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have been of great public benefit, had it been provided and appropriated for denoting the 80 framed as to come into full operation. I


duty to which such last-mentioned instrument express my doubts with very great reluctance, is or may be liable, nor to authorize the using and am truly sorry it is so.

for any instrument any stamp specially appro

priated to any other instrument, by having its LEGISLATIVE CHANGES.

name on the face thereof. 1 & 2 Vict. c. 85.

Imprisonment for Debt.-It is worthy of reAS ACT TO AUTHORIZE THE USING IN ANY PART

mark that, under the New Rules of the Insolvent Debtors' Court, an attorney can be

retained out of prison, the petition and scheLAND RESPECTIVELY. [10TH AUGUST, 1838.]

dule preparing for filing, and the other docu

ments obtained. The brokers are authorized Stamps denoting duties Payable in one Part of the United Kingdom may be Used for In

to value the excepted property (to the amount struments liable to Stamp Duties Payable in any

of 201.) of persons who are about to be taken other Part. Proviso.- Whereas under and

in execution. And if the party do not petiby virtue of the laws in force separate and tion within fourteen days after such valuation, distinct stamps are used for denoting the stamp

then another valuation to be made at half the duties payable in Great Britain and Ireland charge. Thus, on being taken to prison, the respectively, and it is expedient to permit several documents, including the appraisestamps denoting the duties payable on deeds ment, being obtained, the petitioner's scheor instruments in either of the said parts of dule can be filed, and the order consequent on the United Kingdom of Great Britain and

the filing is issued, and he can in a few days Ireland, to be used for deeds or instruments afterwards obtain his liberty on bail, and reliable to stamp duties payable in the other main out of custody until the adjudication part of the said United Kingdom : Be it

upon his case. By this process an applicant therefore enacted by the Queen's most excel

sustains but a very brief confinement.-Monthlent Majesty, by and with the advice and con

ly Law Magazine, November. sent of the Lords spiritual and temporal, and

There were only four Bankruptcies anCommons, in this present parliament assem

nounced in Tuesday Night's Gazette, and none bled, and by the authority of the same, that

of them in the metropolis. This is the second from and after the passing of this act any deed Gazette which has appeared in succession or instrument liable to any stamp duty payable

without a London Bankruptcy. in either part of the said United Kingdom, October, was sworn into office and took his

Appointments.-Dr. Lushington, on the 18th and for or upon which any stamp or stamps seat as Judge of the High Court of Admiralty, denoting a stamp duty or stamp duties payable vacant by the death of Sir J. Nicholl. The have been at any time heretofore or shall be at salary is 2,5001. per annum. Anthony Oliany time hereafter used, of equal or greater phant, esz, to the Chief Justiceship of the amount with or than 'the duty or duties Island of Ceylon. chargeable by law upon or in respect of such

TO CORRESPONDENTS. deed or instrument, shall nevertheless be deemed valid and effectual in the law : Pro

The great space in our columns that the vided always, that nothing herein contained Court Business occupies, prevents the comshall extend to authorize the using of any pleting our own arrangements in this Number. stamp denoting any of the Law, Chancery, or We will attend to the communications in our Exchequer fund duties in Ireland for any in- | next as far as we may have room at this busy strument other than such as is or shall be

We must, however, at starting, inliable to the duty denoted by such stamp, nor to authorize the using for any instrument

form our friends that this Periodical being liable to any of the said last-mentioned duties devoted to actual practice, only practical comany stamp other than such as is or may be "munications can be attended to.




Clerk's Name and Residence.
Acland, Lawford, 8, Clement's-inn
Ayling, Charles, 48, Great Maze Pond; and Liss

Atkinson, Josias, Skipton

To whom articled, assigned, &'c., and Residence.
Edward Young, White Lion-court, Cornhill.
Edward Tribe, Great Russell-street; assigned to

John Pontifex, St. Andrew's-court.
Samuel James Blacklow, Frith-street, Soho; as-

signed to Henry Alcock, Skipton.
George Henning Pain, Bridgewater; assigned to

William Brissault Minet, Lawrence Pountney

John Hampson, Manchester.

