in like manner they refused, and behaved very ill; the as it was stopped in Great Britain by the acts landlord at length called the watch to his of parliament passed in the 30th, 32d, and affiftance, when the first watchman that en338 years of the reign of his late majesty tered the roo:n had his skuli laid open with King George the Second) would materially an axe, and it is said, soon expired; the fee promote such consumption, and thereby en cond was wounded very much, and a third, able them to purchale some provisions and by the blow of a poker, was bruised in such lumber wherever they may be found.

a terrible manner, that he died at eleven " That it is the opinion of your memo

o'clock the same morning. A party of the rialifs, that reducing the duty of excise pay guards was sent for, who secured the whole able upon the importation of rum into Greate nine. They were examined before Justice Britain and Ireland, and upon spirits drawn Welch, at the Rotation office, in Litchfield from melaffes in Great Britain and Ireland, Street,andwere all committed to different gaols, To far as to accommodate its price to the

WEDNESDAY 13. xarious uses of manufactures and consump As we wish to communicate to our readers cion, to which spiritous liquors' are com every thing that may contribute to their en. monly applied, would materially promote tertainment, we lay_before them the followSuch consumption.

ing passage from a Bath paper; since whe“Your memorialists having thus submitted ther the remarkable success it exhibits in the to your lordships their sentiments of what practice of phyfic, be considered as demonmay afford fome immediate, though inade- ftrative of improvements in that science, or quate relief to their impending distress, are merely as affording additional help to the af. nevertheless of opinion, that peace only, and ficted, it cannot fail of giving pleasure to the only such a peace as will restore the antient friends of science and humanity. intercourse between the West-India islands “ On Sunday last Sir James Jay went and the northern continent of America, to from hence to London on his way to Amea the general harmony and lasting benefit of rica. This gentleman's departure will be a the whole Britifh empire, can effectually loss to this kingdom, as he has undoubtedly prevent the evils with which they are more made some capital improvements, in treating than threatened,

diseases to which the inhabitants of this “ That your memorialists having in- iland are peculiarly subje&t. During his formed your lord ships of their wants, and short refidence in this city, he performed their propofitions for relief, are anxious to be several extraordinary cures in some cases; forthwith enabled to give such directions to and gave great relief in others, after otber their agents abroad, for the future manage. physicians, and Bath water, had been tried ment of their property and concerns, as may in vain. We shall just mention a few out correspond with the countenance and encou of the very many instances of his success ragement they hope to receive from admi- which have fallen under our own observation, niftration.”

or are related on the best authority. The committee further reported, that the 1. A lady, aged 74, who had lost her answer from each of their lordships was ver voice many months, and had tried medicines bal, amounting in the whole, that the pro- and Bath water in vain, perfe&tly cured. positions cannot at present be complied with. 2. A woman, with paralytic tremors and

JAMES ALLEN, Sec. weakness in all her limbs, had been twice in THURSDAY 7.

the Bach hofpital, fix months one time, We hear from Rome, that on Monday three the other, the last without the least The 12th of February, the new born prince, benefit, and had long been unable to stand son of the duke and duchess of Gloucester, alone, recovered so far as to walk comfort. was baptized by the Rev. Mr. Salter, and ably with the help of a cane. called William Frederick, in the presence of 3. A clergyman was paralytic in all his all the English genilemen who were at Rome. limbs, so that he could not feed himself, The duke and duchess of Sexe Gotha, and move his legs, nor turn in bed. Every The Margrave of Anspach, were the sponsors. thing he tried had proved ineffe&ual ; yet MONDAY IT.

from ihis truly deplorable state he was restored The officers who are ordered for America to theperfect use of his limbs,

4. A


4. A young woman, after the ineffectua) be attacked by any foreign power, that they endeavours of another phyfician, was perfect will support him with their lives and fore ly cured of a paralytic disorder of one side, This motion was agreed to without a attended with tremors in the lower limbs, debate; a petition was read and approved of and violent pains in the head and breaft. unanimoully; and the Sheriffs were ordered

