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85, 607


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APPEAL from the Washington Circuit Court.


December 24. Per Curiam.—Indictment against the appellant for the murder of one John Vogles. Trial, conviction of manslaughter, and judgment over a motion for a new trial.

On the calling of the cause for trial, the defendant filed an affidavit for a continuance. The affidavit seems to contain all the requirements of the law, and states, in substance, that he could not go to a trial at that term on account of the absence of one Margaret Ann Brown, who had, at the previous term, been duly recognized to appear as a witness at that term, but who, from sickness, was unable to attend; that he could prove by said Margaret the following facts: “That he was going peaceably along the public highway, without making any hostile demonstration whatever, when the deceased, John Vogles, commenced a violent assault upon him, and that the defendant told the

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Nov. Term, deceased, in a friendly manner, not to strike him, and affi. 1859.

ant receded from the deceased, and did not strike nor offer Chenoweth to strike him until after the deceased seized the affiant and Chenowita. commenced beating and kicking him with considerable

violence; that as soon as affiant could release himself, he desisted from defending himself and retreated; that it was during the time that he was so beaten, seized, and kicked as aforesaid by the deceased, that affiant struck the blow which is charged to have caused the death of the deceased, John Vogles.The affidavit states that the facts thus set out are true, and that he cannot prove them by any other witness whose testimony can be as readily procured, an that the affidavit was not made for delay merely, &c. The affidavit of the husband of the witness was also filed, showing her inability to attend on account of sickness.

We are of opinion that the facts thus set up were material to the defense of the accused, and, therefore, that the continuance should have been granted.

The judgment is reversed, and the cause remanded.

C. L. Dunham, W. T. Otto, and H. Heffren, for the appellant.


If a feme covert obtains a divorce and alimony, she has no interest, as survivor,

in the estate of the husband.

December 24.

APPEAL from the Boone Circuit Court.

Hanna, J.— Application for divorce, which was granted on account of the misconduct of the husband. The custody of the offspring of the marriage, one child, was decreed to the wife, and 1,000 dollars alimony (allowed her), to be paid in installments, if security should be given; if not, execution to issue, &c.

It is insisted that the amount of alimony awarded is

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