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to see me.

ciating with Abdool. On the 2d inst. he tried to get others to say that Abdool wished took up his abode withi Abdool in the city; to compel people to become Christians. A and now the whole city seemed moved. Molwee, who lives ilear, and to whom he Day and night, he was beset by people, first addressed himself, told him at once he many of whom had never seen him or heard lied, and was an infidel for opposing a uí hin until now; and the agitation of mind idolater who wished to believe in Revelation, occasioned thereby, made him quite unwell, though not in Mahomet.. The Hindoos të To-day he is much indisposed, yet came out wlion he applied, said he was mad; that

After some previous conversa• they saw and heard all that passed in tion, I said to him, “ If your intention of Abdool's house, and saw no violence offered einbracing Christianity be sincere, I do most to any one, One Hindoo, said, I hear him heartily invite you to occupy these rooms, forbid people to kill, or to commit adultery, in which we were sitting, . and in all re. or to steal, or to tell lies: if this ibe Christie spects to consider me as a brother; only I anily, it is a good religion: there are no am anxious that no worldly notive should such good words even in the Sanscrit books! enter into your resolutions, and that no one “July 11.- A man from a neighbouring should be able to say you were influenced village was present to-day, who has been a by temporal considerations. He answered, constant attendant for some time. He was very deliberately and distinctly, 'Sir, in re. asked why be bad expressed a wish to be spect of name, what can I propose to my- conie a Christian. He answered, For the seff by the change? My family is the chief sake of salvation.' What had he lieard among the lindoos, being Bramins, and lords that should induce him to hope for salvatio of the holy city. In respect to provision, in Christianity? He said, • He had mera you know how I have lived, and could still heard of any whose birth corresponded with live': '-lie cold ine before, that he could that of Christ; that lo raise the dead, aad collect 400'rupees a month, and subsisteuce himself to rise from the dead, proved bima for three or four bundred followers among to be the Son of God, and able to give the Mabratta princes :- What earthly end remission of sins. He to-day took his peal can I bave in view? But,'among the lin with the Christians, by which his caste is doos or Mahonietans, I never heard of any gorre... whose birth, life, death, resurrection, and July 12.--Abduol went to day to the ascension can be compared with Jesus. ! village where the above man resides. He pierceive he is the only Saviour, and I see found thnt his family were acquainted with I may obtain remission of sins through him, his purpose of embracing Christianity, and *** July 8.— In consequence of the above very angry with him for it. He resta visit, the friends and adherents of the Kajah a small farm. dlang people came to see Secame quite rivlent wiili lim; and threat Abdool, who spoke to thein about religione ened, by some means or other, to put an and offered to establish a school for their end to his life. They threatened Abdool children. They asked what he would tesco alsw; who quietly, but resolutely, answered, them. He said. What would lead te sabra• If you should accomplish my deatli, it tion.-They answered, “What do we mus would be a cause of joy to me, as bringing with religion? We do not even worship our sue at once to Flim whose I am: 'but, be

own Bowarra, We know a little about assured, your lives would be forfeited to the ploughing, and that is enough for us? Jaw, and, at the throne of God, you would July 24.-Tonday a Mabonetan from find Raim, or any other you depend upon,' Berthpore, come, who is pbysician to the quire unable to save you fromu the guilt of Rajali's family. He had long ago perused murder," "They were dismayed at his reso- the Pentateuch in Arabic, lent him by a lution, and hare kept aloof from him since; Roman Catholic priest who lived with Ges but have persuaded the Rajah to make a neral Duboin. About two years ago, it jourkey ro Gualet; where another widow of came into his mind to search for truth

Cheyt Sing's is, 'aud of a brotber of his own. The irreconcilable contradictions among the Ile says he will come back alone shortly ; differopt Mahometan seuts struck him, por appears in deep distress; and said io-day, erfully and convinced him that yuth was • I go with them because 1 fear they will not with them. He read in the Koran, chas otherwise nurder me; but I know, if I do Clorist is the Spirit of God. This gave him not becoide 'a Christiani

, T shall go to hell a high idea of our Saviour. He took an api

faith Christ álodie, and beside blini

is no Sa: ime, when he visited Ms. C. the Bapeista Rajal has Been the chief opposer, and has profession of Christianity. This he was net

