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consent to any treaty, or'any condition that ed autliers ; Tet tireše traders in human fest, shall compromise the honour, the liberty, these vile and perfidious plotters, come to and independence of the Haytian People. "execate their grand schemes of servitode Faithful to oor oath, we will rather bury and destruction. Ler them place thendourselves under the ruins of our coufllry, selves at the head of the columsis, to direct than suffer our political rights to sustaio the their march. They will be the first victimes slightest injury.

of our vengeance, and the land of liberty " 'Given in our palace of Sans Souci, the will rejoice in being watered with the blood

18th of September, 1814, cleventh year of its oppressors. Thun will indeed be of Independence, and the fourth of "weged a war of extermination: un quarter dur Reign.

will be given, no prisoner wade. Then (Signed) * VENRY. shall we prove to the world what a nasion " By the King, mé Secretary of State, of warriors, armed in the most jest of Minister for Foreign Affairs,

causes, 'can effect in the defence of our * Count de LIMONADE."

homes, our wives, our children, our liberis. Besides this Manifesto, which is evidently opt independence." A number of direcintended to operate on the powers of Eu- tions as 10 the mode of warfare which run sope, there has appeared in the Gazette of bc pursued in case of invasion are thes Hayti a paper, the object of which is to given. The paper thus concludes :-* It is enlighten the Islanders thorselves respect. in sain that our tyrants conceive the tad ingilie new political relations in which the hope of sowing disorien #nong us. There peace of Paris may have placed then. appearance will be the signal for our onion After expressing their joy in the downfal of Who can now deceive us. * to our true Bonaparte, the monster wlio bad endeavour- ' inlesests? Who is there aruong us, "he! ed either to esterninate them, or lo subject would now allow binself to be seduced by them anew to the hateful yoke which they the treacherous and deceitful promises or an

bad for ever broken, and with whom they enemy whom we koow loo well? Who is 1 bad determined never 10 enter into any en- the weak wretch who woulderen think of

gogements, it is intimated that there do not prolonging his days, iš order to be bertit exist the same reasons for rejecting the alive, drowned, or hanged six months after? peaceful overtures of the present wonärch No, no; if we must have war, we moest eithre ) of France, and forming with him a treaty of be all externtinated, or live free and indecommerce and friendship compatible with "pendent." the honour, liberty, security, and indepen.' And this strong language is evidently po dence of Hayti. But, ' " if we desire the empty boast. In the northern half of the benefits and enjoyments of peace, we fear island Christopite has an army, perfectly

neither the fatigues nor the horrors of war." appointed and disciplinedt, of 29,000 uri, ** Let our implacable enemies, the planters, ' and a militia of 33,000, secustomed to the who have not ceased, for twenty-five years, : 'use of arms. If we suppose a like number to indulge the extravagant dream of slavery, in the Sonth, there will then be 110,000 and to pester each succeeding Government men resolved to conquer or die, who muu - with their meinoirs, and projects of conquest be subdued before a single cask of sugar is and subjugation, exciting only pity, disgust,' bag of coffee can be prodaced by slave leor abhorrence for their criminal and wretch- bour in St. Domingo,

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VERITAS; APFs, have been received. As INQUIRER; CONDITOR ; AN OLD FELLOW; Com RS. H. B. ; IGNOTES, will

be inserted. INDICOPLEUSTES will have learnt, tong before this Namber can reach bis ere, how

greatly he has erred in the interpretation of prophecy. We are obliged to I. $. for his proofs of the strange and unexplained tergiversatior ef

the British Critic, on the subject of the Bible Society We are under the necessity, of withholding, our assent from the proposition of .

WHYTE. We have repeatedly remarked that articles of Literary Iulelligence should reachine

before the 20th of the month, to be in time for insertion. Various articles which did not come to our hands until the 24th inst, are necessarily exeluded

ERRATUM.--Présent Na P. 787, col. 2, 1.-15, dele 1816

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BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SO- as the finger of God, and felt apCIETY.

prehensive lest a refusal might carry serted an abstract of the Tenth of something like shyness jo conReport of this Society. It was our fessing Aim before men. intention to have followed it with “ I cannot describe to you my extracts from the copious Appendix admiration of the British and Foreign to that Report, but we have hitherto Bible Society. Their enlightened been prevented by the press of mat- zeal, their labours, their progress, ter from doing so., ,The few pas. and their success, are so much besages which we now.extract furnish yond common occurrences, that I little more than a sample of the should have thought the hand of rich materials which are comprised God must have been visible to all in that most interesting document. that did not wilfully shut their eyes

upon them. We must follow their 1. Extract of a letter from Baron footsteps in our humble measure. Rosenblad, Minister of State in

“My dear doctor, your zeal for Sweden for the Home Department, the glory of God, and the good of to the Rev. Dr. Brünnmark, dated your native land, has made you a Stockholm, Oct. 18, 1813. welcome visitor to us. Your re

." I have received much pleasure ward' will not linger, either from in the perusal of your letter of the your Lord or your country, when 11th instant, and can assure you you have finished your service to that your important arguments had both, and wish, after your labours their full weight in my resolve to are over, to sit down in quiet in accept of the presidentship of the your native land.” Evangelical Society.

