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We favor a restriction on such expenditures. However, we are not in a position at this time to suggest the amount of such expenditures as may be deemed proper. We will be glad to cooperate with other groups in an endeavor to arrive at a satisfactory suggested amount.

Candidates should not be held responsible for committee expenditures. The responsibility should rest with the respective committees.

We believe such restrictions should also include candidates for the Presidency and Vice Presidency.

3. We believe they are answered in paragraph No. 2. 4. Educational activities are separate and apart from political organizations.

We do not believe it practical to require local leagues to report to Federal agencies. We desire to point out that practically all States require reports on the State level. May we also point out that local leagues are autonomous bodies having the right to follow our evaluations or to ignore them if they see fit.

We are inclined to believe that local leagues are not political organizations as such, when you compare them with political organizations such as those chartered by the major political parties.

5. Total campaign contributions by any individual should be limited to the figure of $5,000 during any campaign year. Such a limit should apply'to contributions by any individual for both the primary and general elections in any given campaign year. Such contributions should not be made by persons less than 18 years of age.

The present $50 limitation should be increased to $200 due to increased cost of campaign necessities.

6. We believe this matter can best be handled under the present court procedures.

7. We are unalterably opposed to the present restrictions as we believe they are a violation of the first amendment of our Constitution.

We should not be classified with corporations as we are not profit organizations. We should be grouped with civic organizations and trade associations and thereby be free to engage in the same kind of activity.

There should not be any restrictions with respect ot our educational activities any more than there is, or should be, with respect to the NAM, the AMA, and the thousands of other committees of a similar nature.

I wish to make one clarification for the record. Our nationally published voting records are paid out of educational funds. In addition this year we sent to each State league secretary a more detailed individual analysis of each Congressman's record. This latter analysis which was prepared in conjunction with the A. F. of L. legislative committee, was not isssued in published form and was considered educational. However, all special campaign literature advocating the election of any candidates endorsed by LLPE was paid out of our political fund. This includes the special inserts in the A. F. of L. News-Reporter containing appraisals and recommendations for congressional candidates.

8. We believe such a recommendation to be highly impractical as it applies to an impartial commission. There is presently on our statutes sufficient legislation to cover this problem if enforcement is available.

9. We are unalterably opposed to the use of Government funds in behalf of political candidates.

Taxes: Not prepared to comment on them at this time. I would prefer to consult our tax experts before making any specific recommendations.

Strict enforcement of our present franking privilege regulations. The CHAIRMAN. Gentlemen, that concludes our hearings. (At 12:32 p. m., the hearing adjourned.)


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