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prepared for, but took a copy of St. Mat. of May, he had been observed diligeut in sethew and St. Mark, in Persian, translated by éret duries; and the questions which he askSabat, and went back to Berthpore. There ed discovered an awakened conscience. On he has been until the present tine, fully Monday last, he hegań to read the Scrippersuaded of the truth of Christianity and tures and pray with the Catechumens. This the Divinity of Christ, from the petusal of was after repeated requests to be allowed to the above translation; But desirous ut' meet do "so, and diligent application to private ing with some of his own countrymen who reading of the Scriptures. he was could infori bin further, die át length beard asked, "Why do you wish to be baprised ?! of Abdool, and of the kindness and inoffen He said, Because I am conscious of many siveness of his manners. • This,' said he, and great sins, and I wish to enter on the • is the way of that religion.' And, on Mon- way of forgiveness.' -— Ques. • But perhaps day, he eame over on purpose to meet with the English Government may not always reAbdool. He was led to the house of a Mol- main in this land; and you know, in that wee, who teaches oor Christian boys Arabic, case, the Hindoos and Mahometans would and who is very favourable to the truth, so

persecule you : what would you do? - Ans, that his introduction to Abdvol was thus Certainly since they despised, and persemade easy. He now wishes to be baptised; cuted, and ill-treated the Savionit, I can est seenis less than any rative whom I lave seen pect no other; but, through his help, I would to consult with 'flesb and blood ; 'said he des remain firm.' sired only to be great in the sight of God, *" July 24.—During the whole of this and, if it were his will, to be aruong the first week the Hugeem from Berthpore has attendo fruits of Hindoostan'; for he is sure that all ed daily with his son. The Epistle 10 the He. the land will become Christian, and be de- brews was appointed to be read, to shew him sires to give himself to labour to spread the the connection between the Old and New Gospel. He has a son eighteen years old, Testaments. As we went on, his attention 'whom he has made acquainted with the was evidently attracted by the peculiar trutlis change passing in his mind ; and who, he of ilie Gospel-the Divinity of Christ---bis says, is, equally with himself, disposed to suitableness, as God, to be a Saviour-the embrace the Guspel. He is gone back to sufficiency of his sacrifice; and the extent of bring this son, and what property he tins, it, as reaching to sins under the former disthat he may give himself wholly to the work pensation also. The passages connected of the Lord.

with these subjects, drew from him many 19 July 18.---This afternoon the above per- expressions indicative of a truly enlightened son made his appearance, with his son, at mind. He has been daily also inquiring worship in the city. He had thought, he about baptism; and, as the subject has been said, of sending his sou tirst ; but afterward on his mind above two years, and he is now reflected,'. This is not 'a work to be delayed evidently decided in bis choice, it was or trifled with.” He publicly professed, be agreed to baptize liim 10-morrow. After fore all the people assembled, that he was talking of his faniily, I asked if he was come expressly to receive baptism. He laid aware of any thing in his own history for aside his turban, and knelt down to prayer which God might be justly displeased with with the Christian part of tive assembly: him. He answered, : What have I done,

: " On Friday evening, our dear frient that deserves the name of virtue, all my Lieut. M. came from Muttra, bringing the days? If I have done any thing good at all, Bramin boy, who says he was enticed as it is this acceptance of the truth.' related before; ihat the person set of the *** Sunday, July 25.---This morning, alter next day, taking with him all the clothes we Divine Service in the Garrison, the Hugeein had given him that another companion of was baptized by the name of Talib Messee that person, gave him a meal, and persuat. Khan, " the Gift of Christ." They had ed him to go to Múltra ; that be, afraid of been previously made well acquainted with our displeasure, and ashamed of himself, the Baptismal Service, and Abdool addressagreed; that Lieatenant M.'s moonshee wered the exhortations and put the questions to : with him there, and that Lieutenants M. and them in Hindoostanee. May these prove, T, immediately sent for hiin, and gave him the fruits of a rich harvest ! food and clothes. He returned joyfully, and "July 27.--To-day Abdool heard of and is evidenily much' distressed in mind, and visited two persons, who have fallen under the afraid lest he sbould not be forgiveni." displeasure of their friends from their at

**** July 23.-To-day Ahdool's eldest ne- tachment to the Gospel: one, the servant of phew, after inany solicitations, was examined a Hindoo Doctor, whom he has served for for baptism. So long sioce as the beginning, sixteen years, and who speaks very highls of:

** !!

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In the

who come bio, fidelity : the other, money,changer tianity Soge others, who are leamed me only for a short time, and he » determined daily to read the Scriptures, and briken at all risks to secure a happy, eternity. explained.

