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jurisdiction, and to the tribunals of simple police. By Julhe de Foulan. Paris.

The Criminal Jurisprudence of the Realm. A Periodical Compilation of Judicial Decisions, and those in matters of police, concerning criminal and correctional matters, police, les douaines, indirect contributions; offences against the forest laws; costs; and in general, every thing relative to great and petty crimes. By a number of Advocates of the Royal Court of Paris. Paris.

Annals of German and Foreign Criminal Proceedings. Berlin. J. E. Hitzig. This work does not come out at regular periods.

Archives of Civil and Criminal law of the Rhenish Prussian Provinces. In irregular numbers.

Archives of Civil Practice. Heidelberg. By Doctors Lohr, Mittermaier, and Thibaut.

New Archives of Criminal Law. Halle. By Konopack, Mittermaier, and Rosshirt. Not published at regular periods.

Contributions for Legislation and Practical Jurisprudence, with particular reference to Bavaria. Wurtzburg. By Baron de ZuRhein. Not published regularly.

Contributions for the Revision of Prussian Legislation. Berlin. Dr. Gans. Six numbers annually.

Annals of Legislation and Judicial Administration in Saxony. Neustadt, on the Oder. By Martini. Not published at stated periods.

Annals of Legislation and the Administration of Justice in the Kingdom of Wurtemberg. Stuttgart. Hoffacker. Irregular.

Annals of Prussian Legislation and Jurisprudence and Administration of Justice, by order of the royal Minister of Justice. Berlin. By Baron de Kamptz. Quarterly.

Annals of the Juridical Literature in all Germany. Erlangen. Edited in connexion with several jurisconsults, by Dr. Schunck. Eight numbers annually.

Annals of the Supreme Court of the Grand Duchy of Baden. Manheim. By Baron de Hohnhorst, Counsellor of State. Not published at stated periods.

Annals of the Civil Proceedings of the German Common Law. Nuremberg. By Baron de Zu Rhein. Irregular.

The Juridical, Administrative, and Police, . Fama. Stuttgart. By Todinger. Monthly.

The Juridical and Police Fama.' Speier. Weekly. Magazine of Jurisprudence and Legislation. Giessen. By Barons de Grolmann and de Lohr. Irregular. (Baron Grolman is Minister of Justice in the Grand Duchy of Hesse Darmstadt. He is the author of the Principles of the Science of Criminal Law, published at Giessen in 1798, and mentioned in the Encyclopedia Americana, under the article Criminal Law.')

The Rhenish Museum of Jurisprudence. Bonn. By Blume, Hasse, Puchta, Puggé. Quarterly

Decisions of the Prussian Courts. Berlin. Irregular.

Alphabetical Repertory of the most important Judicial Citations, Proclamations, and official Notices, Bankruptcy, Discharges, &c. Leipsic. By Dr. Nolte.

By Dr. Nolte. Monthly. The Themis, or Journal of Practical Jurisprudence, was commenced at Goettingen, in March, 1829, by Professor Elvers, who has since taken a professorship at Rostock, but still continues to superintend this publication. It is said, by the conductors of the Paris Themis, to be a truly national journal, and they speak favorably of the selection of articles in the three numbers which they have examined. The plan is to give 1. The practical legislation and jurisprudence. 2. The theoretical, such as treatises, projects, &c. 3. Intelligence. It is to consist of seventy-five sheets annually, but is not published at regular periods.

Journal of Civil Jurisprudence and Procedure. Giessen. By Drs. Linde, Marezoll and Wening-Ingenheim. Three numbers a year. This work had reached the second volume in 1829.

Journal of the administration of Criminal Law in the Prussian States, excepting the Rhenish Provinces. With the approbation and assistance of the ministers of justice, from official sources. Berlin. By J. E. Hitzig. Every two months.

Journal of Austrian Jurisprudence and Political Administration. Vienna. By Wagner. Monthly.

Journal of Legislation and Judicial Administration in the Grand Duchy of Baden. Freiburg. By Duttlinger, Weèler, and Kettenacker. Irregularly published.

Journal of Historical Jurisprudence. Berlin. By Savigny, Eichhorn, and Goschen. Irregular.

Critical Journal of Foreign Legislation and Jurisprudence. Heidelberg. By Mittermaiez and Zachariæ. Not published regularly. Numerous jurisconsults in different parts of Europe, have engaged to contribute to this work.

Critical Journal of Jurisprudence. Tubingen. By Mohl, Scheurlen, Schrader, and G. & K. Wachter.

Juridical Gazette of the Kingdom of Hanover, with supplementary numbers. Luneburg. By Drs. Schluter and Wallis. Not published regularly.

The General Juridical Gazette. Goettingen. By Drs. Elvers and Benders. Weekly.

The Journal of Historical Jurisprudence, heretofore published at Berlin, and which had been suspended after reaching vol. v. has been recently resumed under the superintendence of Professor Klenze, of that place. The sixth volume has already appeared, and is said to contain an interesting article by Professor Savigny, of Berlin, On the present state of education in Jurisprudence in Italy.

