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fcientious manner, in the way they from it. Allow me, sir, in conclu. Should believe most advantageous to sion, to'beg the satisfaction of havu their brethren in adversity. The ing my name added as an annual ardour with which books of any subscriber' of one guinea." kind would be embraced, as a source of entertainment, merely by 5. Extract of a letter from some Sola body of exiled and secluded men,

diers in Java, dated Oetober 26, more than iwo thirds of whom can

1812. '

. tead, may be well imagined; and “We are happy to inform you the effect that may probably be pro. that by means of your donation, the duced, by turning the love of novel- generality of our serious comrades ty and desire of information, that is are supplied with the Word of God. natural to the human mind, into so We have likewise distributed a pleasant and profitable a channel, number of Dutch Testaments among must be an object of high antici- the Dutch soldiers here. Dear Sir, pation; and the earnest prayer of we want words to express with what' all who could have witnessed such thankfulness they received them, a scene, must have been, that the and how diligently they perosed stream of heavenly knowledge, com. them, especially in their hospitals mencing in a small fountain, might and prisons; for, upon inquiry, we flow on, increasing in depth and could scarcely find one Bible among breadih, till it should open into an them all. We have likewise deterocean of eternal bliss. Froin not mined to distribute sume among the being myself a member of your Dutch inhabitants, 'hoping that Society, of course, I have hitherto many will gladly receive them; iu participated but as an approver of a which case, your trouble in senáing good work, and a distributer of a them to this island will not be in small portion of those precious alms vain." that it deals so largely through the world; and engaged as I have been 6. Extract of a letter from the Rev. for some years past, in an unremit

R. E. Jones, Secretary of the Biting round of the arduous duties of

ble Society at the Mauritius, to my own professional department in

Lord Teignmouth, dated Feb. 10, this place, had not the books in

1813. question been volunteered out by “I have the honour of transmitthe Institution, it is more than pro- ting to your Lordship a copy of the bable that my mind would never proceedings of a Bible Society new.. have considered it practicable to ly established in this place. have been of much service to these I trust it will prove a grateful men; nor that I had made, as it were, piece of information to your Lordtime for any exertion in their be- ship, to learn that the Colonists of half. With such an opportunity all ranks take a warm interest in the thus thrown upon me, the motive to Institution; and purchase, with aviprofit by it was irresistible; and I dity beyond description, the copies may flatter myself, that if the little of the Scriptures lately arrived, sent I have said to these poor captives on out to me by the Society which your the subject, should escape their me. Lordship is pleased to protect. mory, yet whilst their eyes shall " The most beneficial effects will see, their hands handle, and their no doubt arise from the circulation hearts continue to be comforted by of the Scriptures in a Colony so that Word of Life, which through 'mach neglected; where, I believe I the British and Foreign Bible So- may with safety say, a French Biciety has been conveyed to them, 'ble could not be purchased for years they must entertain a sense of obli- back. gation to their original benefactors, "I have been credibly informed, which will be commensurate in du- that many persons on this island ration with the blessings derived are now living at the advanced pe

be too many,

riod of life of sixty and seventy this invaluable and necessary trea years, who never even saw a Bible; $ure. and receive daily messages of grati- “ Nine years have this day tude and thanks for the more than elapsed since the British and Fo. kind attention of the British and Fo- reign Bible Society was formed: reign Bible Society to their eternal and, during that period, they have welfare, in supplying them with the laboured in the great cause of Chrismean's of scriptural knowledge." tianity, with a zeal and liberality

May 28, 1813.- I have the which will throw upon the present pleasure of informing you, that all and the last century a lustre that the French Bibles sent to me by the will distinguish them in Christian British and Foreign Bible Society, history. The efforts of this Society are disposed of; and that the Spare, marvellous, and demand, from ciety established here have desired every follower of Christ, gratitude me to write for an additional sup, and praise to him who worketh, ply.