“July 30.-To-day Abdool's house in the Aug. 22, --This moming the attendance city was a constant scene of comers and at home was too large for our place to 'ongperso: The disciples of the yarigus Durgahs

100, the attendance wa (tombs of saints) came in different bodies

full. To days,

Abdoor being unwell the at one ime upward of forty together, to Hugeem Talib Messee Klian read the taus. inquire about the Hugeem Talib "Miessee lated and to know the mode of initiation into News. The readiness with whicli he es

sermona entitled, Universal Good Christianity.” 19 Aug. 3.-Four men from Jelapore, two solation to us.

gaged in the Service was cause of much condays' journey, having heard of the good Aug. 29.- This

morning about forty ductrine wluch Abdool taught, and of his at- adults, beside all the children, aftended tention to the poor

, caine to see whether the Morning Worship, all of whom prorets a report was true.”

regard for the Gospel. In the afternoon, the "The supply of the Epistle to the Romans Hindoo Jogi. Faqueer, referred tờ in the is arrived very opporinnely, as the doctrine Memorandum of June 10, was baptized, DL.Justification is now sery much discussed. with his wife and child. His brother, who From: reading Si, Matthew, many are per- came soon after the above period; was also -Suaded of the excellency of the Gospel, and baptized; together with a converted Maticslow the question among them is, How shall metan, his wife and two children, and the Han be just uịth God?

Leper mentioned in the same Memorandum 2.1 A s To-day the Lord's Supper was of June 10 The Leper has, in a grex adıniuisiera bat which, beside our usnal measure, recovered of his leprosy; for which comaun ells, attended Abdool Messee, he expresses much {bankIulness. He is's Talib. Messee Khan, Inaceut Messee, and very zealous Christian. The other lindoós are Nichoink the eldest of the Native Chris Rajepoots, and liave conducted tbetaselves Rian boys wliq has been the longest with me with much appearance of sincerity, and with It was a season of evident interest to thern

a seeming sense of their need of a Sartout. especially to the two latter youths, After “There are now

Kiteen Caléctümets service, on coming out, they embraced each among them a Hindoo Byragee, who dás other with much çmotion, saying, they were been lying twelve years in a jungle at Joy. now no longer two, but one, baving become poor, waiting for his God to appear to him partakers of the same bony.

at length being wearied out, and hearing of Aug 13,-To-day Abdool's brother ar- the (foriner ) Jogi's conversion, he came rived from Lucknow. The family, have aver in us, and gives good evidence of siaWritten many leclers to Abdool, none of cerity. which have been forwarded; and a letter The newly baptized bare been employed which Abdool had written to them was open. in the cultiration of land, which we bired ied by the Nabub ul Lucknow's people, and for the purpose of proving their disposition ; afterwards shewn aboul. The copies of Şt and all who have joined theinselves to ris Mattlaewo, which Abdool's father took away are set to one kind of labour or another. * from Cawapore, have been all sought after, : The place of worship in the city could and reast even: by some of the principal not contain one third of the people who at. ladies of the Nabob's palace. At first, the teuded on Sunday, though the Kazce had brother reports, the people reproached them forbidden all true Mahometans to attend. on leit return from visiting us at Cawn pore; We are about to erect a place for the better but now 102006, molests

them on the cop accommodation of speb as wish to hear the trasy, many speak well of the Gospel, and Gospel. express.ą wisda to see and bear Abdool, that

4. From

Monday several Molnces from the they wag know more of these things, aan city began to attend every afternoon, lo