Axford, Frederick Pain, 13, New North-street,

Gloucester-street; and Great Ormond-street

Barker, Samuel, 162, Aldersgate-street; and Man

chester Brooke, Cooper Charles, 27, New-street, Dorset

square; and Upper Montagu-street Brown, Thomas Stephen, Folkstone ; 25, Friday

street; and 15, Little Carter-lane

John Ambrose, Manningtree.

John Gibbs, Rochester.


List of Articled Clerks applying to be admitted as Altorneys

To whom articled, assigned, c., and Residence.
Henry Coppock, Stockport.
John Ryalls, Sheffield.


George Ansell, Keswick.
Hugh Lewis, Artillery-place, West.

Edmund Dade Conyers, Great Duffield.

Clerk's Name and Residence. Barber, Samuel, Heaton Norris; and Macclesfield Broadbent, Charles Edward, 11, Penton-place; and

Robert Bradley, Kirkby Lonsdale.

Dennis Barker, Wakefield.
Thomas Percival Dunting, Manchester.

Ezra and John Eagles, Ampthill.

Thomas Ives, Brayne Hostage, Castle Northwich.
John Barker, Northwich.
Robert Rodgers, Liverpool; assigned to John Mor-

ris, Manchester. John Baker, Aldwick; assigned to John Bethune

Bayly, Devizes; assigned to Charles Meredith,

Box, Frederick, Abingdon; and Harrison-street
Buchanan, William Ralph, 4, Montagu-place, Old

Boucher, Anthony, 2, New Boswell-court; and

Great Duffield
Bradley, John, 23, Liverpool-street; Kirkby Lons-

dale; and Great Coram-street
Barratt, Robert, Wakefield
Bunting, Jabez, the younger, 30, Middleton-square;

and Manchester
Bayley, Thomas Heathcote, 2 Boswell-court; and

Blake, William Wood, Castle Northwich
Barker, Charles Frederic, Northwich
Bluck, Edward, Manchester

Baker, John, the younger, 61, Gower-street

Bush, Henry, Beach ; and Bristol
Brooksbank, James, the younger, 37, Nelson-square;

and East-street
Bardouleau, Stephen René, Andover
Campion, Francis, Doncaster
Chinery, John, 5, Serjeant's-inn, Fleet-street

John Rocke, Hoyte, Bristol.
John Ward, Durham; assigned to Charles Bischoff,

Henry Earle, Andover.
Frederick Fis':er, Doncaster.
Richard Almack, Long Melford; assigned to Wm.

Sandys, Serjeant's-inn.
Thomas Rawsthorne, Lancaster; assigned to Wm.

Rymer, Darlington.
Richard Webb Jupp, Carpenter's Hall.
William Crowdy, Highworth ; assigned to Thomas

White, 11, Bedford-row.
James Dison, Preston ; assigned to Robert Bayley

Follett, Bedford-row.
William Crawford Newby, Stockton.

Edward M. Elderton, Queen-square.
Henry Andrewes Palmer, Bristol.

Caton, George, Ventnor, Isle of Wight; Bayham

terrace ; and Addington-place
Curtis, Thomas Acres, Carpenters' Hall
Crowdy, Henry Crowdy, 6, Goulden-terrace ; and

Cotton, John Lucas, 1, Frederick-street ; Wharton-

street; and Clarence-terrace
Davidson, James Christopher, 46, Drummond-

street ; and Stockton Elderton, Henry M., Norfolk-street, Strand Elton, John William, Redland, near Bristol ; 3,

Newman's-row, Gerrard-street; and Featherstone.