Besides the above a numerous list of journals of police is published in Germany, a particular enumeration of which would be of little interest in this country,

The General Jurisprudence of the Realm, or a Journal of the Audiences of the Courts of Errors, and the Royal Courts, with the principal Laws, Ordinances, and Decisions of the Council of State. By Dalloz and Tournemine. Paris.

An Analytical Compilation of the Laws, Ordinances, Decrees, Judgments, Decrees of the Council of State, and General Decisa ions and Orders concerning the fees of enregisterment, stamps, and hypothecary records, being a Sequel to the General Dictionary of Roland and Trouillet. Bourges.

General Collection of Laws and Decrees, in relation to Civil, Criminal, Commercial, and Financial Matters. By J. B. Sirey and L. M. Devilleneuve. Paris.

A Collection of Annual and Special Jurisprudence, concerning the Huissiers. By a number of Jurisconsults and Practisers. Paris.

The Themis Polka, a Scientific Journal of Jurisprudence in the Polish Language. Warsaw. Commenced January, 1829.

The Law Magazine. London.
The Jurist. London.

Judges in Alabama. In the list of Judges of the several courts of the States, in our number for January last, vol. 2, p. 167, those of Alabama are omitted. A correspondent has since ohligingly furnished us the subjoined list. He says, ' below you have a list of our Judges, who receive $ 1750 per annum. The Circuit Judges also constitute the Supreme Court, and for that purpose sit twice a year at Tuskaloosa, the seat of government.' Abner Lipscomb, Chief Justice.

John White, Reuben Saffold.

Lion L. Perry, Justices. Anderson Crenshaw. Justices. Henry W. Collier, John M. Taylor.

Judicial Elections and Appointments. In New York, (see Am. Jur. v. 3, p. 171,] James Vanderpool is appointed Judge of the third circuit, in the place of William A. Duer, resigned.

In Ohio, J. M. Goodnow has been elected a Justice of the Supreme Court; Reuben Wood President of the third circuit; J. M. Hallock, President of the 5th circuit.

Indiana. C. H. Test has been elected President of the first circuit, and John Law of the 7th,




AMERICAN Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Court of Chancery of the State of New York. By Alonzo C. Paige. Vol. I. New York. Gould & Banks. Svo.

Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts. By Octavius Pickering. Vol. 7. No. 2. Boston. Hilliard, Gray, & Co. 8vo. .

Case of the Proprietors of Charles River Bridge against the Proprietors of Warren Bridge, argued and determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts. Reported by Octavius Pickering. Boston. Hilliard, Gray, & Co. 8vo. pp. 203.

Commentaries on American Law. By James Kent. Vol, 4. New York. 0. Halsted. 8vo.

The Jurisprudent. A Law Newspaper. No. I. 4to. Boston. Gray & Bowen [This number is published as a specimen, and in case of adequate encouragement, it is proposed to continue the publication weekly. The Conductors propose to give references to Cases decided here and in England, early information of interesting legal events in the several States, and a list of their judicial officers, and the lawyers in them.]

Journal of Law. No. 1.16 pp. Svo. Philadelphia. Proposed to be published semi-monthly.

Reports of Cases argued and adjudged in the Supreme Court of the United States, January Term, 1830. By Richard Peters. Vol. 3. Philadelphia. John Grigg. 8vo.

An Address to the Members of the Bar of Worcester County, Massachusetts, October 2, 1829. By Joseph Willard. Lancaster. 1830. 8vo.

AMERICAN EDITIONS OF ENGLISH WORKS. A Treatise on the Law of Fixtures, and other Property partaking both of a real and personal nature. By A. Amos, and J. Ferard, Esqrs. First American Edition, with Notes and References to American Authorities. New York. Gould & Bapks. 8vo. pp.

342. A Treatise on the Equity Jurisdiction of the High Court of Chancery. By George Jeremy Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister at Law. First American, from the last London Edition. Philadelphia. Robert H. Small. 1830.

144 pages.

ENGLISH. Brady's Instructions to Executors. 3d Edition. 8vo. 8s. boards.

Statutes. 8vo. 10 Geo. IV. Price, 15s. boards.
Shaw's Constable's Guide. 12mo. 4s. boards.
Pepraddock's Criminal Law. 12mo. 5s. boards.
Atkinson's Conveyancer's Manual. 8vo. 12s. boards.
Seton's forms of Decrees in Equity. Royal 8vo. £1 ls.

Tucker's Select Cases from the Records of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland. 8vo. 15s. boards.

Atkinson's Forms in Conveyancing. 8vo.

Hall's Rights of the Crown in the Sea and Shores of the Realm. Royal 8vo. 12s. boards.

Petersdorf's Reports. Vol. XIII.
Sturgeon's Bankrupt Act. 12mo.

6s. boards.

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