Aug 15.-This morning the attendance gead and hear the Scriptíres explained in -on Divine Worship was so great that our order. There have beep generilly five every

place of assembly was inconveniently small. day, beside ihose connected with me in the afternoon, in the ci:yg the number • The Hogeen improves det som tine was also large and the people beard with the Mahometans tried to prejoice Alich attention... e sorg

against him, bý yariety of orieHoon - Aug. 19.25 Sheykh-ftomahe sily came of which however, snected to to declare his intention af. og bracing Chris- and now be is the sight,

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to the Gospel They begin to revile him of the I think I may afirmo and also all the Nolwees who goree to read

that the friends of religion in this country the Scriptores. The Hugeen has begun to would God sufficient sappure for the person deara Hebrew; and, froia-liis acrzvainmance whorn you fag send, without his cominuing with Arabic, is likely to make goud pro- burtherisome to the Suciety. gress and will be a great acquisition in cor "Among the reasons why a Missionary secling die Misdostanee translation of the should be sent to this country is preference Old 'lestarpent, left by Mr. Martyn Antic to any otber, I would bey leave respectfully Dished,

lo suggest two: viz. The teering populer - The nephew of Abdual, bapticed July (iuni of India; and the protection of equis 95, is employed as a reader, mid has greatly table law's, which purs it is the power of

improved since his baptism. In consé. Missionary to do mure good with less perquence of the scarcity in the Mahraita sonal inconvenience here than in any other Stules, and the increased number of poor heather country. to fuck 10 this place, a subscription was " The objeccions raised at bome to the net ou foot by the Judge, and a daily dis. Evangelization of India on the score of pro tribution of suut thirty rupees is made litical danger, are founded in entire misap through Abdool to upward of six hundred prehension of the subject. It settus not to

have occurred to either the friends or fues Mr. Currie's Journal was accompanied by of the measure, that there are none among chy following lener from ibat Gentleman to the Natives who have the means, whatever the Secretary of the Society, dated Ayra, night be their will, of resisting the British 31st Dec. 1813.

Government. Alinost all the ancient reignYou are made acquainted, through ilsc ing families are reduceri to state of de Ret, Mr. Thomason, with the labours of 'pendence ; nur, at any time, did ever the Abdoul Messee, who is engaged as a Care. zeal of the Hindoor lead them to any forchist for the Society for Missions 10 Africa anidathe opposition even to the intolerant anul the East; and of the success attending and avowedly proselyting Mahometans : 80 chem Since vur arrival at this place, in that neither do past experience ser present Blarch last, forty one adulis and Fuurteen -probabilities oppose any difficulig in the children of their have been baptised into way of publishing the Gospel in India. the faith of Christ, and all continue to ** Besides, it might well be expected that walk in the truck. The prospect of increas- reflecting men sliould discriminate between ing nunbers is very encouraging; and, as a senseless attack upon jsuages, processions, several of the converts are men of learning&c. and the simple inofensive statement of and of some influence, there seems ground Divine Truth. The former might well be

to hope that lasting beneft is intended by expected to souse every bad passion of the vur Almighly and most Mercilul Father to human mind: the latter will always com this place.

'mand respect, iť nút obedience-whilst the The want of usefal books in their own same Divine 'Truth assures as, his World language will, however, render the natire shall not return evid. touwih bisa converts

for a long time in reed of Euru. *“Our method is, to state the plain trutlus pean intelligence and firmness. --Thuuglu the of the Gospel, with little or no reference to grace of the Gospel be sufficient for their any other systou called Religialu. By individual salvaciou, yet they are not suffi- pointing untitet Scripture duetrinen auf ciently acquainted will the bistory of man- nran's fall through the transgression up "Lind, and especially of the Church of Christ, Adam, and his recovery by the Lord Jesus to enable them to calculate on the probable Christ, with appeals to matters of obvious consequences of any particular mode of and general experience, usually such as couduci ; nor can they, for sonse time, reapsation is produced as lends sume QUEEN the benet be derived from the espre other to exawide what foundation de rets rience of those who Have gone before thema 'upon; widthie result is always, Tips in the good way.