Evans, Wm. Jones, 18, Henrietta-street, Bruns-

wick-square; and Haverfordwest
Engleheart, William Hayley, Blackheath
Evans, James, Chepstow
Edwards, Francis, 67, Berners-street ; Brislington ;

and Sussex-street
Fryer, Kedgwin Hoskins, 21, Portugal-street;

Coleford ; and Oxford-street
Fox, George Frederick, 67, Berners-street; and

Fawcett, John William, Hampstead ; and Sedbergh

Thomas Evans, Haverfordwest ; assigned to Jona

than Rogers Powell, Haverfordwest.
Charles Jenings, Elm-court, Temple.
Robert Evans, Chepstow.
Thomas Edwards, Bristol.

Henry Hooper Fryer, Coleford.

Brooke Smith, Bristol; assigned to William Stevens,

Ottiwell Tomlin, Richmond; assigned to Thomas

Fawcett, Sedbergh, and Richard Addison, Meck

Henry Faithfull, Brighton ; assigned to Edward

Chamberlain Faithfull, 5, King's-road.
Mark Lambert Jobling, Newcastle. ,

Faithfull, Henry, 5, King's-road

Fenwick, Henry, Red-barns, near Newcastle-upon

Gibbon, William Henley, Olney
Gedye, Nicholas, 26, Doddington-grove, Surrey
Garfit, Thomas, 14, Milman-street; and Horbling -
Griffith, Edward Clavey, 3, Raymond-buildings
Gwynne, Sampson, 3, Grosvenor-terrace, Camber-

Griffiths, Frederick Thomas, 25, Southampton-

street, Strand; and Cheltenham
Hawkes, Robert Shafto, Rotherhithe-street; and

Hill, Henry Reginald, 101, Chancery-lane
Hick, Henry, Richmond
Hearle, Thomas Robert, 6, Southampton-buildings;

and Falmouth

John Iliffe and John Garrard, Olney.
William Rosher, Stamford-street.
Bənjamin Smith and Benjamin Wilkinson, Horbling.
William Whitter, Worthing ; assigned to James

Hodgson, Raymond-buildings.
Samuel Gwynne, Barton-street, Westminster ; as-

signed to John Wright, 6, Hart-street.
Edward Pruen, Cheltenham,

Edward Robert Spence, Hertford.
Richard Hill, 101, Chancery-lane.
Gabriel John Fielding, Richmond.
Pender, Genn, and Genn, Falmouth.

Clerk's Name and Residence.

To whom articled, assigned, $c., and Residence. Humphreys, John, Upper Clapton

James Smith, Coopers' Hall. Hunter, John, 6, Frederick's-place; and Newcastle- John Anderson Pybus, Newcastle.

upon-Tyne Hodge, George William, 19, Adam-street, Adelphi ; George William Cram, Newcastle.

and Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hartcup, William, 49, Woburn-place; and Bungay James Taylor Margetson, Bungay. Hallett, Henry Hughes, 13, Clement’s-inn

Thomas Charles Bellingham, Battle.
Hawkins, Henry Edward, Newport

Francis M.Donnell, Usk.
Hallen, William George, 5, River-street, Myddleton- Thomas Hallen, Kidderminster.

square; and Kidderminster
Holdsworth, Charles Hunt, 40, Finsbury-circus ; Samuel Were Prideaux, Dartmouth; assigned to
and 4, Inner Temple-lane

John Elliot Fox, Finsbury-circus. Jones, John Griffith, Beaumaris; Liverpool; Tha- Robert Grace, Liverpool. net-place; and Hyde-street

(Articled by the name of John Jones] Jones, John, Liverpool

William Jones, Liverpool. Kendall, James, Northallerton

John Sanders Walton, Northallerton. Low, Archibald M'Arthur, 4, Manchester-street; Archibald Low, Portsea.

and Portsea
Leigh, Henry, 84, Dorset-street; New-wharf; and Robert Dewhurst and Richard Wilding, Blackburn.

