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his pocket a news-paper, and read out of it had 156 Theep brought in five, and all as the following paragraph, viz. “On Sunday chin as you could expect, and as the sailors the 18th of January, two ponies run on the say, only fit for lanthorns; and that seUxbridge road, 20 miles for 20 guineas, and veral coal and porter ships are taken by the ihat one gained it by about half a head, boch Americans; and out of 40 sail of Transponies were ridden by their owners." Allo

ports only eighat are yet arrived. I can see another paragraph of the like kind, of a the American camp very plain, whose corace on the Rumford road on a Sunday. He lours a litile while ago were entirely red ; made an apology for reading part of a newf but on receipt of a certain speech (which paper in the pulpit, said he believed it to be ; they burnt) they have hoisted the Union flag, the first instance of the kind, and he fincere. which is here supposed to intimate the union ly wished that there never might be occasion of the provinces. for the like again. He then pointed out the

MONDAY 26. laeinous fin of sabbath-breaking, and what A letter from Montreal, dated Jan. 16, a scandal it was that such actions should be says, “ General Montgomery made an atpractised in a Christian country by men of tack upon the city of Quebec, between the property, who ought to set a good example to ; hours of four and lix in the morning of the the lower class of people, and pass unnoticed : 31st of December, which, notwithstanding by those who had authority to punish such of its being bold and resolute, by some means or fenders ; he added that such wickedness other proved not successful. The letter does would have been severely punished by Mabo. not mention how the attack was made ; but metans, how much more ought it to be by it is probable that about 500 of our troops Chriftian magisrates !

entered the city, but were overpowered by TUESDAY, 20.

numbers, and heavy cannon; the brave geA new regiment of light infantry is now neral Montgomery, his aid de camp M.Pherson, railing to be sent to America : a ferjeang in capt. Cheereman, and 'Henderick, of the the said regiment, in a new uniform, was riflemen, two or three subaltern officers, and presented to his Majesty on Friday last, and between 60 and 8o privates, the number not went through the whole manual exercise on exactly known, fell in the action, and near an entire new plan, before his Majesty and 300 officers and soldiers were taken prisoners, several general officers, in the King's riding- amongst whom were lieutenant colonel Green, house, which gave universal satisfaction. major Biclowe, major Meigs, and a number

Letters by the Woodbridge, Capt. Pote, of captains and inferior officers. Col. Arnold who is arrived at Liverpool from Jamaica, succeeded in his attempt in taking pofleflion bring advice, that a vefici put in at Kingston of the Lower Town, but was wounded in the from the island of Hispaniola, the master of leg in the beginning of the action, and major which reported that there had been another Ogden in the shoulder, and carried to the severe shock of an earthquake, followed by general hospital. In all probability the action an inundation of the sea, which had de was desperate, and a great number of the troyed the buildings lately erected by the enemy killed. Gen. Wooster from Montreal, Spaniards, and that many lives were lost. and col. Warner from the Green Mountains, FRIDAY, 23.

and a great number of recruits from Albany, On Tuesday a cause was tried in the Court and the Western Towns, are on their march of King's Bench, Westminster, before Lord to their adistance. We are told, that our Mansfield and a special jury, wherein Mr. army before Quebec, when the attack was Towley, of Clement's-Inn, was plaintiff, made, did not confift of above 1200 men,” and a gentleman of the county of Worcester, Extract of a Letter from Portsmoutb, dated defendant. The cause was brought by indictment against the said gentleman for “ This morning arrived at Spithead the wilful and corrupt perjury on a late oc Canccaux armed ship, capt. Mowat, from Bose cafion. After a hearing of near seven hours, ton. She left Boston Tume few hours after the judge summed up the evidence, and admiral Graves and the Trident transport; gave his charge to the jury, who withdrew, and brings advice that the Provincials had and in half an hour returned and deli- laid fiege to Boston, and were firing very vered their verdict, finding the defendant briskly on the town when she came away ; guilty of wilful and corrupt perjury. He so that it is imagined that something decisive was ordered to be brought up the first day of has happened, as the men of war were ren. next term, in order to receive sentence. dered incapable of affording the army any Great numbers of persons of distinction, and relief, by reason of the ice, which entirody several members of the lower assembly ap prevents their moving." peared in behalf of the prisoner. A captain of one of the transports which


IR first of January, writes thus to his owners,

lington-Hall, to Miss Turner, dated Boston, Jan. 17.-" I brought about youngest daughter to Sir John Turner, Bart, fourteen hogs alive, and another ship that -10. Francis Dugdale Anley, Esq; High


Feb. 23.