* I feet, therefore, anxious to call the at. Gus 18C4RXATX1017- argu Téution of the Sociers of which yoư are Permit while wlso respectfully complicit secretary, to this part of the wòrla, and to the autention of your Socery to the subjeet beg blanc, if practicabte, Missionary inay of providing hainisters from among stie ma be sent over to take charge of this infairt tive entertes fut it seems out of the queue shusche, The place of wotship and the tien lever to expect a suficient number of preniso now occupied 'Shaut, with plea regulate bruined ministers from England. sure, be made over in petpetitiiy to the title "The Phares of our Church, translatedo lume CHRIST, OBsney. No. 156.


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been of singular behelt in this place; and young Christians in this place for flee toi every circumstance in the case of a church mistry, by instructing them in the learned stewly gathered from among tlie Heathen languages of this country, and in Hebrew Xhensonstrates that the order of our Church to which we propose ariding the study of is that of the primitive Christian Churches. Greek: and thus we hope they may one Whatever way be said in favour of the 'll day be found worthy of Episcupal Ordinis Derty of people to choose their own mi- tionin e sot. prisfers ytor in favour of extempore prayer, Mr. Thomason writes from Calcotta, under in a more advanced state of Christian edu- date of Dec. 7, 1813 ration and experience; does not apply in .; '*The work at Agra is progressive. Ab#our cireumstances : and it tollows, of course, aloof proves a steady, zealous, humble la

That # person who should be the njeans of bourer." We have every encouragement. * Polanting the Gospel in any cite or place, J!.This new day rejoices our hearts great. Jemains the superintendant and unpire, in ly. A new day it may be called: for never > leases requiring arrangement. Under * teføre has the Gospiel been attended with pois persuasion, it would be painful, either such remarkable effects in Tits quarter. to leave 'a native congregation without a Learned "Musselmen have been peculiarly pastos, or to usurp authority, I would stubborn hitherto. "Now they have been humbly therefore, request advice and help made to bend: as you will perceive in some -60- this head. Abduol Messee seems, for recont instances at Agra. And I cinnet *heavenly-mindedness, discretion, and real, but entertain strung hopes that we shall see o be wortby of the ministry; and we are yet greater things done." endeavouring to qualify some promising For the remainder of Religious Intelligence, see ans


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It is with the sincerest pleasure we state, that ous for the repeal of the Property Taxe Bit 1. Treaty of Peace with the UNITED STATES surely, if they derited that an expensive and avas signed at Ghent on the 24th instant; the sanguinary contest should be prolonged for stipulations of' which, in nur judgment, are their profit or gratification, they shuold at higlily satisfactory. The points for which least not have denied to Goverunucut ile America plunged into the war, and which meaus of carrying it on.

she declared must be gained before ber sword The proceedings of the Congress of **could be sheathed; we mean, the questions "Vienna are still eoveloped in obscurits: of blockade and impressment; have been In France, an important change ba ia entirely passed over. Her claim to indem- "ken place in the War Department. Svelt

nity for the captures made under our Orders has been made Minister of War, and Suchet Soin Council is relinquished. As to territorial Military Governor of Alsace. There appear liinits, both we and our Indian allies return to have recently existed an apprehension of to the status quo ante bellum, except that tumalt at Paris, and the person of ile King We retain the islands in Passamaqaoddy is said to have been in danger. The guarris bay, and that Commissioners are to be were suddenly increased and ollier prenamed to arrange all disputes respecting cautions were adopted, which, if the antici. boundary, as well as the means of safe com- pations of danger were well founded, have *munication bei ween ttie different British pro- * happily averied it for the present. vinces. América has renounced 'her claimThe campaign has closed on fliç Cane

to fish on tlie coasts of Newfoundland, or to **dian frontier of America, with ihe evacya. trade to our East Indian settlements. Hos- **tion of Fort Erie by the American garrigente tilities are to cease as soon as ihe treaty shall The Fort has been reduced to ruilis. be ratified by both Governments. Such are " On the 1st inst, Parliament adjourned tą the ternis of peace; and with these terms we the 9th of February, after having you all * find, to gur şurprize, that there are many the requisite supplies,

who are dissatisfied, and who clamorously express that dissatisfaction. We have room

HAYTL only for a single serðark. Among the most

A sumour has been circplated, that the poisy declaimers against the peace, we ob- two chiess whu divide Hayti between tbem "serve many who have been equally clamosa " had agreed to accept the overtures made

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