Lloyd, George John, Hampstead

Henry Ling, Bloomsbury-square. Leigh, Frederick, 10, Chapel-place, Cavendish- Charles Wooldridge, senior, and Charles Woolsquare; and Winchester

dridge, junior, Winchester. Lindsell, William, Biggleswade; and Hemel Hemp- Philip Richard Falkner, Newark-upon-Trent; asstead

signed to William Smith, Hemel Hempstead. Loveday, Richard, Warwick

William Griffin, Warwick.
Marshall, William John Frederick, Kettering Thomas Marshall, Kettering.
Mason, Henry Baxter Branwhite, 16, New Ormond- Frederic Brown Bell, Downham-market.

street ; and Downham-market Markham, Henry Philip, Northampton

Charles Markham, Northampton. Mends, Matthew Thomas, 2 Bennett-street, Stam- John Geare, Exeter ; assigned to George William ford-street; and Exeter

Finch, Lincoln's-Inn-Fields.
Norman, James Ormond, 6, Frederick's-place, Old Thomas Swain, 6, Frederick's-place.

Oakley, Thomas William, Lydart-house, near Mon- James Powles, Monmouth.

Overend, Thomas, Kirkburton, York

Robert Overend, York and Manchester.
Ormerod, Henry Mere, 28, Southampton-row ; Joseph Denison, Manchester, Lancaster ; assigned

Manchester ; and 19, Featherstone-buildings to George Wareing Ormerod, Manchester.
Pywell, Henry, Northampton

Robert Hewitt, Northampton.
Palmer, Charles James, 6, Bedford-street ; and John Blake, Norwich.

Pearce, Frederick, Hoo, Kent; 10, Chapel-street, James Pearce, Chatham, Kent.

Bedford-ror; and Chatham
Prichard, Charles Edward, 9, Wells-street; Bewdley, John Bury, Bewdley, Worcester.

Worcester; and Sidmouth-street
Palmer, Christopher Richard Norris, Hoddesdon, Christopher Edward Dampier, late of Raymond-

buildings, now of Ware. Plomer, John Gilbert, 5, New-square, Lincoln's- James Plomer, Helston.

inn; 10, Soley-terrace, Pentonville; Helston,

Cornwall; and 5, Serjeant's-inn
Peter, Richard, Wimborne Minster, Dorset

Benjamin Hart Lyne, Liskeard, Cornwall; as

signed to William Castleman, Wimborne Minster. Pickup, Mark, Manchester ; Pontefract, York; 63, John Ramskill, Pontefract.

Beresford-street, Surrey ; Darlington, York Pickering, George Smith, Clapham, Surrey

Edward Rowland Pickering, Lincoln's-inn. Patteson, Edward John, 7, Bedford-street; and Philip Matthew Chitty, Shaftesbury; assigned to Doughty-street

Septimus Burton and George Fraser, Lincoln's

Robinson, William Cooper, Kingston-upon-Hull James Robinson, Kingston-upon-Hull.
Rogerson, John, 9, Camden-terrace, Camden-town, Samuel Raynes, 24, Norfolk-street, Strand.

Ravenhill, James Holmes, City of Bristol

John Rocke Hoyte, City of Bristol.
Roscoe, Thomas, 2 Southampton-row; 3, Leicester- James Roscoe, Knutsford, assigned to John Colé,

place; 51, Torrington-square; 5, Middleton- 4, Adelphi-terrace, Middlesex. square; 14, Millman-street Rouse, James Alexander, 67, Lamb's Conduit- William Hart Rouse, Great Torrington, Devon.

street; and Great Torrington, Devon
Square, John Henry, 20, Great James-street; and John Square, Kingsbridge, Devon.

Kingsbridge, Devon
Simpson, Thomas, Forebridge, Stafford

David Thomas, Forebridge, Stafford.
Skingley, George Deeks, 27, New-street; and 12, John Ambrose, Manningtree, Essex.


To whom articled, assigned, $c., and Residence. Evan Morris, Harcourt-buildings, Temple.

Joseph Fisher Cleeve, Somerset.

Clerks Name and Residenec. Sladen, St. Barbe, 32, Ebury-street, Pimlico, Mid

dlesex Smith, Thomas, 17, Henrietta-street, Middlesex ;

and Wrington, Lancaster Simpson Thomas Brodrick, 41, Marchmont-street;

and Whitby Sewell, Edward, Halsted, Essex; and Lower Clapton Swann, Edward Bonsor, Gloucester Tyssen, Henry, 27, Graham-street, Pimlico ; High

Holborn; Huntingdon ; and 24, Stockbridge-ter

James Walker, Whitby, York.