Yourenlightened zeal for the Gospel of 2. We are induced to add an extract 2.Christ, and the most satisfactory

from the speech of this nobleman exposition you have afforded me of when he took the chair as Presithe constitution, activity, and ex,

dent of the Stockholm Society. cellencies of the British and Foreign “ With sentiments of the sincerest Bible Society, convinced me that, gratitude, I now undertake the conby the help of our common Lord, Ifidential office with whicb your might also become, in my measure, choice has honoured me. I am helpful to our Zion. lo point of am aware of my deficiencies; and faci, I viewed the call made on me they could not fail to occasion me CARIST. OBSERY. APP,


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great anxiety, even so as to make purpose to promote his glory, and me very doubtful whether I ought to communicate to our fellow-men a to accept this place among you, knowledge of salvation by faith in when I consider that Fsucceed that his atonement. venerable and revered character, We have outlived the awful period whose great age has induced him to when the doctrine of the Alonement withdraw from a presidency which of Christ was shrouded in darkness. he has held from the commence- Mournful was the lot of those who ment.of this Society, and which, confessed His name. For almost an under the blessing and favour of entire century, did infidelity, with Almighty God, he has filled, with unblushing front, deride the revealgreat advantage to the diffusion of ed Will of God, and either openly Gospel light, as well as with much or secretly undermine the sacred satisfaction to all the members of foundations of the Gospel doctrine. the Institution.

The deleterious poison, having work** Bat, gentlemen, I have consie ed its way among what are called dered your call as the finger of Pro- the most enlightened nations of vidence, pointed by that unerring Europe, and established its ipfluHand, which, unseen, directs the ence in their higher circles, soon "conduct of mortals, and always with 'spread abroad among the mass of a view to lead them nearer to him- the people, and rolled on in fearfuk self. The principal part of my life 'torrents' of iniquity, carrying witb has been occupied in my extensive it a sweeping destruction wherever and laborious official engagements; it went. · We have truly the most and the unceasing care I have been abundant cause for thankfulness to a obliged to exercise in order to ac- gracious God, for having preseryed complish their many important du- our native land from guch scenes of ties, has not seldom awakened in desolation. We dare pot, bowever, me the painful reflection, that but a 'deny, that even among us were small portion of my time had been found an increased indifference to alike laboriously devoted to advanc- 'the Word of God; and, with many, ing the cause of religion. But now, 'a bold contempt of it. Not a few although in the autumn of life, a were ashamed to confess the name gracious Providence has been please of Jesus: and have we not ourselves ed to open to me a new field, and so had to endure long discourses upon favoured me with an opportanity of religion, in the course of which we correcting my past neglect; plac- scarcely once heard that blessed ing me, through its kind guidance, name mentioned, before which, within this not only more exalted, however, every knee shall bow, but also more peaceful sphere of whether it be upon earth, or under action; in order that I may do my the earth - But the promises of part in furthering and supporting God are fulfilling :'for heaven and The important objects of this Society. earth shall pass away, but my Words To do so is my resolution; 'nay, the shall not pass away." (Luke xxi. 35.) very desire of my heart':'but I feel And upon this Rock wilt 1 build my own incapacity for such a so- iny church, and the gates of hell lemn work, and rest all my hopes shall not prevail against her." Go. of success upon assistance from our spellight is dawning again on those Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ+yes, nations, where the stiadow of death upon him alone, who has assured us, sat almost enthroned, and barriers that he will not quench the smallest are raising against the aboniination spark of grace and truly we may of de solátion. all encourage ourselves in the cer ** loa'cerrain country, most powtaitity of bis Almighty, aid,

if we erful because of 'it's venératiop for follow the light of this Holy Spirit, religion, and consequently for the and have a single eye and Arm laws; where, as a result, the wel. fare of the public and individuals success and Thy richest blessing to rests on the surest foundation ; a So- all we shall do towards promoting ciety was established, and in times this great end. We place all our too, while the whirlwinds of desola- reliance on Thee; and rest our hope tion were yet laying waste ibe earth. of a gracious answer to our suppliThe aim and glorious object of this cations, upon that wonderful love Society embrace a distribution of which brought Thee into the world God's holy Word and Gospel Light to save sioners." through the whole habitable globe, That revered Society, which has 3. Extract of a letter from the Bio also held forth its friendly and gene

shop of Westeras in Sweden, to rous hand to our Swedish Evangeli

Lord Teignmouth, dated Wescal Institution, has found in its zeal

teras, Jan. 20, 1814. and liberality a success wbich so My Lord, the undersigned Biutterly exceeds the power of all hu- shop of Westeras, with the Comman effort, as evidently to proclaimmittee of the Arosian Bible Society,

that the finger of God is in it: have the honour to testify by this, his guardian care is thereia distinct. the high gratification which we bave Jy unveiled.