JAN. 4. S' :



Sheriff of Wilts, to Miss Mary Buckler, quire by long labour and application.- Jan, youngest daughter of William Buckler, Esq; 2. John Barker, Esq; of Guildford, Rear-15 Sir John Abdy, of Hanover-Street, Admiral of the red.-3. The Rev. Williarn to Miss Gordon, of Brewer-Street.- At Pinkney, A. M. Sub-Dean of St. Paul's, Edinburgh, Mr. Mackenzie of the Exche and one of the prieds in ordinary, at the quer, to Miss Pennel Grant, daughter of Chapel Royal.-4. Christopher Griffith, the late Sir Ludovick Grant, Bart.-18. In Elq; Knight of the Sbire for the county of Dublin, on the zift of December, the Right Berks.-5. Miss Mary Ann Bunce, only Hon. John Blaquiere, Knight of the Bach, daughter and heiress of Sir James Bunce, of to Miss Elinor Dobson, heiress of Robert Kemfing, in Kent, Bart.-7. At Erskine, Dobson, Esq;- Feb. 4. Nigel Bowyer Gres Scotland, the Ri. Hon. Williain Lord Blanley, Esq; (only lon to Sir Nigel Gresley, tyre.--8. The Hon. William Hervey, son Bart.) to Miss Greflay, of Drakelow, in of John, Earl of Bristol, and uncle to the Derbyshire.-18. Charles Warwick Bamp- present Earl. - The Rev. Peter Smith, recfylde, Esq; eldest son of Sir Richard Bamp tor of Melbury, near Shaftesbury, Dorset. fylde, and Member of Parliament for Exeter, -12. William Strode, Esq; Lieutenant to Miss Moore, eldest daughter of Sir John General of his Majesty's forces. - 13. Mr, Moore, Bart.–22. In Ireland, the Right Bradshaw, agent in the Six Clerks Ofn Hon. Lord Erne, to Miss Harvey, eldest fice. John Ives, jun. Esq; Fellow of the daughter of the Bishop of Derry.

Royal and Antiquarian Societies, and Suf

folk Herald extraordinary.-14. The Hon. DEATHS.

Edward Cornwallis, Lieutenant General of Dec. T Saltram, in Devonshire, the his Majesty's forces, and governor of Gib

Hun. Mrs. Parker, wife to John raltar.- 16. At Websborough, in Ireland, Parker, Esq; one of the representatives for Mary Coen, aged 112 years. Mr. Thomas the county of De and fifter to Lord Gran- Wefton, comedian, John Owen, Esq; Lieut. tham, ambalador at Madrid ; her death was Gen. of his Majeity's forces.- 17. Licut. occafioned by a stroke of the palsy, soon af. Colonel James Provost, Colonel Commandter her lying in of a daughter : of this the ant of the first battalion of the Royal Ameappeared to be recovering, but receiving a rican regiment of foot.–18. Mr. John second ftroke, and soon after a third, it put Leach, master-builder, in the 106th year of an end to the life of one of the most valu. bis age : he retained his memory to the last, able of women; her amiable disposition, and -19. In the 73d year of his age, Mr. John Softness and gentleness of manners endeared Oliver, printer, of Bartholomew-Close.-her to all that had the happiness of knowing

22. Mrs. Catherine Biunt, fifter of Sir her. Her whole pleasure and ambition cen Charles Blunt, Bart.—24. Nathaniel Hamtered in a consciousnets of properly discharge mond, Esq; formerly General Accomptant ing all the duties of a wife, a mother, and a

of the Bank of England. - Feb. i. The fifter, and the neither fought for nor ex. Rt, Hon, the Earl of Radnor,-7. Francis peeted fame out of her own houle ;. as Hayman, Esq; Librarian to the Royal The made no oftentation of her virtues, Academy.-10. Mr. William Horley, aged the excited no envy, but if there had ex 75, well known by his writing a periodical ifted so depraved a being as to wish to wound jetter, entitled the Fool.-12. Counsellor so fair a character, the most artful malignity Lucas, at his chambers in King's-Bench muft have searched in vain for a weak part, Walks, in the Temple.-14. Thomas RadHer virtues were uniform, quiet and habitu cliffe, L. L. D. Judge of the Conhistory al; they were not occasionally put on, the Court of Dublin, and Member of Parliawore them continually, they seemed to grow

