Contributions from the United States National Herbarium, Volume 12

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Smithsonian Institution Press, 1909 - Botany

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Page 9 - A Catalogue of the Flowering Plants and Higher Cryptogams growing without cultivation within thirty miles of Yale College.
Page 34 - Characters of some new Genera of Plants, mostly from Polynesia, in the Collection of the United States Exploring Expedition, under Captain Wilkes.
Page vii - Catalogue of the Grasses of Cuba," forms part fi and is the result of an exhaustive study of the material in the United States National Herbarium and in the herbarium of the Estacion Central Agronomica de Cuba. It was chiefly through the efforts of Mr. Carl F. Baker, who obtained large collections in Cuba, that the specimens were made accessible to Mr. Hitchcock. It is hoped that this paper will be followed by similar ones upon other groups. In part 7 Dr. JN Rose continues his "Studies of Mexican...
Page 6 - University, an analytic key to the genera of mosses, recognized in Lesquereux and James's manual of the mosses of North America.
Page 19 - On the Sub-sub-areas of British 'India, Illustrated by the Detailed Distribution of the Cyperaceae in that Empire.
Page 94 - Report upon United States geographical surveys west of the 100th meridian in charge of . . . Geo, M.
Page 38 - Illustrations of west American oaks. From drawings by the late Albert Kellogg.
Page 34 - Characters of new or obscure species of plants of monopetalous orders in the collection of the United States South Pacific Exploring Expedition under Captain Wilkes, USN With occasional remarks, &c. (American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Page 179 - The accompanying paper by AS Hitchcock, Systematic Agrostologist of the United States Department of Agriculture...
Page 44 - Catalogue of the Flowering Plants, Ferns, and Fungi growing in the vicinity of Cincinnati.

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