in his people both to will and to I think that double the number do of bis good pleasure. May the of French Bibles already received blessed Spirit ever preserve that So. and sold by me, will by no means ciety, and, from time to time, re.

new and increase its zeal and libe. * The avidity with which the Bi- rality !”. bles are purchased is beyond all description. Oge hundred copies 8. Extract from the Third Report of were sold in one day; and I be.

the Bible Society of Massacbu« lieve twice as many more would

setts, June 3, 1813. have been disposed of with the “ No sincere Christian can need greatest facility. I am in anxious arguments to copyince him, tbat be expectation of the second supply, of is bound to contribute to the diffu.' which I am advised, and look daily sion of Christianity through the for their arrival."

world. This is a religion designed 7. Extract from the Fifth Report of manded bis disciples to preach itu

for all nations, Jesus Christ con, the Bible Society of Philadelphia,

every creature under heaven, and May 5, 1813.

shall we do nothing in aid of this * The man who first conceived great design? Is the Gospel the apthe idea of forming a Society for pointed instrument of God for redistributing gratuitously the holy storing the world to purity and Scriptures, without note or com- peace? Has the Son of God died to ment, among the poor; by which impart this invaluable blessing to the active exertions of Christians of our race? Have holy men of all all denominations have been harmo- ages toiled and suffered to diffuse it niously combined in diffusing abroad through ihe earth, and to perpetuthe pure light of heavenly Truth ; ate it to unborn generations; and should be deemed a benefactor of shall we do nothing to extend the mankind. The vast importance of knowledge and power of this sale this principle has been most inte tary trush,

tary truth, of the word of eternal restingly displayed, first in the es life? tablishment and exertions of the " To excite us to this most Chris. British and Foreign Bible Society, Lian work, we have an example, and subsequently, in the formation which, on this anniversary, ought and labours of numerous similar So- never to be forgotten. Your Coa. cieties in Europe, Asia, and Amę mittee refer to the British and Fo. rica, by whose agency the word of reign Bible Society, that wonderful God has been put into the hands of Institution, the glory of our age. several hundred thousands of our The exertions of this Society surrace, who might otherwise have pass all praise. Its branches are lived and died without possessing spread through he whole kingdom.

Auxiliary Societies, patronized by most consoling and cheering to see the most distinguished and venera. so many Christians, of different ble men of the country, and includ- countries and different denominaing Christians of all denominations, tions, forgetting their divisions, and are springing up with astonishing uniting in one great effort, for makrapidity. No charity in the world ing known the Scriptures to every was.erer espoused with equal zeal. nation under heaven. Like the Christians of all classes, from the rainbow in a dark and stormy sky, sovereign on the throne to the com- this is a promise of a brighter and mon labourer, are uniting their ex. happier day. It is suited to carry ertions to spread the Bible, not only forward our thoughts to that prethrough their own nation, but ditted period when the knowledge of through the world. Already this God shall fill the earth, and all na, divine light has beamed from great tions be joined in love to their coma Britain over a large part of Europe. mon Father and Redeemer, and to It has penetrated and entered the one another.' We should rejoice frozed regions of the North; and even that it is the design of Providence to Asia and Africa are sharing in its effect this revolution by the instrureviving influences; and shall we mentality of Christians, and we do nothing, when our fellow-Chris- should esteem it our privilege and tians are doing so much? Shall the happiness, that we may bear a part honour, the happiness, the rewards in this inexpressibly sublime and of such efforts, be confined to others, merciful work of God.” whose obligation is certainly not stronger than our own?

