Famous girls who have become illustrious women

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Virtue Brothers & Company 1, Amen Corner, Paternoster Row, 1866 - Women - 290 pages
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Page 4 - There's fennel for you, and columbines; there's rue for you; and here's some for me; we may call it herb of grace o' Sundays. O, you must wear your rue with a difference.
Page 60 - The first experiments were made by taking articles in common use, such as knives, forks, spoons, keys, &c., and pasting upon them labels with their names printed in raised letters. These she felt very carefully, and soon, of course, distinguished that the crooked lines spoon, differed as much from the crooked lines key, as the spoon differed from the key in form.
Page 80 - Yet further may relent : for mightier far Than strength of nerve and sinew, or the sway Of magic potent over sun and star, Is love, though oft to agony distrest, And though his favourite seat be feeble woman's breast. But if thou goest, I follow...
Page 176 - My lords, I pray you to pause. I do earnestly beseech you to take heed ! You are standing upon the brink of a precipice — then beware ! - It will go forth your judgment, if sentence shall go against the queen. But it will be the only judgment you ever pronounced, which, instead of reaching its object, will return and bound back upon those who give it. Save the country, my lords, from the horrors...
Page 61 - ... now the truth began to flash upon her — her intellect began to work — she perceived that here was a way by which she could herself make up a sign of anything that was in her own mind, and show it to another mind, and at once her countenance lighted up with a human expression : it was no longer a dog or parrot, — it was an immortal spirit, eagerly seizing upon a new link of union with other spirits...
Page 214 - Duchesse hath been a good, comely woman, but her dress so antick, and her deportment so ordinary, that I do not like her at all, nor did I hear her say anything that was worth hearing, but that she was full of admiration, all admiration.
Page 4 - I lett it run alle over my Garden Walls, not onlie because my Bees love it, but because 'tis the Herb sacred to Remembrance, and, therefore, to Friendship, whence a Sprig of it hath a dumb Language that maketh it the chosen Emblem at our Funeral Wakes, and in our Buriall Grounds.
Page 137 - I desired not to be cured. These words brought into my heart, what I had been seeking so many years ; or rather they discovered to me what was there, and which I had not enjoyed for want of knowing it. Oh my Lord ! thou wast in my heart, and demanded only a simple turning of my mind inward, to make me perceive thy presence.
Page 61 - The poor child had sat in mute amazement, and patiently imitated everything her teacher did, but now the truth began to flash upon her — her intellect began to work. She perceived that here was a way by which she could herself make up a sign of anything that was in her own mind and show it to another mind...
Page 16 - ... presently she came to complain to Sir Thomas, as he was sitting in his hall, that his lady withheld her dog from her. Presently my Lady was sent for, and the dog brought with her ; which Sir Thomas, taking in his hands, caused his wife, because she was the worthier person, to stand at the upper end of the hall, and the beggar at the lower end, and saying that he sat there to do every one justice, he bade each of them call the dog ; which, when they did, the dog went presently to the beggar, forsaking...

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