ment for the Borough of Canice.--17. Mrs. to her and be a part of herself, and to be im. Tyrwbit, fister of the late Sir John Tyrwhir, possible for her to lay them aside, or be of Stainfield, in Lincolnshire.-18. The other than what she was. Her person was Right Hon, the Countess of Salisbury.-eminently agreeable, but the expression of 19. Mrs. Corbet, a maiden lady, daughter her countenance was far above all beauty of the late Sir Richard Corbet, Bart. – 20. that proceeds from regularity of features The Hon, Richard Rochford Mervyn, Elg; only ; the gentleness and benevolence of her brother to the Eari of Belvedere, one of the disposition were so naturally impressed on members for the Borough of Philipstown.every look and motion, that without any af. 21. The Right Hon. Robert Casteret, Eari fected effort or affumed courtesy, she was Granville, Viscount Carteret, and bailiff of fure to make every one her friend that had the isle of Jersey.-At Bich, Sir William ever spoken to her or even seen her. In so ex. Hanham, of Winburn, in Dorsetfire.-23, alted a character it is fcarcely worth mention- Joseph Collyere translator of the Mesiai ing, her skill and exact judgment in the po and Noah from the German, and author of live arts; she seemed to posters by a kind of many learned works.–24. At his feat at intuition that propriety of taste and right Picton-Castle, near Haverfordwelt, Sir Rithinking which others but imperfeetly ac. chard Philip, Bart.




COUNTRY NEWS. party of the royalists, which lasted three days: Bath, Jan. 29

at which time the rebels were obliged to surAST week Former Thomas, at Ban- render the fort and prisoners; the loss on either

well, in this county, had 60 sheep fide I have not diftinály heard, but imagine Imothered in the snow; and Farmer Coomer, it inconfiderable, namely, on the part of the at Breen-down, loft an ox and 20 sheep in regulars. This engagement was the first we the same manner.

have had in Georgia fince these disturbances Canterbury, Feb. 14. We are well in. began ; indeed it is the only one of conseformed, that the loss tustained by the oyster quence we have heard of, on this fide Boston. grounds, in Kent and Eflex, amounts to a I am much afraid, however, it is only a prevery considerable fum, by the late hard wea. lude to more bloodshed in this corner, for the Ther; and that the brood being chiefly de rebels are making preparations for another stroyed, will occafion a very great scarcity the attack, and if no soldiers arrived in Carolina, ensuing season,

to keep the Charlestown forces in play at From Evesham, in Worcestershire, me home, I dread the consequence ; for the lancholy accounts are received of the damage other party are not sufficiently supplied with Sustained by the inclement weather. One ammunition, nor can they possibly collect tofarmer in that county Joft upwards of thirty gether those who would readily join them, Theep; and a man lervant, who had been they being dispersed up and down the country," mifing two days, was at length found buried in the inow within about ihree hundred yards FOREIGN AFFAIRS. of his master's house. The country papers mention many other

ETTERS from Leyden mention, that lofies, besides the destruction of near an

in conlequence of a premium of thirty hundred people, who perifhed in the snow,

ducats offered by a citizen of this place, to &c.

whoever shall most effectually try the experi

ment of appeafing the waves which surround SCOTLAND.

a fhip in a storm, by pouring oil into the sea, Edinburgh, Jan. 20.

the following letter has been received : THURSDAY a stout woman, drefled

“ We left the Texel the 3d of November, in mens cloaths, enlisted in the High

1775, on board a merchant thip, Captain land regiment, under the name of Peter

Jurrien Jurrenfon commander, and arrived Mitchel, and was sworn before a magistrate ;

the 14th in the evening on the coaft of Juta man came some time after, and claimed

land in Denmark. Our intention was to her as his wife. She said she was very wil.

enter a determined port, but the captain Jing to serve his majesty, and was much abler

thinking it scarce poñible to make it, on acthan many of the recruits who had enlifted;

count of the great quantity of ice, we put out Me was however discharged.

to sea to make another : The night followEdinburgh, Jan. 14. This day came on

ing a great tempeft arose, which continued at the palace of Holyrood-House, in conse

till the next morning, and drove us towards quence of his majesty's proclamation, the

the coast, where we found a road, and were election of a peer of Scotland, to fit and vote

near a port. This situation seemed to Aatter in the present parliament of Great Britain,

our hopes, but the waves ran fo high and in the room of Thomas Earl of Caffilis, de

strong, that we had no command of the ship. ceased. The earl of Dunmore was unani.