Decimus Sewell, Halsted, Essex, John Chadborn, Gloucester. Henry Sweeting, Huntingdon.


William Beale, Maidstone, Kent; assigned to Henry

Heald, 16, Austin-friars, London. Charles Henry Turner, city of Exeter,

Roger Williams Gem, Birmingham.

Tourle, John Joseph, 7, Warnford-court; and Maida

stone, Kent Truscott, George Frederick, 1, Judd-street; and

Exeter Taylor, Edward Moore, 9, Camden-street, Middle

sex; and Birmingham Turnbull, John, Durham Tippetts, Thomas, Dursley, Gloucester Underhay, John, Brixham, Devon ; 13, Warwick

court, and 24, East-street, Lamb's Conduit-street Wetwand, William Henry, Kingston-upon-Hull Waters, Thomas, 47, Lower Stamford-street; and

Salisbury White, John Richard, 27, Henry-street, Middlesex

Jobn Burrell, Durham.
Edward Bloxsome, the elder, Dursley.
James Pitts, the younger, Exeter.

John Thorney, Kingston-upon-Hull. James Cobb, Salisbury.

Moulton Messiter, late of Sandwich; assigned to

William Dyke Whitmarsh, City of New Sarum,

Robert Samuel Palmer, 4, Trafalgar-square.
William Witham, 8, Gray's-inn-square.
John Buckton, City of Canterbury.

Wilson, Thomas Lumore, 6, York-place
Witham, Francis, 49, Eaton-square, Pimlico
Warren, Henry, 5, Wellington-street; and Can-

Wilmshurst, John, the younger, Warwick
Wainhouse, Robert, Leeds
Young, George, 41, Bedford-row; and 13, Red


James Tibbets, Warwick.
Edwin Smith, Leeds.
William Myers, Darlington, Durham ; assigned to

Ralph Park Philipson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; assigned to George Walford Armstrong, 13, Red Lion-street; assigned to Robert Jackson, 41,

Bedford-row. John Cambridge, Bury St. Edmunds; assigned to

William Ransom, Stowmarket, Suffolk ; assigned to Henry Rogers, Thetford, Norfolk.

Young, Samuel, David, Thetford, Norfolk

Business in the Courts.




Michaelmas Term, 1838.
Friday, Nov. 2 Appeal Motions and Appeals.
Saturday.. 3

Petition Day.- Petitions and Ap.

Monday .. 5
Tuesday .. 6 > Appeals.
Wednesday 7
Thursday .. 8 Appeal Motions and Ditto.
Friday.. 97
Saturday.. 10
Monday .. 12 Appeals and Causes.
Tuesday .. 13
Wednesday 14
Thursday.. 15 Appeal Motions and Ditto.
Saturday .. 17
Monday.. 19 Appeals and Causes.
Tuesday.. 20
Wednesday 21
Thursday.. 22 Appeal Motions and Ditto.
Saturday .. 24
Monday.. 26 Appeal Motions and Ditto.

Friday, Nov. 2 Motions.
Saturday.. 3 Petition Day.
Monday ..

Tuesday ...

Demurrers, Exceptions, 6 Wednesday 7

Causes, and Further Directions. Thursday.. 8 Motions.

Short Causes, Unopposed Petitions, Friday 9 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions,

Causes, and Further Directions. Saturday .. 107 Monday.. 12 | Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Tuesday.. 13 Causes, and Further Directions. Wedneday 14 Thursday.. 15 Motions.

Short Causes, Unopposed Petitions, Friday 16 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions,

Causes, and Further Directions. Saturday .. 17 Monday.. 19 | Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Tuesday.. 20 Causes, and Further Directions. Wednesday 21 Thursday.. 22 Motions. Friday .... 23

Short Causes, Unopposed Petitions, previous to General Paper.