felt in the kindness and nobleness of « Warned and roused from their your gracious answer. This infant indifference by what they have ex- Society, owing to the illustrious experienced of the horrible effects of ample and large benefaction of the infidelity, several other nations have British and Foreigo Bible Society also bestirred themselves, and, fol- its first existence and original formalowed the glorious path struck out 'tion, owes also to the rich mugifi. by the before-mentioned honoured cence from the same hands the very Society. And we, among others, success of its first endeavours, and cannot help being exceedingly therefore most humbly requests thankful to God, that what is called your lordship to be pleased to rethe New Philosophy' begins to be turn to the great and generous So. treated with contempt in our native ciety the vole of its deepest and land, and that the minds of pen warmest thanks. have taken a favourable turn to

« It is to the exalted character wards better things.

and mighty energies of the British “ Under the protection of a go. Nalion, that Europe essentially as vernment affectionately attentive to cribes the recovery of the political the preaching of the pure Gospel of system : it is also to her generou Christ, measures are now actively and extensive exertions that the adopted for improving both the cha 'world is indebted for the further racter of preaching and the mode of ance of its moral welfare, by the ineducation, and we have often the strumentality of the holy Scriptures, happiness to find, that the best gifts which now, blessed be her liberality, of eloquence are no longer wasted brighten and cheer the gloomy upon dry moral portraits, but suit- darkness of the human mind in alt ably exerted to bonour the Giver, by quarters of the globe.' ascribing glory to the name of Jesus 4. Extract of a letter from the Rev. and his atonement." " Eternal Saviour of the world!

8. Leggart, Chaplain to his Majesstrengthen and support the desire ty's Forces in Portugal, to the Rev. thyself hast graciously awakened in

John Owen, dated Lisbon, April this Societythat all the members

t. 16, 1814. * of it may work as one man; and, "A clergyman resident in Lisbon with full purpose of beart, spread having addressed himself to me, abroad that heavenly knowledge, more than eighteen months since, which records Thy atonement, Thy with the information, that the Agent suffering, and Thy deathi. Grapt of your Society at Portsmouth had

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put bim in possession of a number yet from their apparent destitution of Bibles and Testaments in the of spiritual advice, I considered my French, and also Testaments in the self more than justified, in reading Spanish, German, and Italian lan- not unfrequently to the mustered guages ; considering, that they convalescents a form of prayer soitmight more effèctually contribute able to their condition, and such to the benevolent end to which they parts of holy Scripture as their were directed, in communicating the church do not pretend to controvert; Word of God to the prisoners taken and a good word in season; which from the French, in confinement this service naturally introdaced, within this garrison, necessarily in- could not but ensure as good a recluding natives of different parts of ceplion from the assembled congrethe Continent, if the books were gation, as from the poor fellows introduced to and distributed nniong whom disease confined io their beds, them, by a person in some degree when accompanied by a gift which conversant with their language; I afforded them a demonstrative proof, could not hesitate a moment with that there existed those, who at the greatest readiness to embrace least took a real and decided inte. the proposal ; and I feel it accord- rest in their welfare. In my visits ingly my bounden doty, lo conmu- during the past Lent, two ships in nicate to the Secretary of an Iostitu- the Tagus, containing near eight tion, which has long made itself a hundred, and another prison in the channel for such a rich stream of city, where near five hundred were Divine Grace, the success of my confined, (many pursuing employ. poor ability, in cherishing that ments of a useful nature, and lacra. branch of its prolific root, which has tive to themselves,) nothing seemed sent its shoots across the sea; even wanting, but the presence of some unto us, for the purpose of bearing of the patrons and supporters of an fruit to everlasting lite, in the many Institution which is considered as thousands of prisoners of war that so honourable to our country, for have been, and are still resident the purpose of witnessing the order within our extensive garrison. in which these, in many respects,

“And whilst such have been, and rude and undisciplined unfortunates are, I fear, still 100 nupierous to make formed a broad line of a magnificent it a reasonable hope, that the Society circle, and with ears and minds in. is equal to supply each man that tent on the petitions that were offer can read with a copy of the Inspired ed up to Almighty God, to give his Word, I have, at the same time, the blessing to the use of what they satisfaction to inform you, that the were about to receive, and on the few hundreds of copies I have re- admonition which it was thought ceived, have been husbanded with advisable to add, to take care that the most attentive care, and such an they were not wanting to themselves organized system, as it were, esta- in the application of it, bad their blished for their distribution and eyes in the mean time concentered circulation amongst the vast multi- on the small pile that contained tbe tudes that have passed in succession, purposed donation in the midst; that there is scarcely a man, who, and their generous benefactors without some fault of his own, may would have been no less gratified, in not have profited, by my well-in- beholding the grateful manner in tended exertion. To a constant which an allotted proportion was reaverage of about three huodred sick ceived by the chiefs of the compain the hospital, the books have' af. nies into which they are divided, forded, as may be imagined, more to whom the copies were delivered especial comfort. Notwithstanding formally in the name of God, as to these men professing a different per- understanding men, who must no suasion of our religion from myself, fail to apply them'in a strictly con

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