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Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 185),

By LEAVITT & COMPANY, In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States

for the Southern District of New York.


Books of common-place are the amusements of literature. It is pleasant to have at one's side a wellselected volume, to which he may turn for mentai recreation, when the fatigue of preceding exertion has rendered him unequal to intellectual effort. It is pleasant, also, to have before us the eloquent passages of our favourite authors, so that we may occasionally awake.. and prolong the delightful sensations with which we at first perused them. But the mere power of conferring amusement is not that, which gives to publications of this sort their highest value. To all those, whose constant occupation precludes the possibility of spending many leisure hours in the acquisition of literary taste and knowledge, they may be ren. dered eminently useful.

The present volume is selected entirely from American authors, and contains specimens of American literature from its earliest period to the present day. It is hoped that it may not be found inferior in excellence or interest to any of those compilations which have hitherto embraced only the morceaux delicieuse of English genius.

When we say this, it is without any feeling of national vanity or rivalry. Our wish is merely to furnish a volume which shall correspond in design and execu tion to those which are now so popular abroad, and




Gordness of the Deity displayed in the Beauty of Creation. Dwight. 9

Night Season favourable to Contemplation and Study. Dennie. 10

Colloquial Powers of Dr. Franklin.

Wirt. 12

An Apparition.

Club-Room. 14

Rural Occupations favourable to the Sentiments of Devotion.

Buckminster. 19

Reciprocal Influence of Morala and Literature.

Frisbie. 21

Evening Scones on the St. Lawrence.

Silliman. 23

Franklin's first Entrance into Philadelphia.

Franklin. 23

Passage of the Potomac through the Blue Ridge. Jefferson. 35

Moral and intellectual Efficacy of the Sacred Scriptures. Wayland. 26

Character of Washington.

Ames. 29

Labuans of periodical Composition.

Idle Man. 33

Industry necessary to the Attainment of Eloquence.

Vare. 34

Ingratitude towards the Deity.

Appleton. 36

Resistance to Oppression.

J. Quincy, Jun. 37

Lafayette in the French Revolution.

Ticknor. 38

Poeta nascitur, Orator fit.

Monthly Anthology. 42

Intellectual Qualities of Milton.

Channing. 43

National Recollections the Foundation of national Character.

E. Everett. 44

Extract from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow,

Irving. 46

Reflections on the Settlement of New England. .

Webster 51

Forest Scenery.

Paulding 53

Influence of Christianity in elevating the female Character.

J. G. Carter 55

Necessity of a pure national Morality.

Beecher 57

Value of religious Faith.

Buckminster 59

Death of General Washington.

Marshall 64

The Lessons of Death.

Norton 66

Character of Chief Justice Marshall.



Moral Sublimity illustrated.

Wayland 71

Eloquent Speech of Logan, Chief of the Mingoos. Jefferson


Fox, Burke, and Pitt.

A. H. Everett 75

Surprise and Destruction of the Pequod Indians. Miss Sedgwick. 81

Character of Fisher Ames.

Kirkland. 88

Reflections on the Death of Adams and Jefferson. Sergeant, 94


Dennio. 97

Escape of Harvey Birch and Captain Wharton. : Cooper. 99

Scenery in the Notch of the White Mountains.

Exalted Character of Poetry. :

Dwight. 107

Channing. 111

Eloquent Appeal in Favour of the Greeks. North American Review. 115

Death of J. Quincy, Jun

J. Quincy 123

Danger of Delay in Religion.

Buckminster. 124

Bcenes in Philadelphia during the Prevalence of the Yellow Fe-

ver, in 1793.

C. B. Brown. 128

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