Demurrers, Exceptions, Saturday .. 24 Ple

Causes, and Further Directions, Monday.. 26 Motions.



21 } Appeals and Causes.

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journment on the days following each of such sitting

days. On Wednesday, the 28th November, no Friday, Nov. 2 Motions.

causes will be tried, but the court will adjourn to a Saturday .. 3 Petitions in General Paper.

future day. Monday..

Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Further
Tuesday.. 6
Directions, and Exceptions.

Wednesday 7
Thursday.. 8 Motions.
Friday 9



Nisi Prius. Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Further Monday.. 12

B. Bolland. Directions, and Exceptions. Tuesday.. 13

Friday Nov. 2 Wednesday 14

Satur. Thursday.. 15 Motions.

Monday 5
Friday.... 16


Mids. Ist sit. Saturday .. 17

Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Further

7 Special paper

Ditto by adj. Monday.. 19


Ldn. Ist sit.
Directions, and Exceptions.
Tuesday.. 20


9 Lord Mayor sworn, & Wednesday 21

Errors Thursday.. 22 Motions.

Saturday .. 10 Crown cases


pec. paper, & sheriffsDirections and Exceptions

chosen Saturday .. 24 Petitions in General Paper.

Tuesday 13 Errors
Monday.. 26 Motions.

Wedn. 14 Special paper
At the Rolls.

Thurs. 15

Midx. 2d sit.
Saturday.. 17
Short and Consent Causes, and Consent Petitions,

Monday 19 Special paper

Ditto by adj.

Tuesday 20 every Tuesday, at the Sitting of the Court.

Wedn. 21 Special paper

Ldn. 2d sit. Thurs. 22

Ditto by adj.

Friday 23


Monday .. 26

After Term. Before LORD DENMAN, Chief Justice,


.Nov. 27 | Wedn. (to adj.) Nov. 28.
Michaelmas Term, 1838.

In Term.


Nov. 3


Rivus v. Watson, demurrer.
.23 Saturday .. Nov. 24

Heard 17th January.
After Term.

Tuesday .... Nov. 27 | Wednesday Nov. 28 Alderman r. Neale and others--Special case.

The court will sit at eleven o'clock in term in Mid- Corral and Wife o. Cattle-Do.
dlesex, at twelve in London, and in both at half- Thicknesse v. The Lancaster Canal Company Do.
past nine after term. Long causes will probably be

Tobin v. Crawford-Do. postponed from the 3rd and 7th November to the

NEW TRIAL PAPER. 27th; and all other causes on the lists for the 3rd and 7th November, will be taken from day to day

For Michaelmas Term, 1838. until they are tried. Undefended causes only will

STANDING FOR JUDGMENT. be taken on 23rd November. Defended as well as

Moved Easter Term, 1837. undefended causes entered for the sitting on 24th

Middlesex. East v. Hall. November, will be tried on that day, if the plaintiffs wish it, unless there be a satisfactory affidavit of


Moved Easter Term, 1838.
Salisbury. Doe dem. Simon, Jno. Hiscocks His.


Liverpool. Orrell v. Greenough.

Flintshire. Griffith v. Williams.
Before Lord Chief Justice TINDAL.

Moved after the 4th Day of Easter Term.
In Term.

London. Horsey v. Hanks.

Moved Trinity Term, 1838.
Saturday.. Nov. 10 Wednesday.... Nov. 14

London. Chanter o. Johnson, Saturday. 17 Wednesday.


Do. Chanter v. Hopkins.
After Term.

Tuesday.......Nov. 27 | Wednesday.... Nov. 28

The court will sit at ten o'clock in the forenoon on From Trinity to Michaelmas Term, 1838. each of the days in term, and at half-past nine pre

Rules Nisi moved. cisely on each of the days after term. The causes in May 10.-Browning, Esq., v. Jones, a prisoner ; to the list for each of the above sitting days in term, if discharge defendant out of custody. Counsel, Mr. not disposed of on those days, will be tried by ad- Kelly.

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