5. A gentleman had long been affiliated to go to Si. James's, to know when his Mawith bilious and gouty complaints of the jesty will be pleased to permit the Lord Mayftomach. The endeavours of physicians had or, Aldermen, &c. to wait on him with the proved fruitless, and Bath water failed, he said address and petition. daily threw up his food, and was reduced to At the above Court a motion was made a mere skeleton. In a fortnight's time he and carried by a great majority, that the was in a great measure freed from all his thanks of the Court be given to Dr. Price complaints, and greatly improved in colour, for his excellent pamphlet on civil liberty, strength, and spirits.

just published. Also, that the freedom of 6. A lady, under similar circumstances, this city be presented to him in a gold box of who had also tried medicines and Bath water the value of gol. without benefit, was relieved in the like Yesterday Peter Roberts, Esq; was duly surprising manner.

elected by the Court of common council, 2. A gentleman, about 80, amicted be- city solicitor in the room of William Hufiey, tween four or five years with tremors of the Elq; deceased. arms and hands, was greatly relieved, and

MONDAY 18. what is very remarkable, his fight, which At a wardmote held at Drapers Hall, laat was much impaired, grew so much better Saturday at twelve o'clock, before the Right that he could read small print without spec- Hon. John Sawbridge, Esq; Lord Mayor, tacles.

Richard Clark, Esq; was unanimously elect8. A lady cured of a violent scorbutic diso ed Alderman of the ward of Broad-Street, order in the face, which had continued many in the room of Benjamin Hopkins, Ela; years, and resisted every ching that had been lately religned. tried.

WEDNESDAY 20. 9. An elderly man, who lost his speech, Yesterday morning thc detachments from and was deprived of the use of one side of the the three regiments of foot guards were muí. body, by a paralytic stroke, and had found no tered on Wimbiedon Common, and formed relief from medicine, was restored to his into regular companies, and his Majesty's apSpeech, and enabled to walk without affir: pointment of the officers thereof made

known, who all took their respective stations, 10. A lady, paralytic in all the lower previous to their being reviewed, About extremities, after two eminent physicians half past nine, his Majesty, attended by and Bath water had failed, was perfectly General Carpenter, Colonel Matthews, les cured,

veral of the nobility, and other officers of 11. A gentleman, between two and three the army, came on the Common, when he years paralytic in the lower extremities, after was received with a royal salute. The foltrying many physicians, sea-bathing, fevere diers went through their evolutions with great bliftering, and using Bath water regularly dexterity, firft forming themselves into vanear a twelvemonth to no purpose, was much rious squarcs, and then platoon and circular relieved, and went from hence in a fair way firing, after which they made a general of being perfectly recovered.

running fire, in imitation of a pursuit, till 12. A gentleman who had lost all feeling they had each expended 32 rounds of powin one arm and hand seven years; had tried der, with which they were provided before many physicians, and had also used Bath they took the field. His Majesty expressed water two seasons in vain, was cured in fix great approbation of their performance. The weeks. One of his eyes, which, from the officers and soldiers were dressed in the same beginning of bis indisposition, had been uniforms. Thele troops will soon enibark, drawo into a disagreeable fquint, was restored on board the transports bound to America, to its natural ftate.


Yesterday about one o'clock the Lord - Yesterday a court of aldermen was held at Mayor, Aldermen Halifax, Crosby, Oliver, Guildhall, when Mr. Hopkins, the present Townsend, Bull, and Lee, the Sheriff's, 62 Chamberlain, refigned his gown as Alderman common council men, the Chamberlain, and of Broad-Street-Ward.

other city officers, went in procession from The same day a Court of Common Coun Guildhall to St. James's (they were joined cil was held, when a motion was made that by the Recorder in Pall-Mall) and presented an humble address and petition be drawn up, the following addrels and petition to his agreed to, and presented to his Majesty, re Majesty : Jative to the war in America, and the em

To the King's most excellent Majesty, ployment of foreign troops, and affuring his “ Moft gracious Sovereign, Majesty that thould any part of his dominions We, the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and


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