3. Extract from the Fourth Report “ It is indeed true, that our 'abi

of the New York Bible Society, lity to promote the object now re

Dec. 6,1813. commended, is diminished by the “Though, during the present war, war in whicb we are involved. But your Board have not received any

still, how many among us can con- communications from the British tribute at least enough to purchase and Foreign Bible Society, they have one Bible for the destitute, and bow however, obtained a view of their many can contribute more? We Ninth Report, adopted at their meetshould remember that God's blesg. ing in May last. In contemplating jag on our suffering nation is not the munificent liberality with which to be obtained, by giving up the this stupendous Institution is supfew exertions which we have hither- ported by all ranks of men of every to made for the diffusion of Chris- denomination of Christians in Great tianity. Perhaps, one cause of Britain ; the immense extent of its the frowns of Providence upon our operations through the greater part land is this, that we have 80 un of the inhabited world, the multia gratefully neglected to employ our tude of Associations, for circulating prosperity and our connexions with and translating the Scriptures, to Olber nations for the religious im- - which it has given rise, in various provement of the world. We have parts of the earth; the liberal supa visited all regions, and enriched port and encouragement which it ourselves with the productions of has afforded to such Associations; i every clime. ,. But where have we the Catholic unity of the spirit, in given aid to the cause of Chrisvi." this bond of peace, which it has anity. Through what nation have so largely contributed to promote we helped to spread the Word of and cherish throughout Christen, God, the good tidings of salvation by dom, and which national hostility Jesus Christ? ? Tingnosis has aot been able to extinguish; we

9. In the present convulsed and want words to express our admira. disordered state of the world, it is tion of this wonder of the age ; and,

-20-2 siod 90 menit ba976 2060298 .

11 ܕ

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we are constrained to exclaim, Truls People of Colour"in Kingston

this is the Lord's doing: it is mare partial collection having been' a vellous in our eyes.!". So sy om

ready made from them before this 10. Extract of a letter from the

Auxi- ward, however, with the expecta
Society was formed : we look for

? Jiary Bible Society of the People tion, that it may, By God's blessing

of Colour, Jamaica, to the Briassist in sowing the seed of his Dia tish and Foreign Society vise Word in abundance. 1 -134

We, the undersigned Persons of We entertain the highest regard Colour in the Island of Jamaica, sine for the British and Foreign Bible cerely impressed with the benefic Society, the more especially cent object of the British and for many of our unhappy brettiren are reign Bible Society, behold with at this moment enveloped in the heart-felt pleasure, that while a dark cloud of ignorance and sintet great portion of mankind labours we are happy in the reflection, fost under the iron, yoke of infidelity, there are multitudes among us while the work of cbarity and love is ex- thirst after the living Water of ercised to send forth the Word of Life, and are desirous to see the Salvation throughout the earth, pure and genuine Word of God whereby those who are as yet in a spread." 7 year 2931 state of ignorance and sin, may be

17.03.cni 9sds induced to read the Sacred Oracles

-OW 2sode of Truib; and, under the gracious

9 10 YPSIEUP s aud jasa s002 influence of the Holy Spirit, le

CHERCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY. brought to a saving knowledge of

(Continued from pd 806.)iw ,5203 God, and of his Son Jesus Christ We now proceed to lay before oor Lord.

readers that part of this Society's " Disparaged, as we have bitherto last Annual Repore, of whichat has heen, and still continue to be, by not been in our power hitherto to the operation of local prejudices; give them an wsz we rejoice that an opportunity is The Hindoostanee Neto Testament, held out to us, to manifest how much by the Rev. H. Martyo, assisted by we appreciate the exertions of so Mirza Fitrat, is printing. The Go excellent an Institution, as being spel of St. Matthew had already calculated to administer to the relief been distributed liberally The L of all men, whatever be their nation turgy of the Church of England has

been To this end, we beg leave to language, and translations of it are inform you, ibat a Society has been preparing in Persian and Arabici established on the 30th of Septem. The Committee propose to employ ber last, in the city of Kingston, the press extensively in circulating under the denomination of The Ja- the Liturgy of the Churéh ind Rely maica Ausiliary Bible Society of the gious Tracts in the diferent tas