The captain, alarmed at our situation, and moudy chosen.

seeing no other way to prevent a shipwreck,

gave orders for fix barrels of oil, which he AMERICAN AFFAIRS.

had on board, to be brought on the deck, and Extras of a Letter from Savannah, in

ordered them to be poured out Nowly on each Georgia, dated Nov. 29, 1775.

side of the ship, by which means the waves

were by degrees abated, the ship began to HERE was a very hot engagement the answer her rudder, and they soon afterwards

18th instant between the rebels, and a entered the port with safety.".


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To our CORRESPONDENTS. CONSTITUTIONAL Obfervations-A Catechism relative to the national debt

Mr. H-t's Verses on Spring and Lines to the Memory of an amiable Lady, Mall be inserted in our next.

Mr.J.W.-ns's favour is received and swall be introduced the very first opportunity. Adelaide and Juliet fall foon be obliged. Another Scripture criticism-Menelaus, &c. a religious Tale-The forsaken Maid's Lamentation-F. Y's Verses, and otber favours, Mall have due, attention paid to them.

The poetry, intituled Rebellious Times, is too imperfe&t for our Colle&lion.

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Account of a subterraneous Cavern lately Remarkable Virtues of the Swiss

147 discovered at Stunchouse, Plyo Defeat and Death of Duke Leopold mouth

115 Regulations among the Swiis Cantons 149 The Britih Theatre


Memoirs of the celebrated Weston, the Co. Account of the Spleen, or lington Spaw 118 median, continued

ibid. Parliamentary History on a new and impro His Character as a Comedian considered 151 ved Plan 119 His genuine Will

152 Verses applicable to the Marchioness of Mathematical Correspondence

ibid. Granby 128 Impartial Review of new Publications

15+ Extract from a Journal of the American Gibbon's Decline of the Roman Empire 10. Congress

129 Curious Particulars concerning Macbeth 156 A Talk, or Speech to the Six Indian Nations Poetical Amusements at a Vilia

159 in Aiserica


Letters written by the late Right Honourabie An Essay on Nothing and Nobody 133 Lady Luxborough, to William Shenftane, On Envy in the Female Breast

ibid. 134 Lienelaos and his suns, a 'religious Para Letter to John Siwbridge, Esq; 160 toral

List of New Books

161 Thuughts on Humanity to Brutes

Poetical EfT.iys

jtid. Sicry of a Shepherd and his Family 138 The new Divinity

ibid. Curious Obfervations on the House Swal Folly Triumphant

ibid. low

The Hard Winter

16: Observations on the Conficution of Great The Thaw

163 Britain ibid. On Valeniine's Day

ibid. Dreadful Accidents occasioned by the fexcre Spring

ibid. Fritt

142 Humourous Description of a Head Diefs 164 Singular Cafe at Lowefteff

Monthly Chronologer

ibid. A Catechism relative to the national Debtib. Proceedings at Guilo hall on the Elcction of Acount of the Struggles of Switzerland for Chamberlain conclured

ibid. Liberty

144 Citty Address to the Throne, on American The iamous Exploits of Tell 146 Affairs

With the following Embellishments, viz.



LONDON, printed fou R. BALDWIN, at No. 47, in Puter-rufter-Row. Of whom may be had complete Sets, from the Year 1732 to the present Time, ready bound

and stitched, or any ringle Volume to complete Sets.

Bank Stock.

India Stock

PRICES of STOCKS, &c. in MARCH, 1776.
Sou. Sca., Old S. S. New S. S. 3 per C., 3 per C. 3 per C., 3 per C.13 per C.B. 4. P. C3 {B. Lo. An. In. B. Navy. Lottery
Stock Ann. Ann. reduced confols In Ann. B. 1726. 1751

Conf. 1758

Prem. Diic. Tick.

Wind Weatha,
Deal. London
WSW Frost


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s. d.

Wheat, Rye. | Barley, | Oats. Beans.

Wheat. Rye. Barley | Oats. Beans.

Wheat. Rye. Barley, Oats. (Beans.
s. d. d. d.

s, d.
d. s. d.



s, d.
9 3 3

6 North Wales 5 3 TO 3

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