. People of Colour; the object of guages"6f Asia and cafticama which is to raise a yearly subscrip- Arabic tract has been stereotypes tion throughout the island, to assist for circulation in the widelyementthe furpre progress of the Britished regions where that lasguages and Foreign Bible Society,

known. And the Committee one " Although the present remittance their frients to furbish them with be but small (77l. 59. Currency) yet tracts suited to Heathen indaplowe indulge ourselves in the hope hammedan countries, which, that the smallest gift derives worth havfigo undergone the terror from the intention of she giver: shis the Comthittee," may be related -being theżdogations collected from and ditculated. 02751g sesi zhe poorer classes in general of the sin Varigne gbstacles.baye arisen te


, 14 Jaded very

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prevent the formation of the Socie- open intercourse with the natives ty's proposed establishment in New of New Zealand which we formerly ZEALAND, The following extracts had, and lias retarded the establishi of letters from the Rev. Mr. Mars- ment of the Mission

den will shey wbat is the state of * The natives of New Zealand * things and the prospects in this are numerous, and a very fine race a quartere ja bassade

of people; and will make great im“June 18, 1813. I have the hap provement in a short time if they piness to inform you, that my New have but the

means, which I hope Zealand friend, Duaterra, has allength, and pray to God they may have in after undergoing unknown hardships, his own time.

as ou arrived at his native island. He has "I am happy to inform you, that been received with great marks of this Colony is much improved, in a esteem, and appointed King at the moral and religious view. The or Bay of Islands. He has begun his ders given to the Governor, and operations in agriculture; and I have the regulations which he has adopta no doubt but he will prepare the ed and followed, have been atteud. way for his countrymen to receive ed with the best effects.letgrumaterials the blessings of the Gospel of Christ. I trust God will raise up MisI was greatly rejoiced when I first sionaries among ourselves, for the received the above information instruction of the Natives of the about two months ago. I have Islands!

We have now a much since sent bim a quantity of seed better prospect of this, than at any wheat, and some tools of agricul- former period. My visit to England ture, with other necessaries.

has been attended with much real - Duaterra is a very uncommon good to this Settlement. My colcharacter. His moral deportment leagues are men of piety; and we is blameless; his mind wholly bent have five pious schoolmasters, and on establishing a Sabbath day at here and there a pious prisoner New Zealand, and on introducing scattered through the

the knowledge of the Supreme Be married, a few days ago, a young 5

ing. While he lived with me, he woman to one of the Missionaries acquired all the knowledge he possi- from Otaheite, whither she is going bly could, with a view of imparting with her husband. She was born it to his people, and understands in the country her father canie many of the operations of agricul-out a convict, and her mother

too ture. so baislena

Her mother died, and left a good nyos The want of food has been the testimony behind her of her real cause of many of their

wars: The piety. Her father is now living. introduction of agriculture will soon and a most exemplary and pious supply all their wants. This will man, and has walked in the fear

greatly tend to civilize them. In of God for some years past. These dustry will correct their wild and are hopeful beginnings-God Ys vagrant habits, and prepare them RAISING UP CHILDREN TO ABKAHAM for the everlasting Gospel. I have FROM THESE Exiles. THIS SÉTTLEno doubt, but the time is approach- MENT WILL PROVE A BLESSING TO THE ing when they will hear and obey SURROUNDING NATIONS.

nois the joyful sound, so hat was

June 23, 1813.2 Since I closed When I hear from Daaterra my letter,Captain Parker bas come in again, I shall be better able to from the coast of New Zealand, with judge of the propriety of begin- a full ship of sperm-oil, belonging to ning the Mission at New Zealand, the house of Mr. Bennet, of London. I am sorry the business of the

1181 Boyd.* has prevented so long that tives in consequence of warious acts of sio

lence committed on the persons of the mar 01.*This ship had been cut off by the Na- tives by the masteriais dents nerodo ad

CHRIST. OBSERV. Arino 1.0! 10 5 Per gott adtai

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